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Valley of the Shadow

Franklin Repository: March 16, 1864

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: This page includes a memorial to Col. Dahlgren, an account of General Kilpatrick's Raid with an accompanying map, and the "Harrisburg" and "Washington" columns.

Death of Surgeon Stewart Kennedy U. S. N.
(Column 1)
Summary: Surgeon Stewart Kennedy, who was born in Easton but grew up in Chambersburg, died in Harrisburg after being seized with congestion of the lungs. He had received his medical training under Dr. A. H. Senseny at Jefferson Medical College, and was 31 years old when he died, the youngest full Surgeon in the Navy. He is buried at the cemetery of the Presbyterian Church in Chambersburg.
(Names in announcement: Stewart Kennedy, )
Conference Appointments
(Column 2)
Summary: "The East Baltimore Conference of the Methodist E. Church met at Altoona recently. The following appointments were made for this section : Frederick District--William Hartlen, P. E.; Smithsburg, John L. Lloyd; Sharpsburg and Clearspring, J. Benson Akers, one to be supplied; Hagerstown, G. Watson Hoyde; Waynesboro', A. M. Kester; Quincy, J. H. S. Clarke; Mercersburg, John W. Buckley, John H. Marsh. Carlisle District--J. S. McMurry, P. E.; Carlisle, Thomas Sherlock; Emory Church, S. L. Bowman; Carlisle Circuit, John Moorhead, E. F. Pitcher; Mechanicsburg, James C. Clarke; Mount Holly Springs, W. M. Frysinger; Shippensburg, John A. Dixon; Shippensburg Circuit, J. G. McKeehan, one to be supplied; Chambersburg, Thomas Barnhart; New Bloomfield, F. B. Riddle, D. A. Isenburg; Mifflin, S. H. C. Smith; Mifflin Circuit, George W. Bouse, T. Marshall West, Alam Brittain, Chaplain U. S. A., member of Carlisle Circuit Quarterly Conference. Juniata District--George D. Chenoweth, P. E.; Bedford, Edward W. Kirby; Bedford Circuit, J. B. Polsgrove; W. B. Whitney; Rainsburg, George Berkstresser; McConnellsburg, M. Luther Smith, Eliad M. Chilcont; Concord, James M. Clark, W. H. Maxwell."
(Names in announcement: William Hartlen, John L. Lloyd, J. Benson Akers, G. Watson Hoyde, A. M. Kester, J. H. S. Clarke, John W. Buckley, John H. Marsh, J. S. McMurry, Thomas Sherlock, S. L. Bowman, John Moorhead, E. F. Pitcher, James C. Clarke, W. M. Frysinger, John A. Dixon, J. G. McKeehan, Thomas Barnhart, F. B. Riddle, D. A. Isenburg, S. H. C. Smith, George W. Bouse, T. Marshall West, Alam Brittain, George D. Chenoweth, Edward W. Kirby, J. B.. Polsgrove, W. B. Whitney, George Berkstresser, M. Luther Smith, Eliad M. Chilcont, James M. Clark, W. H. Maxwell)
Serious Accident
(Column 2)
Summary: Benjamin F. Barr, sixteen year-old son of Abraham Barr of the Waynesboro area, is in critical condition after being accidentally shot in the face by a younger brother. Drs. Brotherton and Frantz "entertain hopes of his recovery"
