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Valley of the Shadow

Franklin Repository: December 21, 1859

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: Final executions at Harper's Ferry.

Union Savings
(Column 4)
Summary: The Baltimore Patriot complains of the hypocritical Northern Democrats who cater to Southern interests for the sake of votes. The Patriot states that Maryland can take care of its own interests--including the institution of slavery.
Origin of Article: The Baltimore Patriot
Editorial Comment: The Baltimore Patriot, an American paper, pays its respects to the Union savers of the North, in the followin off-hand, slashing manner. It is quite refreshing in these times when the Democracy are dissolving the Union every few days. We commend it to the careful perusal of the timid and fearful, if there are any such left. We think they have nearly run out.
How To Do It
(Column 5)
Summary: The Telegraph publishes the mocking letter of "A Union Loving Democrat" who writes of the many debasing ways the North can attempt to please the south and prevent a disunion.
Origin of Article: Harrisburg Telegraph
The Speech of Wiliam H. Seward, Delivered At Rochester, Monday, October 25th, 1858.
(Column 6)
Summary: Seward argues that slavery was not part of the cultural system (Free Labor) of those people who have colonized the States (Germans, Swedish, Great Britain and Ireland). Slavery and Free Labor inevitably will clash, and one or the other will win--compromise is not possible. Democrats back the slave power and the Republicans back the white laborer and freedom.

-Page 02-

Description of Page: Continuation of William H. Seward's speech from page 1; advertisements

-Page 03-

Description of Page: Poem; anecdotes; humorous writings; advertisements.

-Page 04-

Description of Page: Advertisements.

United States Senator
(Column 1)
Summary: The Repository proposes that Senator Bigler (Democrat) is not worthy of his office, and should be replaced with Gen. James K. Morrehead
The Irrepressible Conflict
(Column 2)
Summary: The Repository responds to criticisms of Seward's speech on the irrepressible conflict between pro- and anti-slavery factions. It produces several quotes of men such as Calhoun and the editor of the Richmond Enquirer who also state that in the battle between the pros and antis, one will eventually win out.
(Column 3)
Summary: The Repository criticizes the House for not choosing a Speaker yet, and the editors offer their picks for Speaker--John Sherman, Clerk--Col. John W. Forney, and Sergeant-at-arms--Henry W. Hoffman.
What We Need
(Column 4)
Summary: The Repository points out that Chambersburg is ideally situated--especially with the pending completion of the Franklin Railroad--to be a great manufacturing center. The editors praise the few men (Daniel Stroch and Christian Stouffer) who manufacture implements, and urge the business men and capitalists to start such businesses, and thereby create a good balance of trade for Chambersburg.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Christian Stouffer, Mr. Daniel Stroch)
Union Prayer Meetings
(Column 5)
Summary: A history of the Union Prayer meetings is given. They began on March 21st, 1858 and included the following people and churches: Mr. John Cree and the Presbyterian Church; J. Allison Eyster, Esq., and William Heyser, Esq., and the German Reformed Church; Hon. David F. Robison (now dec'd) and the Associate Reformed Church; Mr. W. W. Paxton and the Methodist Episcopal Church; Rev. James H. Bratten and the United Brethren Church; Mr. Thomas Carlisle and the Associate Reformed Church; Rev. Dr. B. S. Schneck and the German Reformed Church; A. N. Rankin and German Reformed Church; Mr. Robert Mills and the United Brethren Church.
(Names in announcement: Mr. John Cree, J. Allison EysterEsq., William HeyserEsq., Hon. David F. Robison, Mr. W. W. Paxton, Rev. James H. Bratten, Mr. Thomas Carlisle, B. S. Schneck, A. N. Rankin, Mr. Robert Mills)
Distressing Casualty
(Column 6)
Summary: Henry Minnick, while working at his job on the Cumberland Valley Railroad, was killed on Dec. 16th when he tried to separate cars and fell in their course. He worked as a fireman under William C. Murray, Engineer. He leaves a wife and four children. A meeting was held by the Engineers and Firemen of the Cumberland Valley Railroad Co., at which George Wentz was secretary, and a resolution was passed expressing regret and sympathy for his death and his family.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Henry Minnick, Mrs. Henry Minnick, William C. Murray, George Wentz)
Friendship Fire Co. Election
(Column 6)
Summary: The Friendship Fire Co. held elections on Dec. 12th, and the following men were chosen: President--B. T. Maurer; Vice President--Jos. A. Davison; Treasurer--Solomon Huber; Secretary--Jacob Jarret; Chief Engineer--Samuel Greenawalt; Assistant Engineers--T. B. Seibert, Barnet Earley; Directors--J. A. Davison, R. H. Perry, Samuel Greenawalt; Hose Guards--R. Harden, Samuel Palmer, D. H. Seibert, Jos. A. Davison, George Watson; Hose Attachees--George Woods, Thomas Merklein, George Ludwick, T. B. Seibert, R. H. Perry; Axe Men--Christian Kunce, R. B. Fisher; Auditors--J. B. Wright, J. A. Davison, J. S. Oaks; Standing Committee--B. L. Maurer, Samuel Greenawalt, John Lutz, J. A. Davison, George Watson; Collector--Jacob Jarret; Superintendent--R. H. Perry.
(Names in announcement: B. T. Maurer, Jos. A. Davison, Solomon Huber, Jacob Jarrett, Samuel Greenawalt, T. B. Seibert, Barnet Earley, R. H. Perry, R. Harden, Samuel Palmer, D. H. Seibert, George Watson, George Woods, Thomas Merklein, George Ludwick, Christian Kunce, R. B. Fisher, J. B. Wright, J. S. Oaks, B. L. Maurer, John Lutz)
Lecture In Franklin Hall
(Column 6)
Summary: Rev. B. B. Hamlin of Baltimore, will lecture Dec. 22nd for the young men's Bible Class of the M. E. Sunday School.

