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Valley of the Shadow

Franklin Repository: December 21, 1864

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: The page includes advertisements, military notices, a poem entitled "Away," a story called "A Chapter for Wives," and anecdotes.

The Siege Of Richmond
(Column 4)
Summary: Describes the position of Grant's army around Richmond.

-Page 02-

Description of Page: The page includes advertisements.

The Old Flag
(Column 1)
Summary: Reports that Gen. Thomas "has hurled Hood from Nashville with great loss in guns, prisoners and killed and wounded, and now pursues his shattered legions who must retreat as men without hope, for they have no line open to them that is not beset with the brave soldiers of the Republic."
[No Title]
(Column 1)
Summary: The Repository describes a recent dispatch announcing that Meredith, the Attorney General of Pennsylvania, accepts neither the returns favoring Coffroth nor those favoring Koontz in the election for the Congressional seat. The Repository expresses confidence that the Clerk of Congress, who will make the final decision, will choose Koontz.
(Names in announcement: Coffroth, Koontz)
Our Resources In Men
(Column 1)
Summary: The Repository provides the numbers for the drafts of 1863 and 1864. 3,394 men in 1863 and 3,116 men in 1864 were drafted, but only 278 and 134 actually reported for duty. A large majority paid commutations, received exemptions, or failed to report. The Repository believes that these numbers explain the need for another draft.
Our Faded Heroes
(Column 2)
Summary: The Repository contrasts the incompetence of McDowell, Burnside, McClellan, Hooker, and Buell with Sherman, Grant, Sheridan, and Meade.
Oil Investments
(Column 3)
Summary: Recommends the Pennsylvania Imperial Oil Company, which owns three tracts of land, as "the most desirable investment now to be had in Oil stocks at the original price."
(Column 4)
Summary: Reports news from Harrisburg including an update on the race between Koontz and Coffroth. Sharpe argued that Coffroth omitted the returns of Somerset County and McClure noted that three competent election judges signed Koontz's returns.
(Names in announcement: McClure, Sharpe)
Trailer: "Horace"
(Column 5)
Summary: Describes news from Washington including the cold weather and the snow, rebel desertions, General Grant's visit to Washington, details on Major General Crittenden, General Hancock's new corps, and the swearing in of Chase as Chief Justice on December 15.
Trailer: "S. C."
Summary of War News
(Column 5)
Summary: Summarizes war news including the defeat of General Hood by General Thomas at Nashville and the destruction of the Welden Railroad to Stony Creek by General Warren.
Finance And Trade.
(Column 6)
Summary: Notes the potential success of investing in oil companies because their stocks have been rising in value. The Repository warns readers against investing in bogus oil companies.
Rebel Routed In Tennessee!
(Column 7)
Summary: Describes military news from Tennessee including the capture of 49 guns, the taking of 5,000 prisoners, the official report of General Thomas, and the siege of Savannah by General Sherman.

-Page 03-

Description of Page: The page includes advertisements.

