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Valley of the Shadow

Franklin Repository: July 6, 1859

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: Page covered by advertisements, book reviews and a speculation on the "Industrial Prospects of the Country."

-Page 02-

Description of Page: Page covered by another verbatim printing of the United States Declaration of Independence and advertisements.

-Page 03-

Description of Page: Page covered by advertisements and a story on "Two Daughters Emancipated by Their Father"

-Page 04-

"The Disgraceful Sentiment"
(Column 1)
Summary: Another blast aimed at the Democratic Chief Justice and his "cruel" Dred Scott decision.
(Names in announcement: Roger Taney, )
Independence Day
(Column 5)
Summary: Recounts Chambersburg's Independence Day celebration, with names of speakers and principals.
(Names in announcement: Jacob Hoke, Hon. Wilson Reilly, A. Matthew Gillan)
Full Text of Article:

--The glorious Fourth has come and gone, and we have all quieted down to every-day life as usual. What a delightful state of society we Americans enjoy! We may quarrel and abuse each other, as much as possible, during political campaigns, and it may be, at other times; but upon the recurrence of our natal day, we drop our weapons of warfare and gather around the festive board, like a band of brothers, not knowing any difference or distinction.

Last Monday was duly celebrated in the different Groves adjacent to this Borough by the several Sabbath Schools, mentioned below. The United Brethren occupied Oyler's Grove, about a mile south of town, where they spent a delightful day. The Declaration of Independence was read and an address, of near an hour in length, filled with patriotism and good advice to "Young America," who listened with deep attention, was delivered by our townsman, Mr. Jacob Hoke. A number of the Teachers followed Mr. Hoke in short instructive and appropriate addresses. Their table groaned beneath the load of "fat things." All hearts were happy, and those having the management took especial pains to gratify the most fastidious tastes. Those who were so fortunate as to visit this celebration came away with the warmest expressions of satisfaction falling from their lips.

The Methodists took possession of their old grounds, "Shetter's Grove," about one mile East of the Borough. Hon. Wilson Reilly delivered the oration; but we forbear saying any thing about it. We hope the gentleman will give it for publication, when our readers can see for themselves, that its equal has not fallen from the lips of any man, in these parts, for an age. We cannot do the subject justice, so we take off our hat and remain silent.

A very long table, filled with the good things of life, was stretched along the top of the Ridge, and surrounded, again and again, by the children--in hundreds--and the scores of delighted visitors. Everything which kindness, foresight and politeness could do, to add to the comfort of the large company present, was cheerfully done, and every person went away pleased beyond expression. Among the pleasing incidents of this entertainment was the raising of two baloons [sic]. Their ascension was accomplished with complete success. In the evening the gentlemen connected with this school started off a most beautiful balloon from the diamond of the town. It rose some several hundred feet, and moved slowly through the atmosphere, exhibiting its handsome proportions to the whole town. It alighted about one mile from town and will be put up again in a few days.

The German Reformed Sabbath School repaired to Eehman's Grove, about one and a half miles North of Chambersburg. They, to the number of several hundred, met at the Church at six o'clock, A. M., and left at half past six in hacks, omnibusses and carriages--with banners flying. It was a pretty sight; their little sparkling eyes and rosy cheeks telling of the joyful anticipations which swelled their happy bosoms. The exercises upon the ground consisted of singing, prayer, reading the Declaration by W. Heyser, Sr., Esq., and delivering of several Addresses and a Prologue,--by the Scholars and Teachers. A number of fine swings were erected by Capt. Matthew Gillan, and the other gentlemen upon whom rested the labor of preparing the grounds, upon which the happy attendants enjoyed themselves finely.

A sumptuous repast was prepared, and spread out upon a table almost one hundred feet long, which was filled up several times by the school and the invited guests.

After dinner the Rev. Mr. Bousman entertained the audience, for half an hour, with an address, filled with incidents of his recent travels in Egypt. This gentleman has a peculiar faculty for describing scenes connected with Oriental countries, and we feel glad to know that he intends giving a series of Lectures, at stated intervals, on Sabbath evenings in the German Reformed Church, in this place.

