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Valley of the Shadow

Franklin Repository: July 18, 1866

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Geary on Bounties
(Column 7)
Summary: The article contains a letter from Gen. Geary to Henry Wilson, the chairman of the Military Committee, in which the Union candidate for governor articulates his position on granting bounties to returning soldiers. In his letter, Geary calls for the government to provide "something more substantial than mere thanks and gratitude" for the "sterling rank and file" soldiers who braved the "deadly strife" and sustained the "glory and honor of the Republic." These men, he contends, deserve to be rewarded for their efforts regardless of the impact on the nation's economy, for if not for their sacrifices there would be no country.

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[No Title]
(Column 1)
Summary: Announces that the Union men of Franklin county will hold a primary election for local offices at their convention on August 4th.
Jonah Swallows the Whale!
(Column 1)
Summary: Using the parable of Jonah and the whale as an analogy, the editors predict the imminent demise of the Democratic party and Andrew Johnson's political career.
[No Title]
(Column 2)
Summary: The article contains a copy of General Order No. 44, the decree issued by Gen. Grant which directs Department, District, and Post-Commanders in the South to arrest anyone charged with a crime against officers, agents, citizens, and inhabitants of the U. S., "irrespective of color," in those instances where the local civil authorities have failed to act. Those arrested shall remain under military confinement until an appropriate judicial tribunal can try them.
Editorial Comment: "Lieut. Gen. Grant don't [sic] seem to appreciate the loyalty of the reconstructed brethren lately in rebellion. While Johnson, Seward, Cowan & Co., are daily announcing that the rebels are law abiding and loyal, Gen. Grant tells the whole story in the following brief but pointed order just issued, which virtually declares martial law in all the rebel States:"
Letter From Gov. Curtin
(Column 6)
Summary: The article contains a letter to Col. Jordan, chairman of the Union State Committee, from Gov. Curtin, in which he articulates "his views on propriety of calling for an extra session of the legislature to ratify the proposed amendments to the constitution." Although Curtin supports the measure, he expresses the belief that the ratification process should be put off until the amendment's passage is guaranteed, which currently is not the case.
Loyalists in Council--A Call for a Convention of the Unionists of the South A Country's Destiny not to be left in the hands of those who, with Might and Main, Sought to Destroy it.
(Column 7)
Summary: A copy of a resolution signed by "loyal" white southerners calling for delegates from southern states to attend a conference in Philadelphia on the first Monday of September. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss ways to end the continued dominance of the South by the region's "atrocious" antebellum leadership.
Full Text of Article:

To the Loyal Unionists of the South!

The great issue is upon us. The majority in Congress, and its supporters, firmly declare that "the rights of the citizens enumerated in the Constitution, and established by the supreme law, must be maintained inviolate."

Rebels and rebel sympathizers assert that "the rights of the citizens must be left to the States alone, and under such regulations as the respective States choose voluntarily to prescribe."

We have seen this doctrine of State sovereignty carried out in its practical results until all authority in Congress was denied, the Union temporarily destroyed, the constitutional rights of the citizens of the South nearly annihilated, and the land desolated by civil war.

The time has come when the restricture of Southern State government must be laid on constitutional principles or the despotism grown up under an atrocious leadership be permitted to remain. We know of no other plan than that Congress, under its constitutional powers, shall now exercise its authority to establish the principles whereby protection is made co-extensive with citizenship.

We maintain that no State, either by its organic law or legislation, can make transgression on the rights of the citizen legitimate.

We demand, and ask you to concur in demanding, protection to every citizen of this great Republic on the basis of equality before the law; and further, that no State government would be recognized as legitimate under the Constitution, so far as it does not, by its organic law, make impartial protection full and complete.

Under the doctrine of "State sovereignty" with rebels in the foreground controlling Southern Legislatures, and embittered by disappointment in their schemes to destroy the Union, there will be no safety for the loyal element of the South. Our reliance for protection is now in Congress, and the great Union party that has stood and is standing by the nationality, by the constitutional rights and by the beneficent principles of free government.

For the purpose of bringing the loyal Unionists of the South into conjunctive action with the true friends of republican government in the North, we invite you to send delegates in goodly numbers from all the Southern States, including Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, to meet at Independence Hall, in the city of Philadelphia, on the first Monday of September next.

It is proposed that we should meet at that time to recommend measures for the establishment of such government in the South as accords with and protects the rights of all citizens. We trust this call will be responded to by a numerous delegation of such as represent the true loyalty of the South. That kind of government which gives full protection to all the rights of the citizen, such as our fathers intended, we claim as our birthright. Either the lovers of constitutional liberty must rule the nation, or rebels and their sympathizers be permitted to misrule it.

Shall loyalty or disloyalty have the keeping of the destinies of the nation? Let the responses to this call, which is now in circulation for signatures, and is being numerously signed, answer.

