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Valley of the Shadow

Franklin Repository: March 1, 1865

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: The page includes advertisements, a story entitled "A Story of the Border," and anecdotes.

Capture Of Harry Gilmor
(Column 6)
Summary: Describes the capture of Harry Gilmor, a guerilla chief, by Major Young, one of Gen. Sheridan's scouts, near Moorefield.

-Page 02-

The National Credit
(Column 1)
Summary: Discusses citizens' distrust of United States currency. The author deems the value of the currency as "permanent" as gold.
[No Title]
(Column 1)
Summary: Urges veterans to enlist in Gen. Hancock's corps. Modified rules allow the credit for enlistment for any locality. Also, veterans may enter the corps as substitutes and receive both the bounty and the substitute fee.
(Names in announcement: Gen. Hancock)
The Constitutional Amendment
(Column 2)
Summary: Lists the seventeen states that ratified the abolition amendment (in one or both houses). Two states, Delaware and Kentucky, rejected it and sixteen have not yet voted.
Lieut. Col. Mulford
(Column 2)
Summary: U. S. Agent Mulford's requests that citizens stop sending supplies and funds to prisoners since exchanges are pending.
Harrisburg. Cochran of Erie after Horace--Misses Horace and Hits M'Clure Where He Missed Horace--The Dodge Resolution--The Appropriation Bill.
(Column 2)
Summary: Reports that the abuse of McClure by Cochran and the postponement of the Dodge Resolution.
Trailer: "Horace"
Washington. Another Peace Commission to Richmond--Illumination in Honor of Union Victories--Ladies Leaving the Army--The Inauguration Ceremonies--Guerillas Very Active--Opinion as to Lee's Movements--Payment to Prisoner's Families Suspended--Roger A. Pryor.
(Column 3)
Summary: Reports news from the Washington correspondent. The government suspended payment to prisoners' families to prevent inadvertent double payments.
Trailer: "S. C."
The Draft
(Column 4)
Summary: Lists the men drafted in Franklin County. James Wilson through Abraham P. Brubaker reside in Antrim Township. The following are noted as "colored": Anthony Martin, William Hackley, Henry Spradley, Joseph Smith, John Goins, Burley Walker, Jacob Anderson, John Miller, George Nelson, and John Diggs. John Grove is "of Jacob," John Tolhelm is "of William," Essac Myers is "of Daniel," Daniel Grove is "of Jonathan," George W. Sellers is "of S.," Jonathan L. Grove is "of P.," and John Horst is "of C." William Hockenberry through Daniel Steward reside in Fannette Township. Robert Finley is "of H." Philip Christ through William Corsnitz reside in Hamilton Township. Josinia Johnson and Thomas Taylor are noted as "colored." William Watson through David Spear reside in Lurgan Township. George Price through George E. Jones reside in Metal Township. Hezekiah Parker is noted as "colored." Morris C. Stains through Jonathan Kissecker reside in Montgomery Township. The following are noted as "colored": Nathan Cuff, Isaac Yuman, Samuel Cautiones, William H. Stoner, Isaac Harrison, Hiram Warren, Thornton Thompson, William Kilbreath, Olly Robison, Oscar T. Elliott, William S. Johnson, and Newton Stoner. Christian Myers is "of B.," Christ Myers is "of C.," Christ Myers is "of Jonathan." Joseph Grimes through Daniel Ponce reside in Quincy Township. The following are noted as "colored": Thomas Patterson, Alfred Cammel, Solomon Patterson, Edward Lee, Vomadore Mudy, and Winfield Tarner. Jacob Monn is "of S.," Henry Row is "of H.," Solomon Stamey is "of A.," David Monn is "of D.," William Monn is "of J.," Jacob Shafer is "of G.," Samuel Knepper is "of P.," David Knepper is "of J.,"Cornelius Null is "of G.," Jonathan Bear is "of S.," Jacob Smetzer is "of D.," and Wiliam Mentzer is "of J." Frederick Ernst through Samuel Fritz reside in Washington Township. James Wesley and Robert Kittle are noted as "colored." Martin Funk is "of J.," John Shockey is "of C.," and Samuel Fritz is "of Jacob." Cayton Frey through Jacob Bucket reside in Waynesboro.
