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Valley of the Shadow

Franklin Repository: November 30, 1859

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: Letter from China; New Mexico and Mines; Warning to Young men; Facts and Fancies.

-Page 02-

Description of Page: Lydia Marie Child's Reply to Gov. Wise--See 11/23/59 issue; advertisements.

Foreign Investments In The U. States.
(Column 4)
Summary: The Repository notes that a large number of Europeans have loaned sizable amounts to the U. S. Government.

-Page 03-

Description of Page: Stories; advertisements.

A New Version Of An Old Song
(Column 2)
Summary: To the tune of "One Little, Two Little Three little Indians" the Evening Post writes a new song that shows the increase of slavery (with the assistance of notable politicians), and after the election of a Republican President, the eventual diappearance of slavery.
Origin of Article: The Evening Post
Full Text of Article:

We copy the following form [sic] The Evening Post of Saturday:

A New Version Of An Old Song.
Illustrating the Growth of Public Sentiment.

Old John Brown, he had a little nigger,
Old John Brown, he had a little nigger,
Old John Brown, he had a little nigger,
One little nigger boy.
(Chorus, by several voices:)
District-Attorney Ould--One little, two little,
Secretary Floyd--three little nigger,
Messrs. Mason and Vallandigaam--Four little, five little,
Mr. Buchanan--Six little nigger,
Gov. Wise--Seven little, eight little,
Washington Constitution--Nine little nigger,
N. Y. Herald--Ten little nigger boy.
Democratic Press throughout the Country (in recitative)--Ten thousand little nigger boys all armed with pitchforks eighteen feet long and commanded by twenty thousand Abolitionists.
(Interval in which the election is supposed to have passed.)
Herald and Constitution--Ten little, nine little, eight little nigger,
Authorities of Virginia--Seven little, six little, five little nigger,
Authorities at Washington--Four little, three little, two little nigger,
People of the Country (in accents of surprise at the upshot of the whole)--One little nigger boy!!!

-Page 04-

Description of Page: A letter from Pittsburgh; political news from around the country; Sumner's return.

First Duty Of Congress
(Column 1)
Summary: The Repository argues that the first duty of Congress, when it meets in a few days, will be to relieve the country from its financial condition. The Government spends much more than the revenue it receives from the Free Trade Tariff of 1857, and due to the large import of foreign-made goods, millions of Americans are unemployed. An economic crash is inevitable, unless thwarted by Congress (with a Protective Tariff?).
The Electoral College of 1860.
(Column 2)
Summary: This article compares the sums of the electoral college in the North (183) to that of the South (120), and suggests that even if a few states should vote with slavery (Illinois, Indiana, California and Oregon), the North would still have a majority--and so it is crucial that the North unite behind the Republican Presidential Candidate.
(Column 3)
Summary: The Repository makes fun at Johnny Cooper, the editor of the Valley Spirit, for his bad logic in an Spirit article called "laughable."
(Names in announcement: Johnny Cooper)
The Pennsylvania State Journal very . . .
(Column 4)
Summary: This article accuses the Democrats of blind partizanship in supporting Gov. Wise, and points out that the Republicans are not guilty of the same--they have not supported John Brown.

-Page 05-

Description of Page: General news; anecdotes.