(Names in announcement: Benjamin F. Barr, Abraham Barr, Dr. Brotherton, Dr. Frantz)
(Column 2)
Summary: Jacob, son of Jacob Wise, near Orrstown, got his arm caught in the pulley of a threshing machine on March 7th, "fracturing it in a most distressing manner." Drs. Kell, Hayes, and Kennedy were called, and decided the arm had to be amputated.
(Names in announcement: Jacob WiseJr., Jacob WiseSr., Dr. Kell, Dr. Hayes, Dr. Kennedy)
Serious Accident
(Column 2)
Summary: Dr. Samuel Scott of Fulton County landed on his head when his horse threw him as he was attempting to mount him. Contusion of the brain "leaves him in a condition from which serious apprehensions are entertained."
(Names in announcement: Dr. Samuel Scott)
Greenvillage District
(Column 2)
Summary: "The following is the Union ticket in the Greenvillage district: Judge, Jacob Glass; Inspector, N. K. Mahon; Assessor, Samuel Garver; Assistant Assessors, John Behman, Jacob Plough; School Directors, Charles W. Lego, Jr., Jno. L. Lesher; Auditors, Jno. Youst, (3 years) John Thompson (1 year); Supervisors, William Berry, Henry Lutz; Clerk, George Dice.
(Names in announcement: Jacob Glass, N. K. Mahon, Samuel Garver, John Behman, Jacob Plough, Charles W. Lego, Jno. L. Lesher, Jno. Youst, John Thompson, William Berry, Henry Lutz, George Dice)
Washington Township
(Column 2)
Summary: "The Union men have nominated the following ticket, and we hope to record its election: Judge, Henry X. Stoner; Inspector, Benjamin F. Funk; Assessor, George Summers; Assistant Assessors, Henry Bear, Nicholas Bonebrake; School Directors, Daniel Potter, Abraham Frantz; Auditor, Jacob S. Good; Supervisors, D. B. Resh, Henry Shank, John Stouffer."
(Names in announcement: Henry X. Stoner, Benjamin F. Funk, George Summers, Henry Bear, Nicholas Bonebrake, Daniel Potter, Abraham Frantz, Jacob S. Good, D. B. Resh, Henry Shank, John Stouffer)
(Column 2)
Summary: "Rev. George F. Cain, formerly a member of the Chambersburg bar, has resigned his charge at Stroudsburg, and accepted a call from the Presbyterian Church in Erie city."
(Names in announcement: Rev. George F. Cain)
Turnpike Meeting
(Column 2)
Summary: "A public meeting will be held in Shippensburg to-morrow at 1 P. M., to make arrangements for the construction of a turnpike road from Shippensburg to Roxbury."
(Column 2)
Summary: "Among the graduates of the St. Louis Medical College a few weeks ago, was B. Rush Senseny, son of A. H. Senseny, M. D. of this place."
(Names in announcement: B. Rush Senseny, A. H. SensenyM. D.)
(Column 2)
Summary: "Mr. C. Martin, Co. H, Penna. Reserves, formerly of Waynesboro, has been promoted to Hospital Stewart, U. S. Army."
(Names in announcement: C. Martin)

