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Valley of the Shadow

Franklin Repository: August 05, 1868

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Grant as a Man and a Soldier
(Column 05)
Summary: The paper prints a campaign biography of Grant including sections on his "Kindness to Subordinates," his "Place Among Great Generals," and the fact that he is "Not a Martinet."

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[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: The paper endorses the ticket decided upon at the Republican County Convention. The paper concedes that some "good men" may be disappointed with the results, but all must put factionalism aside in the interest of unity.
Blair and his Letters
(Column 01)
Summary: The paper criticizes Frank Blair, Democratic candidate for vice-president. The paper marvels that the ex-Republican and strong supporter of Lincoln could so completely defect to the Democrats. That fact causes the editors to wonder if all of his beliefs and positions are merely public poses.
Which is It?
(Column 02)
Summary: The paper challenges the Democratic Party to declare whether it is "loyal to the government" or if it is "pledged to the heresies which brought about the rebellion."
Democratic Convention
(Column 04)
Summary: The paper reports on the Democratic nominations for county offices. The article has kind words for some of them but predicts total failure for the Democrats as a whole in the coming election.
(Names in announcement: Judge Kimmell, Sharpe, Duncan, Col. B. F. Winger, W. S. Stenger)
Full Text of Article:

In another column will be found the proceedings of the Democratic County Convention, which met in Chambersburg yesterday. It did its work expeditiously, if not well, and whipped in the refractory members of the party, as usual. The larger number of the candidates nominated have travelled over the course before, some with good, some with indifferent success. The names of Kimmell, Sharpe, Duncan, Winger and Stenger are familiar to most of us, and even the candidates for the minor offices have been willing to serve their fellow citizens in the past.

Judge Kimmell, if he is seeking compliments, is doubtless satisfied, since the Convention declared him the choice of the county for Congress, and took care to appoint Conferees who will see that he is not nominated.

Sharpe is presented by the county for the office of Additional Law Judge, and will doubtless be nominated by the Democracy of the district. If he could possibly be elected, he would make an able and upright Judge, but as his chances for election are not quite so good as they were two years ago, when his party gave him the empty and expensive nomination for Congress. We would advise him not to be lifted up, but to "go slow," for on the question of Judgeship the Democracy lack voters "first rate."

Duncan was a candidate for the Senate three years ago, and became so taken with the idea that it has stuck to him ever since. He is not without hope, as, if any part of the ticket is to be elected, it is that part to which he has attached his fortunes. His nomination is assumed to be certain, as Adams concedes the candidate to Franklin county.

Col. B. F. Winger is the choice of the the Convention for Assembly, which is equivalent to his nomination. He represented this district in the House last winter with as much credit as any Democrat, especially such a new one, is likely to do, and would be quite willing to serve it in the same capacity again. But we Republicans have concluded to resume the place occupied by Winger, and he will therefore be retired. He will withdraw from public life with our very kindest wishes for his comfort and happiness, having been amply compensated by his friends for his apostacy from the Republican party.

W. S. Stenger was again nominated, and for the third time, for the office of District Attorney. His opponent, Welsh, has never had anything of his party, is in moderate circumstances and was a soldier in the war of the Rebellion. His right to the nomination was conceded on all hands, but Stenger was the pet of Chambersburg, and of the lawyers, and the Democracy are not rewarding soldiers now, except those who fought at the other end of the line; so Welsh was executed and loaded on the tumbril with the corpses of six decapitated candidates for Sheriff, and carted out of sight.

Taking the whole ticket together, it may be regarded as possessing more than the average of merit and ability. It makes little odds though, as the second Tuesday in October will dispose of the offices and candidates in a away that will leave the Democratic ticket very much as these candidates, with a single exception, left the war to suppress the rebellion, to take care of itself.

We may have something to say of them hereafter.

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Republican County Convention
(Column 01)
Summary: The paper records the proceedings of the Republican Nominating Convention, the names of those nominated for various offices, and resolutions passed endorsing all Republican candidates.
Full Text of Article:

In pursuance of the call of the County Committee, the Republican County Convention convened in the Court House to day at 11 o'clock A. M., and was permanently organized by the election of the following officers:

President--George Cook of Peters.

