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Valley of the Shadow

Franklin Repository: January 29, 1868

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(Column 01)
Summary: The paper severely criticizes President Johnson for vetoing the Reconstruction Acts recently passed by Congress. The editors assert that his actions gave power back to unreconstructed rebels, which allowed anarchy to prevail in the South. The veto also forced the North to waste time coming up with new Reconstruction plans instead of turning their attention to northern interests.
Full Text of Article:

WE believe it is recorded in the book of Ecclesiastes, as the saying of the wisest of men, "woe to thee oh land when thy king is a child." What might have been the proverb of the illustrious son of David had he lived in the "living present" and contemplated the ruler of our land, we know not. The first minds of the nation, after much thought upon the subject, enunciated a plan for the reconstruction of the Southern States; it was meet that that plan should be fairly tried before setting it aside. But Andrew Johnson, with the self-confidence which comes of ignorance, forgetting that "in the multitude of counsellors there is safety," joined hands with the enemies of the Republic to defeat the plan of Congress, by substituting a plan of his own, which, although it would have the effect to restore unrepentent rebels to power--he supported with all the strength of his position. It is unnecessary to rehearse the despicable means he resorted to to accomplish his ends. They are well known to the people, who will, when his term of office is ended, consign him to a state of obscurity only equalled by that which surrounds the "Sage of Wheatland." But what has been the result of this opposition to Congress? If the President, instead of assuming to legislate for the nation, had kept within the bounds of his office, and duly executed the laws which the proper legislative bodies had devised, then the disaffected people of the South would have known how to conduct themselves, and instead of indulging the false hope, of attaining by means of a false Executive, what they had failed to attain by the appeal to arms, they would have accepted the terms offered by the conquerors, and peace and prosperity would now dwell with them instead of anarchy and want. Then Congress and the people of the North, instead of exciting themselves over the question "how to reconstruct the South," could give their attention to the devising of means to pay off the national debt and to other measures pro bono publico. Andrew Johnson is responsible for the unsettled condition of things, North and South, and we would paraphrase the saying of Solomon, "Woe to thee oh land when a fool is thy ruler."

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(Column 01)
Summary: The paper endorses Ulysses S. Grant for the Republican nomination for president. The editor admit that Salmon P. Chase would also make a good candidate, but believe that Grant represents the best man in the present circumstances and gives several reasons why.
Full Text of Article:

EVERY day it approaches nearer certainty that Gen. Ulysses S. Grant will be the next Chief Magistrate of the Republic. For a time the great party of progress was pretty nearly equally divided between two candidates. Those who would provide, to a perfect certainty, against a repetition of the fatal error committed in the choice of a Vice President in '64, expressed themselves in favor of one who during all his life has been identified with every progressive movement and who now fills with honor the most honorable office in the gift of the people. Without a shadow of a doubt Salmon P. Chase would represent the principles of the Radical party. Yet eminently fitted as he is for the Presidency, he would not at this time have been spoken of as a candidate, had we not been so utterly deceived in the present incumbent. All chivalric ideas have not yet vanquished. As of old, mankind delight to honor the successful warrior. And had Grant been so entirely committed to Radical principles as the Chief Justice, he would have been named by the unanimous voice of the Radical party. Yet, had Andrew Johnson never been called to scourge the nation, no Republican would ever have thought of questioning the fitness of Grant. To be sure he has not, like Chase, been all his life in the vanguard of the party of progress, still it was under his leadership that the greatest forward movement was made. Like his competitor, he has a record which he cannot ignore. Knowing well the cost of that step forward, he will not easily be persuaded to make a retrograde movement. With Grant for our standard bearer, we can enter the coming campaign confident of success, not only in electing him, but also in restoring harmony and prosperity permanently to our country. That this may speedily be accomplished is the wish of every true patriot.

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(Column 03)
Summary: The paper denounces General Hancock as "the idol of the rebels." The editors criticize the New Orleans commander for his close relationship with ex-Confederates.

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Court Proceedings
(Column 01)
Summary: The paper records the proceedings of the county courts and its verdicts. The crimes include assaults, larcenies, sureties of the peace, etc., with verdicts consisting of fine, court costs, and jail time. Also lists the names of those who were granted licenses for restaurants and hotels.
(Names in announcement: Jacob Heisey, Joseph Wallach, Calvin Plowden, Daniel Daily, Joseph Plowden, Franklin Holingsworth, John Walter, William Ackerman, Peter Ackerman, Elias Butler, James Hunter, William Doyle, James Lane, Jacob Rockwell, Mary Pense, Sophia Riddle, Lewis Anderson, M. Latus, William Stoner, David Montgomery, John Plowden, Eli Gates, George KnepperSr., George KnepperJr., Addie L. Kurtz, James Reed, A. H. Stump, G. H. Stump, Daniel S. Resiher, Samuel S. Reisher, M'Clure, Stewart, Kimmell, Brewer, William C. M'Nulty, John Miller, Henry Feltman, William BrattonJr., William BrattonSr., Jacob L. Detrich, Samuel Staver, Henry Kurtz, Henry Shiery, James Coffee, George E. Stewart, David Guyer, George Ditman, Frank Dengler, Philip Fendricks, H. B. Blair, J. P. Miley, James Snyder, Jacob Newcomer)
Full Text of Article:

The January term of the several Courts of Franklin county was convened on Monday, the 20th, President Judge King and Associates Ferguson and Armstrong on the bench. The following cases were disposed of:


Com. vs. Jacob Helsey.--Larceny on oath of Joseph Wallach. A true bill. Verdict not guilty.