-Page 02-

Description of Page: This page includes advertisements with the following headings: Educational; Dentistry; Insurance; Publications; Boots and Shoes; Painting, Glazing, &c.

The Restoration of the Union
(Column 1)
Summary: "Having crushed into atoms the ephemeral empire, whose corner-stone was slavery, they will establish a united an enduring nation on the solid foundation of universal freedom. Such a nation, possessing the most fertile soil and every veriety [sic] of climate, will soon abound with untold riches, and will swarm with millions of just, intelligent, and brave freemen, who will bid defiance to all the despots of the earth."
(Names in announcement: Thaddeus Stevens)
Editorial Comment: "Speech of Hon. Thaddeus Stevens, of Pennsylvania, in the House of Representatives, January 22, 1864."

-Page 03-

Description of Page: This page is entirely advertisements, with the following headings: Seeds; Saddlery, Harness, &c; Agricultural; Medical; Justices of the Peace; Trees, Plants and Vines.

-Page 04-

-Page 05-

Description of Page: This page includes "Report of the Markets" and new advertisements.

(Column 2)
Summary: Miss Emma E. Landis, of Shippensburg, was married to Rufus E. Shapley on February 14, 1864, by the Rev. C. L. Ehinfeld.
(Names in announcement: Rufus E. Shapley, Miss Emma E. Landis, Rev. C. L. Ehinfeld)
(Column 2)
Summary: Rev. M. Wolf married George Pfeifer and Mrs. Catharine Brown on March 6, 1864.
(Names in announcement: George Pfeifer, Mrs. Catharine Brown, Rev. M. Wolf)
(Column 2)
Summary: Miss Georgiana Neff married Emanuel C. Eppelman of Co. G, 138th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers, at her parent's house in Fayetteville. The ceremony was performed on March 13, 1864 by Rev. S. M'Henry.
(Names in announcement: Emanuel C. Eppelman, Miss Georgiana Neff, Rev. S. M'Henry)
(Column 2)
Summary: Miss Martha J. Snider and James Ritter, both of Chambersburg, were married by Rev. F. Dyson on March 3, 1864.
(Names in announcement: James Ritter, Martha J. Snider, Rev. F. Dyson)
(Column 2)
Summary: Jacob Newton Snider died of Diphtheria March 9, 1864, aged 5 years, 7 months, and 4 days. He was the son of J. N. and Fanny Snider of Chambersburg.
(Names in announcement: Jacob Newton Snider, J. N. Snider, Fanny Snider)
(Column 2)
Summary: Jane E. Everett, wife of William S. Everett ands daughter of John Cree, died in Chambersburg on March 9, 1864, aged about 28 years.
(Names in announcement: Jane E. Everett, William S. Everett, John Cree)
(Column 2)
Summary: Mrs. Susannah Miller died in St. Thomas township on February 29, 1864, aged 69 years, 1 month, and 28 days.
(Names in announcement: Mrs. Susannah Miller)
(Column 2)
Summary: Ellsworth M'Clellan Byers died March 6, 1864 in Guilford township, aged 1 year, 3 months, and 28 days.
(Names in announcement: Ellsworth M'Clellan Byers)
(Column 2)
Summary: Matilda L. Campbell, daughter of J. H. and Ann Campbell, died March 9, 1864 at Carrick. She was 10 years, 8 months, and 7 days old.
(Names in announcement: Matilda L. Campbell, J. H. Campbell, Ann Campbell)
(Column 2)
Summary: Catharine Maclay died on February 11, 1864 in Shippensburg at the age of 72.
(Names in announcement: Catharine Maclay)
(Column 2)
Summary: James H. Alexander died on March 6, 1864 near Dry Run, aged 38 years, 7 months, and 10 days.
(Names in announcement: James H. Alexander)
(Column 2)
Summary: Hannah M. Wilson, infant daughter of Mathew C. and Margaret Wilson, died March 6, 1864, aged 1 year, 5 months, and 25 days.
(Names in announcement: Hannah M. Wilson, Mathew C. Wilson, Margaret Wilson)
(Column 2)
