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Valley of the Shadow

Franklin Repository: April 25, 1860

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Description of Page: Testimony of Ellis B. Schnabel before Congressional Committee investigating the Buchanan administration's involvement in Kansas constitutional struggle.

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Description of Page: Fiction and Ads.

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Description of Page: Advertisements.

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State Central Committee
(Column 1)
Summary: Article lists the members of the the State Central Committee for the People's (Republican) State Party. Alexander K. McClure is listed from Franklin Co. as the Chairman.
(Names in announcement: Hon. A. K. McClure)
The "Nigger" Again
(Column 2)
Summary: Editorial characterizes the Democratic Party as overly concerned with "the nigger" as an issue in party politics. The article states the Republican position to be only against the extension of slavery, not slavery itself, playing down the party's opposition to Southern slavery.
Full Text of Article:

The leading article in the Valley Spirit, of the 11th inst., is upon the question which, above all others, seems to absorb the thoughts of the Nigger democracy. It consists of a long whining cant about the condition of the race which interests its party more than does any other topic. It contrasts the condition of the negro in the South with the circumstances of that class of persons at the North. This is a favorite theme with the orators and press of that party. All their concern is about the "nigger."

Because of their continual feasting upon their colored brethren, with "nigger" for breakfast, "darkey" for lunch, "cuffy" for dinner, "woolly head" for desert, and "sambo" for supper, we have arrived at the conclusion that their true name should be the Nigger Democracy. Notwithstanding the nauseating character of the dish, and the frequency with which they thrust the unsavory repast under the noses of their readers, we find that they still rehash the old, mouldy collation.

Why cannot these caterers of political food dispense some wholesome diet to their party friends, their willing followers?--Why do not locofoco speakers and locofoco newspapers express themselves sensibly and to some purpose in behalf of WHITE MEN? Why do they disregard the interests of the poor of their own race, and occupy all their attention with the destiny of the negro? We want more sympathy for whites, poor whites, to fill the minds of our law-makers, than has hitherto been the case, and more real happiness will be the result.

Poor white men and their families are the parties who suffer the most, and that too without hope of relief, from the contamination of slave labor. The poor whites of the South are of all men the most miserable. They have little or no employment; very little if any means of support, and they are compelled to herd with negroes, the slaves of rich whites-- who, imitating the example of their masters, despise, and look down upon "the poor white trash." Such is ever the case where slavery has such unlimited control. And it is to such a treat the slavery-extending, nigger-loving democracy would invite poor white men of the free North.

Given the Spirit, and kindred lick spittle sheets the power and they would fasten slavery, with all its horrors, irrevocably, not only upon the wide-extended plains of our fertile, teeming, western territories, but, upon every free State in this Republic. There is no demand, however wild, however chimerical, which the hot-heads of the South can make upon the weak-kneed partisans at the North which the latter will not hasten to obey. All their waking thoughts; all their sleeping dreams are upon the one subject--how they can oppress the negro, degrade the poor whites, and increase the power of the Slaveocracy. The organs and leaders of the nigger democracy in the North have no care for, no interest in, the welfare of poor whites; all they desire is the good will of the dispensers of offices--the oligarchy.

What have we of the North to do with the negro question? It gives us, of the Republican party, especially, no uneasiness. We had nothing to do with overrunning the country with the degraded, outcast race, nor are we particularly interested in, getting rid of the burthen. They who have reaped all the benefit arising from the unpaid labor of the poor wretches, who have grown rich, fat and lazy, upon the toil of these helpless, hapless creatures and their willing coadjutors of the North,--the nigger democracy--may devise ways and means to remove the curse of slavery where it exists; all we care about is that it shall not be extended. We plan ourselves upon the far-famed Mason & Dixon's line, and say to the usurpers: Thus far shalt thou come, but no farther; and here shall thy proud tyranny be stayed.

We leave to the Spirit, and locofoco papers, and stump speakers, generally, to contrast the relative condition of the negro in the North and the negro at the South, but while thus engaged, we would ask them to compare the situation of poor whites in the South with that class of society at the great, industrious North. We would have them tell us, truthfully, the difference upon all classes of whites in those States where unpaid labor prevails--where capitol owns its working men, without disgracing themselves, work, with heads or hands, or both, for their daily bread.

"No Higher Law"
(Column 3)
Summary: Editorial argues that Southern Congressmen and Democratic Party members are wrong in suggesting that the Constitution is the highest law of the land. Instead, the editorial suggests that God's law is above the Constitution.
Full Text of Article:

The question is frequently propounded by those who have not kept themselves booked up in political matters, what is meant by "the higher law?" For the information of all such we say that the law which is higher than any human statute is the law of God--that teachings of the Bible.

Some politicians, and their name is Legion, especially in the South, and everywhere among locofocos, pretend to entertain for the Constitution of the United States such profound veneration that they will not admit that any law of the Ruler of the universe--is or can be superior to that instrument; yet they forget to inform us that it (the Constitution) passed through no less than three changes within the first seventeen years of its existence.

Is it not a crying shame that we, a professedly christian people, who enjoy to a larger extent that any nation on earth the blessings of a kind, benificent Providence, would be so impious as to compare the feeble offspring of the brain of mortal, erring men with the unerring records of holy writ? How can any man who denies the supremacy of the Bible over the changing, fallible enactments of men ask honest, genuine Christians to vote for candidates who entertain like sentiments; yet every Christian, who votes the locofoco ticket, gives the Bible this indirect blow.

The Bible is enable to occupy the sacred position it does in the hearts and affections of the people, because it is inspired; because it came from the hand of Jehovah. There is no other rule of action for the government and control of mortals which is in any manner to be compared with the Bible--the greatest and most precious treasure ever given to man, by the kind, bountiful preserver of us all.

