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Valley of the Shadow

Franklin Repository: October 12, 1859

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Description of Page: Repeated articles (from previous issues) on the election.

-Page 02-

Description of Page: Serial fiction on a Haunted House; the proclamation for the General Election.

-Page 03-

List Of Premiums
(Column 1)
Summary: The names given above are the judges for the following categories at the First Annual Exhibition of the Farmers and Mechanics Industrial Association of Franklin County: (1)Blooded Stock---Best Breed; Quick Draft & Saddle Horses, Colts (2)Carriage Horses (3)Common Horses,! Draft Horses; Mules and Jacks; Team of Mules; Mules (5)Cattle--Short Horned Durhams (6)Devons; Durham, Devon, and Teeswater, mixed (7)Common Stock;! (10)Swine. (11)Agricultural Products (12)Farm Yield (13)Lot Yield (14)Products of the Soil (15)Vegetables, Fruits & Flowers. (16)Agricultural Implements. (17)Carriages, Harness & c. (18)Castings & c. Household Manufacture(19)First Division (20)Second Division (21)Poultry (22)Bacons, Hams, Dairy & Honey (23)Plowing Match (24)Lady Equestrians (25)Articles Not Enumerated. There are exactly seven judges per each of the 25 groups, with two exceptions--The Household Manufacture. These two Divisions were judged by seven women each, with the 'help' of two male secretaries in each division.
(Names in announcement: Peter Brough, George H. Davidson, James Mullin, Robert McKinney, Joshua McCLure, William Skinner, C. C. Foltz, Hon. George Chambers, John M. McDowell, William G. Reed, Matthew Smith, Major Joseph Hollar, David Byers, J. C. Boyd, Jacob Harclerode, Samuel Mc are, James McCurdy, Parker McFarland, David Skinner, H. H. Hutz, William L. Chambers, James C. McLanahan, John Miller, A. J. Brand, Peter Feltman, John Carl, Jos. SnivelyJr., J. C. Seacrist, V. B. Gilbert, Aug. Duncan, James Crawford, D. B. Martin, S. Phillipy, Lindsay, John Kyner, Benjamin Snively, Jeremiah Zollinger, W. C. McKnight, William Keefer, Jacob Deatrich, John Flickinger, Dr. Edmund Culberts, William HeyserSen., Atchison Richey, T. J. Earley, Frederick Zollinger, J. Gillan, Thomas Carlisle, C. M. Duncan, Josiah Allen, Jonas Palmer, James Patton, Jacob S. Brown, Morrow R. Skinner, Joseph Speck, Jeremiah Gordon, Jacob Eby, George Ludwig, Henry Greenawalt, D. A. Cretin, John Zody, A. Ely, H. Dickhout, Major Samuel Fisher, Elias Patton, Capt. J. H. Clayton, D. A. Wertz, Robert McIlvaney, Jeremiah Burke, William Barcley, Frederick Walk, John Funk, John Wyncoop, Jacob Kegereis, John Bowermaster, Joseph Cressler, William McClure, H. Eason, Michael Grove, John Immel, John Weist, J. B. Osbraugh, A. R. Hurst, Joseph Johnston, John Orr, D. O. Gehr, Dr. W. H. Boyle, Christ. Peiffer, George Johnston, William Everett, Samuel B. Snively, William McLellan, A. D. Kauffman, B. F. Nead, William Orr, John Keeffer, Dr. E. D. Rankin, Jacob Crider, Snively Strickler, T. J. Nill, John R. Orr, William Kennedy, David Zeigler, P. S. Dechart, D. W. Rowe, David Carson, Solomon Huber, W. W. Fleming, Daniel Trostle, Jacob B. Crowell, John Croft, John Armstrong, Capt. M. Gillan, H. M. White, Jno. Ritchey, Major John Hassler, Capt. Jos. Stickell, John Liggett, W. Hollenberger, Col. O. N. Lull, S. M. Seyler, H. Clippinger, Abraham Hull, A. L. Irwin, C. F. Miller, Jacob Heyser, Mrs. John P. Culbertson, Mrs. Dr. C. Michael, Miss Louisa Douglas, Miss Jane Cree, Mrs. A. K. McClure, Mrs. Solomon Huber, Mrs. I. H. McCauley, Dr. S. G. Lane, Dr. George D. Carl, Mrs. C. W. Eyster, Mrs. William McLellan, Mrs. A. N. Rankin, Mrs. Edmund Culbertson, Mrs. G. R. Messersmith, Mrs. E. Kuhn, Mrs. B. F. Nead, A. H. McCulloh, John P. Culbertson, Hon. Wilson Reilly, Jacob B. Miller, William H. McDowell, J. S. Nixon, T. Seibert, Capt. J. H. Eyster, T. M. Carlisle, J. Allison Eyster, George R. Messersmith, Hon. J. J. Kennedy, Dr. J. C. Richards, Dr. A. H. Senseny, Dr. James Hamilton, Hon. James L. Black, Jacob S. Fleming, George W. Immel, Jacob Brumbaugh, John Kissecker, Joseph Flickinger, James S. Slyder, J. Crawford, Capt. J. M. Brown, Dr. R. S. Brownson, Dr. James Brotherton, Capt. C. T. Campbell, Dr. John Flickinger, Dr. J. L. Suesserott, Dr. John Montgomery, Samuel Seibert, William AdamsEsq., John Forbes, Charles Hutz, John Noel, P. HammanEsq., Peter Kreighbaum)

