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Valley of the Shadow

Franklin Repository: November 21, 1860

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: Facts and Fancies; Presidential elections history; some general stories.

Practical and Common Sense Views Of A Southern Man
(Column 1)
Summary: Hon. B. F. Moore, of North Carolina, points out in a letter that should the South secede, they would never get satisfaction for many of their complaints, such as: a slave code for the Territories, the rendition of fugitive slaves, and an end to the agitation of the question of slavery. There would also be the instability of war and economic concerns.
The Southern Secession Movement
(Column 3)
Summary: Examples from around the South of movements and actions in favor of secession.
Millions For Defense
(Column 4)
Summary: The debate in the South Carolina Legislature over the appropriation of funds for military use--and the issue of whether the poor who do NOT own slaves should be taxed to help in a war that would benefit the wealthy slaveholders.
Origin of Article: N. Y. Tribune

-Page 02-

Description of Page: general and political articles from around the country, advertisements.

Senator Douglas' Reception In Alabama.
(Column 3)
Summary: A note that Douglas was egged during his visit to Montgomery, Alabama.

-Page 03-

Description of Page: National news; advertisements;

-Page 04-

Description of Page: General and political articles from around the country

[No Title]
(Column 2)
Summary: The editors provide a letter published in the Shippensburg News that urges Col. A. K. McLure--due to his outstanding reputation for his intelligence, vigilance, and honest--to replace Bigler in the United States Senate.
South Carolina Leadership>
(Column 3)
Summary: The Tribune wonders why South Carolina is acting as leader of the Southern states, since she is neither the largest in land, production of soil, inhabitants or in number of slaves. It doubts that the other states would follow S. C.'s lead in seceding (if S. C. did) and that the talk of secession will dissipate.
Origin of Article: N. Y. Tribune
Maryland Speaking
(Column 4)
Summary: The apparent sentiment--Republicans, all factions of Democrats, and Union men--in Maryland is condemnation for the disunion policy of the Southern States.
Origin of Article: Baltimore Patriot
Returning Reason
(Column 5)
Summary: Northern Banks refusal to buy sterling bills, and the banks' discounts levied on South Carolina's bank notes have made conservatives in that Southern state realize that the talk of secession has gone far enough.
Population of Franklin County
(Column 5)
Summary: The editors publish the change in population of the boroughs of Franklin County; the overall total in 1850--39,904 and in 1860--42,791.
Meeting Of Conference
(Column 5)
Summary: The East Baltimore Conference of the M. E. Church will assemble in Chambersburg in late February. About 240 ministers will attend, and lodging is still needed for many. The committee responsible for arranging lodging is: Rev. William Harden, Rev. F. Dyson, Jacob Brand, C. M. Burnett and William Adams, Esq.
(Names in announcement: Rev. William Harden, Rev. F. Dyson, Mr. Jacob Brand, Mr. C. M. Burnett, William AdamsEsq.)
Court Proceedings
(Column 5)
Summary: Huber vs. Kennedy--a water-right dispute. For the Plaintiff, awarding $513.41 in damages.
(Names in announcement: Huber, Kennedy)
Ordination and Installation
(Column 6)
Summary: At the meeting of the Presbytery of Carlisle, in the Presbyterian Church in Chambersburg, Rev. S. J. Niccols was ordained and installed. The Officers were: Moderator-Rev. Mr. West and Clerk-Rev. Mr. Gordon. Rev. Dr. Plummer preached the sermon; charge to Congregation by Rev. Dr. Creigh; charge to the pastor by Rev. Dr. Harper. On Monday (Nov. 19th?) Rev. Niccols preached his trial sermon.
(Names in announcement: Rev. S. J. Niccols, Rev. Mr. West, Rev. Mr. Gordon, Rev. Dr. Plummer, Rev. Dr. Creigh, Rev. Dr. Harper)

-Page 05-

Description of Page: Repeats of results of the election in Pennsylvania counties and an update of the states' electoral votes; general and political news from around the country; advertisements.

-Page 06-

Description of Page: Stories and news articles from around the country; advertisements.

Chronicle of King James I
(Column 1)
Summary: A humorous political piece on the victory of Lincoln over the Democrats, written in the King James biblical style.
Mrs. Lincoln
(Column 2)
Summary: An article briefly describing the physical appearance and carriage of Mrs. Lincoln (with an emphasis on dignity)--that she will be a most suitable "Presidentress" to her husband.

-Page 07-

Description of Page: Christian anecdote; Romance Story; advertisements.

-Page 08-

Description of Page: General news; advertisements; land sales.

(Column 3)
Summary: On Nov. 13th, Rev. G. McLauthan married John Angle, of Clay Lick Hall, to E. Amanda Winger, of Welsh Run. On Nov. 15th, near Caledonia Works, Rev. William R. Coursy married John A. Richardson to Ann E. Campbell, all of Franklin County. On Nov. 8th, Rev. H. Hummelbaugh married Elijah Gilbert to Mary A. West, all of Franklin County. On Nov. 15th, Rev. J. Philip Bishop married George Reed to Elizabeth Bittinger, both of Franklin County. On Nov. 13th, at the home of Michael Latshaw, in Antrim Twp., John Kauffman, Esq., married Richard Kelly to Mary Elliott.
(Names in announcement: Rev. G. McLauthan, Mr. John Angle, Miss E. Amanda Winger, Rev. William R. Coursy, Mr. John A. Richardson, Miss Anne E. Campbell, Rev. H. Hummelbaugh, Mr. Elijah Gilbert, Miss Mary A. West, Rev. J. Philip Bishop, Mr. George Reed, Miss Elizabeth Bittinger, Mr. Michael Latshaw, John KauffmanEsq., Mr. Richard Kelly, Miss Mary Elliott)
(Column 3)
Summary: On Oct. 19th, in Washington Twp., Eliza Shank, daughter of Simon and Fanny Shank, died at age 5. On Oct. 8th, in Philadelphia, W. Fairfax Washington--the third son of Reade Washington, Esq., late of Pittsburgh, dec'd, formerly of Chambersburg--died of consumption at age 37.
(Names in announcement: Eliza Shank, Mr. Simon Shank, Mrs. Fanny Shank, Mrs. Anna M. Burkholder, W. Fairfax Washington, Reade WashingtonEsq.)