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Valley of the Shadow

Franklin Repository: May 11, 1859

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Description of Page: Page covered by European news and national features.

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Description of Page: Page covered by advertisements and "A Romantic Story"

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Description of Page: Page covered by advertisements, "A Fashionable Woman" and other human-interest stories.

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(Column 4)
Summary: Notes that "Locofoco" Democrats are rejoicing at the small margin of their defeat in the Philadelphia municipal and Connecticut state elections. The Repository takes this to be true sign of Republican hegemony in the region.
(Names in announcement: , )
Delegates to the State Convention
(Column 3)
Summary: Notes that these two men have been elected delegates to the People's Party (Republican) state convention in Harrisburg by the Franklin County Republican convention.
(Names in announcement: George Zeiglerof Antrim, John H. Criswellof Green, )
A Correct Democratic Doctrine
(Column 3)
Summary: Full transcript of brief article above.
(Names in announcement: , )
Origin of Article: Doylestown Standard
County Superintendency
(Column 6)
Summary: Responds to a Valley Spirit editorial proclaiming that the county school superintendency is so popular it is virtually unopposed. The Repository begs to differ, and speculates that if an election were held immediately, the superintendency would be turned out.
(Names in announcement: , )

-Page 05-

Teachers' Convention
(Column 1)
Summary: The Franklin County Teachers' Association met in St. Thomas on May 5. The article gives a general account of the proceedings, without providing any specifics as to what was discussed.
(Names in announcement: Prof. Shryockabsent from conference, Dr. Laneabsent from conference)
Look Out for Burglars
(Column 1)
Summary: Article reports the burglary of Rev. Clark's new home, in which thieves removed a number of keys left behind by carpenters. The Repository speculates that the thieves took these to be keys to other local homes, which they intend to "plunder."
(Names in announcement: Rev. Joseph Clark, )
Home Industry
(Column 1)
Summary: The usual arguments for the protective tariff keeping money at home by protecting local manufacturers. Article mostly notable for naming the textile firm of Black and White, who produce flannel blankets, jeans, shawls, satinetts and carpets at the Franklin Woolen Factory near Fayetteville.
(Names in announcement: , )
Travelling Water Works
(Column 1)
Summary: Article notes the presence of a "travelling water works" in town, pouring cold water upon the dusty streets and driven by "a juvenile jehu." Concludes with a plug for the travelling salesman Nixon.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Nixontravelling medicine salesman, )
Platform of the States-Rights Democracy
(Column 2)
Summary: Notes the meeting of the States-Rights Democratic faction at Altoona. The group, led by John Forney, resolved not to nominate a state ticket, but demanded that Democrats honor the Buchanan position stated in the Harrisburg Convention of April 13, 1859.
(Names in announcement: , )

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Description of Page: Page covered by "Pot of Gold: A True Story" and advertisements.

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Description of Page: Page covered by "A Word to Mothers," other human interest stories and advertisements.

-Page 08-

(Column 2)
Summary: Wedding of April 14, at the Falling Spring. Bride of Quincy township. No information on groom's home.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Jacob Oller, Elizabeth Reed, Samuel Reedfather of bride, Levi Heifner)
(Column 2)
Summary: Death of the youngster M. Simpson Culbertson, of Dropsy of the Brain on May 4. He was 5 years old.
(Names in announcement: M. Simpson Culbertson, John culbertson, Catharine Culbertson)
(Column 2)
Summary: Death of the young Sarah Harchelrode on May four, of scarlet fever. Aged four years.
(Names in announcement: Sarah Harchelrode, John Harchelrode, Mary Jane Harchelrode)