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Valley of the Shadow

Franklin Repository: April 11, 1866

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Stonewall Jackson
(Column 6)
Summary: The article gives a negative review of a new biography of Stonewall Jackson, declaring the work to be astonishingly "partizan" in its glowing portrayal of the fallen Confederate hero and his cause.

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The Veto Vetoed!
(Column 1)
Summary: Overriding the President's veto, Congress passed the Civil Rights Bill, the editors joyously note. The enactment of the legislation will guarantee that "caste, condition and color" shall no longer affect an individual's ability to enjoy the fruits of his labor or protection under the law. But it does not grant suffrage to the freedmen, a decision supported by the editors who contend that the qualifications for political rights are the province of the states.
Full Text of Article:

The United States Senate, on Friday last, passed the Civil Rights bill over the veto of President Johnson by 33 yeas to 15 nays; three more than the constitutional majority. It had passed the Senate originally on the 2d of February by 33 to 12, and on the 13th of March it passed the House by 111 to 38; but the President, in accordance with his league with copperheads and traitors to force rebels into our national legislature and protect treason from all penalties for its bloody record of crime, vetoed the bill and vainly hoped to corrupt or intimidate a sufficient number of Senators to defeat its passage. Such was the history of the Freedmen's Bureau bill, but Congress has at last resolved to discharge its duty regardless of the treachery and power of the Executive, and the natural rights with which a just Creator has endowed all mankind, will in the great Republic of the world be conferred by statute in defiance of the objection of the President. But once before in the history of this government has a law been enacted over a veto, and that was an unimportant one passed notwithstanding the objections of John Tyler, whose name has been measurably redeemed from infamy by the perfidy of Andrew Johnson.

The following is the vote by which the bill was passed over the veto on Friday:
Lane of Ind.,

Lane of Kansas,
Van Winkle,

The yeas are all Republicans, and the nays all Democrats but Doolittle, Lane, Nesmith, Norton, and Van Winkle. We class Mr. Cowan with the Democrats--as he has on all issues identified himself with that organization.

We congratulate the friends of Justice and Freedom in all sections of the Republic on this triumph of right over deliberate, perfidious Wrong. It proclaims that caste, condition and color shall work no distinction in the enjoyments of the natural, inalienable rights of Man, and henceforth there will be no foot of American soil whereon the humblest citizen cannot demand and enforce in his own behalf and in behalf of his household, equal and exact justice before the law. It confers no political or conventual rights. These are wisely and properly left to the States; but it stamps all men, of every condition and color, as citizens of the Republic they are compelled to join in defending, and gives notice to the world with all the commanding ceremony of law, that the humble and opulent are here equal in the enjoyment of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A faithless President may interfere and aid the violent prejudices of treason to defeat its enforcement in some degree for a time; but it is a step from which no nation can recede, and the unwilling and discomfited President will see Right ever strengthen as his treachery and much abused power draw daily toward the close of their brief limitation.

At the time of this writing we have no word of the passage of the bill in the House, but we hazard little in assuring that it will there have the requisite two-thirds and probably twenty to spare. We feel warranted, therefore, in assuring our readers that the Civil Right's bill will be the law of the land before the close of the present week. Thus in the fullness of time, does justice achieve its triumphs however clouded to gloom or beset by treachery.

Since the above was in type a telegraphic dispatch gives us the cheering intelligence that the House of Representatives took up the bill on Monday, and passed it over the veto by 122 yeas to 41 nays--forty more than the required number. The bill is therefore a law, the objections of Andrew Johnson and copperheads and rebels generally to the contrary notwithstanding. Freedom takes no step backward!

A Gentle Admonition
(Column 1)
Summary: In the wake of the Democrats' dreadful performance in the recent election in Connecticut, some Democrats in Pennsylvania sense that their gubernatorial nominee, Clyster Clymer, has little chance of defeating his opponent because his record during the war was less than distinguished. As a consequence, there is a movement afoot to replace Clymer with Senator Cowan, a more well-known political entity. Regardless who the Democrats' select, the editors say, the Union party will emerge triumphant in the next election.
[No Title]
(Column 3)
Summary: It is reported that the Supreme Court has ruled that "military commissions cannot try citizens for offences in time of peace."
[No Title]
(Column 3)
Summary: The failure of Culver, Penn, & Co. has "crippled" several banks in Pennsylvania, reports indicate. The Bank of Chambersburg is refusing to accept notes from the Oil City Bank, Petroleum Bank, and Venango County Bank, all from Venago county, as well as the Crawford County Bank, Lawrence County Bank, and Tioga County Bank.
County Superintendent
(Column 4)
Summary: "Philomath" nominates John R. Gaff as a candidate for County Superintendent of Franklin county schools.
(Names in announcement: John R. Gaff)
Trailer: Philomath
Proclamation by the President
(Column 6)
Summary: A copy of the President's Proclamation affirming the official end of the insurrection by the southern states.