Summary: George B. McClellan Culbertson, infant son of James and Jane Culbertson, died March 8, 1864 at Spring Run, aged 7 months and 28 days.
(Names in announcement: George B. McClellan Culbertson, James Culbertson, Jane Culbertson)
List of Retailers
(Column 5)
Summary: This comprehensive list attempts to identify all of the retailers in Franklin County by trade for the purposes of taxation. They are divided up by township, and grouped together by trade name. It is possible to gauge the relative size and character of the townships based upon the number of retailers and the specific trades in which they participate. There are at least two women identified as retailers, Mary Ann Adair, a confectioner in Green township, and Susan Furly, a confectioner in St. Thomas township. For Franklin County, the retailers are as follows: Heyser & Cressler, Jacob Spangler, J. S. Nixon, A. J. Miller, Drugs; Shafer and Stuart, John Ditman, J. W. Ditman, Conrad Wagner, John Neil, George Ditman, S. M. Perry, C. A. Trone, Moses Greenawalt, George W. Rouse, John Bert, Isaac Stine, Christian Smith, D. S. Fahnestock, Huber & Lehmaster, William Reichter, Cyrus Sprecher, G. W. Smith, John Schofield, E. C. Boyd, William Gelwicks, Marion Elliott, Nicholas Has, John Goetman, George Snider, Alex Fahnestock, Grocery; F. T. Hockenberry, William G. Mitchell, George Lehner, Isaac Hutton, Jacob Hutton, George Smith, Peter Feltman, J. Falkenstein, Conrad Miller, Shoes; A. Reineman, M. Kuss, F. G. Ditman & Bro., E. Aughinbaugh, Jewelry; H. B. Davison, Hats and Caps; Joseph Deckelmayer, William Bender, L. A. Shoemaker, John Jeffries, Christian Burkhart, David B. Little, Confectionary; J. A. Jacobs, J. D. Jacobs, Charles H. Bush, Tobacconist; Lewis Wampler, Plater; John Sheets, Frank Elliott, J. Lochheim, A. J. White, Marks Felheimer, J. T. Hoskinson, Clothing; John S. Ludwig, Jacob B. Miller, Etter, Hamilton & Co., J. Franklin Snider, Stoves; H. H. Hutz, William Wallace & Co., James L. Black, Eyster & Brother, J. Hoke & Co., J. M. Wolfkill, Store; Huber & Toloert, Brand & Flack, Hardware; Huber & Co., Edge Tools; Lambert & Huber, Paper Mill; W. H. Cunningham, Flour; M'Clintock & Son, J. L. Dechert, Hats; L. B. Eyster, Lamps and Hardware; Samuel S. Shyrock, J & George Watson, T. J. Wright, Books; W. W. Paxton, Hats and Shoes; J. A. S. Cramer, Tobacco; L. Ebert & Son, Coal and Lumber; Wunderlich & Nead, J. S. Grier, Deitz & M'Dowell, Oaks & Linn, Warehouse; Alex Martin, George Ludwig, Brewery; George Brunner, Tobacco and Segars; William T. Matthews, Billiards; T. B. Wood, Foundry. For Antrim township: F. B. Snively, G. W. Zeigler & Co., John Goetz, W. S. Riley, H. P. Prather & Co., S. H. Prather, Barnheart & Beck, Theodore King & Bro., Store; Eli Fuss, Thomas Morton, H. Appenzeller, Jacob Newcomer, George Eby, Samuel Hostetter, John A. Orr, Confectionary; C. H. Kunkel & Bro., Peter Smith, Shoes; J. H. Hostetter, William M. Carl, Drugs; A. W. Welsh, Irwin & Rhodes, Hardware; J. A. Haus, Clothing; Godfrey Goetz, J. W. Barr, Stoves; Adam Goetz, Benjamin Eby, J. Hostetter & Co., Philip Goetz, Joshua Yous, Grocery; John Burk, Segars; H. R. Fetterhoff, Books; George Ilgenfritz, Factory; Deitz & M'Dowell, A. Imbrie & Co., A. F. Schafhirt, Warehouse; John Hartle, Jones Henkell, F. T. Spieler, Distiller; William M'Crory, Jewelry; Crowell & Davidson, Foundry. For Washington township: H. & D. Bear & Co., Manufactory; Peter Keckler, Joseph Price, George Stover, Josiah Besore's heirs, Amberson, Benedict & Co., Joseph W. Miller, Peter Rouser, Store; William A. Grove, Silversmith; P. S. Zindorf, J. Beaver, Variety