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Valley of the Shadow

Franklin Repository: August 15, 1860

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: Excitement in Russia; Mexican Forest Fire; news from California; Facts and Fancies

The People's County Convention
(Column 1)
Summary: The list of the resolves decided at the People's County convention, and names of men chosen as Congressional Conferees (to meet, on Aug. 21st, with the other conferees of the districts which comprise the 17th District) and conferees to meet with conferees from Fulton Co. to form a representative ticket.
(Names in announcement: Hon. Edward McPherson, Hon. A. K. McClure, Mr. Brewster, Mr. Austin, George Eyster, John H. Criswell, D. A. Wertz, S. A. Bradely, Upton Henderson, John D. Grier)
Douglas And The Missouri Compromise
(Column 3)
Summary: Summary and criticism of Douglas' flip-flopping over the Missouri Compromise.
The End Of The Slavery Agitation
(Column 4)
Summary: Article/story of a Southern wealthy slave holder who argues with lesser slave-holders that Lincoln is the best choice for President.
Origin of Article: N. Y. Courier And Enquirer
Facts And Fancies
(Column 6)
Summary: the penalty for murder in Alabama is six months and $500; the penalty for stealing a slave is ten years.

-Page 02-

Description of Page: Articles on: Yellow Fever In New Orleans; an Indian Funeral; Tires; Camels; Shoot Out in Missouri; advertisements

Children Lost In The Woods
(Column 3)
Summary: The three daughters--Mary, Ida and Carrie--of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Howley of Hornersville got lost in the woods on Aug. 11th, but were eventually found.
(Names in announcement: Mr. J. B. Howley, Mrs. Howley, Mary Howley, Ida Howley, Carrie Howley)
Origin of Article: Hornersville Journal

-Page 03-

Description of Page: A number of articles describing states and/or individual choosing or switching Democratic Candidates; articles of general facts or humorous stories.;advertisements

-Page 04-

Description of Page: Articles of general and political (pertaining to Choosing Douglas, Breckinridge, or Lincoln) interest from around the country; a letter from California; The Syrian massacre

County Executive Committee
(Column 1)
Summary: A list of the twenty-five men on the Franklin Co. Executive Committee, with J. Allison Eyster, of Chambersburg, as Chairman.
(Names in announcement: J. Allison Eyster, J. N. Snider, Jacob Jarrett, P. HammanEsq., A. B. Wingert, A. B. Seibert, Jas. Ferguson, H. C. Greenawalt, B. Chambers, U. Henderson, John Gordon, J. W. Ramsey, Wm. Burgess, M. R. Skinner, Wm. M'Cartney, John Shirts, Dan'l Keefer, James Patton, C. T. Fitzchew, Jno. M'Mullen, Jos. Strock, J. E. Fagan, W. H. Brotherton, Em'l Secrist, J. W. Craig)
The People's Ticket
(Column 1)
Summary: A description of each nominee on the Republican ticket: James R. Brewster, Esq., of Path Valley for Assembly, who served last term; Abrahm D. Caufman, of Chambersburg, for Prothonotary, has long served the party; Edward C. Boyd, of Mercersburg, for Register and Recorder, who has served one or two terms as Justice of the Peace; William G. Mitchell, of Southampton township (and 15 yrs. earlier of Chambersburg), for Clerk of the Courts, who is poor and lame; James D. Scott, of Peters, for Commissioner, who is a business man (He will join the Board Commissioners consisting of J. Allison Eyster and Jacob S. Good.); John L. Latshaw, of Antrim, for Director of the Poor, who is a farmer and will join the other directors--Jacob Strickler and David Spencer, Esq.; Capt. George Jarrett, of Chambersburg, for Auditor, who is an accountant--he will replace William Fleagle, and join Andrew Davidson and John Downey on the Auditors' Board.
(Names in announcement: James R. BrewsterEsq., Abraham D. Caufman, Edward C. Boyd, William G. Mitchell, James D. Scott, Mr. J. Allison Eyster, Mr. Jacob S. Good, John L. Latshaw, Jacob Strickler, David SpencerEsq., Capt. George Jarrett, Mr. William Fleagle, Andrew Davidson, John Downey)
Election of F. P. Blair
(Column 2)
Summary: Frank P. Blair, of St. Louis, who was cheated out of his seat of U. S. Representative, contested the election, won it but resigned his seat, and ran for it again and won.
The Texas Fright
(Column 3)
Summary: Arsons in Texas have been blamed on Abolitionists; supposedly negroes have confessed to such a plot, but the Repository questions why anyone would want to interfere where it is legal, and so assumes that there is much exaggeration going on.
The State Canvass
(Column 3)
Summary: Note of Col. Curtin, the Republican candidate for governor, who is canvassing the state for the coming election
Fusion and Confusion
(Column 4)
Summary: An attempt by Pennsylvania Democrats to fuse the party together again, but the Douglasites refuse to join with disunionists, written with a quote from the Harrisburg State Sentinel.
Full Text of Article:

