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Valley of the Shadow

Franklin Repository: March 29, 1865

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Description of Page: The page includes advertisements, legal notices, real estate sales, candidates' cards, a poem entitled "Let Us Make the Best of It," an article called "A Dutchman's Opinion of the War," anecdotes, and a map of Sherman's advance.

-Page 02-

Progress Of The War
(Column 1)
Summary: Summarizes the movements from 1864 to the latest news. The author predicts that while Grant holds Richmond, Sherman will strike Lee's lines of communication and supplies at Burksville and Lynchburg.
Legislative Corruption
(Column 2)
Summary: Describes an attempted case of bribery. The legislature considered a bill involving the Atlantic and Great Western Railroad Company. The author suggests that outside European creditors of the railroad instructed the company to pay legislators $25,000 in bribes. Despite the uncovering of the plot, the legislature passed the bill. The Repository expresses faith in the honesty of legislature.
The Retiring Senators
(Column 2)
Summary: Discusses the likely outcome of the next election. The author predicts a Union majority of 19 to 14 Democrats.
[No Title]
(Column 3)
Summary: Complains about the status of 1864 commutations. Men who paid in 1863 are exempt from the present draft. Washington authorities have not decided whether men who paid in 1864 should be held for service in the present draft. Both Major Dodge and his successor Gen. Hicks believe the men liable to the draft. Provost Marshal Eyster grants furloughs until Washington reaches a decision. The author of the article believes that the 1864 commutatios should be exempt just like the 1863 commutations.
(Names in announcement: Capt. Eyster)
Washington. Army News--What will Lee Do--Rebel Desertions--The President Gone to the Front--Arrests for Frauds--Money Sent Home by Ohio Volunteers--Gen. Hancock's Corps--Moseby--Refugees from the South--Severe Gale.
(Column 4)
Summary: Predicts the evacuation of Richmond, reports the arrest of eight people for the fraudulent sale of transportation tickets over the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, describes the movements of Hancock as he left Winchester, and details the status of Moseby guerilla troops in Loudon and Prince William counties.
Trailer: "S. C."
Harrisburg. A Legislative Sensation--$25,000 on hand to Pass a Bill--The Legislature counted out in the Transaction--The Money Refunded--The Adjournment
(Column 4)
Summary: Describes the attempted case of bribery in the Pennsylvania legislature over a bill involving the Atlantic and Great Western Railroad Company.
Trailer: "Horace"
Summary Of News
(Column 5)
Summary: Summarizes the positions of Sheridan, Sherman, Schofield, and Wilson.
(Column 5)
Summary: Reports the return of Gen. Banks to his command in Louisiana, the command of Major Gen. Emory over the army of the Shenandoah, and Maj. Gen. Crook's resumption of his command.
Our Released Prisoners
(Column 6)
Summary: Describes the horrible condition of many Union prisoners released from Southern prisons.
Origin of Article: The Press
The State Bounty Law
(Column 6)
Summary: Details the new bounty law for Pennsylvania and explains its significance.
Good News From Gen. Grant! A Brilliant Affair on Saturday! Rebels Capture Fort Steadman! It Is Retaken by Gen. Hartrauft! 2,875 Rebels Captured! Heavy Rebel Loss In Killed & Wounded! Union Loss Less Than 800! News From Gen. Sherman! Severe Fighting! Capture Of Over 2,000 Rebels!
(Column 7)
Summary: Describes the recapture of Fort Steadman.

-Page 03-

Description of Page: The page includes market reports and advertisements.

