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Valley of the Shadow

Franklin Repository: October 10, 1860

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: A letter from China; The Syrian Retribution; notice of Mr. J. Edgar Thompson's resignation from the Southern Pacific Railroad Company.

Fearful Railroad Accident
(Column 3)
Summary: In Huntingdon, a train collided with another train, and also plowing through a large crowd of people.
Origin of Article: Huntingdon Journal
State Of Things In Pennsylvania
(Column 5)
Summary: A report of underhand support by the Executive Committee in Harrisburg for Foster has caused numerous Bell supporters to transfer their votes to Curtin.
Great Parade in Philadelphia
(Column 6)
Summary: A parad ot the Republican Clubs on Oct. 3, in Philadelphia, included a new club, the "Mercantile Tariff Men. Discovery of British traders' and Free Agents' contributions to Foster (in order to prevent modifications of the tariff), have incited even more support for Curtin

-Page 02-

Description of Page: Repeat of Oster in Somerset and Philadelphia; Councilman shot by ballet girl; advertisements; List of Jurors--see entry for 10/3.

Playing Possum
(Column 1)
Summary: Using an excerpt from a speech by Douglas, the article discusses how absurd the Democrats' present claim is--that slavery in the territories would not occur, due to its lack of profit. The speech by Douglas, and references to others' statements support that Democrats do, indeed, desire the territories open to slavery.
Origin of Article: New York Tribune
Accident on the Pennsylvania Railroad.
(Column 2)
Summary: Near Pittsburg, three cars derailed after running over a bull, and twenty-three people were injured.
Terrible Calamity at Pittsburg
(Column 3)
Summary: A boiler explosion destroyed a machine and marble works, and several other buildings, and killed twelve people.

-Page 03-

Description of Page: Another article on voting against Schell due to the Sunbury and Erie bill and extra pay; description of a Chinese merchant; the Republican Platform--see entry 6/6/60; advertisements

-Page 04-

Description of Page: Repeat of The Truth At Last--see entry 10/3/60

Somebody To Be Cheated!
(Column 1)
Summary: This article states that Foster does not ally himself with either division of the Democratic party, and therefore, democrats can count on the voters of one the the divisions will be cheated of their votes when Foster makes a clear alliance after the election.
One Vote
(Column 2)
Summary: This article emphasizes the power of one vote, as a building block, and the quality of the Republican candidates. It also refers to the Valley Spirit's claim that if all the Democrats vote strictly for Democrats then they will win the Court House seats; the Repository claims they would need Republican votes.
Johnson On Free Labor
(Column 3)
Summary: Using clips from the Valley Spirit--that quotes Johnson as comparing white laborers to slaves, and the other accusing Douglas of continuing the agitation of the Slavery question--the Repository wonders how any decent man could vote for Douglas and Johnson.
Valuable Accessions
(Column 4)
Summary: Mention of two men D. Watson Rowe and W. S. Everett, Esqs., both of Chambersburg, who have left the Democratic party for the Republican. Rowe's father, Maj. John Rowe, was former Surveyor General. It is unclear which Rowe was a delegate to the Reading Convention and secretary of the Douglas club.
(Names in announcement: D. Watson RoweEsq., W. S. EverettEsq., Maj. John Rowe)
Beware Of Trickery!
(Column 5)
Summary: A group of advisory articles against the expected tricks and frauds that the Democrats will use to win the election (ie. fake tickets added to the polls), and reminders of certain positions of different candidates.
McPherson And The Negro
(Column 6)
Summary: A response to a Spirit article that claims that McPherson wants to free slaves, so they can go North and vote Republican.

-Page 05-

Description of Page: Advertisements.