The State Committee of what is called the Democratic party, met at Cresson on the 9th inst., for the purpose of settling the insurmountable difficulties that now disturb the harmony and concerted action of the hitherto pliant tools of the Southern Nigger-drivers. The Committee, in the midst of much confusion, under whip and spur, and in defiance of a large minority, rushed through a Resolution having in view a fusion of both wings of the Democracy on a Union Electoral Ticket. But the thing will not work. The advocates of Douglas throughout the State are most emphatic in their denunciation of this attempt to drive them into the support of the disunionists and nullifiers. The Harrisburg State Sentinel, (Douglas organ) thus treats the action of the Committee, whom it styles a set of "political gamblers:"

"Now, God save us from such a muss at this, cooked up in such a shape as to confound reason, set at naught the usages and principles of the party, and show us the world as a set of tricksters and sharpers bent on deceiving the people and betraying the party.--Away with the whole arrangement! We deliberately spit upon it and trample it under our feet as something too vile for any honorable Democrat to touch. We venture to say that it will not receive the approval of any honest DOUGLAS man in the State who has intelligence enough to love his country and the party and hate the schemers and intriguers who are moving earth and hell to ruin both. Away with it, we say--as it was conceived in iniquity, let it perish in wrath.

We will support a clean, regular, Democratic Douglas ticket, or we will support none!

More Music
(Column 4)
Summary: Announcement of two new newspapers in Harrisburg, one supporting Douglas and the other, which is run by Mr. Cooper (formerly of the Valley Spirit), supports Breckinridge. Cooper left the Spirit because he refused to support Douglas.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Cooper)
(No Title)
(Column 5)
Summary: The Repository notes that the editors (still unknown) of the Valley Spirit are divided in their support of Douglas or Breckinridge, but that apparently the Douglas supporter has won out.
Full Text of Article:

The Two Editors of the Lebanon Democrat have quarrelled and separated, one of them being for Douglas and the other for Breckinridge. The Douglas and Breckinridge question splits parties, splits conventions, splits Locofoco editors--in fact does a splitting business all around.--Exchange.

We do not know who the editors of the Spirit are, but we have understood that the proprietors occupy about the same political position as the Lebanon editors, one being on one side of the fence and one on "tother." But we do not apprehend a result like the above, on that account.--For the sake of preserving the "harmony and peace" of the Democratic family of the county, the friend of "Breck" appears to have submitted to being ridden over, rough-shod by the Douglas interest, and thus secured the "concord of sweet sounds" in the tones of the democratic organ.

(Column 5)
Summary: Note of Stephen Douglas dodging the vote on the Homestead Bill and admission of Kansas.

-Page 05-

Description of Page: Advertisements; articles of general interest; national coverage on the candidates--Douglas, Foster, etc.; news from Europe.

Lincoln, Hamlin, Curtin
(Column 1)
Summary: A list is given of members of the "Chambersburg Wide Awakes," and that they will meet to organize on Aug. 17th at the Indian Queen Hotel. Also given is the explanation of the association's purpose, as defined by the Chicago organization--a political police force as protection for Republican speakers, candidates, meetings and polls.
(Names in announcement: T. M. Carlisle, Jacob Henninger, Jacob Shaffer, Frank Henderson, A. D. Caufman, G. H. Merklein, S. M. Shillito, D. Brainerd Kirby, J. F. Glosser, B. Earley, G. O. Seilhamer, A. C. McGrath, M. A. Foltz, Jacob Coover, Jacob Grossman, A. Flack, George S. Heck, J. G. A. Dennerline, Lewis B. Eyster, J. R. Kirby, William Saunders, E. G. Etter, S. F. Greenawalt, A. B. Hamilton, H. Bishop, J. W. Seibert, D. M. Eiker, A. W. Houser, W. K. Siegrist, J. W. McKeehan, Franklin Keagy, Solomon Ely, William Murry, D. S. Fahnestock, James B. Gillan, J. Boyd Wright, D. F. Leisher, John S. Oaks, Thomas W. Merklein, William H. C. Lippy, Thomas Myers, P. B. Housum, George Eyster, A. N. Rankin, John P. Culbertson, James Aughinbaugh, Frederick Henninger, N. P. Pearse, William Huber, Christian Oyster, J. F. Gibbs, Jacob FullerJr., U. S. Hull, Lafayette Woods, William C. Seibert, E. Hawbecker, J. W. Deal, M. C. Minnich, James McKesson, K. Shannon Taylor, John W. Taylor, John Aughinbaugh, John Pickle, John S. Eyster, John Gross, Harry C. Fortescue, R. P. Hazelet, J. N. Snider, John Strike, John S. Embich, Jacob Jarrett, George H. Auxer, Trobe Maurer, John Finefrock, John Snider, James M. Renfrew, Peter A. Snider, G. L. Miles, John W. Reges, David F. Stouffer, T. B. Wood, John Rodgers, L. D. C. Houser, Lewis Reidenbaugh)
Full Text of Article:

Attention Wide-Awakes!