The Constitution of the United States, like all other human productions, is far from being perfect. It is well adapted to the use it was designed to subserve as is the Magna Charta of any people; but it is little short of gross impiety to set it above and before the precious teachings of God's Holy Word. No reason can be given for the wild, wicket adoration of the locofoco--amounting to idolatry--for the emanation of the minds of men, other than that in the Constitution they profess to be able to see something which conflicts with the plain teachings of the word of life; and, as, with them, the constitution is infallible it must stand though the Bible--the only sources of "higher," purer and holier "law"--is decried and esteemed of no value.

-Page 5-

Court Proceedings
(Column 1)
Summary: "Michael Strock v. Secrist & Carbaugh--Action of Replevin, verdict for plaintiff, one cent. David Bemisdaffer v. Lewis Knode--Action of Replevin, settled by parties. George W. Bitner v. County of Franklin--Assumpsit, judgment for plaintiff by confession in open court for $34.47. Peter Reed v. Samuel Dysart--Action in Assumpsit, plaintiff takes a non-suit. Mary Jack v. Thomas J. Early, Administrator of John Findly, dec'd--Action of debt, verdict for plaintiff for $3,317.98."
(Names in announcement: Michael Strock, Secrist & Carbaugh, David Bemisdaffer, Lewis Knode, George W. Bitner, Peter Reed, Samuel Dysart, Mary Jack, Thomas J. Early, John Findly, )
Home of Washington
(Column 1)
Summary: Article on the importance of the Mount Vernon Ladies Association's fund-raising efforts for the preservation of Mt. Vernon. Mrs. R. M. Bard headed the county effort.
(Names in announcement: Mrs. R. M. Bard)
Fine Cattle
(Column 1)
Summary: Samuel Gilmore of Upper Strasburg sold 18 head of cattle weighting 21,775 lbs.
(Names in announcement: Samuel Gilmore)
School Superintendent
(Column 1)
Summary: Mr. A. McElvaine announces his candidacy for school superintendent.
(Names in announcement: A. McElvaine)
Changed Hands
(Column 2)
Summary: A. K. McClure purchased estate near Chambersburg for $19,000.
(Names in announcement: Chambers McKibbenEsq., Hon. A. K. McClure)
Local Items
(Column 1)
Summary: Note about the Court's recent decision regarding the expansion of the Borough of Chambersburg.
Full Text of Article:

On Saturday of last week, the Court considered an injunction to prevent the Town Council of the Borough of Chambersburg, from annexing to said Borough portions of Hamilton and Guilford Townships. The Court decided that the Council had no power to annex tracts of farm land lying within the limits of the survey; and also directed that the boundaries of the survey be so altered as to exclude these tracts of land. These tracts embrace several ares on which there are no buildings, and which if annexed would be a source of heavy taxation to the owners . The Borough, however, will be extended to nearly the limits set forth in the proclamation of the Burgess.

Limits Extended
(Column 2)
Summary: Chambersburg wins Court judgment preventing Council from restraining growth.
Full Text of Article:

Our town fathers have enlarged our boundaries; making Chambersburg a perfect little inland city. An injunction was prayed the Court to restrain the Council from bringing in the Hamilton township portion, but it was dismissed, by his Honor, Judge Kimmel, and Chambersburg is permitted to spread herself and keep up with the times.

-Page 6-

Description of Page: N. Y. Tribune artile on the Potter-Pryor "duel."

-Page 7-

A Hint to Those Who Adopt Children
(Column 2)
Summary: Article suggests that adoption be viewed as a sacred commitment, not one to be entered into lightly or without faith.
Full Text of Article:

There are people who, having no children of their own, resolve to adopt one. This is often well, and often ill, too. Ill--when the self-constituted parent only wants a child as he would a pet dog, and puts it through no higher course of training; when he feeds it from his own plate with choice bits, till it becomes too dainty for the chance wayside bone, and then getting weary of the pastime, opens the door and thrusts it forth to forage again in gutters and ash heaps and street corners. Such things have been. Let none assume this sacred relation who are not prepared for its sacrifices as well as its pleasures. Who have not counted on days of sickness, and hours of childish waywardness, and possibly hereditary moral weeds to be rooted out; for these little stray waifs of humanity suffer much from these causes, physically and morally. Let no one, we say, open wide his arms and doors to it unless God's patience be in his soul, God's all suffering, all forgiving love, in his heart, to weave a chord from the child's heart to his own, over which no vibration shall pass unheeded, no more than if it were bone of his bone, and flesh of his flesh.--Fanny Fern.

-Page 8-

(Column 3)
Summary: Rev. John L. Heysinger of the M.E. Church married Miss Josephine Tindall, oldest daughter of D. M. Tindall, M.D., all of Philadelphia, on Feb. 20.
(Names in announcement: Rev. F. HodgsonD.D., Rev. John L. Heysinger, Josephine Tindall, D. M. TindallM.D.)
(Column 3)
Summary: Mr. William A. Mountz of Chambersburg married Miss Catharine Maloy of Fayettesville on April 10.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Samuel Philips, William A. Mountz, Catharine Maloy)
(Column 3)
Summary: Mr. Francis Deal died at the age of 68 on April 7.
(Names in announcement: Francis Deal)
(Column 3)
Summary: Mrs. Ann Maria Washabaugh, wife of Upton Washabaugh, Esq., died of cancer in the breast on April 11.
(Names in announcement: Mrs. Ann Maria Washabaugh, Upton WashabaughEsq.)