(Column 1)
Summary: A warning that Schell is passing out stickers with his name to cover McPherson's name on the tickets.
(Names in announcement: William P. Schell, Mr. McPherson)
Immense Meeting At Harrisburg!
(Column 1)
Summary: Mention of a demonstration with over 400 Wide Awakes and 5,000 people in attendance, including a number of former Democrats.
Second Thought
(Column 1)
Summary: The editors reply 'wait until after the election' to get even with the Spirit's editor's comments on a letter by William Piper.
(Names in announcement: Mr. William Piper)
Sentiment Of A Prominent Southern Slaveholder
(Column 1)
Summary: An excerpt from a slaveholder's letter that states that if Bell is not elected then Lincoln would be the next best thing for the country; the letter also wishes for the destruction of the Democratic party.
Origin of Article: The Cleveland Herald
Editorial Comment: "R. C. Parsons, of Cleveland, Ohio, sends to the Cleveland Herald an extract from a private letter received by him from one of the most accomplished and intelligent slaveholders of the extreme South."
Shameful Conduct
(Column 2)
Summary: At a Funkstown, Quincy township, Republican meeting on Oct. 3rd, J. Cook and L. S. Clarke, Esqs., and Col. F. S. Stumbaugh spoke. An unknown person threw an egg at J. Cook and hit him. Stones were thrown at the Wide Awakes procession before the meeting.
(Names in announcement: J. CookEsq., L. S. ClarkeEsq., Col. F. S. Stumbaugh)
The Fair
(Column 2)
Summary: A report of the general success of the Fair and the quality of its exhibits. The. Hon. Wilson Reilly, of Chambersburg, spoke, and the committee of A. N. Rankin, J. S. Nixon, and Samuel Myers will solicit his speech for publication.
(Names in announcement: Hon. Wilson Reilly, A. N. Rankin, J. S. Nixon, Samuel Myers)
Orrstown Meeting
(Column 2)
Summary: At a Republican meeting in Orrstown on Oct. 4th, Jeremiah Cook, J. Crawford, E. J. Bonebrake, Esqs., and Col. Stumbaugh spoke. When Stumbaugh, a former Democrat, began speaking, he was heckled with groans.
(Names in announcement: Jeremiah CookEsq., J. CrawfordEsq., E. J. BonebrakeEsq., Col. F. S. Stumbaugh)
Another Rally At Greenvillage!
(Column 2)
Summary: The friends of Lincoln, Hamlin, Curtin, McPherson and the County Ticket met in Greenvillage on Oct. 5th, at which Snively Strickler, I. H. McCauley, and John H. Criswell, Esqs., spoke.
(Names in announcement: Snively StricklerEsq., I. H. McCauleyEsq., John H. CriswellEsq.)
Pole Raising And Meeting
(Column 3)
Summary: On Oct. 3rd, the Republicans of Hamilton Township raised another Lincoln pole at Centreville ( the first was cut down last week). At a meeting there, that night, John Cort, Frederick Henninger, George Eyster and A. N. Rankin spoke.
(Names in announcement: Mr. John Cort, Frederick HenningerEsq., George EysterEsq., A. N. RankinEsq.)
Quincy Wide Awakes
(Column 3)
Summary: A Wide Awakes of Quincy has been formed: President, John McCush; Recording Secretary, John P. Study; Corresponding Secretary, William Flagal; Treasurer, Thad Boggs; Capt., H. E. Wertz; First Lieut., G. W. Harbaugh; Second Lieut., Jackson Keis.
(Names in announcement: John McCush, John P. Study, William Flagal, Thad Boggs, Capt. H. E. Wertz, G. W. Harbaugh, Jackson Keis)
Antrim All Right
(Column 3)
Summary: On Oct. 5th, the Republicans of Antrim twp. met. Samuel Ilgenfritz presided, George Eyster and A. N. Rankin spoke, and Capt. Joseph Strickler commanded the attending Wide Awakes.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Samuel Ilgenfritz, Capt. Joseph Strickler, George EysterEsq., A. N. RankinEsq.)
Letterkenny All Right
(Column 3)
Summary: The largest political meeting ever held in Letterkenny twp., at Strasburg, happened on Oct. 5th. Wide Awakes from Greenvillage and Scotland attended, the Chambersburg Band, and Messrs. Bonebrake, McCauley, and P. H. Shough spoke.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Bonebrake, Mr. McCauley, Mr. P. H. Shough)
Southampton In Line
(Column 3)
Summary: At Plasterer's School House, on Oct. 5th, the Republicans of Southampton met, at which John G. Cressler, L. S. Clark, F. S. Stumbaugh, and John Ditzler, Esqs., spoke.
(Names in announcement: John G. Cressler, L. S. ClarkEsq., F. S> StumbaughEsq., John DitzlerEsq.)
Loudon Meeting
(Column 3)
Summary: On Oct. 4th, the People of Loudon met and were addressed by Col. P. H. Shough, and George Eyster, of Chambersburg.
(Names in announcement: Col. P. H. Shough, George EysterEsq.)
Irishmen, Read.
(Column 3)
Summary: A reminder to Irshmen to not vote for Foster, since he voted against supplying food to Ireland during the potato famine.
Where Is The Democratic Party On The Tariff?
(Column 4)
Summary: This article says that both Douglas and Breckinridge stand together on the Cincinnati Platform that promotes Free Trade.
Causes For Trial
(Column 5)
Summary: For the first week, commencing Oct. 28th: George Wiles vs. James M. Downey; John S. Kerr vs. Abraham Wingert; Frederick Divilbiss vs. James Tenley; Daniel Guitner vs. J. & W. Huston; Hag. Saving Bank vs. William McGrath et al; Catharine Cook vs. John Shirts et al; Keystone Insurance Co. vs. William McLellan; Isaac Kuhn vs. Jacob Barncord; Lewis Bergstresser vs. Peter B. Housum; Peter Cook vs. Samuel Thomson's Executor; Michael Stickle & Wife vs. John Strine; H. M. White vs. Myers & Brand; John Hendricks vs. John Strang; B. Phreaner's Administrators vs. John Phreaner; Joseph Brannan vs. William McGrath et al; Hannah Bivens vs. William McGrath et al; Sarah Denig vs. George Aston's Administrators; David Overcash vs. M. L. Campbell; Henry Cautions Jr., et al vs. Wolff & McKinstry; Dunmire & Bixler vs. Snively & Wife; Jacob Bender vs. William J. Maxwell; George W. Howard & Co. vs. T. C. Fitzgerald; Joseph Strock vs. William Gillan; B. S. Duncan et al vs. Penna. R. R. Co.; Magdalenia Swartz vs. Frederick Smith; James Duffy vs. J. Allison Eyster; Myers & Brand vs. James Boreland et al; Adam Crumlich vs. William McGrath et al. The Second Week--Commencing Nov. 7th: Solomon Huber vs. Jason J. Kennedy; Adison Imbrie vs. P. A. Rice & Wife; H. Staumbaugh & Wife vs. D. Zimmerman & Wife; H. Staumbaugh & Wife vs. Sara Reed; Philip Hammond vs. William A. Mackey; Commonwealth vs. H. Easton et al; Samuel Brackenridge vs. Lewis Ritter; Commonwealth vs. H. Easton et al; Shryock & Smith vs. H. B. Hatnick; David O. Blair vs. J. Lightfoot et al; John Berger vs. White & Eyster; A. S. Senseny vs. Jacob Hoke. Written by the Prothonotary, H. C. Keyser.
(Names in announcement: George Wiles, James M. Downey, John S. Kerr, Abraham Wingert, Frederick Divilbiss, James Tenley, Daniel Guitner, J. Huston, W. Huston, William McGrath, Catharine Cook, John Shirts, William McLellan, Isaac Kuhn, Jacob Barncord, Lewis Bergstresser, Peter B. Housum, Peter Cook, Samuel Thomson, Michael Stickle, Mrs. Michael Stickle, John Strine, H. M. White, Myers, Brand, John Hendricks, John Strang, B. Phreaner, John Phreaner, Joseph Brannan, Hannah Bivens, Sarah Denig, George Aston, David Overcash, M. L. Campbell, Henry CautionsJr., Wolff, McKinstry, Dunmire, Bixler, Snively, Mrs. Snively, Jacob Bender, William J. Maxwell, George W. Howard, T. C. Fitzgerald, Joseph Strock, William Gillan, B.S. Duncan, Magdalenia Swartz, Frederick Smith, James Duffy, J. Allison Eyster, James Boreland, Adam Crumlich, Solomon Huber, Jason J. Kennedy, Addison Imbrie, P.A. Rice, Mrs. P.A. Rice, H. Staumbaugh, Mrs. H. Staumbaugh, Sarah Reed, Philip Hammond, William A. Mackey, H. Easton, Samuel Brackenridge, Lewis Ritter, Shryock, Smith, H. B. Hatnick, David O. Blair, J. Lightfoot, John Berger, White, Eyster, A. S. Senseny, Jacob Hoke, H. C. Keyser)