-Page 04-

Description of Page: General election articles; reminders to vote Republican.

The Spirit And The Campaign
(Column 1)
Summary: A complaint of the negative campaigning that has been done for this election--especially The Spirit's attacks on A. K. McClure's characer and private life. The Repository claims that a number of Democrats intend to vote McClure and Eyster.
(Names in announcement: A. K. McClure, Eyster)
Cincinnati Platform
(Column 2)
Summary: The Repository notes that all the Democratic candidates stand by the Democratic Platform, which is for Free Trade, and that the successful election of any of these candidates is an endorsement of that policy. The Repository also reports of complaints of lack of money--a drain on the Bank--due to money going Europe to pay for imports.
Buchanan And Filibusterism
(Column a)
Summary: The Repository points out the Buchanan is attempting to prevent Free-booters--pirates?--from escaping the U. S. shore to Nicaragua. The Repository thinks this effort should include a William Walker that the administration gave much personal attention and then let go. It seems to be a ploy to make the party look good just before elections.
Preference For Negro Labor
(Column 3)
Summary: The Repository complains that not only are the Democrats and the present Administration trying to prevent free whites from working and living in the territories, but now also preventing them from working in Washington--instead they are hiring slave to work as messengers, door keepers, etc. in the offices of the government.
Full Text of Article:

The locofocos profess to be very indignant when we call them the "Nigger Democracy;" or charge them with preferring the labor of negroes to that of white men. That they do we have never doubted. Every charge to that effect which we have made was based upon observation of facts which all could become familiar with, who would take the trouble to investigate the matter. The President, his Cabinet, the Supreme Court, and every convention of that party, use all the means in their peculiar situations, to exclude free, white, working men and their families from every one of our territories, upon which the haughty slaveholders may see fit to fasten their covetous gaze. This fact is so patent that no sensible man will dare to deny it.

Now, however, another kind of preference for negro labor has developed itself. They are hired to fill offices, in Washington City, which white men would be glad to occupy; thereby excluding Free, White men from Offices which belong as much to them, as to the purse-proud nabobs who fill any of the offices under the Government. They, as the property of wealthy planters, are hired, by the administration of old Mr. Buchanan, to serve as messengers, door keepers, &c., &c., from their aristocratic owners, and the wages for this negro office holding is drawn by the Master. Truly, the love of the administration party for the darkey is amazing. How do the hard-working white men of the North like this preference? When will working men get their eyes open to the true position of the labor-crushing party which professes to be the poor man's friend? All they care about working men is to get their votes. Are they not truly, and emphatically the Nigger Democracy? Are they not the lovers of darkey labor? rather than the true friends of white men. Who ever heard of the like? negroes holding office under a democratic (?) administration, and hundreds of poor white men out of employment.