Gossip With Our Friends
(Column 1)
Summary: Complains of the citizens' lack of effort to rebuild Chambersburg. The author also praises Representatives McClure and Sharpe who unsuccessfully tried to pass the military claims bill.
(Names in announcement: McClure, Sharpe)
The Spring Elections
(Column 1)
Summary: Lists the result of the election. The people elected thirteen Union and ten Democrat judges. The results for Antrim are: Judge: Melchi Snively, Union, 250 votes; Jacob Wistar, Democrat, 198 votes; Inspectors: A. Shirey, Samuel Fisher; School Directors: Abraham Hassler, A. A. Miller; Supervisors: Joseph Martin with a tie between Jacob Nicarry and Jacob Sesher; Assessor: John Smith; Constable: A. J. Brewbaker; Auditor: Samuel Phillippy; Township Clerk: Lemuel Snively; Treasurer: Henry R. Brendle; and Justice of the Peace: Thomas Lamason. The results for Greencastle are: School Directors: T. G. Apple and William Kreps; Justice of the Peace: Henry Appenzeller; Constable: Daniel Hawbecker; and Assessor: Jacob B. Zuck. The results for Green are: Assessor: Jacob Youst; School directors: George Dice, John Hoover, and Henry Greenawalt; Supervisors: William Berry and John Immell; Justice: C. W. Lego; Auditors: Jacob Bollinger and Henry Sleighter; Clerk: Josiah Dice; and Constable: Jacob Zook. The results for Greenvillage are: Judge: Andrew Criswell, Union, 95 votes; Samuel Hockersmith, Democrat, 56 votes. The results for Fayetteville are: Judge: C. B. Weldy, Union, 92 votes; Peter McFerren, Democrat, 75 votes. The results for Guilford are: Judge: Samuel Bender, Democrat, 110 votes; Henry S. Miller, Union, 85 votes; Inspectors: Jacob C. Snyder and Jacob B. Hege; Justice: B. F. Snyder; School Directors: Thomas Bovey and Charles Thompson; Supervisors: John Metz, David Wolfkill, Elijah Deter, and Christian Weaver; Assessor: Samuel McKenzie; Auditor: Hiram Snyder; Treasurer: Samuel Grossman; Clerk: Jacob Hockersmith; and Constable: William S. Reed. The results for Hamilton are: Judge: Benjamin Hoover, Union, 61 votes; Simon P. Harbaugh, Democrat, 55 votes; Inspectors: Samuel West and Henry Keefer; Justice: J. C. Kennedy; Constable: Andrew Beard; Assessor: R. A. Moore; School Directors: William Bossert, Benjamin Johnson, and F. Mish; and Clerk: J. M. Andrews. The results for Letterkenny are: Judge: William Gillan Sr., Democrat, no opposition; Inspectors: Nicholas Nigh and John H. Kaufman; Justice: Daniel Gelwix; Constable: Solomon Creamer; Assessor: George W. Besore; Auditor: John S. Brake; Supervisors: S. Gabler and William [middle initial illegible] Anderson; School Directors: Samuel Breneman, Michael D. Miller, and Jacob T. Sleighter; and Clerk: David Tanner. The results for Fannette are: Justices: Thomas Taylor and William Piles; Constable: Harris Finley; Auditor: Thomas Taylor; School Directors: Thomas J. Mc[illegible], Daniel D. Stake, William Price, and John A. Elder; Supervisors: John Goshorn, Peter Piper, and William H. Wilson; Assessor: Johnston Widney; and Treasurer: James Stark. The results for Dry Run are: Judge: Henry Miller, Union, 59 votes; William Nesbet, Democrat, 1 vote; Inspectors: George Meredith and James Boggs. The results for Concord are: Judge: Edward B. Doyle, Democrat, 55 votes; James Harris, Union, 4 votes; and Inspectors: John Kell and John McClure. The results for Sulphur Springs are: Judge: Robert Price, Democrat, 33 votes; Noah Steward, Union, 21 votes; and Inspectors: W. D. Funston and C. B. Duncan. The results for Lurgan are: Judge: Daniel Burkholder, Democrat, 82; Elias Clippinger, Union, 52; Inspectors: Isaac Wise and William Mowery; Assessor: John W. Powell; Supervisors: S. B. Flickinger and Jonathan Buck; School Directors: David Long, J. P. Grove and John Sanders; Auditor: Henry Thomas; Clerk: William Shoemaker; Treasurer: Samuel Pislee; Justice: E. D. Weaver; and Constable: D. R. Shoemaker. The results for Metal are: Judge: Carles Campbell, Union 80; W. S. McAllen, Democrat, 39 votes; Inspectors: A. C. Typer and W. Barelay; Justice: N. M. Witherow; School Directors: J. S. Skinner, J. Lessig and W. Skinner; Supervisors: John E. Jones, W. W. Elliott and William Scriba; Auditor: William Wilson; and Clerk: Jonathan M. Miller. The results for Montgomery are: Assessor: John C. Robison; Supervisors: John Good and S. N. Bohver; Township Clerk: Jacob