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Valley of the Shadow

Franklin Repository: October 31, 1860

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: Articles on Republican support or political issues in various states.

Notes From The Capitol
(Column 1)
Summary: A letter from correspondent D. W. Bartlett describes how the northern election victories for Republicans has encouraged anti-slavery people of the border slave states to beocme more vocal. He also transcribes a discussion between a Republican and a Disunionist in which the Repub. convinces the Disunionist that secession would be unsuccessful and impractical.
Origin of Article: N. Y. Independent
Lincoln's Position On Slavery
(Column 3)
Summary: An article that argues Lincoln is not an abolitionist, that his voting record supports the state's citizens' right to choose whether they want to legalize slavery.
Value Of Slaves
(Column 4)
Summary: A response to The Charleston Mercury that claims Southern Submission to Lincoln's administration would mean a $100 reduction in price of slaves. The Tribune argues that a political revolution or rumors of secession or debates on manumission would hinder the productivity of slave labor, thereby reducing the worth of the slaves.
Origin of Article: N. Y. Tribune
Sink The Nigger Question
(Column 5)
Summary: A response to Democratic accusations that Republicans are responsible for the ongoing Slavery debate, reminding the accusers that they reopened the issue with the Kansas-Nebraska bill and the repeal of the Missouri Compromise.
Origin of Article: The Carlisle Herald
The New Swindle
(Column 6)
Summary: A correction to the rumors (spread by Douglasites) that the Breckinridge ticket had been withdrawn from Pennsylvania; it has not, but has joined in signing a ticket with the Douglas party.
Origin of Article: The Pittsburgh Gazette
Democratic Electors
(Column 6)
Summary: A list of electors for the Fusion ticket in Pennsylvania, and where their allegiances lie--17 for Douglas and 10 for Breckinridge.

-Page 02-

Description of Page: Various articles and stories of general interest.

To The President Of The United States
(Column 1)
Summary: A Letter written by T. M. Eddy to James Buchanan, complaining of the violation of rights and mistreatment--even murder--of members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, due to their long-standing belief that slavery is wrong.
Origin of Article: The North-Western Christian Advocate

-Page 03-

Description of Page: General articles; the Republican Platform; advertisements.

-Page 04-

Description of Page: Articles on Political standings in other states; more reminders to vote.

Examine Your Tickets
(Column 1)
Summary: The editors inform voters of Franklin Co. of a change in the Electoral ticket--that one man has resigned.
Our Only Danger
(Column 1)
Summary: A warning to Republican voters to not be fooled by the divisions within the Democratic Party into thinking the Presidential race is already won by Lincoln. The Democrats showed that they were willing to unite during the Oct. 9th elections in an effort to defeat the Republican candidate, and therefore, they could do it again.
Why You Should Vote
(Column 4)
Summary: A warning that if there is no winner elected by the people, then Congress will have the decision--and this could prove threatening to the stability of the Union (based on the strife created during the election of the Speaker the previous year.
[No Title]
(Column 4)
Summary: A note that British exports of cotton manufacturers are now amounting to $20 million per month, while U. S. citizens are unemployed and most factories are closed; every one million dollars that leave American makes it one milion dollars poorer.
Official Vote. Curtin's Majority 32,164
(Column 6)
Summary: The editors publish the counties' official votes of the Auditor General and the Governor for Pennsylvania. Franklin County's vote: for Aud. Gen.--Cochran (R) 3,692 Wright (D) 3,267; for Governor--Curtin (R) 4,053 Foster (D) 3,379.
The Abolitionists Denounce Lincoln
(Column 6)
Summary: At a recent meeting of the Abolition Party in Chester Co., Pa., the Abolitionists refused to support Lincoln's candidacy due to (among several reasons) his support of the fugitive slave law and his hostility to the abolition of slavery in Washington, D. C.
[No Title]
(Column 6)
Summary: The Herald responds to the editor of the Volunteer, who claims that slave are better off that free negroes in the North. The Herald agrees and goes even further by saying that the slave are better off than many free whites in the South.
Origin of Article: Carlisle Herald

-Page 05-

Description of Page: Premiums for the recent fair; advertisements; market reports; Our Book Table

Scotland Meeting
(Column 1)
Summary: Republicans of Green Twp. met Oct. 26th in Scotland and organized. A number of Wide Awakes and women attended.
(Names in announcement: W. E. CampEsq., J. S. ChambersEsq., Col. F. S. Stumbaugh, P. HammanEsq.)
Large Gathering
(Column 1)
Summary: A large meeting met in Greencastle on Oct. 23rd, at which was a large number of Wide Awakes.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Thomas Pawling, Snively StricklerEsq., D. Watson RoweEsq., Jeremiah CookEsq., Col. J. C. AustinEsq., P. HammanEsq.)
St. Thomas Meeting
(Column 1)
Summary: A large meeting of Republicans met on Oct. 29th in St. Thomas, at which Dr. Vantries introduced the speakers, Snively Strickler and L. S. Clarke, Esqs.
(Names in announcement: Dr. Vantries, Snively StricklerEsq., L. S. ClarkeEsq.)
Meeting In Franklin Hall
(Column 2)
Summary: On Oct. 29th, people met at Franklin Hall to hear P. Hamman, D. Watson Rowe, Esq., and Hon. A. K. McClure speak.
(Names in announcement: P. HammanEsq., D. Watson RoweEsq., Hon. A. K. McClure)
Hamilton Township Meeting
(Column 2)
Summary: Republicans of Hamilton Twp. met on Oct. 27th at the hotel of Ennion Elliot, on the Warm Spring Road, where Everhart Hafer was called to chair and Jacob Zell to be secretary; P. Hamman and George Eyster spoke.
(Names in announcement: Ennion Elliot, Everhart HaferEsq., Jacob ZellEsq., P. HammanEsq., George EysterEsq.)
Thanksgiving Day In Pennsylvania
(Column 3)
Summary: A decree from the Governor, William F. Packer, that Nov. 29th is appointed to be Thanksgiving Day.
Are We Coward
(Column 3)
Summary: The Tribune calls attention to threatening articles (from papers in Georgia and Alabama) that urge men to band and resist Lincoln's election with violence.
Origin of Article: N. Y. Tribune