Com. vs. Calvin Plowden.--Assault and Battery, on oath of Daniel Daily. A true bill. Verdict not guilty. Each party to pay half of the costs.

Com. vs. Joseph Plowden.--Assault and Battery, on oath of Daniel Daily. A true bill. Verdict not guilty. Each party to pay half of the costs.

Com. vs. Franklin Hollingsworth.--Perjury, on oath of John Walter. A true bill. Defendand pleaded not guilty, verdict guilty. Sentenced to pay a fine of $5, costs of prosecution and undergo an imprisonment in the county jail for a period of six months.

Com. vs. Wm. and Peter Ackerman.--False Pretence, Conspiracy to Cheat, on oath of Peter Snider. A true bill. Defendants pleaded not guilty, verdict guilty of conspiracy. Sentenced each to pay a fine of $1 and costs of prosecution, William to undergo an imprisonment of one year in the county jail and Peter of one day.

Com. vs. Daniel Daily.--Surety of the Peace, on oath of Calvin Plowden. Bound over in sum of $100 to keep the peace, and pay cost of prosecution.

Com. vs. Elias Butler--Keeping a Disorderly House, on oath of James Hunter. A true bill. Defendant pleaded not guilty, verdict guilty. Sentenced to pay a fine of $10 and cost of prosecution, and undergo imprisonment in county jail for ten days.

Com. vs. James Hunter.--Surety of the Peace, on oath of Elias Butler. Case dismissed and defendant to pay costs.

Com. vs. William Doyle and James Lane.--Riot and Assault and Battery, on oath of Michael Fallen. A true bill. Defendants pleaded not guilty, verdict guilty. Sentenced to each pay a fine of $5, cost of prosecution and undergo an imprisonment in the county jail for a period of fourteen months.

Com. vs. James Lane--Assault and Battery, on oath of Jacob Rockwell. A true bill. Defendant pleaded guilty and submits to court.--Sentenced to pay a fine of $1 and costs of prosecution.

Com. vs. Mary Pense--Surety of the Peace, on oath of Sophia Riddle. Case dismissed by court, each party to pay half the costs.

Com. vs. Lewis Anderson.--Larceny, on oath M. Latus. A true bill. Defendant pleaded guilty, and submits to court. Sentenced to pay a fine of $1, costs of prosecution, and undergo an imprisonment in the Eastern Penitentiary for a term of one year and three months.

Com. vs. William Stoner.--Assault and Battery with intent to kill, on oath of David Montgomery. A true bill. Defendant pleaded not guilty, verdict guilty. Sentenced to pay a fine of $1, costs of prosecution, and undergo an imprisonment in the Eastern Penitentiary for a term of six years and eight months.

Com. vs. John Plowden.--Assault and Battery on oath of Daniel Daily. A true bill. Defendant pleaded not guilty, verdict guilty of assault. Sentenced to pay a fine of $1 and costs of prosecution.

Com. vs. Calvin Plowden.--Larceny, on oath of Eli Gates. A true bill. Defendant pleaded not guilty, verdict guilty. Sentenced to pay a fine of $1, costs of prosecution, and undergo an imprisonment in the Eastern Penitentiary for a period of one year and one month.


George Knepper, Sr., and George Knepper, Jr., vs. Addie L. Jurtz, Adm'rx of James Reed, dec'd. Summons in Covenant. Verdict for plaintiff for $1,050.37. Sharpe for plaintiff; Brewer for defendant.

A.H. Stump and G.H. Stump vs. Daniel S. Reisher and Samuel S. Reisher. Summons Case. Verdict for plaintiffs for $125.20. M'Clure & Stewart for plaintiffs, Kimmell and Brewer for defendants.


Licenses to keep hotels were granted to Wm. C. M'Nulty, John Miller and Henry Feltman, Chambersburg; William Bratton, Jr., St. Thomas; Wm. Bratton, Sr., St. Thomas township; Jacob L. Detrich, Greencastle; Samuel Staver and Henry Kurtz, Roxbury; Henry Shiery, Funkstown; James Coffee and George E. Stewart, Dry Run; David Guyer, Letterkenny township.

Licenses for restaurants were granted to Geo. Ditman and Frank Dengler, Chambersburg; Philip Fendricks, Mercersburg; H.B. Blair, Montgomery township; J.P. Miley, Quincy.

The application of James Snyder, Montgomery township, and Jacob Newcomer, Greencastle, for licenses to keep restaurants were refused.