Notice is given that gentlemen at a distance can have their names attached to it by sending a request by letter, directed to
D. W. Bingham, Washington, D. C.
W. B. Stokes, Tennessee
James Fowler, Tennessee
James Gettys, Tennessee
C. B. Sabin, Texas
Henry G. Cole, Georgia
John R. Kelso, Missouri
Geo. W. Anderson, Missouri
J. Hamilton, Texas
Geo. H. W. Paschal, Texas
Lorenzo Sherwood, Texas
G. W. Ashburn, Georgia
J. W. McClurg, Missouri
John B. Troth, Fairfax C. H., Va.
J. M. Stewart, Alexandria, Va.
W. M. Berkley, Virginia
Allen C. Harmon, Virginia
J. W. Hunnicutt, Virginia
Burnham Wardell, Virginia
Byron Laflon, North Carolina
Geo. Reese, Alabama
M. J. Saffold, Alabama
Lewis McKensie, Virginia
John C. Underwood, Virginia
Alexander M. Davis, Virginia
D. R. Goodloe, North Carolina
D. H. Bingham, Alabama
J. H. Larcombe, Alabama

Washington, July 4, 1866.

-Page 03-

Local Items--Fire
(Column 1)
Summary: Sometime between nine and ten o'clock last Saturday evening, an arsonist set fire to the back building of the First National Bank of Chambersburg. Although the blaze caused considerable damage to the floor and roof of the garret, its impact could have been far graver if not for the efforts of the local fire companies, which managed to extinguish the fire before it could spread to the surrounding property. The Directors of the bank have offered a reward of $500 for the arrest and conviction of the incendiary.
(Names in announcement: Messersmith)
Local Items--The Public Schools
(Column 1)
Summary: The Directors of the Chambersburg school district have selected the following teachers for the next school year: John R. Faff, William H. Hockeberry, Joseph Eckert, David S. McFadden, Thomas Richards, Mary J. Stoner, Sarah A. Reynolds, Mary E. Wark, Sarah Wright, Sadie Jeffries, Helen M. Seibert, Mary Snyder, Maggie P. McCulloh, Mary E. Heffleman, Lidie Tolbert, Charlotte S. Heck, Lizzie Gilmore, and Sadie Flory.
(Names in announcement: John R. Faff, William H. Hockenberry, Joseph Eckert, David S. McFadden, Thomas Richards, Mary J. Stoner, Sarah A. Reynolds, Mary E. Wark, Sarah Wright, Sadie Jeffries, Helen M. Seibert, Mary Snyder, Maggie McCulloh, Mary E. Heffleman, Lidie Tolbert, Charlotte Heck, Lizzie Gilmore, Sadie Flory)
Local Items--National Bank of Chambersburg
(Column 2)
Summary: According to the National Bank of Chambersburg's quarterly statement, the institution will pay a semi-annual dividend of 6% to its subscribers.
Local Items--Base Ball
(Column 2)
Summary: The Liberty Base Ball Club of Chambersburg lost its match against the Dahlgreen Club of Greencastle by a difference of fifteen runs. The article attributes Dahlgreen's victory to the fact that its players are "much stouter men," which provided an advantage when batting.
Local Items--Balloon Ascension
(Column 2)
Summary: Announces that John A. Light, "the renowned and daring Aeronaut," will take off in his new balloon, the "'Flying Cloud'" on July 28th. He will leave from the Diamond to embark on his sixty-third "successful aerial trip."
(Names in announcement: John A. Light)
Local Items--Electricity
(Column 2)
Summary: Notes that Dr. Brown has begun to use electricity as "a remedial agent" to treat patients for a number of "disorders which defy ordinary treatment." Brown, the piece adds, is "experienced in the profession and administers it skillfully and safely."
(Names in announcement: Dr. Brown)
Local Items--Installed
(Column 2)
Summary: Rev. Samuel Philips, formerly pastor of Chambersburg's German Reformed Church, took a position as the pastor of St. John's G. R. Church in Allentown on June 27th.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Samuel Philips)
Origin of Article: German Reformed Messenger
Local Items
(Column 2)
Summary: Announces the passing of James Davison, of Antrim township, who took up arms during the War of 1812 and, later, served as a Commissioner of Chambersburg.
(Names in announcement: James Davison)
Origin of Article: Greencastle Pilot
Local Items--Discharged
(Column 2)
Summary: Informs readers that Dr. Robinson and Samuel M. Seylor, both of whom were arrested in Baltimore for passing counterfeit notes, were unconditionally discharged on June 27th.
Local Items
(Column 2)
Summary: On August 1st, the "colored people" of Franklin county will celebrate the emancipation of the slaves of Jamaica in Messersmith's woods.
(Column 2)
Summary: On July 17th, Alex H. Senseny, 26, died in Chambersburg.
(Names in announcement: Alex H. Senseny)
(Column 2)
Summary: On July 12th, Alice M., wife of John L. Cooper and daughter of W.W. and Mary C. Paxton, died in Santa Cruz, Cal. She was 28 years old.
(Names in announcement: Alice M. Cooper, John L. Cooper, Mary Paxton, W. W. Paxton)

-Page 04-

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