Adopted Citizens
(Column 4)
Summary: The Repository points out to naturalized citizens the mistreatment they receive from the Democratic party, including verbal abuse from a Senatorial candidate who calls any adopted citizen unworthy if he does not vote Democratic.
McClure's Vote
(Column 5)
Summary: The Repository responds to the Spirit's claim that A. K. McClure has split his ticket in the past; The Repository has Jacob Henninger, known to be an honest man, swear that he examined McClure's ticket, just before he handed it in, and the ticket was straight Republican. The Repository is confident that James Crawford will not be insulted that McClure did not vote for him (as the Spirit had claimed).
(Names in announcement: Col. A. K. McClure, James Crawford, Jacob Henninger)
Full Text of Article:

Since we informed the Spirit of the manner in which their candidate for State Senator has been voting, every time McClure has been in the field, they have conceived [sic] the idea of retaliating, by making a similar charge against our candidate--Col. A. K. McClure. But, fortunately for the Col., if any body in our party has any doubt about his having voted the clean People's ticket, he can prove by that high minded, honorable man, that first-class citizen Mr. Jacob Henninger--one of God's noblest works, and honest man--all about how he voted. Mr. Henninger will swear, when called upon so to do, that he examined the Col's ticket, just before he handed it into the window, and, was him giving the same ticket to the Inspector, it was the Opposition ticket from top to bottom--the clean wheat--not a locofoco name on it. Try some thing else, neighbor. That card will not win. McClure's political record, and his private character--the Spirit's statements to the contrary notwithstanding--are altogether too correct to suit the depraved nature of the Spirit's editor--in all the Sprit's [sic] charges against him, the wish is father to the thought. The petty insinuation that he scratched honest James Crawford is too trifling to require refutation. Nor will it cause Mr. Crawford to feel unkindly toward Col. McClure. He knows him too well to allow anything the Spirit can say to effect [sic] his feelings toward him.

One Of The Dodges
(Column 5)
Summary: J. Wyeth Douglas tries to save face for having voted for A. K. McClure in past elections, by getting Mr. McGuaghy to claim that Douglas successfully persuaded McGuaghy to not scratch James B. Sansom's name from his ticket.
(Names in announcement: J. Wyeth Douglas, Col. A. K. McClure, Mr. McGuaghy, James B. Sansom)
Walk Up To The Rack
(Column 5)
Summary: The editors report that the Democrats have printed marked tickets to make sure that their voters will vote a straight Democratic ticket.
Too Sly To Be Caught. Pete On Guard Again!
(Column 6)
Summary: The Repository meets the challenge of the Spirit to get a copy of the Valley Spirit's saturday issue before the election. The article lists the the caption of each article in the Spirit, and notes the complaint that some Democratic tickets have McClure's, Eyster's, and Mcgrath's names printed on them.
(Names in announcement: McClure, Eyster, McGrath)
Lager Beer Dutch
(Column 6)
Summary: A complaint against the Democrats who call the Germans in the town "Lager Beer Dutch," and astonishment that they could ever expect the Germans' support after such insults.

-Page 05-

Description of Page: Continuation of Lager Beer Dutch article from page 4; general election discussions; advertisements.