You are requested to meet at the Indian Queen Hotel (J.W. Taylor's) on FRIDAY EVENING NEXT, August 17, for the purpose of organizing. All persons wishing to connect themselves with this association are invited to attend.


As there is some curiosity to know what the "Wide Awakes" are to do, we give the programme of the Chicago Association for the campaign:

"1st. To act as a political police. 2nd. To do escort duty to all prominent Republican speakers who visit our place to address our citizens. 3rd. To attend all public meetings in a body and see that order is kept and that the speaker and meeting is not disturbed. 4th. To attend the polls and see that justice is done to every legal voter. 5th. To conduct themselves in such a manner as to induce all Republicans to join them. 6th. To be a body joined together in large numbers to work for the good of the Republican Ticket."

The Franklin Railroad
(Column 1)
Summary: Announcement of the Franklin Railroad's completion and schedule, and thanks to the financial backers and engineer. Praise of the General Agent, George B. Ayres, Esq., and the conductor, John Miller, and expression of the need of a flag-station.
Full Text of Article:

This excellent thoroughfare is now completed, and the second train of cars has been put upon the track. On Wednesday, the 1st inst., the regular opening of the Road took place. On that day the second train began to run. The running time, for the present, is as follows:

Leaving Hagerstown in the morning of every day, Sabbath excepted, at 7 o'clock, the first train to this place arrives in time to form a connection with the morning train for Harrisburg. The second train from Hagerstown leaves there at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, arriving here about half past four; but makes no connection with an eastern train. The first train for Hagerstown leaves Chambersburg at 11.15 A.M.--about fifteen minutes after the first train from Harrisburg arrives. The second train for Hagerstown leaves here at 5.10 P.M.--about ten minutes after the arrival of the evening train from Harrisburg.

The people along the route of the Franklin Railroad are under many obligations to A. J. Jones and James Dull, Esq's., of Harrisburg, and Jay Cook, Esq., and the Clarke brothers, of Philadelphia, for the substantial road they have had constructed. These men contributed largely to the so much desired result.

The company were very fortunate in securing the services of so excellent an Engineer as William Woods, Esq. If a less experienced Civil Engineer than he had been employed a very much inferior road might have been made; for, we have been informed, by those interested in the road, that a set of specifications were drawn up which, had they been followed, would have produced a vastly inferior road to that which has been made. The probability is that the specifications were drawn up by some person who knew very little more than we do about civil Engineering, and we do not know enough to enable us to lay a track less than one hundred yards in length--say from the turn-table of the Cumberland Valley Railroad to the new warehouse of Messrs. Wunderlich, Nead & Co.

The Franklin Railroad Company have been very fortunate in the selection of a General Agent--George B. Ayers, Esq. He is not only polite, accommodating and gentlemanly in his intercourse with the public, but he is an accomplished scholar, and a first-class man. The Conductor, Mr. John Miller, is deservedly popular with the people; his kindness and politeness are fully appreciated.

We notice that our spirited cotemparay, [sic] the Greencastle Pilot, has shown the necessity of a flag-station at the Brown's Mill Cross Roads--at Caufman's. This accommodation is greatly needed, and the Company stands in its own light every day it neglects this important station.