Vice Presidents--Samuel Myers, of Guilford, A.B. Wingerd, of Antrim.

Secretaries--Harry C. Greenawalt, of Fayetteville; Samuel Knisely, of Orrstown.

On motion a committee of five was appointed to examine the credentials of delegates. Wm. Adams, S G Lane, John Downy, John Ruthranft and Wm. Mackey were appointed said committee.

The committee on credentials made a report, and the following is a list of the delegates:

Antrim--John Davison, A. B. Wingerd, John Ruthranft, Thomas Pawling, Adison Imbrie, J. B. Osbraugh, John Carl, Frank Wunderlich, Geo. H. Miller.

Chambersburg, North Ward--D. O. Gehr, S. G. Lane, F. S. Gillespie, E. G. Etter.

South Ward--S. F. Greenawalt, J. L. Snesserott, John Link, H. S. Stoner, W. F. Eyster.

Dry Run--John Skinner, Lieut. Mackey, David Derguson.

Fayetteville--H. C. Greenawalt, W. Crawford, D. M. Long, J. N. Horner.

Greenvillage--Samuel Grove, Jacob Glass, Sam'l Fry.

Guilford--J. Allison Eyster, Samuel Myers, Wm. Ferguson, Upton Henderson.

Hamilton--Joseph Eberly, Jacob Crider, Henry Keefer.

Letterkenny--W. W. Britton, James Skinner, E. K. Lehman, W. S. Keefer.

Lurgan--W. B. Smith, N. K. Harvey, Josiah Zimmerman.

Loudon--Eli M'Culloch, John S Hasler, Andrew M'Curdy.

Metal--James V. Davis, Frank Elliot, John Casey, Jr.

Mercersburg--Wm. Adams, James C. Patton, Hays M'Clellan, S. A. Bradley.

Orrstown--C. M'Lean Culbertson, J. X. Smith, Samuel Knisely.

Peters--James Patton, Geo. Cook, W. E. M'Dowell.

Quincy--Geo. B. Weistling, Henry Good, Frederick Speck, Melchor Elden, John C. Martin.

Southampton--Thomas Fuller, John Dice, John H. McMullen.

St. Thomas--Joseph Strook, Levi Diehl, Charles Gillan.

Sulphur Spring--M'Ginley M'Vitty, Benj. Culbertson, Jacob Stewart.

Washington--David Miller, Jr., H. X. Stoner, Wm. Title, Daniel Potter, Abraham Barr, Aaron Funk.

Warren--Hezekiah Thomas, A. S. M'Culloh, Joshua M. Phillips.

Welsh Run--Capt. Robert Boyd, Wm. Lackens, Sr., Capt Joseph Winger.

Convention adjourned till 1 o'clock.

Convention re-assembled at 1 o'clock, P. M.

On motion of D. O. Gehr, the chair appointed committee on resolutions--Dr. J. L. Suesserott, S. A. Bradley, H. X. Stoner, J. A. Eyster and W. S. Keefer.

On motion of Col. G. B. Weistling, it was resolved that each delegation select a member of the county committee, and that the committee select its own chairman. The delegations selected the following:

Antrim--John Carl.

N. W.--F.S. Gillespie.

S. W.--S.F. Greenawalt.

Dry Run--David Ferguson.

Fayetteville--John Downey

Greenvillage--F.D. Ditzler

Guilford--Samuel Myers.

Hamilton--Joseph Eberly.

Lurgan--Jos. Zimmerman.

London--John S. Hassler.

Letterkenny--W W Britton.

Metal--James V. Davis

Montgomery--S.A. Bradley.

Orrstown--Samuel Knisely.

Peters--James Patton.

Quincy--A.F. Dowd.

St. Thomas--Wm M'Kinney

Southampton--J H M'Mullen

Sul. Spring--J. M. Shearer.