The Great Gathering
(Column 1)
Summary: Note of a meeting at Monerey Springs on Oct. 6th, where the Waynesboro Brass Band played, and Snively Strickler and P. Hammon spoke.
(Names in announcement: Snively StricklerEsq., P. HammonEsq.)
Facts For Voters
(Column 1)
Summary: A reminder of the corruption, pro-slavery and anti-Tariff stances of the Buchanan administration, and that a vote for Republican candidates such as Cochran and Keim is a vote for Free Labor and the Tariff.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Cochran, Mr. Keim)
(Column 2)
Summary: N. Schlosser writes a reminder that the new Methodist Episcopal Cjurch at Strasburg will be didcated on Nov. 6th, with visiting ministers attending.
(Names in announcement: N. Schlosser)
List Of Caused For Trial At October Term of 1859, Commencing Monday 31st.
(Column 5)
Summary: The first week of trials: John S. Kerr vs. Abraham Wingert; Smith & Hollinberger vs. Joseph Funk; Smith & Hollinberger vs. Joseph Funk; Smith & Hollinberger vs. Joseph Funk; Jason B. Sansom vs. H. C. Keyser; William C. McNulty vs. H. C. Keyser; Frederick Foreman vs. H. G. Funk; John Snyder vs. G. W. Wolfe, et al; William Christ vs. John & Elizabeth Snyde; James D. Carlisle vs. Philip W. Seibert; Jacob Lehmaster vs. Peter Cook's Executors; George Aston's Administrators vs. William Seibert & D. Oaks; Michael Strock vs. Sechrist and Carbaugh; Samuel Dizert vs. William M. Rupert; N. P Pearce vs. John Noel; Joshua C. Wright vs. S. Walker & Co.; Peter Shearer vs. Jacob Rinehart and wife; Peter Shearer vs. Frederick Foreman; Charles W. Stine vs. John Reilly; John W. Skinner vs. James Kirkpatrick; John C. R. Eckman vs. Fowler & Zeigler; William Seibert vs. John Finley's Administrators; Michael Cook vs. Joshua Philips; Henry Funk vs. John Gilbert, Mr.; Bartalott, Blynn & Co. vs. Isabella Stoehr; The Second week: Maria Sites vs. John Sites, et al; Jacob H. Stover vs. John Stover's Executors; Daniel Guitner vs. Jason & William Huston; William Christy vs. A. M. Criswell; Henry F. Davis vs. J. & H. Funk; Alex. Martin vs. Chambersburg School District; Keystone Ins. Co. vs. William McLellan; A. R. Hurst vs. Daniel Monn; Conrad Monn vs. John Kissecker; Rev. William A. Barnes vs. Peter Ariz, et al; John Osler vs. William Noonan; Manly, Mason & Co. vs. David Stoner; Philip Hammon vs. William A. Mackey; William Stevenson, et al vs. John D. Grier, et al; Francis Myers vs. Joseph Winters; L. B. Kurtz vs. Jesse McCumsey; Isaac Kuhn vs. Jacob Barncord; Levi D. Kershner vs. G. W. Wolfe, et al; C. Long's use vs. Christopher Laydig; Hagerstown Bank vs. William McGrath, et al; Frederick Divilbliss vs. James Tenley; John Hess vs. Samuel Deardorff; Frederick Divilbliss vs. P. A. Rice et al. H. C. Keyser, Prothonotary.
(Names in announcement: John S. Kerr, Abraham Wingert, Smith, Hollenberger, Joseph Funk, Jason B. Sansom, H. C. Keyser, William C. McNulty, Frederick Foreman, H. G. Funk, John Snyder, G. W. Wolfe, William Christ, John Snyde, Elizabeth Snyde, James D. Carlisle, Philip W. Seibert, Jacob Lehmaster, Peter Cook, George Aston, William Seibert, D. Oaks, Michael Strock, Sechrist, Carbaugh, Samuel Dizert, William M. Rupert, N. P. Pearce, John Noel, Joshua C. Wright, S. Walker, Peter Shearer, Jacob Rinehart, Mrs. Jacob Rinehart, Charles W. Stine, John