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Valley of the Shadow

Franklin Repository: March 30, 1859

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Description of Page: Material on state Democratic politics. Very critical, of course.

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Description of Page: Page devoted to serial fiction "The Canterburys"

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Description of Page: "The Canterburys" continued, plus advertisements.

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Legislative Divorcement
(Column 1)
Summary: A discussion on the justifiable reasons for divorce.
Full Text of Article:

The law recognises marriage as a civil contract. This contract is binding till death separates the parties thereto; but, for certain good reasons, a wise provision for separating those who either never should have been united, or should no longer be compelled to remain in that condition, by courts of competent jurisdiction, and by legislative enactment, is fully recognised in Pennsylvania. Cases frequently occur where the peace and happiness of men and women would be entirely destroyed, but for this humane provision in our laws. Imprisonment for life in the dreary cell of a penitentiary would be vastly preferable to being compelled to drag out a miserable existance [sic] as the husband or wife of one whom all the instincts and holier impulses of our nature prompted us to loathe.

Marriage, to be productive of the objects designed by its institution, must be based upon true, genuine affection. Love, pure and unalloyed, must be its mainspring, its governing and controlling principle, and sympathy and congeniallity [sic] pervade its every part and particle. Where these are wanting, solitary and hopeless indeed must be the forlorn condition of the unfortunate being who, lured by deceptive appearances and false anticipations, plunged into the most galling of all earthly yokes which a mortal could be called upon to bear. We would rather undergo the tortures of an inquisition than be obliged to drag out a hopeless existance [sic] with one whom we had married from the purest of motives, but in whom we could not find one congenial element. If the Legislature could not annul the marriage contract, but for the reasons which influence Courts of law to interfere, then indeed would many poor mortals be forced to undergo a living, unending torture.

The cases wherein the Courts are permitted to grant a divorce are: where either of the parties can prove, by disinterested evidence, that the other has been guilty of adultery; has deserted his or her home; has, by deeds of cruelty, rendered life burthensome and intolerable to the other, and where either has been convicted of an infamous crime. All these may be established by competent testimony. Either of them is a sufficient cause for granting the prayer of the petitioner. No living mortal will deny the justice of a decree, issued, upon the establishment of either of the foregoing causes of complaint, by a Court of Common Pleas, after a full, fair and impartial investigation of the facts of the case. Then, if for either of these reasons the marriage contract may be set aside, why may it not be abrogated for other equally good considerations? It frequently occurs that husbands perpetrate acts of cruelty in the retirement and privacy of the marriage chamber, galling in the extreme to a sensative [sic], noble minded, pure woman, which render life burthensome and the existance [sic] of a wife intolerable, but rather than expose which, she becomes a martyr to the petty tyranny of an unfeeling, a heartless husband.

Take either of the causes for which a divorce may be granted by a Court, and analize [sic] it. Adultery, for instance. This is admitted, by all, to be the highest crime against the marital relation. Why is it any more heinous than either of the other causes? The answer is, that it works corruption of blood. This can only be the case where procreation is its result. But will a Court hesitate about pronouncing adultery a crime, until it produce offspring? We answer, no. Then there must be some other cause than corruption of blood for the utter detestation with which all pure minds regard this foul offense. What is it? It produces unhappiness. Yes, that is the secret; it does produce unhappiness. So does desertion produce unhappiness; so does the conviction of a husband or wife of an infamous crime and incarceration in a prison, produce to their partner unhappiness; so does cruelty produce unhappiness. Nor is the unhappiness produced by the latter any the less intolerable [sic] because the victim can not prove the body of the offense to the satisfaction of a Court and Jury. We infer, therefore, that the pith of all the legal causes of divorce, is that they each are fruitful causes of unhappiness. We take the liberty, then of saying to the assembled wisdom of the State: gentlemen of the Senate and House of Representatives, whenever a poor, bleeding heart comes before you, weighted down with untold, unexplainable unhappiness, praying you to release it from the load of oppression with which it is shackled, exercise the powers with which you are invested; burst the bonds which fetter a soul; let the imprisoned captive go free, and you will have performed an act of simple justice, and will, thereby, strew the pathway of a fellow mortal with blessings, by exercising the heavenly attribute--mercy.