Life Insurance
(Column 02)
Summary: The paper calls attention to the American Life Insurance Company and stresses the importance of insurance.
The Lectures for the Poor
(Column 02)
Summary: I. H. M'Cauley will step in for the Rev. Irving Magee and deliver the latest lecture in the series for the benefit of the poor. He will give a previously-delivered lecture on "The Conquest of Spain by the Moors." So far, the series has raised $50.74, including donations of $16.25 from M'Murray Lodge, No. 119, I. O. G. T., and $10 from Falling Spring Division, No. 122, S. of T. Dr. B. S. Schneck was elected president of the series and Jacob S. Nixon, treasurer. The Rev. Mr. Hunter will lecture next.
(Names in announcement: I. H. M'Cauley, Rev. Irving Magee, Dr. B. S. Schneck, Jacob S. Nixon)
(Column 02)
Summary: A fire did $2,000 worth of damage to the store room of John A. Deiter. The fire also spread to the home of Daniel S. Reisher and did $133 worth of damage. Insurance covered all losses.
(Names in announcement: John A. Deiter, Daniel S. Reisher)
Another Veteran Gone
(Column 03)
Summary: William Swann, a well-known citizen of Franklin, died at the Alms House on January 20th. He was 83 years old. He had practiced the trade of a tanner, and was also active in Franklin in the notion business.
(Names in announcement: William Swann)
The Annual Taxes
(Column 03)
Summary: The tax assessors of the United States have been ordered to begin work. Income and special tax returns must be made by March 1st, or a fifty percent penalty will be incurred. "The assessors are instructed to enforce the provisions of the law in every case of delinquency, and it will be well for all interested to give attention to making their returns within the time proscribed by law."
Mill Burned
(Column 03)
Summary: Frederick Foreman's three-story stone-framed grist mill on West Conococheague Creek was destroyed by fire. Five thousand bushels of wheat were lost, and the value of the machinery was estimated at $10,000.
(Names in announcement: Frederick Foreman)
(Column 03)
Summary: The Methodist Episcopal Church of Chambersburg will hold a missionary anniversary celebration next Sunday. The Rev. D. H. Carroll of Carlisle will preach. Anniversary celebrations for the Sabbath school will also be held. Other speakers will include the Rev. J. A. Crawford of the Presbyterian Church and the Rev. Irving Magee of the Lutheran Church.
(Names in announcement: Rev. J. A. Crawford, Rev. Irving Magee)
Important to Soldiers
(Column 03)
Summary: The members of the following Pennsylvania regiments are entitled to $100 bounties: 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, and 71st. Also, all those who enlisted between April 15th and July 22nd, 1861, and who were discharged upon surgeon's certificates of disability before collecting a bounty are eligible to claim one.
[No Title]
(Column 03)
Summary: The Fayetteville Excelsior Debating Society elected officers.
(Names in announcement: A. B. Snively, W. W. Crooks, James Downey)
Chaplain of the House
(Column 03)
Summary: The Rev. C. H. Forney, former pastor of Chambersburg's Baptist Church, was appointed chaplain of the State House of Representatives. The editors declare it a good choice.
(Names in announcement: Rev. C. H. Forney)
[No Title]
(Column 03)
Summary: Daniel O. Gehr of Chambersburg was elected vice-president of the Pennsylvania State Agricultural Society.
(Names in announcement: Daniel O. Gehr)
(Column 03)
Summary: Winzen Resler and Miss Elizabeth Ruths, both of Waynesboro, were married on December 25th by the Rev. A. Buhrman.
(Names in announcement: Winzen Resler, Elizabeth Ruths, Rev. A. Buhrman)
(Column 03)
Summary: John W. Bryant and Miss Barbara A. Row were married on January 3rd by the Rev. A. Buhrman.
(Names in announcement: John W. Bryant, Barbara A. Row, Rev. A. Buhrman)
(Column 03)
Summary: Christian Wesley Bender and Miss Laura S. Poole, both of Franklin, were married on November 17th by the Rev. T. Crider.
(Names in announcement: Christian Wesley Bender, Laura S. Poole, Rev. T. Crider)
(Column 03)
Summary: Samuel Holestine and Miss Mary Ann Lance, both of Franklin, were married on January 14th by the Rev. T. Crider.
(Names in announcement: Samuel Holestine, Mary Ann Lance, Rev. T. Crider)
(Column 03)
Summary: Russell Fields and Miss Emma R. Guyer, both of Horse Valley, were married on January 16th by the Rev. F. Dyson.
(Names in announcement: Russell Fields, Emma R. Guyer, Rev. F. Dyson)
(Column 03)
Summary: Samuel J. Neff and Miss Charlotte C. Rinehart, both of Franklin, were married on January 24th by the Rev. F. Dyson.
(Names in announcement: Samuel J. Neff, Charlotte C. Rinehart, Rev. F. Dyson)
(Column 03)
Summary: John Cook died in Quincy on January 21st. He was 82 years old.
(Names in announcement: John Cook)

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