Reilly, John W. Skinner, James Kirkpatrick, John C. R. Eckman, Fowler, Zeigler, John Finley, Michael Cook, Joshua Philips, John GilbertJr., Bartalott, Blynn, Isabella Stoehr, Maria Sites, John Sites, Jacob H. Stover, John Stover, Daniel Guitner, Jason Huston, William Huston, William Christy, Henry F. Davis, Alex. Martin, William McLellan, A. R. Hurst, Daniel Monn, Conrad Monn, John Kissecker, Rev. William A. Barnes, Peter Ariz, John Osler, William Noonan, Manly, Mason, David Stoner, Philip Hammon, William A. Mackey, William Stevenson, John D. Grier, Francis Myers, Joseph Winters, L. B. Kurtz, Jesse McCumsey, Isaac Kuhn, Jacob Barncord, Levi D. Kershner, G. W. Wolfe, C. Long, Christopher Laydig, William McGrath, Frederick Divilbiss, James Tenley, John Hess, Samuel Deardorff, P. A. Rice)
Gand and Traverse Jurors. For October Term, 1859.
(Column 5)
Summary: The list of Grand Jurors: Samuel Armstrong, Hamilton; J. B. McLanahan, Chambersburg; Jeremiah Angle, Southampton; Samuel Branthafer, Guilford; Joseph Brewer, Montgomery; B. Craig, Montgomery; Joseph G. Cressler, Southampton; Rudolph Eyer, Letterkenny; Joseph Flicking, Metal; George Foltz, Washington; Thomas Harris, Fannet; Jacob Heagy, Peters; Robert Kirkpatrick, Green; H. Laker, Quincy; Daniel Myers, Antrim; John Mowe , Lurgan; William McCartney, Jr., Fannet; Albert A. Mill, Antrim, John Oyler, Chambersburg; Samuel Ott, Chambersburg; Nicholas Patterson, Letterkenny; D. W. Small, Quincy; Solomon Stamy, Quincy; Daniel Shank, Waynesboro. The list of Traverse Jurors--First Week: Smith W. Amberson, Wayensboro; Daniel Brewer, Montgomery; John Benedict, Guilford; Mathias Ba d ll, Montgomery; Nicholas Bonebreak, Washington; George Bukholder, Peters; Emanuel Brosirus, Montgomery; Henry Burkholder, Peters; James M. Brown, Antrim; David Byers, Letterkenny; Henry Besore, Washington; John S. Brewer, Montgomery; James Bowen, Southampton; James Buchanan, Hamilton; George A. Cook, Guilford; A. L. Coyle, Mercersburg; William Clark, Green; John Conrad, Green; B. A. Cormony, St. Thomas; Fred. Cressler, Southampton; Daniel Coble, St. Thomas; Andrew Detrick, St. Thomas; William Deardorff, Lurgan; William Davis, Metal; Leonard Divilbiss, Montgomery; Josiah Fickes, Lurgan; Alexander Gordan, Antrim; Da Greenewalt, Sen., Green; Peter B. Housam, Hamilton; Robert Hamilton, Lurgan; William Heyser, Jr., Chambersburg; John Immel, Green; George W. Immell, Guilford; Joseph Johnston, Southampton; William Kre , Greencastle; John M. Long, Green; Daniel M. Long, Green; Daniel Miller, Quincy; John B. Osbraugh, Antrim; El Patton, Peters; John Ritchy, Mercersburg; John Reasn , Chambersburg; James C. Rankin, Montgomery; Michael Reed, Guilford; William Reed, Guilford; Samuel Re , Quincy; Peter Vink, Guilford; Upton Washabaugh, Chambersburg. Traverse Jurors--Second Week: Edward Aughinbaugh, Chambersburg; William A. Bla , Southampton; J. Bowman, Guilford; J. A. Cook, Quincy; John Cushwa, Montgomery; Andrew Davidson, Antrim; John W. Detwiler, Hamilton; Henry Deihl, Hamilton; John Ditzler, Green; Conrad Eckenrode, Fannet; J. F. Ebersole, Green; William Everett, Metal; Fred. Foreman, Montgomery; Eli Fuss, Greencastle; John Gelwicks, Guilford; John Gehr, Washington; William Y. G ham, St. Thomas; William Henon, Fannet; Jacob Henninger, Chambersburg; Abraham