(Names in announcement: James Wilson, John Gossert, Abraham J. Gearbart, William Green, Jeremiah C. Gordon, William Martin, Joseph Deardorff, Daniel Hollinger, Anthony Martin, Charles Nowell, John Gossert, William Binkley, David Good, George Poper, Gideon Sweigert, William Hackley, Napoleon Miller, John Grove, Henry Spigler, John Tolhelm, Abraham Barnhart, Charles Gearhart, Isaac Myers, Henry Whitmore, Henry Spradley, Peter Strine, Milton Brenner, James Sites, Oliver Fluck, John F. Cain, Valentine H. Bohn, James Middower, West Spangler, Henry Hoover, John S. Atherton, Daniel Grove, George W. Sellers, Washington Helman, Isaac Hoffman, Thomas B. Spickler, Daniel Pike, Zadoe Wolff, Lewis Skeigs, Joseph Smith, Samuel Crider, George Rebuck, Cyrus Peterson, George Burkholder, William Patterson, Samuel Powell, George Pensinger, John Goins, David Rule, George Hartman, Levi Palmer, Samuel Lady, Pinkney Cleary, Samuel Miller, Jacob Wilt, Jacob Hoffman, James B. McDowell, Victor D. Miller, Daniel Lechrone, Burley Walker, William Pensinger, John TolheimJr., Michael Leoman, William Bell, John Gordon, Daniel Foreman, Isaac Myers, Samuel Fenwick, David H. G[illegible], Henry Bloyer, Jonathan L. Grove, Jacob Deardorff, Jacob S. Snively, Joseph SnivelyJr., Timothy Anderson, Frederick B. Snively, Alex Marks, Samuel Gearhart, Jacob A. Snively, Abraham Sheely, Jeremiah Shook, Jacob Morgal, William Shatzer, John Gorman, Levi Pickel, Hiram Swisher, Levi Carbaugh, Isaac Brubaker, David Young, Lowman Fenwick, Henry Row, Jacob Stattler, Alfred Burkett, Gratton Swisher, Jacob Hershey, John Miller, Jacob S. Shindle, Jacob Wingert, John C. R. Gordon, Nathan S. Nowell, Hezekiah Garven, John R. Ray, Frederick Baker, Isaiah Marten, Newton Rull, Dallas Brenner, Calvin Hager, Abraham Gearhart, John Horst, Samuel B. Lane, George Burns, Turner Jordan, Jacob Hess, Thomas R. Gitland, Michael Pfoutz, John E. Stover, Henry Fawver, George Nelson, Thomas Martin, John G. Hess, Wesley Leizer, Peter Over, Jacob Wolff, Nicholas Schrader, Barnet Baltimore, Abner Shatzer, David Kohler, James M. McCleary, Jacob A. Stover, Thaddeus S. Riley, James P. Hill, Daniel Valentine, Daniel Ringer, Washington Koontz, Abraham Stine, Henry Grossman, Robert St. Clair, John Diggs, George W. Brubaker, George Wise, Christian Bittinger, Henry Cosey, Mathias W. Kissecker, Jacob Poper, Calvin Deatrich, Jacob Talhelm, Philip Garman, Philip P. Bowers, Jacob Heiks, Jacob Shatzer, Albertus A. Miller, Henry R. Brendle, Samuel Rhodes, Abraham P. Brubaker, William Hockenberry, William Fundston, Thomas Zeigler, Samuel Jenkins, Jacob Coons, Alfred Read, Ephraim Taylor, Samuel Bierly, Robert Finley, Hezekiah Edmonson, Richard W. Morrow, Stephen McVitty, Peter Hockenberry, Samuel Peck, Jonathan H. Shearer, Thomas B. Gaston, Edward Miller, James H. McKim, Jeremiah Sarver, James Doyle, Charles Nirider, John Haynes, John Shetier, Harmon P. Piper, William Butts, Daniel Piper, Martin Hammond, John Culbertson, William Campbell, James Murray, John Doyle, James Taylor, John H. Harry, Moses Everett, James H. Kauffman, William Piper, Henderson D. Skinner, Nesbit A. Elder, Hugh Wallace, Daniel Steward, Philip Christ, Philip Burkholder, Joseph MartinJr., Joseph Miller, Jos. Martin, Frederick Dice, Christian Rutt, Jasmes McAleer, David Bemisdarffer, Joseph