-Page 05-

Description of Page: Latest News; advertisements.

Ladies Fair
(Column 1)
Summary: A Ladies Fair will be held in Franklin Hall, commencing Dec. 28th, for the benefit of the building of the Trinity Church (Episcopal).
Messrs. Editors
(Column 1)
Summary: Joseph Clark submits a correction of houses built on B road Street and their costs: David Mehorn--$800; Joseph Martin--$700; George Lightner--$700; Alex. McKain--$800; William Siegrist--$800; John McKeehan--$800; Joseph Clark--$2500 and $700; William A. Hazlett--$1900 Daniel Boose--$250. Rev. John McKnight named the street Broad. Joseph Clark also requests that the editors do not use the name 'Clarksville.'
(Names in announcement: David Melhorn, Joseph Martin, George Lightner, Alex. McKain, William Siegrist, John McKeehan, Joseph Clark, William Hazlett, Daniel Boose, Rev. John McKnight)
(Column 1)
Summary: An announcement of services on Dec. 25th--at the United Presbyterian Church, Rev. William McElwee will officiate and at the Methodist Church, Rev. Mr. McCord will officiate.
(Names in announcement: Rev. William McElwee, Rev. Mr. McCord)
Protracted Meeting
(Column 1)
Summary: The German Reformed Congregation, led by Rev. Samuel Philips, will hold a seried of meetings startin on Dec. 23rd. Rev. S.H. Reed, of Huntingdon will speak.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Samuel Philips)
Sad Warning
(Column 1)
Summary: The clothes of Ruhamma Graham, Thomas Graham's daughter, caught fire while churning near the fireplace, and she is expected to die.
(Names in announcement: Miss Ruhamma Graham, Mr. Thomas Graham)
A List Of Grand and Traverse Jurors
(Column 5)
Summary: A List of Grand and Traverse jurors for a Court of Oyer and Terminer, Court of Quarter Session of the Peace, and a Court of Common Pleas to be held at Chambersburg, Jan. 16th, 1860. Grand Jurors: John Alexander, Hamilton; Jacob Garver, Green; Mathias Barkdoll, Montgomery; Jacob Brewer, Montgomery; William Clapsaddle, Peters; Charles S. Clark, Green; D. W. Dixon, St. Thomas; Frederick Foltz, Letterkenny; John Funk, of H., Washington; Jacob Freeze, Montgomery; William Graham, St. Thomas; Jacob Hoke, Chambersburg; Christian Landis, Southampton; John Maxheimer, St. Thomas; D. B. Martin, Montgomery; William E. McDowell, Peters; John McLelland, Montgomery; Dewalt Keefer, Letterkenny; Jacob Pensinger, Greencastle; John Snyder, Chambersburg; Peter Small, St. Thomas; E. J. Small, Quincy; Israel Sollenberger, Green; John Wolff, Montgomery. Traverse Jurors--First Week: Josiah Besore, Washington; John C. Brake, St. Thomas; Jacob Beaver, Quincy; Thaddeus Boggs, Quincy; Jos. Crebs, Washington; J. A. Clayton, Washington; Thos. Carlisle, Chambersburg; Augustas Duncan, Chambersburg; Conrad Eckenrode, Fannett; Jacob Fry, Green; Samuel Garver, Green; D. C. Haulman, St. Thomas; Charles Hartman, Greencastle; John L. Hays, Fannett; Abraham Hurst, Antrim; Samuel Hawk, Green; John Hunsecker, Letterkenny; John Immell, Green; Jacob Krider, St. Thomas; John Lindsay, Green; Josiah Melhorn, Guilford; J. B. Miller, Chambersburg; Nathaniel Martin, Greencastle; Alison McDowell, Chambersburg; William McGinley, Fannet; H. C. McKnight, Guilford; Willliam McClure, Green; Archibald McDowell, Peters; Samuel Nichodemus, Washington; J. G. Oyler, Green; David Piper, Chambersburg; Samuel Rank, Green; Taylor H. Reed, Hamilton; James Roberts, Montgomery; Jacob Sellers, Chambersburg; George