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Valley of the Shadow

Franklin Repository: December 28, 1859

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: General news.

From Harrisburg
(Column 1)
Summary: Predictions and discussion of the coming elections for governorand the potential members of the new State Senate, including Imbrie of Beaver, whose brother merchanidizes in Mercersburg.
(Names in announcement: Imbrie)
Gov. Chase's Speech At Cincinnati
(Column 3)
Summary: An argument that Popular Sovereignty, Douglas' anthem, is not practiced in Kansas, where judges and the governor are appointed by the President, and most of the legislative parameters are decided by the governor who also has veto power. The citizens apparently do not have the right to prevent the introduction of Slavery.
Sentiment, North And South
(Column 6)
Summary: This article points out that although the South has the right to attempt to change the North's opinion on slavery, it will not succeed.
Origin of Article: The Philadelphia Evening Journal
Editorial Comment: The Philadelphia Evening Journal contained a few days ago, a very sensible article upon the current topic of the day--the slavery question--from which we take the following extract, in reference to the force of public opinion, in its relation to, and influence upon the two sections of the country:"

-Page 02-

Description of Page: Anecdotes; News; stories; Advertisements; a list of jurors.

-Page 03-

Description of Page: Anecdotes; advertisements.

Freeman's Catechism Concerning the Irrepressible Conflict.
(Column 2)
Summary: A list of famous people who have noted the irrepressible conflict between North and South over the slavery issue, including such people as: Jefferson, Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, and William H. Seward.

-Page 04-

Description of Page: General political news.

The Republican National Convention
(Column 1)
Summary: An announcement of the National Republican Convention that will take place in Chicago starting on June 13th.
A Marked Contrast
(Column 2)
Summary: A look at the difference in reactions by the Northern and Southern politicians over the Harper's Ferry incident and the riots in Kansas. The Northerners want to investigate both situations, whereas the Southerners refused to back an investigation into the Kansas problem.
Dare We Read The Bible
(Column 4)
Summary: This article humorously argues that the Bible must be an incendiary document if slaves are forbidden from reading it. The article complains that the Salve-holders also forbid publications that might enlighten white workers.
Helping Helper
(Column 5)
Summary: This article points out that the debate in Congress over the incendiary anti-slavery book by Helper, heightened the public's awareness of the book and encouraged sales.
Origin of Article: The N. Y. Tribune

-Page 05-

Description of Page: Advertisements; news and stories.

Washington Letter
(Column 1)
Summary: A letter describing political events in Washington, including th ongoing election of Speaker of the House, protracted due to the "nigger question." The writer notes that in this election Mr. McPherson, the representative for the Franklin district, has voted for Mr. Grow and then Mr. Sherman.
(Names in announcement: Mr. McPherson)
Shryock's Dramatic Class
(Column 1)
Summary: Note of a play performed in Chambersburg by John K. Shryock's Dramatic class of pupils.
(Names in announcement: John K. Shryock, Dart. J. R. Gilmore, Thomas McDowell, Porter Brown, Samuel McDowell, Thomas Bard, George M. T. Taylor, Frank Gilmore, Cephas Bard, Jarret Richards)
Full Text of Article:

--Again have the good people of Chambersburg been entertained with an exhibition of the histrionic powers of the young gentlemen of Mr. John K. Shryock's class of pupils.

The performance at Franklin Hall on Monday evening last could not be excelled by anything short of star actors of great ability, and large experience.

The play is entitled "Used Up;" a Comedy in two acts, by Charles Matthews. Sir Charles Coldstream, Dart. J. R. Gilmore; Sir Adonis Leech, Thomas McDowell; Honorable Tom Saville, Porter Brown; Wurzel, a Farmer, Samuel McDowell; John Ironbrace, a Blacksmith, Thomas Bard; Fennel, a Lawyer, George M. T. Taylor; James, Frank Gilmore; Lady Clutterbuck, Cephas Bard; Mary Wurzel, Jarret Richards.

All the characters were nobly sustained; but the one which called forth the highest encomiums from the admiring audience was that of "Wurzul, a farmer."

The best evidence of the appreciation, by our people, of these successful effort of Shryock to please, is the fact that on this occasion, as on all former ones, the house was crowded.

Another entertainment, with an entirely new programme, will be given on next Monday evening, the 2nd of January, also in Franklin Hall. Go early to secure a good seat, as the room will surely be full.

