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Valley of the Shadow

Franklin Repository: April 11, 1860

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Description of Page: Article describing scenes in Congress.

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Description of Page: Article on Harper's Ferry Investigation about Congressional committee's questioning of George L. Stearns, who supported John Brown but claimed to know nothing of his plans for the raid on Harper's Ferry.

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Who Have The Offices?
(Column 1)
Summary: Article compares numbers of political appointees in Washington from the South with those from the North and finds that the South has 1,148 to the North's 829. The article suggests that the South holds disproportionate power in political appointees.

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Is Poverty A Crime?
(Column 1)
Summary: Editorial criticizes Senator Wigfall of Texas for his comment that "poverty is a crime." Editorial suggests that Democratic party is two-faced, appealing in the North to the poor and working men and in the South condemning the poor and working men.
Full Text of Article:

We have often told poor men that their bitterest foes were to be found within the ranks of locofocoism. We have known that every principle which that party advocates is in direct conflict with the best interests of poor men--men who earn for their wives and little ones the necessaries of life by their daily occupation. There can be no doubt that the passage of laws for the promotion and protection of American labor against ruinous foreign competition--we mean the products of foreign work-shops--is infinitely better calculated to elevate poor men than is the policy of breaking down our working men and building up those of other countries--a leading feature of locofocoism.

Notwithstanding the fact that we have always been able to see that the policy of the locofoco party was fatally injurious to the hopes and prospects of all classes of community who earn their "daily bread by their own daily labor;" yet we were not prepared for the bold, unblushing avowal made by Mr. Wigfall, of Texas, one of the leading politicians, on Wednesday, last, in the United States Senate, "that poverty is a crime."

After this daring piece of locofoco affrontery, from a modern expounder of the faith of that party, we may well expect that there will be no more professions of friendship made, through empty resolves, for poor men by the leaders in the North. Heretofore the song which the sirens of that party were constantly singing--thereby enticing the thoughtless, charmed, unsuspecting to their certain temporal ruin--was that of especial regard for poor men; now, however, the tune is changed and we hear the jarring discordant notes of tyranny denouncing poor men by declaring "that poverty is a crime."

Hitherto the rank and file of the locofoco party in the North, have followed blindly, the bell-wethers of the party wherever they saw fit to lead, no matter where, only so that the leaders hailed from the sunny South. These dupes have been told, over and over again, that there was not, nor could there be from the nature of the case, the smallest particle of sympathy between the haughty owners of "working people" in the South and free "working people" of the North; but the faithful adherent to "the party," being honest themselves, could not believe that their leaders--who made such fine and strong professions of attachment to "poor men"-- could be so utterly heartless, so false to all their pledges. Now, however, they can see for themselves that the Republicans advocate the homestead bill--while locofoco leaders say "that poverty is a crime."

If poverty is a crime, as is alleged by a certain locofoco United States Senator, from the South, we may look for the passage of a law punishing every "poor man" in the land for not being rich. If poverty is a crime, then indeed, it must be punished. What is the nature of the suffering that these haughty haters of "poor men" would inflict upon their helpless victims, if they had the power? Doubtless if such men as Senator Wigfall had the control of the Government (and who knows how soon his sentiments will prevail throughout the South; for at one time the dogmas of John C. Calhoun, now the sentiments whereby the whole locofoco party swear, were as unpalatable as, we suppose, Northern locofocos would have us believe Wigfall's horrible utterance to be) there would be a remedy commensurate to the evil. Poverty being regarded as a crime its punishment would not be salutary by increasing every "poor man" within the walls of a prison; but, doubtless the prolific brain of Wigfall would invent something that would answer all practicable purposes. He would exert his mighty intellect to its utmost powers but what some method of inflicting punishment upon "poor men," criminals in his sight for not being rich, should be discovered.

There is one solution to this apparent mystery; the denunciation of "poor men" by a leader of the party which has always professed to be the special friends of poor men. There is a reason for the position taken by the Texas slave-driver. It is to be found in the fact that the general sentiment down South is that SLAVERY IS THE NATURAL AND NORMAL CONDITION OF ALL "POOR MEN?"

It is high time for poor men in the North, who have heretofore assisted in fastening upon their limbs the manacles of a slavery extending party, to pause, before it is forever too late. Now they possess the power of saying to slavery--their natural foe--remain within your present limits; extend no further; thus far shalt thou go, but no farther; and here shall thy proud tyranny be stayed; but hereafter--if the aggressions of slavery are not arrested--the free men of the North, the bone and sinew of the land may be unable to assert their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The "poor whites" of the South are now in a condition of helplessness in every respect as degrading as that of slavery itself. How long would Northern "poor men" enjoy any greater liberty of slavery becomes--as locofocos desire it shall--national, and freedom becomes sectional?