Everything, at these different scenes of innocent amusement passed off as pleasantly and happily as could be. Great good was done, both to the children and adults, by these gatherings and rompings in the wild woods. The children are happier and more contented; and the grown up folks who participated, were greatly refreshed and invigorated by their exercise in the open air, and by throwing off all business cares and anxieties, and enjoying themselves as they were want to do in childhood's sportive, happy days. We hope these health-giving festivals may be observed with conscientious scrupulousness as often as the day recurs.

(Column 6)
Summary: Reports the suicide of the 18-year-old Mr. Foreman. No first name mentioned.
(Names in announcement: Foremanresidence near Quincy, )
Sabbath School Celebration
(Column 6)
Summary: Reports the events and speeches of the sabbath school celebration of the Methodist Wesleyan Church of Chambersburg.
(Names in announcement: Clay McCauley, Hon. Wilson Reilly, I.H. McCauley, W.S. Everett)
Shryock About Again
(Column 6)
Summary: Reports Mr. Shryock's leadership of the Franklin Academy boys choir in a cantata. Concludes with heavy praise for the Academy as an institution in general.
(Names in announcement: John K. Shryock, )

-Page 05-

The Late Hon. D.F. Robison
(Column 1)
Summary: Recounts Mr. Robison's last public speech on "The Pleasures of Study."
(Names in announcement: Hon. David F. Robison, )

-Page 06-

Description of Page: Page covered by advertisements and "Protestantism in Sardinia," plus other features.

-Page 07-

Description of Page: Page covered by advertisements and "Arrival of Gold Express"

-Page 08-

(Column 4)
Summary: Wedding of June 23, at Clear Ridge, Fulton Co.
(Names in announcement: Rev. W.A. West, Hannah Stevensof Clear Ridge, Fulton Co., Benjamin Stevensfather of bride, Thomas Walkerof Shade Gap, Huntington Co.)
(Column 4)
Summary: Wedding of July 3, at Chambersburg's German Reformed Parsonage. Both parties of Chambersburg.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Samuel Philips, Mary Hommon, John Empich)
(Column 4)
Summary: Wedding of July 4. Editor's addendum notes that the reception consisted of TWO cakes, a large lot of oranges, and an entire churn of ice cream.
(Names in announcement: Rev. P.B. Reese, Alice Maria Paxtonof Chambersburg, John Cooperof Santa Cruz, California, W.W. Paxton)
(Column 4)
Summary: Notes the death of Mr. Hefleman, aged 78 years, on June 22.
(Names in announcement: John A. Hefleman, )
(Column 4)
Summary: Notes the death of the infant Robison, in Newville, Cuberland Co., on June 30. He was aged five months.
(Names in announcement: David Fullerton Robison, Matthew F. Robison, Martha F. Robison)
(Column 4)
Summary: Notes the sudden death, by apoplexy, of the eleven-year- old Johnston youth. Family residence near Dry Run. Date is in error, given as the "34th."
(Names in announcement: Stephen Skinner Johnston, D.C. Johnston, )
(Column 4)
Summary: Notes the death of Mrs. Hassler on June 26, at Columbia City, Indiana. Her age is obscured.
(Names in announcement: Rebecca Hassler, Malachi HasslerEsq.)
Origin of Article: Columbia City (Indiana) News
(Column 4)
Summary: Notes Mrs. McKee's death on June 20, in Chambersburg, at the age of 77.
(Names in announcement: Elizabeth McKee, )
(Column 4)
Summary: Notes the death of the youngster Maria Grove at the age of two years, in Chambersburg.
(Names in announcement: Maria M. Grove, E.C. Grove, Elmira Grove)
(Column 4)
Summary: Notes the death of Mr. Blood on July 1, in Chambersburg, at the age of "about 70." He was for many years a Tutor in Chambersburg Schools.
(Names in announcement: Samuel Blood, , )