Prison Record
(Column 2)
Summary: Sheriff Jacob S. Brown, Esq., has given the Repository a record of inmates from Nov. 1856 through Nov. 1959: total of whites, 256--including 8 females; total of colored, 157--including 24 females; 200 prisoners were there due to intemperance; 6 people broke out of jail, which resulted in improved security.
(Names in announcement: Jacob S. BrownEsq.)
Full Text of Article:

--Our polite, obliging ex-Sheriff, Jacob S. Brown, Esq., has furnished us with the following record of inmates who were received by him, into our County jail, during his term of office which expired last month.

From the 11th day of November, 1856, till the 22nd day of November, 1859, the whole number of whites admitted into jail was 256--of these 8 were females. The whole number of colored persons taken in during the same period was 157--of which 24 were females. These were all incarcerated for some one or other of the various crimes know to our criminal code.

There were during his term, also 200 persons committed to prison, for a short period each, for intemperance--being too drunk to take care of themselves. They were common drunkards; poor men, without rich, influential friends--all others can get drunk with impunity.

Of the number of prisoners placed under Sheriff Brown's custody, 6 broke jail. The frequent recurrence of this amusing feat on the part of our "jail birds" taught our County Commissioners that there was no security in the jail. They, therefore, repaired the whole inside of that establishment, for security, and made it impossible for any more such performances--not set down in the jail bills. They also repaired the outside of the building, for beauty and made it one of the prettiest buildings in town.