Kennedy, John Ault, Michael Diehl, Christian Strock, Martin Wengerd, John Hull, William Keefer, Josinia Johnson, William Hafer, Jacob Cell, George Bare, Thomas Taylor, Henry Keiser, Jacob Diller, Joseph Burkholder, George Grove, Christian Brand, James Hay, Levi Shuman, Joshua Palmer, James C. Knull, Martin DetwilerJr., William Steplar, Reuben Palmer, Jacob Myers, Henry H. Miller, Josiah AllenJr., John A. Caufman, David Hafer, John Shoup, Frederick Bohl, Isaac Allison, John D. Saider, Samuel Ebersole, Samuel M. Hoover, Isaac A. Thompson, John W. Detwiler, George Peiffer, David Eby, Jere. Strock, John M. Rutt, David Simers, Samuel H. Bare, John M. Andrews, Labright Gelwiz, John Etter, William Corsnitz, William Watson, Jefferson Lynch, Elias Stouffer, Samuel Bricker, William G. Holmes, James Spear, William C. Golden, William Kriner, Isaac Reed, Christ Brechbill, George Reed, John Buck, Stephen Snoke, David S. Dehaven, John Cover, Elias C. Thrush, John R. Hamilton, Richard Flickinger, Jno. L. Rebock, Samuel Mowrey, Adam Franklin, Samuel B. Flickinger, Stephen M. Skinner, Jno. Strine, Martin Brechbill, Wilson W. Thrush, Andrew Maxwell, James Bittinger, Tobias Wenger, Aaron Spoke, William Saltsman, Samuel Beams, Jno. Snoke, David Spear, George Price, Benjamin Malone, Jonathan T. Jones, Azariah McClain, Samuel R. Jones, Jennings L. Jones, Robert W. McAllen, Robert Alexander, Jno. B. Kyle, Jno. S. Shaffer, Samuel C. Elden, Jeremiah Miller, James W. Walker, Solomon Pogue, Samuel Roof, Hezekiah Huffmaster, David D. Stewart, George Jones, George WestJr., Jno. H. Walker, Hezekiah Parker, James Jones, Castleton B. Jones, George E. Jones, Morris C. Stains, John H. Hornbaker, Samuel M. Wendebaugh, George W. Hinkle, Nathan Cuff, Daniel W. Divelbiss, Henry Bushey, George Shaffer, Thomas Pensinger, John Good, H. B. Strock, Benjamin Kuhn, John A. Rhoads, Thomas Kuhn, Isaac Yuman, Willis Neiswander, John Sourbeck, James Witherspoon, John MyersJr., George S. Kessinger, John Hollinger, James H. Rankin, John Richards, Michael Bidinger, A. R. Rhea, Henry Miller, James Lawton, William A. Kiser, Samuel Cautiones, Jacob Neiswander, John Taylor, William H. Stoner, J. W. Rankin, Joseph Tolson, John M. Anderson, John Smith, Samuel Allerman, William V. Bradley, William Kisecker, S. J. Rankin, John S. Polsgrove, Jacob Conrad, Thomas A. McDowell, John Hammond, John Bottles, Philip Myers, John S. Myers, George W. Brewbecker, Andrew M. Haus, Samuel Bricker, John Shaffner, Charles A. Eberly, Samuel J. Stake, Daniel P. Miller, Alex Provard, Ignatious Drury, Thomas C. Metcalf, Daniel Rogers, Frederick Mosser, Charles Schegur, Jacob Brewer, Isaac Harrison, Peter Good, George W. Garlinger, Hiram Warren, David B. Harper, Joseph Taylor, Henry Treyer, Isaac Shoemaker, William Kilbreath, John Karper, Joseph Richards, John C. Shoup, Eli Shaffer, Henry Bottles, Samuel Bowls, Eli McCollaugh, Jacob A. Stake, Benjamin L. Myers, Jonathan W. Lackins, George Starliper, Andrew Linch, Thornton Thompson, David Hawbecker, John H. Angle, John M. Brown, Jacob Rummel, James A. Vinson, John Miller, Isaac Neiswander, John Brubaker, George Smith, Christian Myers, David Shoemaker, Joseph Palmer, William Jennings, Peter Spear, James W. Daffield, Olly Robison, James Stoner, John Mown, Jacob Sechrist, David S. Gardner, Ezra Stoner, William