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Valley of the Shadow

Franklin Repository: March 28, 1860

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-Page 1-

Description of Page: Articles supporting Andrew Curtin for governor.

-Page 2-

Description of Page: List of proprietors same as on March 21, 1860, p. 4.

-Page 3-

Description of Page: All Ads.

-Page 4-

Cincinnati Platform
(Column 1)
Summary: Editorial condemns the Democratic Party's 1856 platform at the Cincinnati convention, as protective of slavery.
Hot and Cold
(Column 2)
Summary: Editorial suggests the state Democrats and the Valley Spirit are two-faced in supporting a national party committed to free trade while advocating protectionism in their home state.
Information Desired
(Column 3)
Summary: Editorial seeks more information about a reputed brawl in the executive session of the U.S. Senate between two Democratic Senators.
The Homestead Bill
(Column 3)
Summary: Editorial on the homestead bill before U.S. Senate.

-Page 5-

Spring Elections.
(Column 1)
Summary: List of elected officials by township and office.
(Names in announcement: William C. Murry, Josiah W. Fletcher, Dr. W. R. Boyle, Rufus K. McClelland, Samuel Etter, Geo. Ludwig, Capt. George W. Heagy, Alexander Martin, George W. Bitner, Samuel Etter, H. B. Davison, Wm. B. Gabbey, F. J. Pfoutz, Jacob Hoffman, George Bowers, John A. Sweigert, H. S. Miller, Solomon Miller, Wm. Reed, John Zarker, Jacob Vanderan, Adam Small, Geo. Miller, Saml. S. Frederick, Henry Snider, Christian Lehman, Jacob Bittinger, John Benedict, James S. Chambers, John W. Etter, Henry Shafer, Peter McFerren, James L. Horner, John Lindsay, Jacob Shirk, John Harchelrode, John Youst, Jacob Zook, Jacob Pentz, Jacob Youst, George Dice, Robert Barr, Jacob Burkholder, J. D. Nead, John P. Study, J. S. Small, John McCush, Henry Shirey, Michael Clem, Philip Spidle, Charles Smith, John Small, John Still, A. K. Weir, Benjamin Snively, John Frantz, Jacob Shank, J. B. Osbrough, Jacob R. Shank, Jonathan Stickle, Henry Ditch, Dr. E. D. Rankin, William H. Davision, Henry Balsley, William Martin, James H. Clayton, Samuel Neady, Hugh M. Sibbet, Jospeh Anderson, Emerson Stover, John Walter, Henry Baer, Christian Shocky, Valentine Keckler, Josiah Burger, John Ditch, John Hess, Wm. F. Horner, Joseph Cooper, Samuel Rider, David Heoflich, Joseph Bender, Daniel Gelwix, Wm. Forbis, Adam Snyder, Jeremiah Ashway, Samuel LehmanJr., R. H. Anderson, Solomon Gabler, David Over, J. H. Cormany, E. K. Lehman, David Guyer, Wm. Breneman, James D. McDowell, Samuel Alexander, R. C. Horner, Michael Deck, Wm. McLellan, John McLaughlin, Wm. E. Hewitt, Jacob Haulman, Henry Summers, James Patton, Hezekiah Easton, David Vance, Jacob Benedict, George W. Cromer, John S. Hassler, Peter Kunkleman, Robert Parker, D. A. Creaton, David Hays, Michael R. Keyser, William Lackens, John Frye, Jacob Miller, John Seibert, Jacob Brewer, Sen. Joseph Boyd, John Good, Joseph Spriggs, John McLaughlin, William Boyd, Samuel M. Boroles, John A. Hysong, Matthew Smith, John Shirtz, George W. Wolf, Mark McAffee, S. A. Bradly, R. S. Brownson, John McCune, Nelson Wilson, John Shirtz, A. J. North, J. E. Maclay, Wm. Shoemaker, J. P. Miller, Christian Snoke, Wm. Speer, David Coleman, D. B. Shoemaker, Saml. Bittner, Jacob Mindhart, John Hamsher, Josiah Shuman, Michael Reed, John Wyncoop, C. A. Breckenridge, Simon Bittner, Peter Bowers, Daniel Keefer, George Croft, Jacob W. Hamsher, John Powders, Geo. Johnston, Abraham Grove, Jacob Mohler, S. W. Nevin, Josiah Etter, Conrad Plaster, James Blair, Hugh Smith, John Yeakle, Peter Cook, Peter Zimmerman, Abraham Yeakle, Samuel Yeakle, Peter Cook, Jacob Zimmerman, John Fritz, Jacob Hull, Joseph Phinice, Solomon Cook, A. S. McCulloh, George Yeakle, Hugh L. Campbell, Thomas Skinner, Jno. McVetty, John Robertson, Thomas Harris, Matthew Wilson, John Hawkins, Benjamin Stake, William French, Thomas Taylor, William Piles, Harris Finley, John Stake, Daniel Brant, Thos. Fegan, William Shuter, George Taylor, Barnabas A. Doyle, F. C. Fleming, David M. Lesher, Jacob Sulenberger, Charles Evans, Jacob Oyer, William Hafer, Samuel Yest, R. A. Moore, Frederick Mish, Jacob Eby, Samuel West, Andrew Beard, Issac Miller, N. M. Witherow, James McCurdy, William Foltz, Wm. S. McAllen, John H. Walker, Jacob Flickenger, William S. Harris, William Fleagle, Samuel JonesSr., William Fleming, John M. Bair, S. O. McCurdy, John M. Miller, William F. Reomer, Malachi Brindle, Frederick Gelwix, Daniel S. Harris, Samuel Garver, J. C. Wingert, Lewis Keefer, P. C. Holler, George W. Betz, James H. Montgomery, B. A. Cormany)
Foundry and Machine Shop
(Column 2)
Summary: Notice of the extensive facilities at Frick's foundry and machine shop.
(Names in announcement: George Frick, James Sharp)
A Valuable Book.
(Column 2)
Summary: Notice of book seller canvassing the county for subscriptions for "History of Slavery and the Slave Trade" which editors highly recommend.
(Names in announcement: David P. Shields)
Improve Your Penmanship
(Column 2)
Summary: Notice of classes taught by Mrs. Crocker for writing and penmanship.
(Names in announcement: Mrs. Crocker)
(Column 2)
Summary: G. W. Brewer moved his law office to West Market street in the Arcade building, fourth door from the hotel corner.
(Names in announcement: Hon. G. W. Brewer)

-Page 6-

Description of Page: Proceedings of the first Republican Convention ever held in Missouri.

-Page 7-

Description of Page: All Ads.

-Page 8-

(Column 3)
Summary: Mr. William Wilson Elliot married Miss Mary Ann Typer, daughter of Mrs. Margaret Typer, on March 21.
(Names in announcement: Rev. J. Smith Gordon, William Wilson Elliot, Mary Ann Typer, Mrs. Margaret Typer)
(Column 3)
Summary: Mr. Issac Miller married Miss Margaret Catharine Stevick on March 22.
(Names in announcement: Rev. S. M'Henry, Issac Miller, Margaret Catharine Stevick)
(Column 3)
Summary: Mr. William Elder married Mrs. Lydia Kinser on March 22 at the Union Hotel in Philadephia.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Dr. Boardman, William Elder, Mrs. Lydia Kinser)
(Column 3)
Summary: Elizabeth Wolff, age 39 years 1 month and 21 days, died in Amberson's Valley on March 14.
(Names in announcement: Elizabeth Wolff)
A List of Grand and Traverse Jurors
(Column 4)
Summary: List of Jurors, see March 21, 1860, p. 5.