A case is now before our Legislature which calls loudly for the exercise of this prerogative by that body. A Mrs. Fry, of Philadelphia, comes before our law-makers, and asks to be released from the bonds which bind her to a man who cannot appreciate her worth. We have not seen her petition or statement; but we have seen that of her husband, and it alone satisfies us that the prayer of the lady should be granted, without the least hesitation. We hope the many able, talented and manly gentlemen who have the honor to represent the people in the Senate and House, will do justice to their own clear heads and generous hearts, and to their constituency, by vindicating the cause of this unhappy wife--this heart-crushed young woman. We want no better evidence than the statement of Mr. Fry, published in the New York Police Gazette, to satisfy us that he (whom we do not personally know, and, therefore, against whom we have no prejudice, whatever) is entirely too overbearing to be allowed to hold the happiness of any female subject to his caprice. He there shows that between himself and his wife there never can exist the proper domestic relations, and yet he claims the right to say when, where, how, and upon what terms and conditions his sorrowing wife may be released from his relentless grasp. The two houses of the State Legislature will be doing the world a favor by trampling upon this petty tyranny. Burst the cords, gentlemen, which trammel this victim of an improper marriage, and let the captive escape from her cruel bondage, and you will look back to this act as one of the most pleasing reminiscences of your lives.

Township Elections
(Column 4)
Summary: List of elected officials in Franklin Co.
(Names in announcement: Alex. SchafhirtJudge, North Ward, Chambersburg, H.M. WhiteJudge, South Ward, Chambersburg, John S. EysterInspector, Chambersburg, North Ward, John NoelInspector, Chambersburg, North Ward, S.P. HarbaughInspector, Chambersburg, South Ward, J.B. WrightInspector, Chambersburg, South Ward, George W. Bittnerconstable, Chambersburg, South Ward, James McGeehanConstable, North Ward, Chambersburg, John RhodesAssessor, Chambersburg, Jonas PalmerJudge, Hamilton Township, Richard WoodsInspector, Hamilton Township, Josiah AllenInspector, Hamilton Township, William HaferSupervisor, Hamilton Township, Jacob OyerSupervisor, Hamilton Township, D.M. LeisherSchool Director, Hamilton Township, W. BossertSchool Director, Hamilton Township, John SarverSchool Director, Hamilton Township, R.A. MooreAssessor, Hamilton Township, Isaac MillerAuditor, Hamilton Township, Samuel ClarkClerk, Hamilton Township, E. ElliottJustice of the Peace, Hamilton Township, Andre BeardConstable, Hamilton Township, John DehavenJudge, Lurgan Township, John ReedInspector, Lurgan Township, H. SwangerSupervisor, Lurgan Township, H. BaughmanSupervisor, Lurgan Township, E. BesoreSchool Director, Lurgan Township, D. SpeerSchool Director, Lurgan Township, D. LongSchool Director, Lurgan Township, G. ShoemakerAuditor, Lurgan Township, Wm. ShoemakerClerk, Lurgan Township, D.K. ShoemakerTreasurer, Lurgan Township, John WynkoopConstable, Lurgan Township, W.H. DavisJudge, Metal Township, J.D. WalkerInspector, Metal Township, James GambleInspector, Metal Township, John WolffAssessor, Metal TS, W. FlemmingSupervisor, Metal TS, J.P. ElliottSupervisor, Metal TS, John JonesSupervisor, Metal TS, James MontgomerySchool Dir., Metal TS, Chas. CampbellSchool Dir., Metal TS, N.W. WitherspoonAuditor, Metal TS, , J.M. BairClerk, Metal TS, S.O. McCurdyTreasurer, Metal TS, John MillerConstable, Metal TS, , D.B. HolmanJudge, St. Thomas TS, Benj. HuberInspector, St. Thomas TS, A.G. ShoemanInspector, St. Thomas TS, John BryanAssessor, St.Thomas TS, S.M. LinnAuditor, St. Thomas TS, S. ShearmanAuditor, St. Thomas TS, Thomas GillanAuditor, St. Thomas TS, , Supervisor, St. Thomas TS Joseph Christman, Geo. LidighSupervisor, St. Thomas TS, J.G. ElderSchool Director, St. Thomas TS, P. McGarveySchool Director, St. Thomas TS, James GillanClerk, St. Thomas