(Column 1)
Summary: An article that describes the growth of Chambersburg and the high value of the property in the area as judged by the following sales information compiled by Assessor John Rhodes: The mansion, on Front Street, of the late Judge Thompson sold for $9,675; the heirs of John Radebaugh, dec'd, sold 9 building lots for $1,220; the mansion and store of the late G. S. Eyster, Esq., sold for $10,950 to J. Allison Eyster; the "White Swan" hotel, formerly owned by Col. Jacob Snider, was sold by John Miller, its late proprietor, to Messrs. Weist & Grove for $8,500 (the property had been purchased by ex-Sheriff Taylor a few years back for $2,200, but J. Miller has made conderable improvements); A. J. Eyster, Esq., also purchased a strip of land (running from the road leadiang to Mr. Heyser's Paper Mill north along the Shippensburg Pike to near the Gate House) from Jacob Heyser, that Eyster plans to sell off in 52 building lots. Walter Beatty sold a field parceled in 16 lots, on the East side of the Pike, for $1,100.
(Names in announcement: Mr. John Rhodes, Judge Thompson, John Radebaugh, G. S. Eyster, J. Allison Eyster, Col. Jacob Snider, John Miller, Mr. Weist, Mr. Grove, ex-Sheriff Taylor, Jacob Heyser, Walter Beatty)
Teacher's Drill In Waynesboro
(Column 1)
Summary: A Convention of the Teachers of Franklin County will meet on Dec. 28th through the 30th in Waynesboro. The following is a list, written by J. K. Gaff (Secretary) of speakers and topics: Orthography--J. F. Bouls, T. Enterline, D. C. Rodrock, J. R. Gaff; Reading--Henry Omwake, William Hayman; Geography--Miss H. E. Royer, Miss Samantha French; English Grammar--T. L. Budd, S. H. Eby; Written Arithmetic-(Fundamental Rules)--J. M. Bonebreak, George Eby; Fractions--(Common and Decimal)--A. B. Stoeler, W. H. Newman; Percentage--Joseph Stoner, A. H. Witherspoon; Ratio and Proportion--J. F. Bouls, J. N. Snively; Extraction of Roots--J. R. Gaff, H. Omwake; Progression--P. M. Shoemaker, J. S. McElwaine; Oral Arithmetic-(Fundamental Principles)--W. H. Hockenberry, J. L. P. Detrich; Analysis of Problems--D. S. McFadden, A. B. Stoeler; Algebra and higher Mathematics--Joseph Stoner, P. M. Shoemaker; Penmanship--J. N. Snively, D. D. Fahrney.
(Names in announcement: J. F. Bouls, T. Enterline, D. C. Rodrock, J. R. Gaff, Henry Omwake, William Hayman, Miss H. E. Royer, Miss Samantha French, T. L. Budd, S. H. Eby, J. M. Bonebreak, George Eby, A. B. Stoeler, W. H. Newman, Joseph Stoner, A. H. Witherspoon, J. N. Snively, P. M. Shoemaker, J. S. McElwaine, W. H. Hockenberry, J. L. P. Detrich, D. S. McFadden, D. D. Fahrney, J. K. Gaff)
[No Title]
(Column 2)
Summary: A committee of A. N. Rankin, W. S. Everett, and D. K. Wunderlich who represent the Farmers and Mechanics Industrial Association of Franklin Co. write to Hon. J. Dixon Roman, and request permission to print his speeech he gave at the fair last month. Roman writes back, and declines the permission due to a number of circumstances.
(Names in announcement: Hon. J. Dixon Roman, A. N. Rankin, W. S. Everett, D. K. Wunderlich)
The Green Township Educational Association
(Column 2)
Summary: The Green Township Educational Association organized on Nov. 19th and elected Rev. W. D. C. Rodrock as President and J. H. Yost as Secretary.
(Names in announcement: Rev. W. D. C. Rodrock, J. H. Yost)
Sad Accident
(Column 2)
Summary: A son, age 6, of Andrew McNair, residing in Hamilton Twp., burned himself with hot coffee, caught a cold and died about two weeks ago.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Andrew McNair, McNair)
Directors Of The Poor
(Column 3)
Summary: David Spencer took his seat on the Board Of Directors of the Poor on Nov. 7th. The Board (Capt. M. Gillan, Jacob Strickler, and David Spencer, Esqrs.) elected Snively Strickler, Esq., as Clerk; Charles Gelwicks as Treasurer; Dr. S. G. Lane as Physician. John Bowman, previously elected as Steward, began his duties.
(Names in announcement: Capt. M. Gillan, Jacob StricklerEsq., David SpencerEsq., Snively StricklerEsq., Charles Gelwicks, Dr. S. G. Lane, Mr. John Bowman)
The Fayetteville Lyceum
(Column 3)
Summary: The Fayetteville Lyceum will meet Dec. 2nd at the building of Rev. J. Kennedy, and Rev. D. C. Rodrock will speak. The debate will be on Harper's Ferry.
(Names in announcement: Rev. J. Kennedy, Rev. D. C. Rodrock)
(Column 3)
Summary: D. J. Skinner, of Dry Run, lost a pocket book containing $225 in Chambersburg Bank Notes and Promissory notes &c. valued from $1000 to $1500. He offers $25 reward.
(Names in announcement: Mr. D. J. Skinner)
Stop Thief!
(Column 3)
Summary: A valuable horse was stolen on Nov. 26th, but has been recovered. The person who stole it was deranged at the time.
(Names in announcement: Peter Brough)
[No Title]
(Column 3)
Summary: Sheriff has begun the discharge of his duties on Nov. 22nd, and appointed F. Zarman as his deputy, and looks forward to jailing those whom are sent by Judge Kimmel.
(Names in announcement: Sheriff McGrath, Mr. F. Zarman, Judge Kimmel)
Personal And Political
(Column 3)
Summary: The Repository prints (for future comparison) the quotes of numerous famous Democrats who support the notion that only people of the Territories should determine whether they will have slavery or not.

-Page 06-

Description of Page: Advertisements; world news.

-Page 07-

Description of Page: An article on Gov. Wise and Col. Lusius; advertisements.

-Page 08-

Description of Page: The day of Execution--Slavery, not John Brown, will be hung; advertisements; real estate sales.

(Column 3)
Summary: On Nov. 24th, Rev. S. McHenry married Jacob Brindle to Elizabeth Gelwicks, all of the vicinity of St. Thomas, Franklin Co.
(Names in announcement: Rev. S. McHenry, Mr. Jacob Brindle, Miss Elizabeth Gelwicks)
(Column 3)
Summary: On Oct. 19th, in Fannettsburg, George Elliott died at age 76. On Nov. 24th, in Hamilton Twp., after a severe illness, Mary Earhart died at age 59. On Nov. 20th, in Chambersburg, John Poorman, youngest son of John and Caroline Houser, died of croup at age 2 years, 10 months and 10 days.
(Names in announcement: Mr. George Elliott, Mr. David Cree, Mrs. Mary Earhart, John Poorman Houser, John Houser, Caroline Houser)