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Valley of the Shadow

Franklin Repository: July 4, 1860

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: poems; the U.S. Constitution; article on a man's escape from Indians

Messrs. Editors
(Column 3)
Summary: A recommendation by Guilford for John E. Crawford, of Guilford township, for the Legislature when elections occur at the People's County Convention.
(Names in announcement: John E. Crawford)
Rosedale Seminary
(Column 4)
Summary: Note commenting the qualifications and capabilities of the teachers and students of this female Seminary school, as seen during the recent exams and the graduation ceremony which all took place on June 28th. Rev. Henry Reeves is in charge of the school, and Rev. Schneck gave out diplomas during the ceremony.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Henry Reeves, Rev. B.S. Schneck)
Full Text of Article:

Messrs. Editors:--It was my privilege to attend the examination of the pupils of Rosedale Seminary, in this place, under the care of the Rev. Henry Reeves, on the 28th inst. The examination was highly creditable to the young ladies and teachers.

The teachers manifested considerable tact in the examination of the various classes. They were perfectly at home in the different branches upon which their examinations were based. Rosedale Seminary is in a flourishing state. The Principal and teachers have the reputation of being well qualified for their trust, and must necessarily command public attention.

Its location is a lovely one, sufficiently retired for a Young Ladies Seminary, and it would seem only necessary that its position should be known, in order to secure a large amount of public patronage.

On the evening of the same day the graduating class, composed of five interesting young ladies, each of whom read an original essay in Franklin Hall to a large and intelligent audience. Their subjects were well chosen, and the compositions chaste and elegant, and would have done credit to much older heads.

Before the Valedictory Essay was read, Diplomas were severally presented to the graduates by Rev. Dr. B. S. Schneck, with the accompanying degrees. It might be deemed invidious to draw comparisons between the several Essays. I feel that I am not exaggerating, when I say they were of the first order. I hope Rosedale Seminary may enjoy the patronage it so justly deserves.


Speech of Hon. Abraham Lincoln: Delivered February, 1860, Before The Cooper Institute
(Column 4)
Summary: A speech almost two pages in length, primarily a discussion of the constitution and its authors and whether the two allowed for Federal control in Federal Territories. Lincoln argues that because a large number of the authors voted for prohibition of slavery in the Northwestern territory, then they gave clear indication that the territories were not free from federal control.

-Page 02-

Description of Page: continuation of page one--Lincoln's speech on slavery and Federal control of the territories

-Page 03-

Description of Page: Serial Fiction; advertisements

-Page 04-

(Column 1)
Summary: A reminder that the U.S. is unique in its freedoms, and to not forget the God that has blessed this country.
Deserved Compliment
(Column 3)
Summary: Note of a beautiful silver service made by Wilson & Son at Fifth and Cherry in Chambersburg for Col. Thomas A. Scott, Vice President of the Pennsylvania Railroad, and a native of Mercersburg, Franklin county. Note of his outstanding character as is given by the example of aiding a dying woman who wanted to travel home directly to Mercersburg to die, without the numerous train connections that could delay and further tax her remaining health.
(Names in announcement: Col. Thomas A. Scott, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Wilson)
"Not Been Here Yet"
(Column 3)
Summary: A comment that Democrats can't think for themselves, that they band together, often at the expense of people within their own party.
(Column 4)
Summary: Democrats face a possible, uncomfortable position; as Douglas has received the nomination, then the supporters of Buchanan will have to support the man whose actions and opinions their President and they criticized --especially re. Kansas
The Prospects Of Mr. Douglas
(Column 4)
Summary: Question of whether Douglas, nominated at the expense of a divided party, will receive any of the votes of the seceding delegates who preferred Breckinridge and Lane.
People's Convention
(Column 5)
Summary: A reminder from Sol. Huber, Chairman of County Committee for the People's Party, that the members need to meet on Aug. 4th to elect delegates for the County Convention on Aug. 7th. for the nomination of candidates.
(Names in announcement: Sol. Huber)
Railroad Meeting In Chambersburg
(Column 5)
Summary: Summary of a meeting held June 30th where a letter was read urging a survey of the proposed valley route. Elected officers include: Emanuel Kuhn, Esq.-President; J. W. Douglas-Secretary. Wilson Reilly, William Seibert, and A. K. MClure made some remarks. The Hon. Wilson Reilly and Hon. George Chambers were appointed to appoint committees in each township--to receive subscriptions to help defray the cost of the survey estimated at five hundred dollars.
(Names in announcement: Emanuel KuhnEsq., J. W. Douglas, Hon. Wilson Reilly, William SeibertEsq., Hon. A. K. M'Clure, Hon. George Chambers)
Full Text of Article:

In pursuance of the call advertised in our last issue, there was held a public meeting in the Court House, on Saturday last, at 11 o'clock, A. M., in furtherance of the contemplated railroad from Chambersburg west, through the counties of Fulton, Bedford and Somerset, to Connellsville. Emanuel Kuhn, Esq., was chosen President, and J. W. Douglas Secretary. A letter was read by the Secretary from an influential party in New York, stating that the citizens of Sherman's Valley had subscribed five hundred dollars towards a survey of their route, and urging upon the citizens of Franklin county to be up and doing, that now was the time to show the advantages of the route from Chambersburg. After some remarks from the Hon. Wilson Reilly, William Seibert, Esq., and Hon. A. K. M'Clure, the following resolution was offered by J. W. Douglas, Esq., and agreed to:

Resolved, That the Hon. Wilson Reilly and Hon. George Chambers be appointed a committee, with instructions to make a statement of the advantages of our route, and the necessity for a survey of the same; and that they are hereby empowered to appoint committees in each township of Franklin county to receive subscriptions to defray the expense of a survey, it being the opinion of experienced surveyors and engineers, that such survey will cost five hundred dollars.

Meeting adjourned to the call of said committee.

"The Last Rose Of Summer"
(Column 5)
Summary: Mention of the purchase of the Manny Reaper by Col. D. O. Gehr and that he will find he did not get a deal. Apparent competition between two reaper machines--the Manny and the McCormick--the machines will compete in C. W. Eyster's field, and then in G. W. Immel's field. Mr. Hurst is the agent for the Manny and S. Brandt the agent for the McCormick machine.
(Names in announcement: Col. D. O. Gehr, Mr. C. W. Eyster, Mr. G. W. Immel, Mr. J. H. Eyster, S. Brandt, Mr. Hurst)
Hail Storm
(Column 6)
Summary: A hailstorm near Greencastle seriously damaged the wheat and corn crops-- Messrs. Latchaw, Carr and Stine sustained some of the greatest losses due to the storm.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Latchaw, Mr. Carr, Mr. Stine)
Origin of Article: Greencastle Pilot
Young Astronomer
(Column 6)
Summary: Jason Andrew Davidson, son of Andrew Davidson Esq. of Antrim township, discovered a comet in the northwest evening sky on June 29th.
(Names in announcement: Andrew DavidsonEsq., Jason Andrew Davidson)
Able Effort
(Column 6)
Summary: A. B. Sharpe, Esq. of Carlisle, whose name (along with Col. D.O. Gehr's name) is on the Republican electoral ticket, was visiting his cousin J. McDowell Sharpe. He attended the Lincoln club and was asked to give a speech--which lasted an hour and received high praise.
(Names in announcement: A. B. SharpeEsq., J. McDowell SharpeEsq., Col. D. O. Gehr)
Installation Services
(Column 6)
Summary: On July 8th at the Lutheran church, Rev. Dr. Schmucker will preach and Rev. J. Steck will be installed by Rev. Dr. Krauth.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Dr. Schmucker, Rev. J. Steck, Rev. Dr. Krauth)
Fruit And Nurseries
(Column 6)
Summary: A call to plant profitable fruit orchards in the Franklin county area. Note of Mr. Rider, near Loudon, has planted such a nursery, but it is too far from a town to be easily accessible. It is suggested that Jacob Heyser, who recently established a nursery of trees and shrubbery near Chambersburg, expand his business to include fruit trees.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Rider, Mr. Jacob Heyser)