-Page 03-

Local Items--Court Proceedings
(Column 1)
Summary: During the court proceedings last Monday, the following cases were disposed of: Com. vs. John Burkholder and William Clandy. Surety of the Peace. Nolle prosequi entered. Com. vs. Jeremiah Miller, Dallas, McGlaughlin and others. Assault and Battery. Nolle Prosequi entered. Com. vs. George Goettman. Assault and Battery. Nolle Prosequi entered. Com. vs. James Wilson. Assault and Battery. Nolle Prosequi entered. Com. vs. William Bratton. Assault and Battery. Nolle Prosequi entered. Com. vs. William Flory. Assault and Battery. Nolle Prosequi entered. Com. vs. James Dixon. Surety of the Peace. Nolle Prosequi entered. Com. vs. Henry Stumbaugh. Assault and Battery. Nolle Prosequi. Com. vs. C. H. Stumbaugh. Assault and Battery. Nolle Prosequi entered. Com. vs. C. H. Stumbaugh, Henry Stumbaugh, and Richard Carr. Riot. Nolle Prosequi entered. Com. vs. Charles Smith and James Thomas. Larceny. The defendants were charged with stealing a quantity of jewelry from the house of Adam Wolff, of this place. Defendants plead guilty and submit to the court. Sentenced to separate and solitary confinement at labor in Eastern Penitentiary for the period of thirteen calendar months.
(Names in announcement: John Burkholder, William Clandy, Jeremiah Miller, George Goettman, Dallas McGlaughlin, James Wilson, William Bratton, William Flory, James Dixon, Henry Stumbaugh, C. H. Stumbaugh, Richard Carr, Charles Smith, James Thomas, Adam Wolff)
Local Items--Annual Meeting
(Column 1)
Summary: Announces that the annual meeting of the German Baptists, who are also known as the "Dunkards," will be held at the residence of Jacob Price, near Waynesboro, on May 19th. It is anticipated that the event will be large and will continue for five or six days: organizers are preparing enough food to feed one thousand people.
Local Items--Another Stable Burned
(Column 1)
Summary: A large stable, known as Radebaugh's barn, burned down in a fire last Thursday night. The blaze destroyed all the contents of the barn except the two horses, which were the only livestock it contained. Because of the fire's size and extreme heat, residents feared it would spread to other buildings in the neighborhood, particularly the Indian Queen Hotel's stable. It is believed that the fire was started by Charles Skelly, who was seen by police officer Gelwicks running away shortly before the alarm went off. Skelly was pursued and arrested and is awaiting trial.
(Names in announcement: Charles Skelly, Officer Gelwicks)
Local Items--Borough Appointments
(Column 2)
Summary: At the last meeting of the Town Council, the following men were elected officers: G. O. Seilhauer, Secretary; D. S. Fahnestock, Treasurer; Nicholas Snider, Wood Inspector for North Ward; Joseph Frey, Wood Inspector for South Ward. William Pearce and John R. Gelwicks were appointed night police, and Constable M. W. Houser was made chief.
(Names in announcement: G. O. Seilhauer, D. S. Fahnestock, Nicholas Snider, Joseph Frey, William Pearce, John R. Gelwicks, Constable M. W. Houser)
Local Items--House Burned Near Upton
(Column 2)
Summary: A tenant house belonging to William McLellan burned to the ground last Sunday night. No one was injured in the blaze, but a family was expected to move into the dwelling on Monday. It is thought that the fire was the work of an incendiary.
(Names in announcement: William McLellan)
Local Items
(Column 1)
Summary: Announces that the 54th Anniversary of the Franklin County Bible School will take place April 23rd in the Methodist E. Church.
(Column 2)
Summary: On March 29th, Jacob G. Leedy and Elizabeth M. Boosel were married by Rev. William A. West.
(Names in announcement: Jacob G. Leedy, Elizabeth M. Boosel, Rev. William A. West)
(Column 2)
Summary: On March 28th, James Park and Maggie M. Walker were married by Rev. J. Smith Gordon.
(Names in announcement: James Park, Maggie M. Walker, Rev. J. Smith Gordon)
(Column 2)
Summary: On March 16th, William P. McDowell and Mary E. Foreman were married by William Britton.
(Names in announcement: William P. McDowell, Mary E. Foreman, William W. Britton)
(Column 2)
Summary: On April 3rd, Ashway Rosenberry and Elizabeth Flengle were married by William Britton.
(Names in announcement: Ashway Rosenberry, Elizabeth Flengle, William Britton)
(Column 2)
Summary: On April 5th, John Allen and Elizabeth Hoilingshead were married by William Britton.
(Names in announcement: John Allen, Elizabeth Hoilingshead, William Britton)
(Column 2)
Summary: On April 4th, Roney, infant son of Henry and Ellen Ward, died in Chambersburg. He was 4 months old.
(Names in announcement: Roney Ward, Henry Ward, Ellen Ward)

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