Gossip With Our Friends
(Column 1)
Summary: Regrets the leaving of General Couch from Chambersburg.
Military Changes
(Column 2)
Summary: Notes Chambersburg's departing military staff including Maj. John S. Shultze, A. A. G. and Capt. F. B. Swerengen A. D. C. as well as the new staff of General Ferry, Capt. Johnston, and Lieut. Ripley, who will command the Juniata District.
Correction Of Enrolments [sic]
(Column 1)
Summary: The Repository urges men who have been exempted from the draft to remove their names from the lists of potential draftees because this action will lower the quota for drafted men in the county.
War Insurance
(Column 2)
Summary: Announces the offering of war insurance in the border counties. Taylor serves the agent for the Phoenix Fire Insurance Company in Chambersburg.
(Names in announcement: Charles H. TaylorEsq.)
Another Soldier Gone
(Column 2)
Summary: Reports the death of John M. Ross, of Company B, 190th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers. Ross died in Waynesboro on December 12 of chronic diarrhea at the age of 22 years, 7 months, and 17 days. He served three years with the Pennsylvania Reserves before re-enlisting. He was taken prisoner in Petersburg on August 19 and was released in October.
(Names in announcement: Mr. John M. Ross)
Rev. Samuel J. Niccolls
(Column 2)
Summary: The Repository mentions the farewell speech of Rev. Niccolls to the Presbyterian congregation of Chambersburg on December 11. He left for his new church in St. Louis on December 15.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Samuel J. Niccolls)
Generous Movement
(Column 2)
Summary: Announces that Samuel Gsell and other citizens in the southern part of Franklin County have arranged to furnish free wood to the sufferers of Chambersburg.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Samuel Gsell)
(Column 3)
Summary: On December 15, by Rev. Niccolls, W. Gilmore married A. Lull, the only daughter of O. Lull, all of Chambersburg.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Samuel J. Niccolls, Mr. W. Blair Gilmore, Miss Alcesta C. Lull, O. N. LullEsq.)
(Column 3)
Summary: On December 16th, J. Phreaner, of Shimpstown, died suddenly of apoplexy at the age of 61 years.
(Names in announcement: Mr. John Phreaner)
(Column 3)
Summary: On November 22, near Logansport, Indiana, S. Little, formerly of Franklin County, died in his 63rd year.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Alex Little)
List Of Causes For Trial
(Column 5)
Summary: Lists the trials for the October term. For the first week: Houghwout & Co. vs. Wunderlich, Nead & Co.; S. & M. Pennock & Co. vs. W. Reber; J. McCurdy, et al. vs. A. McCurdy; J. McCurdy, et al. vs. D. Vance; J. Peterman's Administrator vs. L. Etter; W. Rodgers vs. W. Keyser; J. Brown vs. S. Worley, et al.; W. Rodgers vs. W. Keyser; G. Gaff's use vs. J. Tritle; M. Miller vs. J. Hartle; J. Millhouse vs. W. Eyster; S. Bittner vs. J. Waldsmith; P. Karper vs. B. Cook, et al. For the second week: Morrison vs. Kreager; Weagley vs. Bonebrake; T. Carlisle, et al. vs. B. Phreaner's Adminstrator; R. Taylor vs. D. Teeter; J. & S. Ely vs. F. Funk; E. Kuhn vs. W. Crook's Executor; G. Wolff vs. W. Christ; S. Helser vs. Sheriff McGrath; J. Tritch vs. J. Price; E. Trindle, et al. vs. M. Clark; H. Holby vs. T. Fletcher, et al.; Sheriff McGrath vs. J. Guyer; W. Bush vs. J. Shoup; J. Lynn vs. J. Hisey & wife; M. Skinner vs. S. Bitner; J. Martin vs. M. Long; M. Skinner vs. S. Bitner; J. Snider & wife vs. W. Christ; A. Hess vs. D. Reisher, et al.; W. Wilhelm vs. D. Reisher; D. Witherspoon vs. R. Currey's Executor; J. Richardson vs. J. Plum. K. Taylor, the prothonotary, published the list.
(Names in announcement: Houghwout, Wunderlich, Nead, S. Pennock, M. Pennock, William Reber, John McCurdy, Andrew McCurdy, David Vance, John Peterman, Lewis Etter, William Rodgers, William Keyser, Jacob S. Brown, W. M. Worley, George Gaff, John H. Tritle, Mary C. Miller, John H. Hartle, John Millhouse, William Eyster, Simon Bittner, John Waldsmith, Philip Karper, Benjamin Cook, Morrison, Kreager, Weagley, Bonebrake, T. M. Carlisle, B. Phreaner, Robert Taylor, David Teeter, J. Ely, S, Ely, Franklin Funk, E. Kuhn, W. Crook, G. W. Wolff, William Christ, Solomon Helser, Sheriff William McGrath, John Tritch, Joseph Price, Elizabeth Jane Trindle, Mary Ann Clark, Henry Holby, T. L. Fletcher, John F. Guyer, William Bush, John Shoup, Jacob S. Lynn, J. Hisey, Mrs. Hisey, Morrow R. Skinner, Samuel Bitner, James Martin, Michael Long, John Snider, Mrs. Snider, Abraham Hess, D. S. Reisher, William Wilhelm, David Witherspoon, Rebecca Currey, John Richardson, John Plum, Prothonotary K. S. Taylor)
A List of Grand and Traverse Jurors
(Column 6)