Know Nothing Triumph
(Column 3)
Summary: Editorial focuses on the recent politics in Rhode Island where Democrats joined with Know Nothings to defeat the Republicans. Editorial asserts that the Democratic Party has no principles.
Mr. Pollard's Portrait Gallery.
(Column 3)
Summary: Editorial condemns the recent book by Edward Pollard, "Black Diamonds," which portrays slavery as a benevolent institution and one that uplifts and enriches blacks and advocates the reopening of the slave trade.
Teacher's Association
(Column 6)
Summary: Announcement of the program for upcoming Teacher's Association meeting.
(Names in announcement: T. Enterline, J. C. Atherton, A. McAlwaine, Jacob Cook, J. L. P. Deatrich, W. H. H. Newman, D. S. McFadden, J. W. Eckerman, A. B. Stoler, Peter Swisher, I. N. Snively, J. H. Youst, W. B. Hockenberry, Issac Miller, J. W. Hays, J. S. Stoner, J. S. McElwaine, J. W. DeHaven, J. F. Boult, J. M. Bonebrake, George Eby, J. R. Gaff, G. H. Cook, G. E. Jones, H. Omwake, H. B. Kendig, D. D. Fahrney, J. H. Montgomery, C. Glen, W. H. Blair, J. S. Smith, G. W. Betz, Samuel Gelwicks, T. H. Richards, S. H. Eby, L. J. Wolf, M. K. Hayes, M. E. Parker, J. W. Coble, J. S. Smith, Joseph Eckart, J. W. P. Reed, A. McElwain, B. F. Fry, Beecher Wolf, Dr. S. G. Lane, Miss M. J. Miller, Miss S. J. Reynolds, Wm. Hayman, Dr. T. L. Budd, Rev. W. D. C. Rodrock, Prof. J. K. Shryock, H. Omwake, L. P. Detrich, J. S. McElwaine)

-Page 5-

Court Proceedings
(Column 1)
Summary: Wm. A. Dean & Co. v. W. S. Hollenberger--Action of debt, judgement for plaintiff for $114.04. Dr. C. T. McClay v. Geo. W. Immell--Action of assumpsit, judgement for plaintiff for $13.26. Commonwealth v. Swigley (colored)--Assault and Battery on Miss Wayman (colored), verdict guilty. Commonwealth v. Ludwig Long--Malicious mischief. "Defendant is a German and was trafelling through the country seeking labor. He was charged with breaking in the windows of a school house." Verdict not guilty. Commonwealth v. David Montgomery--Assault and Battery, verdict guilty. "Defendant is an inmate of the Almshouse and committed the offense whilst in said house upon the person of a woman." Commonwealth v. Wm. Smith (colored)--Grand Larceny, verdict guilty, sentenced to the Eastern Penitentary for two years. Commonwealth v. David Wilson (colored)--Assault and Battery, verdict guilty. Commonwealth v. Joseph Brown (colored)--Larceny, charged with stealing ducks, verdict guilty. Commowealth v. John Dilt--Larcenty, indictment quashed. Commonwealth v. Wm. Shearer, Elias Shearer, Philip Shewman, John Nane, Soloman Nane, Walker Shearer--Malicious mischief, charged with breaking in school house, breaking boards and despoiling seats, sentenced to pay five dollars and costs. Commonwealth v. Joseph Rosenthall--False pretenses.
(Names in announcement: Wm. A. Dean, W. S. Hollenberger, Dr. C. T. McClay, Geo. W. Immell, Swigley, Ludwig Long, Miss Wayman, David Montgomery, Wm. Smith, David Wilson, Joseph Brown, John Dilt, Wm. Shearer, Elias Shearer, Walker Shearer, Philip Shewman, John Nane, Solomon Nane, Joseph Rosenthall)
(Column 1)
Summary: Announcement of changes in service times.
Daily Record
(Column 1)
Summary: Notice of availability of the Presbyterian Church annual conference record.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Harden)
Many Thanks
(Column 1)
Summary: Editors that Sheriff McGrath's wife for cake, baked in appreciation for their support of McGrath.
(Names in announcement: William McGrathEsq.)
Call Accepted
(Column 2)
Summary: Rev. Thomas L. Preston accepts call to minister at the Presbyterian Church.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Thomas L. Preston)
In Luck
(Column 2)
Summary: Local citizen inherits "part of a German fortune."
(Names in announcement: A. Mitchell)
Barn and Stock Burnt
(Column 2)
Summary: Fire destroyed barn and livestock.
(Names in announcement: George W. Zeigler, Leiter)
Why Neglect It?
(Column 2)
Summary: Editors recommend saving the old stone bridge over Falling Spring in Chambersburg.
Degenerate Irish
(Column 3)
Summary: Editors note the Boston Pilot's article on Irish Americans' losing their heritage, citing A. G. Curtain as an example of a lapsed Irish-American.
Origin of Article: Boston Pilot
Women Boxing
(Column 4)
Summary: Article on a women's boxing event in Chicago.
Origin of Article: Chicago Press and Tribune

-Page 6-

Description of Page: Fiction articles.

-Page 7-

Description of Page: Advertisements.

-Page 8-

(Column 4)
Summary: Mr. John D. Knisely, aged 45 years, 7 months, and 21 days, died of Pulmonary disease on April 7.
(Names in announcement: John D. Knisely)
(Column 4)
Summary: Anna Elizabeth Deardorff, oldest daughter of William and Margaret Deardorff, died of scarlet fever age 3years, 7 months, and 10 days on March 27.
(Names in announcement: Anna Elizabeth Deardorff, William Deardorff, Margaret Deardorff)
(Column 4)
Summary: Mr. Lloyd Morris of Frederick, Md., married Miss Sophia E. Bishop, of Littlestown, Pa., on March 29.
(Names in announcement: Rev. James M. Bishop, Lloyd Norris, Sophia E. Bishop)
(Column 4)
Summary: Mr. David Beltz married Miss Nancy J. Mackey on April 1.
(Names in announcement: Rev. H. Y. Hummelbaugh, David Beltz, Nancy Mackey)
(Column 4)
Summary: Mr. Benjamin Johns married Miss Hannah Beltz on April 1.
(Names in announcement: Benjamin Johns, Hannah Beltz)
(Column 4)
Summary: Mr. David Beck married Miss Christina Light on April 5.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Thomas Creigh, David Beck, Cristina Light)
(Column 4)
Summary: Mr. John C. Whitmore married Miss Mary A. Starleper on April 10.
(Names in announcement: P. HammanJ. P., John C. Whitmore, Mary A. Starleper)