Sprecker, Letterkenny; Lazarus B. Small, Guilford; James Spear, Letterkenny; John R. Tankersley, St. Thomas; John H. Thomas, Warren; A. C. Typer, Metal; John C. Tritle, Guilford; David Unger, Peters; Peter Vinck, Guilford; David Wertz, Sen., Quincy; A. B. Wingert, Antrim; Joseph Wingert, Montgomery; Jacob Zook, Green. Traverse Jurors--Second Week: Thomas Bowles, Montgomery; George Baird, Green; Jonathan Beam, Guilford; Peter Benedict, Waynesboro; Samuel Bradley, Montgomery; S. W. Bierly, Fannet; John Benedict, Guilford; William L. Chambers, Guilford; W. E. Camp, Green; Peter Crist, Hamilton; William Cromer, Quincy; Solomon Cramer, Letterkenny; G. A. Cressler, Southampton; Frederick Dosh, Guilford; Jacob Deal, Antrim; Rudolph Eyer, Letterkenny; Samuel Etter, Chambersburg; James T. Edmundson, Metal; Samuel Foreman, Quincy; Henry Foust, Antrim; Harris Findley, Fannet; Jeremiah Gordon, Antrim; Lewis Gilbert, Letterkenny; John Gilbert, Lurgan; Moses Gingerich, Peters; Michael Grossman, Antrim; J. J. Hill, Metal; Robert C. Horner, Peters; Jacob Hershey, Antrim; Michael Harkelruth, Guilford; Noah Heckerman, Chambersburg; Michael Honstein, Waynesboro; David Hughes, Green; John Hawk, Peters; George Jarett, Chambersburg; William Lyn, Southampton; Daniel Levernicht, Hamilton; Charles W. Lego, Green; John F. Miller, Guilford; John Murphy, Mercersburg; Samuel Noaker, Southampton; Jonas Palmer, Hamilton; Samuel Philipy, Antrim; George Rutter, Fannet; J. G. Snively, Chambersburg; Samuel Snively, Sen., Antrim; Jacob R. Shank, Antrim; William Weagly, Waynesboro.
(Names in announcement: John Alexander, Jacob Garver, Mathias Barkdoll, Jacob Brewer, William Clapsaddle, Chas. S Clark, D. W. Dixon, Frederick Foltz, John Funk, Jacob Freeze, William Graham, Jacob Hoke, Christian Landis, John Maxheimer, D. B. Martin, William E. McDowell, John McLelland, Dewalt Keefer, Jacob Pensinger, John Snyder, Peter Small, E. J. Small, Israel Sollenberger, John Wolff, Josiah Besore, John C. Brake, Jacob Beaver, Thaddeus Boggs, Josiah Crebs, J. A. Clayton, Thomas Carlisle, Augustas Duncan, Conrad Eckenrode, Jacob Fry, Samuel Garver, D.C. Haulman, Charles Hartman, John L. Hays, Abraham Hurst, Samuel Hawk, John Hunsecker, John Immell, Jacob Krider, John Lindsay, Josiah Melhorn, J. B. Miller, Nathaniel Martin, Alison McDowell, William McGinley, H. C. McKnight, William McClure, Archibald McDowell, Samuel Nichodemus, J. G. Oyler, David Piper, Samuel Rank, Taylor J. Reed, James Roberts, Jacob Sellers, George Sprecker, Lazarus B. Small, James Spear, John R. Tankersley, John H. Thomas, A. C. Typer, John C. Tritle, David Unger, Peter Vinck, David WertzSen., A. B. Wingert, Joseph Wingert, Jacob Zook, Thomas Bowles, George Baird, Jonathon Beam, Peter Benedict, Samuel Bradley, S. W. Bierly, John Benedict, William L. Chambers, W. E. Camp, Peter Crist, William Cromer, Solomon Cramer, G. A. Cressler, Frederick Dosh, Jacob Deal, Rudolph Eyer, Samuel Etter, James T. Edmundson, Samuel Foreman, Henry Foust, Harris Findley, Jeremiah Gordon, Lewis Gilbert, John Gilbert, Moses Gingerich, Michael Grossman, J. J. Hill, Robert C. Horner, Jacob Hershey, Michael Harkelruth, Noah Heckerman, Michael Honstein, David Hughes, John Hawk, George Jarett, William Lyn, Daniel Levernicht, Charles W. Lego, John F. Miller, John Murphy, Samuel Noaker, Jonas Palmer, Samuel Philipy, George Rutter, J. G. Snively, Samuel SnivelySen., Jacob R. Shank, William Weagly)