TS, D.S. HasslerConstable, St. Thomas TS, , Jacob BeaverJudge, Quincy Township, John ThompsonInspector, Quincy TS, John MiddowerInspector, Quincy Township, Daniel LoganAssessor, Quincy Township, John DeckerSupervisor, Quincy Township, M. ClemSupervisor, Quincy Township, William RockSupervisor, Quincy Township, John FunkSchool Director, Quincy Township, H. MiddowerSchool Director, Quincy Township, James A. CookAuditor, Quincy Township, P. McFerrenClerk, Quincy TS, , John McCushConstable, Quincy Township, R. SmithJustice of the Peace, Quincy Township, Robert McKinnieJudge, Peters Township, Mercersburg, R.C. HornerJudge, Peters TS, Loudon, William P. McGrathInspector, Peters Township, Adam SmithInspector, Peters Township, Loudon, William E. HewittAssessor, Joseph GinrichSupervisor, Peters TS, David VanceSupervisor, Peters TS, H.D. HeagySchool Director, Peters Township, Saml. AlexanderSchool Director, Peters Township, William McGrathAuditor, Peters Township, P. KunklemanClerk, Peters Township, J. HaulmanConstable, Peters Township, Jona. WrightJustice of the Peace, Peters Township, W.F. MorrowJudge, Fannett Township, Concord, Jacob DunkleJudge, Fannett Township, Dry Run, James EmeryJudge, Fannett Township, Sulphur Spring, David PollockInspector, Fannett Township, Concord, R.M. MorrowInspector, Fannett Township, Concord, Andrew CampbellInspector, Fannett Township, Dry Run, Samuel ElderInspector, Fannett Township, Dry Run, Wilson PiperInspector, Fannett Township, Sulphur Spring, William LoganInspector, Fannett Township, Sulphur Spring, W.H. LittleAssessor, Fannett TS, J.W. DoyleAuditor, Fannett Township, John RobertsonSchool Director, Fannett Township, S. HollidaySchool Director, Fannett Township, John HarrisSupervisor, Fannett Township, Jacob EckenrodeSupervisor, Fannett Township, D.J. SkinnerSupervisor, Fannett Township, Peter PiperClerk, Fannett Township, R. WeidlerJudge, Southampton TS, Orrstown, William ClineJudge, Southampton TS, Mt. Rock, M. ReedInspector, Southampton TS, Orrstown, J.B. StoufferInspector, Southampton TS, Orrstown, U. CorlInspector, Southampton TS, Mt. Rock, J. KoserInspector, Southampton TS, Mt. Rock, James BardAssessor Southampton Township, William NicklesAuditor, Southampton TS, Wm, Sr. OrrSchool Director, Southampton TS, C. BombergerSchool Director, Southampton TS, Supervisor, Southampton TS Bowen, John SlasemanSupervisor, Southampton TS, James BlairClerk, Southampton TS, Hugh SmithConstable, Southampton TS, David OverJudge, Letterkenny TS, S. BrennemanInspector, Letterkenny TS, William StakeInspector, Letterkenny TS, Abm. WidenerSupervisor, Letterkenny TS, J. SleighterSupervisor, Letterkenny TS, John CormanySchool Director, Letterkenny TS, D. GelwixSchool Director, Letterkenny TS, William G. McClellanSchool Director, Letterkenny TS, Samuel StakeAssessor, Letterkenny TS, Isaac GipeAuditor, Letterkenny TS, A.H. ReignerClerk, Letterkenny TS, William ForbisConstable, Letterkenny TS, W.W. BrittonJustice of the Peace, Letterkenny TS, James G. RhoadsJudge, Montgomery TS, Mercersburg, J.K. KeyserJudge, Mongomery TS, Welsh Run, G.W. BrubakerInspector, Montgomery TS, Mercersburg, S. BrickerInspector, Montgomery TS, Mercersburg, Jacob BrewerInspector, Montgomery TS, Welsh Run, John SeibertInspector, Montgomery Township, Welsh Run, H.B. BlairAssessor, Montgomery Township, J.W. CraigSchool Director, Montgomery Township, D. HawbakerSchool Director, Montgomery Township, J.S. BrewerSchool Director, Montgomery Township, J.S. BrickerSupervisor, Montgomery TS, Joseph SpringsSupervisor, Montgomery TS, Jacob ElliotAuditor, Montgomery TS, John SmithClerk, Montgomery TS, John McLaughlinConstable, Montgomery TS, S.H. BradleyJudge, Mercersburg, D. ShirtsInspector, Mercersburg, D. CarsonInspector, Mercersburg, A.J. NorthSchool Director, Mercersburg, R.P. McFarlandSchool Director, Mercersburg, G.W. WolffAssessor, Constable, Mercersburg, C. HartmanJudge, Antrim TS, Jon. JacobyInspector, Antrim TS, Joseph StickellInspector, Antrim TS, J. RathrauffSchool Director, Antrim