Washington--H. X. Stoner.

Warren--Emanuel Secrist.

Welsh Run--Rob't J. Boyd.

On motion of W. Adams, Esq, the Crawford County System of nominating candidates was rejected by the Convention.

The following resolution was adopted:

Resolved, That the County Convention shall be composed as follows: each district shall be entitled to three delegates, and one additional delegate for each one hundred Republican votes, or fractional part of one hundred votes, exceeding fifty, and that the vote given at the Presidential election of 1868 shall be the basis of representation.

On motion it was resolved to go into nomination for Sheriff. Josiah W. Fletcher, of Chambersburg, John Walter, of Washington, and Jacob Kindig, of Letterkenny, were put in nomination. The ballot resulted as follows:

Josiah W. Fletcher 58 Jacob Kendig 11 John Walter 14

On motion the nomination of Mr. Fletcher was made unanimous.

On motion the following gentlemen were put in nomination for District Attorney:--Jacob Eby, Emanuel H. Bonebrake, S. W. Hays and Geo. Chambers.

Chambers 13 13 12 7 Eby 21 15 11* .. Hays 29 27 41 45 Bonebrake 20 17 19 31 *Withdrawn

On motion the nomination of Mr. Hays was made unanimous.

On motion Convention proceed to ballot for Assembly. The following gentlemen were placed in nomination:--Col. Theo. M'Gowan, of Fayetteville. Lyman S. Clarke, of Chambersburg, and Capt. John H. Walker, of Metal. The ballot resulted as follows:

M'Gowan 21 Clark 11 Walker 50

On motion the nomination of Capt. Walker was made unanimous.

On motion Convention proceeded to ballot for Commissioner and Director of the Poor.

R. P. M'Farland, of Peters, E.K. Lehman of Letterkenny, and Peter Plough, of Southampton were placed in nomination for Commissioner.

For Director of the Poor the following gentlemen were nominated: John Bowman, of Guilford, and John Huber, of Chambersburg:

The balloting resulted as follows:


M'Farland 23 Plough 10 Lehman 50


Bowman 52 Huber 30

On motion the nomination was made unanimous.

On motion Capt. Joseph Winger, of Montgomery, was nominated for Auditor by acclamation.

On motion Emanuel Kuhn, of Chambersburg, was nominated for Surveyor by accumulation.

On motion Convention proceeded to nominate a candidate for State Senator. Col. W. D. Dixon, of St. Thomas, and I.H. M'Cauley, of Chambersburg, were placed in nomination. The ballot resulted as follows:

Dixon 73 M'Cauley 10

On motion the nomination of Col. Dixon was made unanimous.

On motion Col. D Watson Rowe of Antrim, was nominated for Additional Law Judge by acclamation.

On motion the Convention proceeded to ballot for Congress. Col. Geo. B. Weistling, of Quincy, and Hon. John Cessna, of Bedford, were then placed in nomination. The ballot resulted as follows:

Weistling 24 Cessna 57

On motion the nomination of Mr. Cessna was made unanimous.

On motion the chair appoint Congressional, Judicial, Senatorial and Representative Conferees.

Congressional Conferees--Wm. Adams, Geo. Eyster, Jere. Cook.

Judicial Conferees--John Stewart, F.S. Stumbaugh, Geo. Chambers.

Senatorial Conferees--Col. J. G. Elder, Wm. S. Keefer, Harry C. Greenawalt.

Representative Conferees--Lieut. Wm. H. Mackey, Hiram E. Wertz, John A. Seiders.

The committee on resolutions reported the following, which were adopted.

Resolved, That the Platform of Principles adopted by the late National Republican Convention at Chicago, is the embodiment of the true, essential and cardinal principles of our Great Party; a triumphant appeal to the reason and loyalty of the people, and in the whole and every part merits and meets our cordial assent and endorsement.