Unger, Robert H. Baya, John C. Robison, William Frye, Jonathan Miller, Jacob D. Miller, George W. Miller, Chrish Myers, John Lindsay, Thomas M. Geeseman, Benjamin F. Conrod, John Mummert, George Sheppard, Oscar T. Elliott, Abraham Hess, John Elliott, Louis Eberly, Henry Palsgrove, Alex Parrott, Samuel Adams, Peter Keller, Samuel Koontz, Charles Shrader, Joseph N. Brewer, Jacob Hawbecker, Christ Myers, Levi Yous, William S. Johnson, Newton Stoner, Daniel Myers, Leonard Fritts, William McNeal, George Sites, William W. Auld, Curtis Doolabaum, David Cresswell, Patterson Brubaker, David V. Craig, David Straley, Jacob Plum, John Starlepper, Levi Maun, Charles Wilson, J. Wesley Angle, Simon P. Hawbecker, Jonathan Kissecker, Joseph Grimes, William G. Smith, Jeremiah Hess, Thomas Patterson, John Meisner, Valentine Hill, William Pope, David MentzerJr., Alfred Cammel, Samuel Creager, William Finfrock, Ambrose Welsh, Henry McFerren, Josiah Miller, John Rock, Ephraim J. Small, Daniel Stoops, Levi C. Kepner, George W. McCleary, Jacob B. Cook, George Rook, William ReedJr., William J. McCleary, Harman Bumbaugh, Jacob Monn, Lewis Cromer, Josiah Burger, Hiram Miller, Jonathan A. Frederick, Joseph Rouse, Jacob Sommers, David Miley, Henry Row, Jeremiah Gossert, Samuel Heller, Benjamin F. Burger, Thomas Keitz, Samuel Lookabaugh, Solomon Stamey, Joseph W. Sollenberger, Frank Kurtz, John Lantz, David Monn, William Monn, Charles Beeks, Samuel Renaker, Elias Gyer, Solomon Patterson, Benjamin Solomon, George Lackens, Jacob Bricker, Henry Rosenburg, Samuel S. Wingert, Jacob Shafer, Henry Coffman, Daniel Misner, George Dicker, Jacob Harmon, Jacob Wagaman, Jacob Moats, John Walk, John Sprow, Josiah Pharney, Andrew Shank, Elija McFerren, Henry Middour, John Avery, Samuel Renaker, William Barker, Isaiah Carbaugh, William Wolff, Abraham Clugston, Joseph E. Wangert, Benjamin McCingo, Frederick Beckner, Samuel Knepper, Alfred Miley, David Newcomer, Daniel SmallJr., Peter WhitmoreJr., Israel Hess, H. R. Harrison, Abraham Golley, David Knepper, Adam Lookabaugh, George Dull, Arthur Calomel, John Fahruey, John Wiles, Hugh Parker, Daniel Reed, Napoleon Spidle, Daniel Sollenberger, Adam Stoler, Cornelius Null, David Rook, John P. Benedict, Albert Carbaugh, George Benedict, Joseph Knepper, Calvin Secrist, Samuel Hefner, Basel McKnew, Jonathan Thompson, Edward Lee, H. F. Dowd, Leander King, William Hamon, Jacob F. Heefner, Vomadore Mudy, Elden Wells, Jacob Hossler, Peter Giblar, Abraham E. Price, Lewis Stull, Solomon Harbaugh, William Thompson, Jonathan Kane, Levi Thompson, Jonathan Bear, Jacob Smetzer, Jacob Smith, William Mentzer, Daniel Price, Charles W. Smith, Samuel Secrist, Winfield Tarner, Christ Miley, John HellerJr., Manson Carbaugh, Christopher Heefner, David W. Monn, George W. Greenawalt, William Orendoff, William Cauffman, Simon G. Wertz, George Keagy, Daniel Ponce, Frederick Ernst, Nicholas Bonebrake, Washington Dunlap, David H. Baker, George Royer, David Scott, Martin Funk, Sheeler Whitmore, Isaac Fitz, John Oller, David Steffy, W. S. Koons, Michael Lookabaugh, Henry Rineheart, Nicholas Minehart, George Switzer, Daniel Swisher, Henry Hineman, David Lohr, Samuel Shank, William Harbaugh, Martin D. Pfontz, David Gipe, Isaiah Sprankle, Jonathan Hess, David H. Funk, Solomon Newcomer, Solomon