Summary: Lists the grand and traverse jurors for the Court of Oyer and Terminer, Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace, and a Court of Common Pleas, to be held at Chambersburg on January, 6. The notice lists the grand jurors as follows: W. McKinstry, Mercersburg; W. Anderson, Letterkenny; J. Detwiler, Green; J. Ebersole, Green; J. Frey, Guilford; J. Friege, Peters; E. Frantz, Washington; M. Gordan, Antrim; S. Grove, Green; M. Guiser, Waynesboro; S. Harbaugh, Quincy; J. Huber, Chambersburg; H. Hutz, Chambersburg; W. Koons, Antrim; J. Lemaster, Jr., Peters; J. Martin, Southampton; W. McNulty, Chambersburg; W. McCormack, Metal; S. Miller, Guilford; J. Nitterhouse, Chambersburg; F. Nead, Chambersburg; J. Reilly, Chambersburg; J. Weist, Letterkenny; J. Young, Montgomery. The notice lists the traverse jurors for the first week as follows: J. Adams, Waynesboro; H. Angle, Montgomery; I. Beasore, St. Thomas; J. Baltzley, Antrim; G. Beasore, Letterkenny; H. Baltzley, Antrim; M. Bivens, Peters; H. Binkley, Antrim; S. Bitner, Southampton; J. Brian, St. Thomas; J. Barr, Green; J. Crawford, Guilford; J. Crebs, Waynesboro; H. Craig, Montgomery; M. Deal, Hamilton; J. Doyle, Fannet; M. Elliots, Montgomery; J. Friedly, Quincy; S. Frantz, Washington; J. Hill, Metal; J. Hade, Antrim; J. Hostetter, Greencastle; A. Hafer, St. Thomas; J. Kauffman, Green; D. Lehman, Jr., J. Lochbaum, Guilford; J. Logan, Chambersburg; A. Martin, Chambersburg; H. Wentzer, Green; J. Monn, Green; J. Middour, Quincy; G. McGinley, Waynesboro; S. Ott, Chambersburg; J. Palmer, Hamilton; J. Rhea, Montgomery; D. Summers, Quincy; G. Summers, Sr., Washington; G. Steffe, Washington; W. Stover, Jr., Antrim; F. Snively, Antrim; J. Secrist, Quincy; H. Shearer, Lurgan; D. Tritle, Metal; S. West, Hamilton; J. Wallace, Green; J. Zook, Hamilton; F. Zullinger, Letterkenny; J. Youst, Green. The notice lists the traverse jurors for the second week as follows: J. Allen, Chambersburg; J. Brewer, Mercersburg; D. Burger, Peters; J. Bowman, Guilford; J. Beaver, Waynesboro; J. Criswell, Green; J. Carbaugh, Washington; J. Duey, Quincy; W. Dixon, St. Thomas; P. Evans, Chambersburg; B. Fohl, St. Thomas; A. Frantz, Washington; P. Feltman, Chambersburg; W. Flanagan, Waynesboro; H. Greenawalt, Hamilton; D. Good, Antrim; J. Gilmore, Letterkenny; J. Garver, Green; H. Gilbert, Waynesboro; J. Good, Washington; J. Hunsecker, Letterkenny; J. Gilbreath, Guilford; J. Hassler, St. Thomas; J. Hargleroad, Green; A. Holland, Green; J. Hassler, Peters; J. Harshman, Quincy; D. Jacobs, Washington; J. Jacobie, Antrim; J. Johnston, Waynesboro; L. Kennedy, Montgomery; J. Keyser, Montgomery; D. Long, Green; D. Lesher, Chambersburg; J. Lesher, Antrim; J. Latshaw, Antrim; W. McClure, Green; V. McCoy, Chambersburg; J. McGowan, Metal; S. Phillipy, Antrim; C. Plasterer, Southampton; J. Ripple, Washington; H. Snider, Guilford; J. Snider, Hamilton; H. Wertz, Quincy; J. Wiland, Hamilton; W. Walker, Washington; S. Young, Washington.
(Names in announcement: William D. McKinstry, William H. Anderson, John L. Detwiler, Jacob E. Ebersole, John Frey, Jacob Friege, Elam Frantz, Michael Gordon, Samuel Grove, Martin Guiser, Solomon Harbaugh, John Huber, H. H. Hutz, Wesley Koons, Jacob LamasterJr., John W. Martin, William C. McNulty, William McCormack, Solomon Miller, John Nitterhouse, B. F. Nead, James Reilly, John E. Weist, Jacob Young, Jacob Adams, Henry B. Angle, Isaac Beasore, John Baltzley, George W. Beasore, Henry Baltzley, Martin Bivens, Henry Binkley, Simon Bitner, John Brian, John W. Barr, Jonathan S. Crawford, Joseph Crebs, Hugh B. Craig, Michael Deal, Joseph M. Doyle, Maxwell Elliots, John Friedly, Samuel Frantz, J. J. Hill, Joseph Hade, John Hostetter, Abraham Hafer, Jacob Kauffman, Daniel LehmanJr., Joseph Lochbaum, James Logan, Alex Martin, Henry Wentzer, John Monn, John Middour, George w. McGinley, Samuel Ott, Jonas C. Palmer, Jonathan L. Rhea, David Summers, George SummersSr., George Steffe, William StoverJr., Frederick B. Snively, J. C. Secrist, Henry Shearer, Daniel Tritle, Samuel West, J. P. Wallace, John Zook, Frederick Zullinger, John G. Youst, Josiah Allen, J. N. Brewer, David Burger, John Bowman, Jerome Beaver, John H. Criswell, Jacob Carbaugh, John Duey, W. D. Dixon, Phillip Evans, Bernard Fohl, Abraham Frantz, Peter Feltman, William E. Flanagan, Henry Greenawalt, David Good, Joseph Gilmore, Jacob Garver, Henry Gilbert, Jacob C. Good, John Hunsecker, John Gilbreath, John Hassler, Jacob Hargleroad, A. N. Holland, John Hassler, Jacob Harshman, David Jacobs, Jonathan Jacobie, John H. Johnston, Lazarus Kennedy, Jonathan Keyser, D. M. Isong, D. M. Lesher, Jacob Lesher, John Latshaw, William McClure, Vincent McCoy, Jos McGowan, Samuel Phillipy, Conrad Plaster, Joseph Ripple, H. T. Snider, John N. Snider, H. E. Wertz, Jacob Wiland, William W. Walker, Samuel Young)

-Page 04-

Description of Page: The page includes advertisements and train schedules.