TS, M. StineSchool Director, Antrim TS, Thomas GillanSchool Director, Antrim TS, Jacob ShankSchool Director, Antrim TS, M. GrossmanSupervisor, Antrim TS, Andrew GehrhartSupervisor, Antrim TS, Jospeh HolmanAssessor, Antrim Township, M. MillerAssessor, Borough of Antrim, S.B. SnivelyAuditor, Antrim TS, W.H. DavidsonClerk, Antrim TS, John AthertonConstable, Antrim TS, G.A> PoolConstable, Antrim Borough, S. HammillJustice of the Peace, township of Antrim, J. KauffmanJustice of the Peace, Antrim Borough, Samuel YeakleJudge, Warren TS, W.F. SniderInspector, Warren TS, J.S. MarshallInspector, Warren TS, J.M. JohnstonAssessor, Warren TS, Isaac SuffycolSupervisor, Warren TS, H.R. BrewerSupervisor, Warren TS, Isaiah BrewerSchool Director, Warren TS, George YeakleSchool Director, Warren TS, Jacob BearSchool Director, Warren TS, John MeyersAuditor, Warren TS, Solomon CookClerk, Warren TS, M.M. StonerJustice of the Peace, Waynesboro, W.F. HornerAssessor, Waynesboro, , D.B. RussellSchool Director, Wayensboro, David ShoopSchool Director, Waynesboro, Joseph BesoreAuditor, Waynesboro, Joseph CooperConstable, Waynesboro, William VanderawJudge, Guilford TS, U. HendersonInspector, Guilford TS, S. BranthaverInspector, Guilford TS, H.S. MillerAssessor, Guilford TS, B.C. SmallSchool Director, Guilford TS, Jacob StoufferSchool Director, Guilford TS, Samuel HykesSupervisor, Guilford TS, J. FickesSupervisor, Guilford TS, John ZarkerSupervisor, Guilford TS, Samuel ForneySupervisor, Guilford TS, S.S. FrederickTreasurer, Guilford TS, Samuel MillerAuditor, Guilford TS, Jeremiah HarmanAuditor, Guilford TS, George SowersConstable, Guilford TS, D. HoeflichJudge, Washington TS, Henry OaksInspector, Washington TS, V.B> GilbertInspector, Washington TS, Joseph AndersonAssessor, Washington TS, Simon LeckronSchool Director, Washington TS, Daniel PotterSchool Director, Washington TS, Josiah BurgerSupervisor, Washington TS, David SnivelySupervisor, Washington TS, John SnivelySupervisor, Washington TS, S. NickodemusAuditor, Washington TS, Emmanuel StoverConstable, Washington TS, William HoeflichJustice of the Peace, Washington TS, John SpidleJudge, Green TS, Fayetteville, S. HockersmithJudge, Green TS, Greenvillage, J.E. CrawfordInspector, Green TS, Fayetteville, Jacob EtterInspector, Green TS, Fayetteville, George DiehlInspector, Green TS, Greenvillage, William EtterInspector, Green TS, Greenvillage, Jacob YoustAssessor, Green TS, Samuel GarverSchool Director, Green TS, Charles LegoSchool Director, Green TS, Samuel ShivelySchool Director, Green TS, John, Sr. YoustSupervisor, Green TS, John HarchelrodeSupervisor, Green TS, A.M. CriswellClerk, Green TS, Jacob GroveAuditor, Green TS, Jacob ConrodConstable, Green TS)
Editorial Comment: These are presumably the election results.
Franklin County Educational Association
(Column 5)
Summary: List of subjects to be discussed at the Semi-Annual meeting, with those members devoted to their discussion.
(Names in announcement: L.S. ShullOrthography Cmte, Samuel CroftOrthography Cmte., H. OmwakeOrthography Cmte., J.C. AthertonOrthography Cmte., Miss S.A. ReynoldsReading Cmte., Miss M.E. ParkerReading Cmte., G.W. BetzArithmatic Cmte., H.P. KendigArithmatic Cmte., J.S. SmithArithmatic Cmte., J.S. McElwainArithmatic Cmte., D.S. McFaddenArithmatic Cmte., R.A. MooreArithmatic Cmte., J.L.P. DetrichArithmatic Cmte., William HaymanArithmatic Cmte., H.S. ShadeArithmatic Committee, J.W. CobieArithmatic Committee, Peter SwisherArithmatic Committee, P.M. ShoemakerArithmatic Cmte., E.K. LehmanArithmatic Cmte., J.B. CaufmanArithmatic Committee, T.A. CainArithmatic Committee, J.N. SnivelyWriting Comm., D.S. McFaddenWriting Committee, H. MontgomeryGeography Cmte., Joseph EckhartGeography Cmte., J.W. DeHavenGeography Comm., Samuel CroftGeogrpaphy Cmte., A. McElwainGrammar Cmte., James Mac. ThompsonGrammar Cmte., Dr. Samuel P. LanePhysiology Cmte, B.F. FryMensuration Cmte., J.K. ShryockThe Advantage of Normal School Instruction, A.K. McClureTo give address, G.W. BrewerTo give address)