Snowberger, Abraham Deardorff, Samuel Omwake, Joseph H. Gilbert, Samuel Needy, Jacob L. Baehtie, John Ripple, Peter Wiles, Daniel Hartman, David R. Miller, Samuel S. Deardorf, Christian Bare, James Wesley, Luther Speilman, Caleb Corbet, Joseph Speilman, Daniel Kiner, Samuel Frantz, Napoleon Heller, John Wiles, Henry Baer, John Singer, John W. Brown, Solomon Sarbaugh, George Steffey, Jacob Shank, George A. Beaver, David S. McDermot, Jacob S. Leasher, Benjamin Shockey, George F. Lidy, John Hughes, David Ditch, John Hoke, John Pice, Jacob F. Newman, Joseph Woolard, James Bolt, Benjamin E. Price, William B. Hunter, William A. Flory, Cyrus Shriver, Joseph N. Dentler, William H. Beam, Joseph Snowberger, Robert Kittle, James Burns, Joseph Hess, Samuel Monn, Henry Scott, Frank Honoddle, R[illegible] Williard, William Somers, Benjamin Frantz, Peter Rouzer, Daniel Resh, John Rodgers, Joseph S. Oller, Luther Fisher, Andrew Dill, John L. Metcalf, Joseph Funk, Washington Benchof, Frederick J. Dukeheart, Jacob Wiles, George W. Somers, John Shockey, Daniel M. Baker, John Landis, Jacob Shively, Geroge V. Mong, David Barahart, John Shelley, James B. Smith, William H. Brown, Thomas Dowlen, Jacob Wolff, Sourbaugh, Henry H.> Benchof, William Crilly, Samuel Wiles, Samuel A. Flohr, Jackson W. Gilbreth, Mathew Metcalfe, Samuel Fritz, Clayton Frey, John Drexler, Frederick Harbaugh, Joseph F. Boult, James Bonner, George Middour, Jesse King, John Richardson, John Hoeflich, Peter Dock, John Hahn, John Rider, Eli Little, Hiram S. Sibbett, William G. Smith, Josiah Bakener, Jacob Woltersberger, Abraham Lohr, Exra Landis, James B. French, Dr. Isaac N Snively, Noah Snider, Samuel K. Smith, George Hanstine, Samuel M. Hoelbek, Edgar W. Washabaugh, Nathaniel Crouse, Hiram Snider, Henry G. Funk, William Funk, John J. Ervin, Josiah Detrich, A[illegible] Rider, George W. Welsh, John S. Besore, Rev. Walter E. Krebs, Jacob Beaver, George Frick, David Adams, Martin Geiser, John F. Rider, Daniel Geiser, Daniel N. Mickley, George Stover, Josiah F. Kurtz, John Sanders, Conrad Ruth, John Spangler, James H. Gordon, Jacob Burket)
The 22nd
(Column 5)
Summary: Describes the military parade, led by Major Morgan. Rev. Dr. Conrad gave an address in celebration of George Washington's birthday.
(Names in announcement: Major Morgan, Rev. Dr. Conrad)
An Enterprising Deserter
(Column 6)
Summary: Reports that Jacob Fisher, of Guilford Township, arrested a deserter named William Heyser, of Co. C, Cole's Cavalry. Heyser stole numerous articles of female clothing, jewelry, and accessories and was wearing several layers of skirts, nightgowns, and aprons when arrested.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Jacob Fisher)
Corn Husks
(Column 6)
Summary: Alerts readers to papermakers' demands for corn husks and describes how to prepare the husks for sale.
Boy Shot
(Column 6)
Summary: Reports the accidental shooting of Mrs. Gable's 3 yr. old son during a visit to Charles Wolff by Wolff's young ward. Drs. Howland and Kennedy removed the bullet.
(Names in announcement: Mrs. Michael Gable, Charles Wolff, Dr. Howland, Dr. Kennedy)
Hitching Horses To Shade Trees
(Column 6)
Summary: Complains about the common practice of hitching horses to expensive trees meant to shade houses and passersby. Apparently the horses have damaged many trees.