Store; F. Fourthman, J. F. Kurtz, M. M. Stoner, Drugs; D. B. Russel, Tinner; J. R. Welsh & Son, Hats and Shoes; G. & J. Bender, T. J. Filbert, Clothing; George Frick, Foundry & Machinist; H. Stonehouse, W. H. Brotherton, Hardware; W. A. Tritle, Stoves; E. W. Washabaugh, Segars; John Downin, Distiller; Hoover & Shockey, Samuel Frantz, Salt; Walker & Elden, Flour. For Quincy township: Holker Hughes, Furnace; Holker Hughes, E. S. Small, George Knepper, Lookabaugh & Secrist, Colliflower & Oller, John M. Cook, Lewis Elliot, Store; Holker Hughes, Forge; Holker Hughes, Rolling Mill; Peter Mehlfelt, Confectionary; H. Shiery & Co., Joseph Rock, Grocery; Henry Good, Distiller; Dr. H. Rosenburg, Druggist; Robert Johnston, Henry Besore, Distillery. For Green township: Josiah Dice, J. P. Wallace, Jacob B. Cook, Robert Black, Store; Jacob Harchelrode, Distillery; Jacob Harchelrode, Warehouse; H. Embich & Son, Michael Good, S. E. White, Factory; S. Shively, Drugs; J. W. Heintzelman, Grocery; Mary Ann Adair, Confectionary. For Guilford township: J. A. Eyster, Eyster & Heyser, Stouffer & Strickler, Paper Mill; C. H. M'Knight, John M'Knight, Store. For Montgomery township: Thomas Bowles, E. B. Winger & Co., J. N. Brewer, T. C. Grove, W. D. M'Kinstry, Store; Christian Frantz, John Rummell, Salt; John Shirts, A. L. Coyle, Hardware; R. M. Reynolds, Drugs; Matthew Smith, Shoes and Hats; R. M. Shaffer, Clothing; George G. Rupley, E. C. Baxter, Stoves; John Hook, William Eckman, Confectionary; D. M. B. Shannon, Variety Store; Leonard Leidy, Foundry; Conrad Freshola, Segars. For Peters township: John Thompson, James D. Scott, Cook & Boyd, Store; Beaver & Cox, Forge; Ferdinand Senseng, Stoves; Thomas M'Guire, Grocery; John Treher, Segars and Tobacco; John Holler, Salt and Syrup. For St. Thomas township: Dixon & Elder, D. A. Fohl, Store; Daniel Barnhart, Susan Furly, William Polsgrove, Confectionary; H. & A. Hicks, Distillery. For Warren township: John Zimmerman, William M'Geary, Store. For Hamilton township: Abraham Hafer, Distiller; Henry Lenherr, Store. For Southampton township: J. B. & W. Orr, Jacob Kindig, Reuben Weidler, Store; J. W. Karper, Grocery; Brough & Harchelrode, Distillery. For Letterkenny township: James S. Slyder, William G. M'Clellan, James P. Spear, George Westhafer, Store. For Lurgan township: M. R. Skinner & Son, Thomas Pomeroy, Sr., Store; H. W. Saltsman, Confectionary. For Fannett township: John Cramer, W. R. Pomeroy, S. B. Hockenberry, William Johnston, James Ferguson, W. A. Mackey & Son, Isaac Clugston, W. A. Mackey, John W. Everett & Bro., Store; Nimons & Bierly, Confectionary; James M. Rankin, Grocery. For Metal township: J. S. Skinner, W. S. M'Allen, M'Curdy & Montgomery, Store; J. H. Walker, Shoes; Samuel Walker, Forge; Samuel Walker, Furnace.
(Names in announcement: Heyser, Cressler, Shafer, Stuart, F. T. Hockenberry, William G. Mitchell, George Lehner, A. Reineman, H. B. Davison, Isaac Hutton, John H. Ditman, Joseph Deckelmayer, J. A. Jacobs, J. W. Ditman, Conrad Wagner, John Neil, George Ditman, Lewis Wampler, S. M. Perry, John Sheets, John S. Ludwig, H. H. Hutz, M. Kuss, Huber, Toloert, Lambert, W. H. Cunningham, C. A. Trone, Moses Greenawalt, George W. Rouse, John Bert, Isaac Stine, Christian Smith, William Wallace, J. D. Jacobs, William Bender, L. A. Shoemaker, F. G. Ditman, M'Clintock, Jacob Hutton, James L. Black, E. Aughinbaugh, D. S. Fahnestock, Jacob Spangler, Jacob B. Miller, George Smith, Frank Elliott, Huber, Lehmaster, L. B. Eyster, Peter Feltman, J. Lochheim, J. S. Nixon, J. L. Dechert, Eyster, Brand, Flack, A. J. White, John