-Page 06-

Description of Page: Anecdotes; the Proclamation of the Presidential Election; advertisements

-Page 07-

Description of Page: Advertisements; articles of general and political interest from other states.

Exodus Of The Fosterites
(Column 1)
Summary: A humorous story on Foster's attempt to run for Governor, written in a biblical style.
Origin of Article: Philadelphia Daily News
Southern Refusal Of Office
(Column 2)
Summary: The Tribune points out that the central government is for the convenience of the people, and that its primary service is the Postal Service. If Southerners refuse to acknowledge the government they will be cutting themselves off from this service. The collection of customs could be done off shore in ships of war.
Origin of Article: N. Y. Tribune

-Page 08-

Description of Page: advertisements; land sales;

(Column 1)
Summary: A note that the census indicates that the slave population in Charleston has declined by one-third, and the Bulletin argues that this indicates that slave labor is not profitable in cities.
Origin of Article: Philadelphia Bulletin
A Bloody Street Fight Between The "Wide Awakes" And Douglas "Ever-Readies."
(Column 2)
Summary: A fight--including a stabbing and broken arms-- between between Wide Awakes and Ever-Readies in Illinois, due to five former Ever-Readies joined the Wide Awakes.
Origin of Article: Rock Island Register
(Column 3)
Summary: On Sept. 23rd, at the Lutheran parsonage, in Greencastle, the Rev. E. Breidenbaugh married Mr. John Gossard to Louisa Crice, both of Antrim Twp. On Oct. 4th, the Rev. E. Breidenbaugh married James Rosenborough to Rebecca Ott, both of Leesburg, Cumberland Co. On Oct. 18th, at the Lutheran parsonage, the Rev. E. Breidenbaugh married Jacob Phillipi, of Antrim Twp., to Susie D. Lesher, eldest daughter of Rev. H. C. Lesher, of the vicinity of Waynesboro. On Oct. 22nd, at the Lutheran parsonage, the Rev. E. Breidenbaugh married Lewis H. Haney, of Antrim Grove, to Eliza P. Lesher, second daughter of Rev. H. C. Lesher, of the vicinity of Waynesboro. On Oct. 18th, at the Lutheran parsonage, the Rev. E. Breidenbaugh married George W. Ford, of Boonsboro, to Susan Barnhart, of Waynesboro. On Oct. 23rd, at the Methodist Episcopal Parsonage, Rev. William Harden married David Woodall to Catharine Hollar, all of St. Thomas. On Oct. 29th, Rev. William Harden married John King to Senith Brandt, daughter of Samuel Brandt, all of Chambersburg. On Oct. 24th, Rev. F. Dyson married Micholas Uglow, Jr., to Mary Cort, all of Chambersburg. On Oct. 24th, Rev. Thomas Creigh married Thomas A. Waddell, of Mercersburg, to Lizzie Brewer, daughter of Jacob Brewer, of Montgomery Twp. On Oct. 30th, Rev. Z. A. Colestock married Philip E. Dietrich to Mary E. Rial, both of Chambersburg. On Oct. 25th, Rev. Samuel Philips married John D. Lehman, of Franklin Co., to Barbara Bomberger, of Cumberland Co. On Oct. 25th, Rev. H. W. Rebok married Samuel Newcomer to Mary Holler, both of Franklin Co.
(Names in announcement: Rev. E. Breidenbaugh, Mr. John Gossard, Miss Louisa Crice, Mr. James Rosenborough, Miss Rebecca Ott, Mr. Jacob Phillipi, Miss Susie D. Lesher, Rev. H. C. Lesher, Mr. Lewis H. Haney, Miss Eliza P. Lesher, Mr. George W. Ford, Miss Susan Barnhart, Rev. William Harden, Mr. David Woodall, Miss Catharine Hollar, Mr. John King, Miss Senith Brandt, Mr. Samuel Brandt, Rev. F. Dyson, Mr. Nicholas UglowJr., Miss Mary Cort, Rev. Thomas Creigh, Mr. Thomas A. Waddell, Miss Lizzie Brewer, Mr. Jacob Brewer, Rev. Z. A. Colestock, Mr. Philip E. Dietrich, Miss Mary E. Rial, Rev. Samuel Philips, Mr. John D. Lehman, Miss Barbara Bomberger, Rev. H. W. Rebok, Mr. Samuel Newcomer, Miss Mary Holler)
(Column 3)
Summary: On Oct. 26th, James McKee died at age 24.
(Names in announcement: Mr. James McKee)