Hosler, Antrim; George Jacobs, Washington; Joseph Kennedy, Hamilton; Abraham Keefer, Letterkenny; Dewalt Keefer, Letterkenny; John Keefer, Antrim; James King, Chambersburg; James Little, Fannet; John McLaughlin, Peters; Samuel B. Myers, Green; Charles F. Miller, Chambersburg; G. H. Merklein, Chambersburg; B. F. Nead, Chambersburg; William Hol, Metal; John Oller, Washington; Peter Picking, Antrim; Ephraim Plough, Green; W. G. Reed, Chambersburg; Samuel Rhinehart, Washington; Martin Sollenbegrer; Quincy; Jacob Stover, Washington; Christian Sto , St. Thomas; Joseph Stickell, Greencastle; William S der, Warren; Jacob C. Snider, Guilford; Frederick W , Guilford; D. K. Wunderlich, Chambersburg; John Witherow, Metal; David Zeigler, Greencastle.
(Names in announcement: Samuel Armstrong, J. B. McLanahan, Jeremiah Angle, Samuel Branthafer, Joseph Brewer, B. Craig, Joseph G. Cressler, Rudolph Eyer, Joseph Flicking, George Foltz, Thomas Harris, Jacob Heagy, Robert Kirkpatrick, H. Laker, Daniel Myers, John Mowe, William McCartneyJr., Albert A. Mill, John Oyster, Samuel Ott, Nicholas Patterson, D. W. Small, Solomon Stamy, Daniel Shank, Smith W. Amberson, Daniel Brew, John Benedict, Mathias Ba d ll, Nicholas Bonebreak, George Burkholder, Emanuel Brosirus, Henry Burkholder, James M. Brown, David Byers, Henry Besore, John S. Brewer, James Bowen, James Buchanan, George A. Cook, A. L. Coyle, William Clark, John Conrad, B. A. Cormony, Fred Cressler, Daniel Coble, Andrew Detrick, William Deardorff, William Davis, Leonard Divilbiss, Josiah Fickes, Alexander Gordon, Da GreenawaltSen., P. B. Housam, Robert Hamilton, William HeyserJr., John Immel, George W. Immell, Joseph Johnston, William Kre, John M. Long, Daniel M. Long, Daniel Miller, John B. Osbraugh, El Patton, John Ritchy, John Reasn, James C. Rankin, Michael Reed, William Reed, Samuel Re, Peter Vink, Upton Washabaugh, Edward Aughinbaugh, William A. Bla, J. Bowman, J. A. Cook, John Cushwa, Andrew Davidson, John W. Detwiler, Andrew Deihl, John Ditzler, Conrad Eckenrode, J. F. Ebersole, William Everett, Fred. Foreman, Eli Fuss, John Gelwicks, John Gehr, William Y. G ham, William Henon, Jacob Henninger, Abraham Hosler, George Jacobs, Joseph Kennedy, Abraham Keefer, Dewalt Keefer, John Keefer, James King, James Little, John McLaughlin, Samuel B. Myers, Charles F. Miller, G. H. Merklein, H. F. Nead, William Nol, John Oller, Peter Picking, Ephraim Plough, W. G. Reed, Samuel Rhinehart, Martin Sollenberger, Jacob Stover, Christian Ston, Joseph Stickell, William Sn der, Jacob C. Snider, Frederick Wa, D. K. Wunderlich, John Witherow, David Zeigler)

-Page 06-

Description of Page: Anecdotes; national news stories; advertisements.

-Page 07-

Description of Page: Advertisements.

-Page 08-

Description of Page: Repeated election and political articles from previous issues.

(Column 4)
Summary: On Oct. 5th, at the Lutheran Parsonage, in McConnellsburg, Rev. G. Roth married W. D. Smith to Henrietta Deck, both of McConnellsburg.
(Names in announcement: Rev. G. Roth, Mr. W. D. Smith, Miss Henrietta Deck)
(Column 4)
Summary: On Sept. 13th, in Canton, Ohio, James Flohr, son of Philip W. and Melinda C. Sharp, died at 10 months and 7 days.
(Names in announcement: James Flohr Sharp, Mr. Philip W. Sharp, Mrs. Melinda C. Sharp)