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Valley of the Shadow

Franklin Repository: December 19, 1860

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: A letter from a woman almost scammed by a 'lottery'

King Cotton
(Column 2)
Summary: The N. Y. Independent reminds the South that cotton is their only product (whereas the North, West and Europe have numerous branches of industry); that no one likes a monopoly, and countries (and the North) will search out other sources of cotton--especially should there be a civil war.
Origin of Article: N. Y. Independent
The Secession States
(Column 3)
Summary: The N. Y. Tribune reminds the states who are considering secession, that they are leaving the Union that they are presently in debt to, and who bailed them out during the American revolution, and who coordinated the treaties with the Indians that enable a peaceful takeover of some of the land of the southern states.
Origin of Article: N. Y. Tribune
Paying The Piper
(Column 4)
Summary: The N. Y. Tribune adds up several expenses the South will have to support--millions for soldiers and a navy fleet--and the Tribune predicts that citizens of the South will not be pleased with this new tax burden--depopulation and economic crises will result.
Origin of Article: N. Y. Tribune
The Hardships Of The Union
(Column 5)
Summary: The North American reminds the Southern states that they are literally indebted to the Union for: the building and maintenance of the railroad system, for the purchase of Florida and the Santa Fe Territory (the land belongs to the gov't, not to the citizens), the lives of men who died in the war against Mexico, and continuous purchase of products from these regions.
Origin of Article: The Philadelphia North American
Alarm In South Carolina
(Column 6)
Summary: A letter written from a lady in South Carolina to her uncle in New York expresses the fear of slaves revolting and depreciating of the value of slaves.

-Page 02-

(Column 1)
Summary: A request by James. H. Montgomery, George Sellers, John A. Sellers, James G. Elder, Daniel Sellers, Henry Betz, and George W. Betz to Rev. John Ault, of Loudon, that he give permission to have his Thanksgiving Day sermon published in the newspaper.
(Names in announcement: Rev. John Ault, James H. Montgomery, George Sellers, John A. Sellers, James G. Elder, Daniel Sellers, Henry Betz, George W. Betz)
Thanksgiving Sermon Delivered by Rev. John Ault, in St. Thomas, November 29,1860.
(Column 1)
Summary: He preached that the present national crisis is due to: immorality, corruption, disregard to law and order, a spirit of recklessness. Reinstating Christianity in the home and in the government will bring about peace.
(Names in announcement: Rev. John Ault)

-Page 03-

Description of Page: A story on Pets; Advertisements

-Page 04-

Description of Page: A story of a marriage of a master and 'slave;' articles denouncing the South's behavior; local general news; advertisements.

A Mares Nest
(Column 3)
Summary: The editors respond to a criticism by 'Prince William' of the Times, who found a typographical error in the Repository. The Repository, in turn found nine spelling errors in the Times' article, and sixty in the entire issue.
Rather Cool
(Column 4)
Summary: The editors publish a letter sent to all Congressional district electors, including Col. D. O. Gehr, of the 17th district, that requests the electors to disregard their districts' opinions and votes, and to vote in a way that would not jeopardize the Union.
(Names in announcement: Col. D. O. Gehr)

-Page 05-

Description of Page: advertisements.

Manifesto Of Southern Members Of Congress
(Column 1)
Summary: Members of Congress--the Committee of "Thirty-Three"--from the farther South met in Washingont on Dec. 13th. They signed the manifesto written by Reuben Davis, and established the day(s) each state would leave the Union. South Carolina-- Dec. 18th; Alabama--Jan. 10th; Mississippi--Jan. 10th; Florida--Jan. 10th. Georgia will meet on Jan. 18th, and Arkansas and Texas are expected to do so, soon after.
(Column 2)
Summary: A discussion of the possible secession and a request that the Federal Gov't withhold force in the case of ensuing war, and also the enforcement of the fugitive slave act-- no votes were done.

-Page 06-

Description of Page: Advertisements.

Franklin County Education Association
(Column 1)
Summary: The seventh annual meeting of the Franklin Co. Ed. Assoc. met on Nov. 21st through the 23rd. There were discussions on penmanship, geography, reading and phonetics, grammar, and arithmetic. Speeches and readings and reolutions followed.
(Names in announcement: Mr. P. M. Shoemaker, Jno. W. Coble, I. N. Snively, Mr. T. M. Richards, Rev. Mr. Dyson, Mr. J. Eckhart, D. D. Fahrney, T. Enterline, A. McElwaine, B. Frey, C. G. Glenn, J. R. Gaff, J. S. McElwaine, J. C. Atherton, J. L. P. Detrich, J. F. Boult, W. H. Hockenbery, Henry Omwake, D. J. McFadden, George W. Betz, J. H. McMullen, K. A. Wilson, Rev. Mr. Kennedy, J. S. Hostetter, S. W. Kuhn, A. B. Wingert, Henry Atherton)

-Page 07-

Description of Page: Advertisements

-Page 08-

Description of Page: Rural Matters--dirt, horse diseases; advertisements.

(Column 4)
Summary: On Dec. 11th, in Chambersburg, at the German Reformed Parsonage, Rev. Samuel Philips married John D. Jacobs to Arie Essom, both of Chambersburg. On Dec. 13th, Rev. M. Snyder married George Carbaugh to Susan Burkhart, both of Letterkenny Twp. On Dec. 7th, Rev. H. Y. Hummelbaugh married John A. Eil, of Metal Twp., to Fredricca Piper, of Fannet Twp., Franklin co. On Dec. 13th, at the Indian Queen Hotel, Rev. S. McHenry married Christian Bear, of Quincy Twp., to Mary H. Gsell, of Antrim Twp. On Dec. 11th, in Greencastle, Rev. T. G. Apple married Jonas Conrad Canode to Mary Catharine Donalson, both of the vicinity of Middleburg, Franklin co. On Dec. 13th, Rev. T. G. Apple married George Bear to Charlotte Kuhn.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Samuel Philips, Mr. John D. Jacobs, Miss Arie Essom, Rev. M. Snyder, Mr. George Carbaugh, Miss Susan Burkhart, Rev. H. Y. Hummelbaugh, Mr. John A. Eil, Miss Fredricca Piper, Rev. S. McHenry, Mr. Christian Bear, Miss Mary H. Gsell, Rev. T. G. Apple, Mr. Jonas Conrad Canode, Miss Mary Catharine Donalson, Mr. George Bear, Miss Charlotte Kuhn)