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Valley of the Shadow

Franklin Repository: January 19, 1859

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Gov. Packer's Annual Message
(Column 4)
Summary: The Repository gleefully notes the Valley Spirit's silence on the governor's recent address, which failed to support notable Democratic positions on the sale of the public works, free trade, slavery and "nullification and disunion." "Mr. Packer has seen proper to take the reverse of the above positions, and the consequ4ence is that a large number of the so-called Democratic papers of the State are denouncing him for the independent utterance of his views, and the Spirit is as mum as the grave, which is equivalent to an open opposition."
Full Text of Article:

Gov. Packer's Annual Message appeared in the Spirit last week without a solitary word of comment, pro or con, upon its merits, or without ever saying to the reader--"In this number of the Spirit will be found Gov. Packer's first annual Message." Had his Excellency denounced the sale of the Public Works, our neighbor would have thrown up his hat in ecstasy; had he favored the Free Trade policy of the English Merchants and Manufacturers--a policy that has been forced upon the Democratic party by its wild and reckless Southern leaders, and which has worked so disastrously to the great interests of our own county--a chuckling grin would and he would have and he would have [sic] clapped his hands with joy; had the Message contained an argument in behalf of the beauties of Slavery and of the Slave Trade, it would have been, doubtless, eulogized by our neighbor as one of notible [sic] merit, and its author, as a Democrat of the straightest sect; had the Governor advocated the extreme views of the Southern leaders of the Democratic party-views that germinate only in the hot-beds of nullification and disunion--the Spirit would have urged his claims upon the Charleston Convention as its favorite candidate for the Presidency in 1860.

But Mr. Packer has seen proper to take the reverse of the above positions, and the consequence is that a large number of the so-called Democratic papers of the State are denouncing him for the independent utterance of his views, and the Spirit is a mum as the grave, which is equivalent to an open opposition.

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Pennsylvania Legislature - Standing Committees
(Column 1)
Summary: The article notes Representative McClure's seats on the House Judiciary Committee and Banks Committee.
(Names in announcement: Alexander K. McClure, )
Agricultural Meeting
(Column 3)
Summary: Members and leadership of the Agricultural Association. Meeting held at the Court house in Chambersburg on Tuesday evening, January 18. Account of the meeting includes a detailed account of the committee for each township and a transcript of the organization's constitution.
(Names in announcement: Col. James B. Orr, John Ruthrauff, William Bossert, J. Watson Craig, Capt. S. Walker, David SpencerEsq., John Ditch, John W. Taylor, Joseph G. Cressler, Samuel Gilmore>, Samuel Alexander, Jacob B. Cook, John Thomas, Benjamin Chambers, James J. Kennedy, Francis Northcraft, William D. McKinstry, Benjamin Snively, A.R. Hurst, J.W. Taylor, Samuel Holliday, Simon Miller, Jacob Garver, S. Breckinridge, G.W. Immell, Henry Keefer, S. Gilmore, Samuel Lehman, Thomas Pumroy, D.C. Byers, Jacob Flickinger, J.L. Rhea, A.E. McDowell, S. Alexander, Jacob Secrist, A.J. Shank, D. Hays, Charles Gillan, A.S. McCullohEsq., Jacob Zimmerman, Abraham Bar, H.X. Stoner)
Court Proceedings
(Column 3)
Summary: List of court cases pending, the last a murder trial (the Funks accused of killing Osborne.
(Names in announcement: James Shoeman, Jacob Miles, Philip Weaver, Mary Weaver, Peter Slater, , Richard Parker, Christian Rosenburg, James Brewer, Jeremiah George, Michael Burke, Mrs. Tenley, H.G. Funk, McClellandEsq., McClureEsq., Frank Jones, ReillyEsq., SharpEsq., John Osborne, Daniel Funk, David W. Funk)
Court Week
(Column 3)
Summary: Racist screed attacking blacks's participation in the legal system. Defines "the people" in terms of race. Also includes an open solicitation for commercial business at a local merchant.
Seriously Burned
(Column 4)
Summary: Account of grim shop accident. See verbatim above.
(Names in announcement: John Gibbens, Mr. S. Funk)

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(Column 2)
Summary: Marriage on November 25, 1858, "in the neighborhood of Spring Run."
(Names in announcement: Rev. W.A. West, Sarah A. Miller, Solomon Crouse)
(Column 2)
Summary: Wedding performed on January 13; bride and groom both of Mercersburg. No church noted.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Thomas CreighCreigh, Joanna P. Scull, Henry Scull, Jacob Zimmerman)
(Column 3)
Summary: Meeting of the Friendship Fire Committee in their hall on January 12 to mourn the "early death" of Joseph Adams. Resolved to attend funeral "as a body." Obituary below lists cause of death as consumption and the deceased's age as 20 years and five months.
(Names in announcement: Joseph AdamsFireman, Secretary, Friendship Fire Committee Jarrett)
(Column 3)
Summary: Notice of the sudden death of the 27-year old Mr. McClintic, of Green township, while in Richland County, Ohio.
(Names in announcement: Jacob McClintic)
(Column 3)
Summary: Notice of the death of the 24-year-old wife on November 24, 1858.
(Names in announcement: Mary Jane Skinner, John W. Skinner)
(Column 3)
Summary: Death notice for Miss Nancy Sarver, daughter of D. Sarver.
(Names in announcement: Nancy Sarver, D. Sarver)
(Column 3)
Summary: Notice for the death of the 78 year-old Miss Perviance, a member of one of the county's "oldest and most respected families." Notes her religiosity.
(Names in announcement: Miss Mary Perviance)