Bramwell. Auditor: C. Daley; School Directors: William Angle, Joseph Boyd and J. S. Brewer; and Constable: Jonathan McGlaughlin. The results for Mercersburg are: Judge: R. S. Brownson, Union, 89 votes; C. Louderbaugh, Democrat, 61; Inspectors: S. A. Bradley and A. R. Rhea; and School Directors: S. A. Bradley and A. J. North. The results for Welsh Run are: Judge: William Reed, Democrat, 98 votes; Robert J. Boyd, Union, 44 votes; and Inspectors: John Fry and Joseph Wingert. The results for Peters are: Justice: Jacob Snyder; Constable: Jacob Haulman; Assessor: Jonathan McCullough; School Directors: William Burgess, Adam Smith; Auditor: R. P. McFarland; Supervisors: John Coffey and Jonathan S. Hassler; Clerk: P. Kunkleman. The results for London are: Judge: J. D. McDowell, Union, 39 votes; Frederick Smith, Democrat, 30 votes; Inspectors: David Vance and Robert Gold. The results for Mercersburg are: Judge: James Patten, Union, 33 votes; David Trout, Democrat, 1 votes. Inspectors: Peter Kunkleman and Jacob Lantz. The results for Quincy are: Judge: John Bushman, Democrat, 183 votes; J. W. Sollenberger, Union, 56 votes; Inspectors: William Ogle and J. B. Cook; Justice: Emanuel Stover; Constable: Jacob Mann; Assessor: J. R. Smith; Supervisors: Levi Decker, Jacob Heller, Joseph Rock and William Rock; Auditors: John Clark and G. W. McCleary; School Directors: William Hayman, William Slaughenkaupt and James A. Cook; and Clerk: Henry Shiery. The results for St. Thomas are: Judge: John A Seliers, Democrat, 111 votes; Joseph S. Crider, Union, 81 votes; Inspectors: Francis Peckman and John Gillan, Jr; School Directors: John Bryan, B. A. Cormany and A. G. Shuman; Assessor: Albertus Hicks; Supervisors: J. Newcomer and David Keller; Auditor: D. Jinefrock; Constable: William Bratten; Clerk: Alexander Martin. The results for Southampton are: Justice: George Johnston; Assessor: H. A. Bitner; Supervisors: Emanuel Staver adn Jacob Gordon; School Directors: William Orr and J. G. Hamsher; Auditor: W. A. Linn; and Clerk: James Blair; Constable: Hugh Smith. The results for Mt. Rock are: Judge: C. Plasterer, Democrat, 47; Michael Cressler, Union, 18; Inspectors: Jacob Reber and Thomas E. Fuller. The results for Orrstown are: Judge: S. G. Breckinridge, Democrat, 81; David Hays, Union, 37; and Inspectors: David McCreary and Samuel Hollar. The results for Warren are: Judge: P. Zimmerman, Union, 48; no opposition; Inspectors: Isaiah Brewer and O. E. McCulloh; Justice: Simon Brewer; Assessor: Denton Brewer; Constable: Denton Brewer; School Directors: Samuel Zimmerman and Isaac Winger; Supervisors: Jacob Bear and Abraham Yeakle; Clerk: Solomon Cook; and Treasurer: Jacob S. Zimmerman. The results for Washington are: Judge: John W. Coon, Union 143; Jacob Carbaugh, Democrat, 138; Inspectors: Henry Walter and John Woolson; Assessor: George W. Foltz; School Directors: Simon Lechrone, Joseph Ripple and Joseph Elden; Supervisors: M. Detrich, C. W. Shockey and George Saurbaugh, Sr; Auditor: Matthew A. Gordon; and Constable: Jacob H. Hoover. The results for Waynesboro are: Justice: George Bender; Constable: W. F. Horner; Assessor: George Morganthal; Schoool Directors: John Bell, D. B. Russell and David Hahn; and Auditor: George W. Ports.
(Names in announcement: Melchi Snively, Jacob Wistar, A. Shirey, Samuel Fisher, Abraham Hassler, A. A. Miller, Joseph Martin, Jacob Nicarry, Jacob Lesher, John Smith, A. J. Brewbaker, Samuel Phillippy, Lemuel Snively, Henry R. Brendle, Thomas Lamason, T. G. Apple, William Kreps, Henry Appenzeller, Daniel Hawbecker, Jacob Zuck, Jacob Youst, George Dice, John Hoover, Henry Greenawalt, William Berry, John Immell, C. W. Lego, Jacob Bollinger, Henry Sleighter, Josiah Dice, Jacob Zook, Andrew Chriswell, Samuel Hockersmith, C. B. Weldy, Peter McFerren, Samuel Bender, Henry S. Miller, Jacob C. Snyder, Jacob B. Hege, B. F. Snyder, Thomas Bovey, Charles Thompson, John Metz, David Wolfkill, Elijah Deter, Christian Weaver, Samuel McKenzie, Hiram Snyder, Samuel Grossman, Jacob Hockersmith, William S. Reed, Benjamin Hoover, Simon P. Harbaugh, Samuel West, Henry Keefer, J. C. Kennedy, Andrew Beard, R. A. Moore, William Bossert, Benjamin Johnson, Samuel Keefer, Jacob Krider, Frederick Mish, J. M. Andrews, F. Mish, William GillanSr., Nicholas Nigh, John H. Kaufman, Daniel Gelwix, Solomon Creamer, George