-Page 06-

Description of Page: Anecdotes; advertisements.

-Page 07-

Description of Page: Advertisements

-Page 08-

Description of Page: Facts and Fancies; stories from around the country; advertisements; real estate sales.

The First Execution For Treason In The United States.
(Column 2)
Summary: The editors point out that John Brown simply believed the words of the Declaration and carried them out, and that, the South, due to its support of insurrection in Kansas, has only itself to blame for the insurrection at Harper's Ferry.
(Column 5)
Summary: On Dec. 8th, in Mercersburg, Rev. Mr. Brown married John K. Snively, of Guilford Twp., to Urilla B. Hade, of Quincy Twp. On Nov. 24th, Rev. W. B. Raber married Henry Stumbaugh to Clara A. Gelvin, both of Orrstown. On Dec. 15th, Rev. Dr. B. S. Schneck married Jacob H. Caufman to Nancy H. Hoover, of Rocky Spring. On Dec. 15th, Rev. Dr. B. S. Schneck married John Ulrich to Emily Jane Deardorf, both from Petersburg, Adams co., Pa. On Dec. 15th, Rev. S. McHenry married John Weicht to Susan Howel, all of Franklin. On Dec. 16th, in Greencastle, John Kauffman, Esq., married Jacob Hose to Isabella Hipinsteel, both of Washington co. Maryland.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Mr. Brown, Mr. John K. Snively, Miss Urilla B. Hade, Rev. W. B. Raber, Mr. Henry Stumbaugh, Miss Clara A. Gelvin, Rev. Dr. B. S. Schneck, Mr. Jacob H. Caufman, Miss Nancy H. Hoover, Mr. John Ulrich, Miss Emily Jane Deardorf, Rev. S. McHenry, Mr. John Weicht, Miss Susan Howel, John KauffmanEsq., Mr. Jacob Hose, Miss Isabella Hipinsteel)
(Column 5)
Summary: On Dec. 3rd, in Cornwall twp., Lebanon County, John Hege died at age 70 years and 5 months. On Dec. 19th, in Guilford Twp., George Miller, Sr., died at about age 70 of a lingering illness. On Dec. 2nd, in Mansfield OH, Mrs. Agnes McCleary, (mother of John Mcleary of Chambersburg and widow of John McCleary, formerly of Washington twp.) of died of Congestion of the Lungs at age 72. On Dec. 16th, at Warrior's Mark, Huntingdon Co. Pa. (while visiting Dr. Kay, the mother's brother), William John Thomas, infant son of Rev. S. and Rebecca Philips, died very suddenly.
(Names in announcement: Mr. John Hege, Mr. George MillerSr., Mrs. Agnes McCleary, Mr. John McCleary, John McCleary, William John Thomas Philips, Rev. S. Philips, Mrs. Rebecca Philips, Dr. Kay)