[No Title]
(Column 2)
Summary: The editors make note of a D. W. Tousey, who conned a number of Chambersburg residents into giving him money for subscriptions to magazines that never arrived.
At An Election
(Column 2)
Summary: At the elections of the Chambersburg Savin Fund Association on Dec. 19th, the following were elected as Directors: Holmes Crawford, John Cree, Samuel Gilmore, Dr. J. C. Richards, Dr. A. H. Senseny, Samuel Seibert and Daniel Trostle. At the Directors meeting on Dec. 22nd, Holmes Crawford was re-elected President and W. G. Reed, Cashier.
(Names in announcement: Holmes Crawford, John Cree, Samuel Gilmore, Dr. J. C. Richards, Dr. A. H. Senseny, Samuel Seibert, Daniel Trostle, W. G. Reed)
Southern Views
(Column 3)
Summary: The Repository points out that, while Northern Democratic journals are trying to blame Northern Republicans for Harper's Ferry, the Southern journals are arguing that such accusations only sow strife and bring no benefits.
Who Are The Disunionists?
(Column 4)
Summary: The Patriot gives a list of seventeen Administration Democrats in Washington who have threatened or justified disunion--including Jefferson Davis--and it notes that not one is a Republican.
Origin of Article: The Baltimore Patriot
Causes For Trial At January Term, 1860
(Column 6)
Summary: A list of trials commencing on Jan. 16th: First Week--William Christ vs. John Snyder and Wife; Catharine Bowman vs. Joseph Bowman; John S. Kerr vs. Abraham Wingert; James J... M llheny vs. John Wyncoup; Daniel Guitner vs. James and William Huston; Dr. C. T. Maclay vs. William Immell's Administrators; John Snyder vs. G. W. Wolff et al; Keystone Insurance Co. vs. William McLellan; Elizabeth Wingert vs. Elizabeth Wingert's Administrators; William A. Barnes vs. Peter Artz et al; Jacob L. Wingert vs. Jesse McCumsey; Reinohl & Co. vs. A. H. Newman; Frank Myers vs. Joseph R. Winters; L. B. Kurtz vs. Jesse McCumsey; Isaac Kuhn vs. Jacob Barncord and Wife; Jeremiah C. George vs. Emanuel Crossland; J. W. Skinner vs. James Kirkpatrick; Margaretta Tribert vs. John & Sol Ely; William Seibert vs. John Finley's Administrators; Frederick Divilbiss vs. P. A. Rice et al; William Tolheim vs. Jacob Middower; Daniel Dechert, Jr. vs. George A. Corwell; Jacob Mishler's use vs. Henry S. Stoner; Lane & Myers vs. G. W. Heagy & Co.; Ennion Elliot vs. Lewis Ritter; Sarah Leidig vs. John Ditzler. Second Week---David Smith vs. William McLellan; George Wiles vs. James M. Downey; John Skinner Jr. vs. John S. Nimmon; Fred Foreman vs. Henry G. Funk; William Stevenson et al vs. John D. Grier et al; James D. Carlisle vs. P. W. Seibett; Joshua C. Wright vs. Samuel Walker & Co.; Mary Tosten vs. William C. Angle; James Tosten vs. William C. Angle; James and Andrew Tosten vs. William C. Angle; George Foush vs. Christ Laydig; Michael Strock vs. Secrist & Carbaugh; Michael Stickel and Wife vs. John Strine; Henry B. Champion vs. William W. Chambers; Peter Cook vs. Samuel Thompson's Executors; John Zimmerman vs. P. D. Blair et al; Commonwealth of Pa. vs. William Skinner; Alex K. McClure vs. Benjamin F. Nead; Turnpike Company vs. George H. Davison; William Shrader vs. John Shirts; Solomon Huber vs. James J. Kennedy; John Reasner vs. C. C. Foltz. Written by H. C. Keyser, Prothonotary.
(Names in announcement: William Christ, John Snyder, Mrs. John Snyder, Catharine Bowman, Joseph Bowman, John S. Kerr, Abraham Wingert, James J. M lleny, John Wyncoup, Daniel Guitner, Dr. C. T. Maclay, James Huston, William Huston, William Immell, G. W. Wolff, William McLellan, Elizabeth Wingert, William A. Barnes, Peter Artz, Jacob L. Wingert, Jesse McCumsey, Reinohl, A. H. Newman, Frank Myers, Joseph R. Winters, L. B. Kurtz, Isaac Kuhn, Jacob Barncord, Mrs. Jacob Barncord, Jeremiah C. George, Emanuel Crossland, J. W. Skinner, James Kirkpatrick, Margaretta Tribert, John Ely, Sol Ely, William Seibert, John Finley, Frederick Divilbiss, P. A. Rice, William Tolheim, Jacob Middower, Daniel DechertJr., George A. Corwell, Jacob Mishler, Henry S. Stoner, Lane, Myers, G. W. Heagy, Ennion Elliot, Lewis Ritter, Sarah Leidig, John Ditzler, David Smith, George Wiles, James M. Downey, John SkinnerJr., John S. Nimmon, Fred Foreman, Henry G. Funk, William Stevenson, John D. Grier, James D. Carlisle, P. W. Seibett, Joshua C. Wright, Samuel Walker, Mary Tosten, James Tosten, Andrew Tosten, William C. Angle, George Foush, Christ Laydig, Michael Strock, Secrist, Carbaugh, Michael Stickel, Mrs. Michael Stickel, John Strine, Henry B. Champion, William W. Chambers, Peter Cook, Samuel Thompson, John Zimmerman, P. D. Blair, William Skinner, Alex. K. McClure, Benjamin F. Nead, George H. Davison, William Shrader, John Shirts, Solomon Huber, James J. Kennedy, John Reasner, C. C. Foltz, H. C. Keyser)

-Page 06-

Description of Page: Anecdotes; stories; Advertisements.

-Page 07-

Description of Page: Advertisements.

-Page 08-

Description of Page: Facts and Fancies; Funeral of John Cook; Advertisements; Real Estate sales.

Interesting Correspondence
(Column 2)
Summary: A request from several Pennsylvania citizens written to Mayor Henry of Philadelphia, after he suppressed riots at the National Hall meetings, that he explain these actions. The Mayor responded that he was defending the individual's right to meet for religious, political, moral, social or any number of peaceful reasons.
(Column 5)
Summary: On Dec. 22nd, Rev. Dr. B. S. Schneck married William Kryner to Elizabeth Whisler, both of Letterkenny. On Dec. 22nd, Rev. Dr. B. S. Schneck married Adam Shuchman to Catharine Homan, both of Chambersburg. At Carlisle, on Dec. 20th, Rev. W. W. Eells married James Clark of Cumberland co., to Lizzie Culbertson, daughter of the late Stephen Culbertson, of Philadelphia.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Dr. B. S. Schneck, Mr. William Kryner, Miss Elizabeth Whisler, Mr. Adam Shuchman, Miss Catharine Homan, Rev. W. W. Ells, Mr. James Clark, Miss Lizzie Culbertson, Stephen Culbertson)