-Page 06-

Description of Page: Our Homes; advertisements

-Page 07-

Description of Page: An article on the game of Billiards; the Unburied Dead In Syria; Advertisements

C. M. Clay's Personal Experience
(Column 2)
Summary: Cassius M. Clay humorously tells how he was convinced of the wrongness of slavery, so he freed his slaves, but then other slaveholders refused to listen to him, since he was no longer a slaveholder.

-Page 08-

Description of Page: advertisements

(Column 2)
Summary: On Sept. 27th, the Rev. S. McHenry married William Lightfoot to Lanah Kuhn, both of Alto Dale, Franklin Co. On Sept. 27th, Rev. S. McHenry married John Shover to Elizabeth Wingert, both of Green Twp. On Oct. 2nd, in Chambersburg, Rev. Samuel Philips married Christian C. Foltz to Elmira Betz, both of Chambersburg. On Oct. 4th, in Chambersburg, Rev. Samuel Philips married Alfred Reed to Sarah Nave, both of Stoufferstown. On Oct. 4th, in Chambersburg, Rev. Samuel Philips married William H. Poole, of Frederick city, Md., to Louisa Smouders, of Hagerstown, Md.
(Names in announcement: Rev. S. McHenry, Mr. William Lightfoot, Miss Lanah Kuhn, Mr. John Shover, Miss Elizabeth Wingert, Rev. Samuel Philips, Mr. Christian C. Foltz, Miss Elmira Betz, Mr. Alfred Reed, Miss Sarah Nave, Mr. William H. Poole, Miss Louisa Smouders)
(Column 2)
Summary: On Sept. 13th, near Quincy, Clara Sylvania, daugter of A. S. and Isabella Monn, died at age ten months. On Sept. 22nd, in Shippensburg, Annie R. Deal, daughter of Levi K. Donavin, Esq., and wife of J. W. Deal, of Chambersburg, died at age 33.
(Names in announcement: Clara Sylvania Monn, Mr. A. S. Monn, Mrs. Isabella Monn, Mrs. Annie R. Deal, Levi K. DonavinEsq., Mr. J. W. Deal)