Marshall Collegiate Institute
(Column 6)
Summary: Praises the Marshall Collegiate Institute in Mercersburg and its principals, Charles G. Fisher, formerly of Chambersburg, and S. S. Miller and its faculty.
(Names in announcement: Charles G. Fisher, S. S. Miller)
(Column 7)
Summary: Reports the escape of Thomas H. McDowell, J. Porter Brown, and George Caufman, three Fanklin County citizens imprisoned in Salisbury, N. C.. Rebels re-captured the three men after traveling three hundred miles to the Newberne area within a five hour march to the Union lines.
(Names in announcement: Thomas H. McDowell, J. Porter Brown, George Caufman)
[No Title]
(Column 7)
Summary: Prints a letter from U. S. Army Headquarters informing Mrs. Eiker of the pending exchange of her husband and others.
(Names in announcement: Mrs. D. M. Eiker)
(Column 7)
Summary: Reports the accident of John Foust, of Culbertson's Row, who mangled a finger while examining a threshing machine at Henry Shearer's place in Lurgan Township.
(Names in announcement: John Foust, Henry Shearer)
Our . . .
(Column 7)
Summary: Announces the appointment of Capt. James R. Gilmore as the Superintendent of Military Telegraph on the staff of Maj. Gen. Q. A. Gillmore."
(Names in announcement: Capt. James R. Gilmore)
Facts About the 7-30s. The Advantages They Offer.
(Column 7)
Summary: Provides information on the 7-30s, including their absolute security, their liberal interest, their conversion options, their exemption from state or municipal taxation; and their importance in funding the war.

-Page 03-

Description of Page: The page includes real estate notices and advertisements.

Capture Of Wilmington! How Our Army Celebrated Washington's Birth-day! 700 Rebels & 30 Guns Captured!
(Column 1)
Summary: Describes the capture of Wilmington on Washington's birthday.
Finance And Trade
(Column 1)
Summary: Discusses the easy availability of money and the excitement in sterling stock. The Repository responds to an article in the Spirit which complains of the paper's treatment of the Pittsburgh and Cherry Run stock. The Repository claims neutrality on the issue.
(Names in announcement: Mr. William McClellan, Mr. McDowell Sharpe)
(Column 2)
Summary: On February 23, by Rev. Davis, Lieut. Long, of the 21st Pa. Cavalry, married Susan Greenawalt, of Chambersburg.
(Names in announcement: Rev. P. S. Davis, Lieut. Jason Thomas Long, Miss Susan Greenawalt)
(Column 2)
Summary: On February 23, by Rev. McElroy, Henry Myers married Sarah Harman, all of Fayetteville.
(Names in announcement: Rev. William McElroy, Mr. Henry Myers, Miss Sarah Harman)
(Column 2)
Summary: On February 31, by Rev. Breidenbaugh, William Bentz married Susan Brumbaugh, both of Washington County, Maryland.
(Names in announcement: Rev. E. Breidenbaugh, Mr. William P. Bentz, Miss Susan B. Brumbaugh)
(Column 2)
Summary: On February 14, by Rev. Breidenbaugh, Adam Walter married Caroline Valentine, both of Greencastle.
(Names in announcement: Rev. E. Breidenbaugh, Mr. Adam Walter, Miss Caroline Valentine)
(Column 2)
Summary: On February 23, by Rev. Breidenbaugh, James Wilson, of New York, married Lizzie Carr, of Antrim Township.
(Names in announcement: Rev. E. Breidenbaugh, Mr. James Wilson, Miss Lizzie Carr)
(Column 2)
Summary: Rev. Smith married Major Hess, of the 3d Pa. Cavalry, and Antionette Hayden, of Philadelphia.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Dr. Smith, Major Frank W. Hess, Miss E. Antionette Hayden, Mr. Hayden)
(Column 2)
Summary: Rev. Barnhart, married Joseph Whitehead and Susan Wolf, both of Chambersburg.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Thomas Barnhart, Mr. Joseph Whitehead, Miss Susan Wolf)
(Column 2)
Summary: On February 12, in Green Township, Mrs. Smith, died at 80 years, 3 months and 16 days.
(Names in announcement: Mrs. Nancy Smith)

-Page 04-

Description of Page: The page includes advertisements and train schedules.