Jeffries, Etter, Hamilton, Samuel S. Shyrock, Charles H. Bush, W. W. Paxton, J. Hoke, J. A. S. Cramer, J. Franklin Snider, L. Ebert, Wunderlich, Nead, J. S. Grier, Deitz, M'Dowell, William Reichter, Oaks, Linn, Cyrus Sprecher, G. Falkenstein, Alex Martin, G. W. Smith, John Schofield, E. C. Boyd, A. J. Miller, Christian Burkhart, J. Watson, George Watson, William Gelwicks, Conrad Miller, Marks Felheimer, J. M. Wolfkill, Marion Elliott, Nicholas Has, T. J. Wright, George Brunner, J. T. Hoskinson, John Goetman, David B. Little, George Snider, George Ludwig, William T. Matthews, Alex Fahnestock, T. B. Wood, F. B. Snively, Eli Fuss, G. W. Zeigler, C. H. Kunkel, J. H. Hostetter, A. W. Welsh, J. A. Haus, Godfrey Goetz, John Goetz, W. S. Riley, Irwin, Rhodes, Thomas Morton, H. P. Prather, William M. Carl, H. Appenzeller, Adam Goetz, Benjamin Eby, Jacob Newcomer, J. Hostetter, S. H. Prather, Peter Smith, George Eby, John Burk, Samuel Hostetter, H. R. Fetterhoff, George Ilgenfritz, Deitz, M'Dowell, William M'Crory, J. W. Barr, Philip Goetz, Crowell, Davidson, A. Imbrie, A. F. Schafhirt, Joshua Yous, John Hartle, Jones Henkell, F. T. Spieler, John A. Orr, Barnheart, Beck, Theodore King, H. Bear, D. Bear, Peter Keckler, Joseph Price, William A. Grove, P. S. Zindorf, F. Fourthman, George Stover, D. B. Russel, J. R. Welsh, G. Bender, J. Bender, George Frick, H. Stonehouse, Josiah Besore, J. F. Kurtz, Amberson, Benedict, J. Beaver, W. H. Brotherton, T. J. Filbert, W. A. Tritle, Joseph W. Miller, M. M. Stoner, E. W. Washabaugh, John Downin, Hoover, Shockey, Samuel Frantz, Walker, Elden, Peter Rouser, Holker Hughes, Peter Mehlfelt, E. S. Small, George Knepper, H. Shiery, Henry Good, Joseph Rock, Dr. H. Rosenburg, Lookabaugh, Secrist, Colliflower, Oller, John M. Cook, Robert Johnston, Henry Besore, Lewis Elliot, Josiah Dice, Jacob Harchelrode, J. P. Wallace, H. Embich, S. Shively, Michael Good, J. W. Heintzelman, Mary Ann Adair, Jacob B. Cook, S. E. White, Robert Black, J. A. Eyster, Eyster, Heyser, C. H. M'Knight, John M'Knight, Stouffer, Strickler, Thomas Bowles, Christian Frantz, John Rummell, E. B. Winger, J. N. Brewer, John Shirts, R. M. Reynolds, Matthew Smith, T. C. Grove, R. M. Shaffer, W. D. M'Kinstry, George G. Rupley, John Hook, D. M. B. Shannon, E. C. Baxter, William Eckman, Leonard Leidy, A. L. Coyle, Conrad Freshola, John Thompson, Beaver, Cox, Ferdinand Senseng, Thomas M'Guire, John Treher, John Holler, James D. Scott, Cook, Boyd, Dixon, Elder, D. A. Fohl, Daniel Barnhart, Susan Furly, William Polsgrove, H. Hicks, A. Hicks, John Zimmerman, William M'Geary, Abraham Hafer, Henry Lenherr, J. B. Orr, W. Orr, J. W. Karper, Jacob Kindig, Brough, Harchelrode, Reuben Weidler, James S. Slyder, William G. M'Clellan, James P. Spear, George Westhafer, M. R. Skinner, Thomas Pomeroy, H. W. Saltsman, John Cramer, W. R. Pomeroy, S. B. Hockenberry, Nimons, Bierly, William Johnston, James Ferguson, W. A. Mackey, James M. Rankin, Isaac Clugston, W. A. Mackey, John W. Everett, J. S. Skinner, W. S. M'Allen, J. H. Walker, M'Curdy, Montgomery, Samuel Walker, John Bowman)
Editorial Comment: "Notice is hereby given to all Wholesale and Retail Dealers engaged in selling Goods, Merchandise, Commodities or Effects of whatever kind or nature, either of the product and manufacture of the United States or of any Foreign State: and to all Millers, Distillers, &c., residing within the County of Franklin and State of Pennsylvania, that they are classified and assessed by the undersigned Appraiser of Mercantile Taxes in said county, for the year 1864, as follows:"
Trailer: John Bowman, Mercantile Appraiser.