W. Besore, John S. Brake, S. Gabler, William [middle initial illegible] Anderson, Samuel Breneman, Michael D. Miller, Jacob T. Sleighter, David Tanner, Thomas Taylor, William Piles, Harris Finley, Thomas Fegan, Thomas J. McIlhenny, Daniel D. Stake, William Price, John A. Elder, John Goshorn, Peter Piper, William H. Wilson, Johnston Widney, James Stark, Henry Miller, William Nesbet, George Meredith, James Boggs, Edward B. Doyle, James Harris, John Kell, John McClure, Robert Price, Noah Steward, W. D. Funston, C. B. Duncan, Daniel Burkholder, Elias Clippinger, Isaac Wise, William Mowery, John W. Powell, S. B. Flickinger, Jonathan Buck, David Long, J. P. Grove, John Sanders, Henry Thomas, William Shoemaker, Samuel Pislee, E. D. Weaver, D. R. Shoemaker, Charles Campbell, W. S. McAllen, A. C. Typer, W. Barclay, N. M. Witherow, J. S. Skinner, J. Lessig, W. Skinner, John E. Jones, W. W. Elliott, William Scriba, William Wilson, Jonathan W. Skinner, J. J. Basore, John M. Miller, John C. Robison, John Good, S. N. Bohver, Jacob Bramwell, C. Daley, William Angle, Joseph Boyd, J. S> Brewer, Jonathan McGlaughlin, R. S. Brownson, C. Louderbaugh, S. A. Badley, A. R. Rhea, S. A. Bradley, A. J. North, William Reed, Robert J. Boyd, John Fry, Joseph Wingert, Jacob Snyder, Jacob Haulman, Jonathan McCullough, William Burgess, Adam Smith, R. P. McFarland, John Coffey, Jonathan S. Hassler, P. Kunkleman, J. D. McDowell, Frederick Smith, David Vance, Robert Gold, James Patten, David Trout, Peter Kunkleman, Jacob Lantz, John Bushman, S. W. Sollenberger, William Ogle, J. B. Cook, Emanuel Stover, Jacob Mann, J. R. Smith, Levi Decker, Jacob Heller, Joseph Rock, William Rock, John Clark, G. W. McCleary, William Hayman, William Slaughenkaupt, James A. Cook, Henry Shiery, John A. Sellers, Joseph S. Crider, Francis Peckman, John Gillam, John Bryan, B. A. Cormany, A. G. Shuman, Albertus Hicks, J. Newcomer, David Keller, D. Finefrock, William Bratten, Alexander Martin, George Johnston, H. A. Bitner, Emanuel Staver, Jacob Gordon, William Orr, J. G. Hamsher, W. A. Linn, James Blair, Hugh Smith, C. Plasterer, Michael Cressler, Jacob Reber, Thomas E. Fuller, S. G. Breckinridge, David Hays, David McCreary, Samuel Hollar, P. Zimmerman, Isaiah Brewer, O. E. McCulloh, Simon Brewer, Denton Brewer, Denton Brewer, Samuel Zimmerman, Isaac Winger, Jacob Bear, Abraham Yeakle, Solomon Cook, Jacob S> Zimmerman, John W. Coon, Jacob Carbaugh, Henry Walter, John Woolson, George W. Foltz, Simon Lechrone, Joseph Ripple, Joseph Elden, M. Detrich, C. W. Shockey, George SaurbaughSr., Matthew A. Gordon, Jacob H. Hoover, George Bender, W. F. Horner, George Morgnthal, John Bell, D. B. Russell, David Hahn, George W. Ports)
Local Legislation
(Column 2)
Summary: Lists the bills passed by the legislature with special importance to Franklin County.
Gen. Couch
(Column 2)
Summary: Recounts how Gen. Couch stopped protecting Southern property after the burning of his home in Chambersburg and how he shared food with a starving rebel family.
(Names in announcement: Gen. Couch)
Justice Of The Peace
(Column 2)
Summary: Requests that newly elected Justices of the Peace report to the Prothonotary to say whether they accept the position and whether they were elected to a full term or are filling a vacancy.
Death Of Prisoners
(Column 2)
Summary: Reports that James Ridgely, of Hamilton Township, and John Danfelt, of Chambersburg, both members of Co. K, 107th Pa. Vols., died in the military prison at Salisbury, N. C.
(Names in announcement: James Ridgely, John Danfelt)
(Column 3)
Summary: On March 23, at the home of the bride's father in Dillsburg, Pa., by Rev. Reigel, Logan Dyson, U. S. N., married Maria Shearer, eldest daughter of Dr. Shearer.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Daniel Reigel, Logan Dyson, Miss Maria H. Shearer, Dr. George L. Shearer)
(Column 3)
Summary: On March 26, in Chambersburg, by Rev. Smith, William Bush married Margaret Bohn, both of Franklin County.
(Names in announcement: Rev. S. H. C. Smith, Mr. William Bush, Miss Margaret Bohn)
(Column 3)
Summary: On March 9, near Orrstown, by Rev. Rebuck, John Miller married Elizabeth Coleman, both of Lurgan Township.
(Names in announcement: Rev. H. M. Rebuck, John A. J. Miller, Elizabeth Coleman)

-Page 04-

Description of Page: The page includes advertisements and train schedules.