-Page 05-

A Beautiful Monument
(Column 1)
Summary: Describes the work of local artisan Mr. King.
(Names in announcement: James Kingstonecutter, G.S. Eyster)
Hon. D.F. Robison
(Column 1)
Summary: Notes that Mr. Robison has returned from the West in improved health and is eager to resume the practice of law.
(Names in announcement: D.F. RobisonEsq.)
Politics vs. Morals
(Column 1)
Summary: A dig at the rival Valley Spirit.

-Page 06-

Description of Page: Page covered by advertisements and non-local news.

-Page 07-

Description of Page: Page covered by advertisements.

-Page 08-

(Column 1)
Summary: Wedding of March 24, both parties of Montgomery Township.
(Names in announcement: Thomas CreighRev., Susan Sword, Thomas Taylor)
(Column 1)
Summary: Wedding of March 22. All parties of Guilford Township.
(Names in announcement: Jacob OllerRev., Emely Ridgley, William BoyersRev.)
(Column 1)
Summary: Death of the youngster Cassius Heagy, at the age of five years, from "inflammation of the bowels."
(Names in announcement: Cassius Heagy, G.W. Keagy(?), Catharine Keagy)
(Column 1)
Summary: Death of Mr. Montgomery, aged 70 years, in St. Thomas township.
(Names in announcement: James Montgomery, )