-Page 06-

Description of Page: This page is entirely advertisements, with the following headings: Lines of Travel; Liquors; Dry and Fancy Goods; Stoves and Tinware; Physicians; Drugs, Medicines, &c; Hotels; Clothing; Medical; Books and Stationery.

-Page 07-

Description of Page: This page is entirely advertisements, with the following headings: Musical; Gutta-Percha Roofing; Watches and Jewelry; Groceries, &c; Coal, Lumber, &c; Hardware, Cutlery, &c; Forwarding Houses; Dry and Fancy Goods; Medical.

-Page 08-

Description of Page: This page includes a summary of war news, personal details about various military personnel, and advertisements, with the following headings: Tobacco and Segars; Dye-Colors; Religious; Legal Notices; Attorneys at Law; Real Estate Sales; Personal Property Sales; Co-partnership Notices; Wants.

Strike the Balance
(Column 2)
Summary: The article expresses intense anger about the war, and blames slavery for high taxes and the death and suffering of many people: "We, that pay the tax, have a right to ask Slavery to unburthen us of the enormous debts it has saddled upon us. We, whose dead children lie on the fields of Shiloh and Gettysburg, may well say to Slavery--Give us back the lives of our loved ones."
Origin of Article: Baltimore American
Editorial Comment: "Under this head, the Baltimore American thus sums up a few of the terrible results of the great rebellion and its guilty cause--Slavery. It is a sad but truthful picture of the fruits of this gigantic wickedness, which has risen up upon the soil of the American Republic, to blast its peace and destroy the hopes of mankind for ages yet to come:"
Full Text of Article:

Under this head, the Baltimore American thus sums up a few of the terrible results of the great rebellion and its guilty cause--Slavery. It is a sad but truthful picture of the fruits of this gigantic wickedness, which has risen up upon the soil of the American Republic, to blast its peace and destroy the hopes of mankind for ages yet to come:

Because of Slavery everything is taxed. We arise in the morning and enrobe ourselves in taxed cotton and woollen [sic] garments at twice their usual prices. We shave with taxed soap and comb our hair with a taxed comb dolefully gazing in a taxed mirror. We put on our taxed boots, or horse hide, for, alas, the glories of patent leather are among the memories of the past, and walk over a taxed stair carpet to the region where, with a due regard for the economy of taxed fuel, our frugal breakfast is spread. We drink our taxed coffee, a decoction of chickory, French, Broadbent, and "old rye," in which is mixed out taxed sugar, with a taxed spoon out of a taxed cup; and although inwardly cursing the bitter fate which condemns us to such stuff, are gratified to know that Sir William Hamilton's remark, "that a man's intellect depends on the amount of coffee he drinks," is not altogether true. We sniff the aroma of forty-five cent butter, and, thinking it strong enough to bear the tax, revenge ourselves upon the gravy of taxed sausages, with the fear of a rise in price on the passage of the dog law. We write on taxed paper with taxed ink, and print on the flimsiest of trash which monopoly and excise will enable us to furnish to the many-headed monster yeleped [sic] the public. We print taxed advertisements and pay for taxed despatches; ride in taxed carriages, behind taxed horses, hitched in with taxed harness. Our incomes are taxed and our outgoes are taxed, and when 'life's fitful fever' is over, by the aid of some kind physician's taxed medicine, we are boxed up in a taxed coffin, and pay our heaviest tax of all to the inevitable exciseman--Death.

This is only a small part of the account debited against the cause of the war--the root of the Rebellion--the corner-stone of the Confederacy--Slavery.

We have to set down to the account millions of blighted hopes, and broken hearts, and desolate homes, and happy lives, and honorable ambitions thwarted, and noble careers ended, and brilliant intellects clouded, and souls gone astray. There are widows' and orphan's tears enough to weigh down all the gold the accursed institution ever was worth, by the estimates of its own worshippers in the palmiest days of Yancey, Wise and Keitt. Compensation? Slavery ask for compensation? It is we, the sufferers, that have a right to demand compensation of Slavery. We, that pay the tax, have a right to ask Slavery to unburthen us of the enormous debts it has saddled upon us. We, whose dead children lie on the fields of Shiloh and Gettysburg, may well say to Slavery--Give us back the lives of our loved ones. Who shall pay the orphan for a father gone? Only the Great God that holds the even scales of justice in his mighty hand can tell how enormous is the debt due to the American people this day by Slavery!

Maryland has a claim of her own by which to offset all demands for compensation, independent of her share in the great general account we have just related. Maryland has double the agricultural area of Massachusetts, more than double the shore line, a finer and healthier climate, more coal, iron and other mineral resources, greater water power and equal commercial facilities. Her early settlement entitled her to as speedy a proportionate development as Massachusetts, with the same advantages; but as Maryland has greater natural advantages, she ought to have developed more rapidly. There is but one reason why she did not, and that reason is Slavery! It acted as an embargo on immigration. It prevented the settlement of the people and the investment of capital. As a consequence we find the value of the real and personal estate in Massachusetts in 1860 was $815,237,433, and that of Maryland only $376,919,944. Deduct the latter from the former and we have a balance to charge against Slavery of $438,317,489.

Gov. Curtin on the Draft
(Column 2)
Summary: Gov. Curtin raises issues about the benefits of postponing the draft until the tenth of April and the need to credit volunteers to the townships they live in. This would ensure that men are drafted from areas that have not provided many volunteers, and that townships that have provided many volunteers do not have the entire able-bodied male population "swept away by a draft."
(Names in announcement: Gov. A. G. Curtin)
Origin of Article: Harrisburg, Feb. 27, 1864
Editorial Comment: "The following sensible letter from Governor Curtin to the President, covers the ground as to the condition of our State so fully that comment is unnecessary:"
Trailer: A. G. Curtin To the President