-Page 05-

Description of Page: advertisements

The Comet
(Column 1)
Summary: Joseph Clark explains that the comet was visible on June 22nd, and, due to cloudiness, then again on the 29th and 30th. He suggest that it may be the same comet seen in 1847, that was predicted to return in 1859 or 1860.
(Names in announcement: Joseph Clark)
Bate's Letter In Support Of Abraham Lincoln
(Column 2)
Summary: A letter written by Edward Bates who did not win the Republican nomination, but whole-heartedly supports Lincoln and Hamlin. He criticizes the democrats' abuses of power and recklessness, and praises the merits of Lincoln, whom he has known for twenty years, and lists Lincoln's stance on the slavery issue.

-Page 06-

Description of Page: various short, general, humorous or informative articles; advertisements

Literary Notice
(Column 1)
Summary: Note of the weekly publication, Scientific American, of its useful coverage of improvements in various machinery, and that it is the inventor's advocate.
Women And Weddings
(Column 1)
Summary: a humorous observation of women's fascination with weddings, their criticisms and commentary of other people's ceremony

-Page 07-

Description of Page: Republican platform; advertisements

-Page 08-

Description of Page: advertisements; a letter from China; note of boy devoured by a bear

(Column 2)
Summary: Mr. Jonas Huntsberger, of Chambersburg, was kicked by a horse of Mr. Wm. North. Dr. Robinson treated the minor injury inflicted on Huntsberger's left.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Jonas Huntsberger, Mr. Wm. North, Doctor Robinson)
Origin of Article: Valley Star
(Column 2)
Summary: While working on Mr. T. B. Bryson's house, several miles from Mechanicsburg, a board fell on the head and shoulder of Samuel Sollenberger, of Mechanicsburg, and broke his collar bone.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Samuel Sollenberger, T. B. Bryson)
Origin of Article: Valley Star
(Column 4)
Summary: In Baltimore on June 12th, The Rev. E. F. Busey married Geo. H. Cramblitt to Miss Anna Gerns, formerly of Chambersburg. In Shippensburg on June 21st, Rev. F. A. Rupley married Dr. Michael Friese, of Mechanicsburg, to Mararet A. Reichstine, of Shippensburg. On June 21st, Rev. William Owen married John H. Peed to Susan Guyer, both of Franklin County. On June 28th, Rev. S. M'Henry married Samuel Martin to Elizabeth Solleberger, both of Hamilton township.
(Names in announcement: Rev. E. F. Busey, George H. Cramblitt, Miss Anna Gerns, Rev. F. A. Rupley, Doctor Michael Friese, Miss Margaret A. Reichstine, Rev. William Owen, Mr. John H. Peed, Miss Susan Guyer, Rev. S. M'Henry, Mr. Samuel Martin, Miss Elizabeth Solleberger)
(Column 4)
Summary: On June 3rd in Rossville, Indiana, Mrs. Ruth Thompson, wife of William J. Thompson, formerly of Roxbury, Franklin county, died of Typhoid Fever at age 58. On June 25th, at the home of Mr. Henry Rebok in Hamilton township, Miss Wilhelmina Grafton died at age 19. On June 26th in Chambersburg, Mrs. Elizabeth Green, widow of John Green, died at age 78. On July 1st in Chambersburg, Jacob Heart, Jr., died at age 32.
(Names in announcement: Mrs. Ruth S. Thompson, Doctor William J. Thompson, Mr. Henry Rebok, Miss Wilhelmina Grafton, Mrs. Elizabeth Green, Mr. John Green, Mr. Jacob HeartJr.)