All Right In Orrstown District
(Column 2)
Summary: Organization of a Lincoln and Hamlin Club in Orrstown on Aug. 13th. Elected were: Jacob Kindig, President; William Furguson, Vice President; D. W. Thrush, Esq., Recording Secretary; Samuel Knisely, Corresponding Secretary; Peter Plough, Treasurer. The Chicago Platform was adopted, and Mr. Thrush gave an address.
(Names in announcement: Jacob Kindig, William Furguson, D. W. ThrushEsq., Samuel Knisely, Peter Plough)
The Hot Term
(Column 2)
Summary: A Southampton farmer, T. E. Fuller kept track of the last week's (ending Aug. 10th) temperatures--each day averaging above 80 degrees.
(Names in announcement: T. E. Fuller)
Fayetteville Academy
(Column 2)
Summary: The Fall session of the Fayetteville Academy (for young men) starts Aug. 20th. The Principal, Rev. J. Kennedy has hired S. Fernald to run the English and Math Departments.
(Names in announcement: Rev. J. Kennedy, Mr. S. Fernald)
Balloon Ascension
(Column 2)
Summary: John A. Light will make his 17th balloon ascension on Aug. 25th. from the Chambersburg Public Square.
(Names in announcement: John A. Light)
Wild Enthusiasm! Great Gathering! Immense Concourse! One hundred and fifty two persons, all told; forty nine Republicans and thirty three boys in the number.
(Column 3)
Summary: Mention of the very small Douglas, Bredkinridge, Houston, & Co. Locofoco meeting in Chambersburg last night--and part of the attendance was made of republicans and boys. Mr. Reilly and two others spoke.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Reilly)
[No Title]
(Column 3)
Summary: Samuel Shoemaker of McConnellsburg planted the 'black rock' variety of potatoes early in the season, and the number and size are exceptional.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Samuel Shoemaker)
Origin of Article: Prolific Growth
Fire Engine
(Column 3)
Summary: The Chambersburg Town Council purchased a new suction machine for the Friendship Fire Company.
More Improvements
(Column 3)
Summary: Four new brick buildings on East street--three for businessman George A. Deitz and one for the residence of Mrs. Welsh.
(Names in announcement: Mr. George A. Deitz, Mrs. Welsh)
Teachers Wanted
(Column 4)
Summary: Two different advertisements: 19 Teachers Wanted by the Antrim District, and that the directors will meet for applications in Greencastle on Sept. 1st at Maj. Hollar's residence (written by J. Jacoby, secretary). Seven Teachers Wanted by Hamilton Township; the directors will meet for applications at John Gordon's Public House on Aug. 22nd (written by WIlliam Bossert, secretary).
(Names in announcement: Maj. Hollar, J. Jacoby>, John Gordon, William Bossert)

-Page 06-

Description of Page: humorous stories; articles on supporters of the candidates

The "New York World's" Estimate
(Column 1)
Summary: The New York World's estimates of electoral (and popular) votes for each of the candidates. Predictions that Lincoln will have165, Breckinridge will have 48, Bell will have 47, Douglas will have 9, and the remaining 34 are unclear.
Origin of Article: New York World
Douglas Platform In Georgia
(Column 2)
Summary: Two newspapers in Georgia support Douglas and Johnson. One, the Confederacy, says that it is for the repeal of the slave trade restriction, and it is opposed to the acquisition of more territory until the slave trade is reopened.
Republican Doctrines
(Column 2)
Summary: Succinct summary of Republican and Democratic doctrines. See above for complete text.
State Finances
(Column 3)
Summary: The Pennsylvania State Treasurer paid the semi-annual interest on the funded debt for the state--$798,739.02 with a balance of $363,402.29 and an expected $1,000,000 pending income; the editors note this as a good indication of the state's economic wealth and stability.

-Page 07-

Description of Page: Republican Platform--see entry for 6/6/80; advertisements

-Page 08-

Description of Page: national and internation news; advertisements; land sales

Great Republican Meeting In Illinois
(Column 1)
Summary: A republican meeting in Springfield, Ill. at the Fair Grounds, where Lincoln made an unexpected speech to 15,000 people. At the evening demonstration ranks of Wide Awakes marched amidst the crowd.
Douglas For Intervention in 1845
(Column 1)
Summary: Reminder of Douglas' 1845 modification (which outlawed slavery) to the Missouri Compromise, and that it is absurd for his supporters to claim Douglas has been consistent in his views on slavery in the Territories.
The Political Field
(Column 2)
Summary: Disbelief that there would be enough people so dissatisfied with the government (underwhich so many have prospered) to actually push for disunion should the Republican party with the election.
Origin of Article: N. Y. Sun
New Feature In Railroad Accommodations
(Column 3)
Summary: First there was the smoking car, then the sleeping car, and now the introduction of the restaurant car--which will help prevent people from getting off to get food, and either hurt themselves or miss getting back on in time.
[No Title]
(Column 3)
Summary: Note that four out of five U. S. Army generals are southerners.
(Column 4)
Summary: On July 16th Rev. Dr. Schneck married Fred. William Richter, of Chambersburg, to Anna M. Heidtman, late of New York.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Dr. Schneck, Miss Anna M. Heidtman, Mr. Fred. William Richter)
(Column 4)
Summary: On Aug. 10th in Chambersburg, John M'Cleary died of consumption at age 48. On Aug. 6th at Dry Run, Eliza Jane Cooper, daughter of Mrs. Isabella Cooper, died.
(Names in announcement: Mr. John M'Cleary, Eliza Jane Cooper, Mrs. Isabella Cooper)