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Valley of the Shadow

Franklin Repository: April 6, 1859

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Description of Page: Page covered by an installment of "The Canterburys"

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Description of Page: Page covered by conclusion of "Canterburys" installment and advertisements.

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Two Democratic Parties
(Column 4)
Summary: Article describes the split between Buchanan and Packer forces in the Pennsylvania Democracy, with great glee.
(Names in announcement: , )
Full Text of Article:

We have now two Democratic parties in Pennsylvania- one represented by Buchanan and his office-holders, and the other by Packer and the disaffected anti-Lecomptonites. A fierce intestine war is inevitable between the rival factions. The repudiation of Gov. Packer by the Convention at Harrisburg, and the endorsement of that act by the Washington Union, under the direct inspiration of the President, with a reflection upon his "personal and political integrity," show the bitterness and depth of the hostility. The call for a new Convention by the anti-Lecomption wing of the party, to meet in Harrisburg on the 13th inst, furnishes abundant evidence that no compromise is possible. This is a repetition of the Van Buren game of 1841 in a more intensified form, and must ensure Pennsylvania to the Opposition beyond any reasonable contingency, if that was not a fixed fact before. We like the "war to the knife" spirit manifested by Col. Forney. There is no weakness in his knees. Our neighbor of the Sentinel, too, has considerable pluck. Go in, gentlemen, we will hold your hats! -- Harrisburg Telegraph.

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(Column 2)
Summary: Details political happenings in the legislature, with reports on the activities of Rep. A.K. McClure of Chambersburg. McClure is again generally defender of the right and vigilant against all error.
(Names in announcement: Alexander K. McClure, )

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(Column 1)
Summary: Wedding of March 24, at Fayetteville. Groom of Chambersburg. Bride of Fayetteville.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Henry Reeves, Florence C. Horner, Henry J. Kroh)
(Column 1)
Summary: Wedding of March 31 at Pleasant Retreat Parsonage. Both parties of Alto Dale, Franklin Co.
(Names in announcement: James BishopRev., Margaret M. Miley, Benjamin M. Small)
(Column 1)
Summary: Wedding of "13 of February last."
(Names in announcement: Rev. Mr. Growns, Magdalena Lesher, Joseph Lesherof Mahoning Co. Ohio, Jonas Wishlerof Columbiana Co., Ohio)
(Column 1)
Summary: Death of the youngster Robert Culbertson, aged 3 years, at Culbertson Row, Green Township. Occurred on April 3.
(Names in announcement: Robert Hays Culbertson, John Culbertson, Catharine Culbertson)
(Column 1)
Summary: Death of Rachel Wise on April 1. Daughter of John Wise, but no age given. Occurred near Mercersburg.
(Names in announcement: Rachel Wise, John Wise)