Resolved, That in the selection of Ulysses S. Grant, whose name is the synonym of victory, for President, and Schuyler Colfax, the model of Christian Statesmen, for Vice President, the National Convention but formally expressed the wish of the loyal people, and ratified a nomination long before made by them; and nothing intervenes between these candidates of the people and the offices they have been indicated by destiny and their own pre-eminent merits to fill, but the formalities of election, and the ceremonies of inauguration.

Resolved, That the citizen soldiers of the Republic, whose persistent bravery, unparalleled heroism secured the land from the dangers of anarchy and dissension and restored it through peril and suffering, merit a renewed recognition of their patriotism and fidelity; that the Republican party now, as heretofore; gratefully tenders to them the thanks of the nation, saved, redeemed and disenthralled; and pledges to them and their dear ones, widowed and orphaned in the strife, the support and protection of which war's chances may have bereft them.

Resolved, That this Convention has presented to the voters of Franklin county, in the persons of its nominees, gentlemen every way worthy of the cordial support of the people for their respective offices, a ticket that ought to be and can be elected, and to the election of which we pledge our united energies.

On motion Convention adjourned.

Proceedings of the Democratic County Convention
(Column 02)
Summary: The paper records the proceedings of the Democratic County Convention and the names of the candidates who were selected to run for county offices.
Full Text of Article:

Pursuant to a call of the Democratic committee, the Democracy of this county assembled in convention, in the Court House, yesterday, and was organized at 10 A.M., by calling Hon. John M. Armstrong, to the chair, and Wm Brandt, of Green, and J.R. Smith, of Antrim, as Vice Presidents, and electing Dr. J Montgomery Gelwicks and M. B. Roemer as Secretaries.

After an examination of credentials, the chair appointed on resolutions, Jacob S. Snyder, James B Orr, James Evans, Ephriam Small and Jacob L. Snyder.

Convention adjourned to meet at 1 o'clock P.M.

Convention met at one o'clock, P.M. A resolution unanimously adopted that three conferees be appointed with instructions to support F.M. Kimmell for Congress. Jos. B. Orr, J M'Dowell Sharp, and Geo. W. Brewer are appointed congressional conferees and instructed for Kimmell.

G.W. Skinner moved that C.M. Duncan be declared the unanimous choice of the Convention for State Senator, and that he have the privilege of selecting his own conferees--carried

Mr. Snyder moved that J. M'Dowell Sharp be declared the candidate for additional Law Judge and that John Armstrong, T.B. Kennedy, and J.W. Douglas be appointed Judicial Conferees,--adopted.

B.F. Winger was unanimously declared the choice of the Convention for Assembly, with the privilege of selecting his own Conferees.

The Convention then took up the nomination of a candidate for Sheriff, and proceeded to ballot, with the following result:

1st 2d 3d 4th 5th Zollinger 22 29 31 36 43 Wolf 13 16 16 17 20 Kennedy 12 22 18 16 16 Leidig 3* .. .. .. .. Sellers 12 5 3 3 3 Wallack 11 8 8 4* .. Hafer 9 12 6 6* .. *Withdrawn

On motion of Dr. J.M. Gelwicks, the nomination of Mr. Zollinger was made unanimous.

On motion of Mr. Shoemaker, the Convention proceeded to nominaie a candidate for District Attorney. The names of James M'Clintock, G. W. Welsh and Wm. S. Stenger were presented. The balloting resulted as follows:

Welsh 38 M'Clintock 2 Stenger 43

On motion of Dr. J.M. Gelwicks, the nomination of Mr. Stenger was made unanimous.

The following gentlemen were nominated for County Commissioner:--Wm. S. M'Allen, John Lindsay, Emanuel Canode, J. North, Wm. B. Gabby, J. J. Miller. The following is the balloting:

1st 2d M'Allen 32 44 Lindsay 9 1 Canode 11* .. North 11 17 Gabby 6* .. Miller 9 12

Mr. M'Allen's nomination was made unanimous.

The following names were proposed for Director of the Poor:--Jacob R. Smith, Wm. Logue, Isaac Hockersmith, Cyrus Hambright and Solomon Shively.

It was resolved that the candidate for Auditor be balloted for at the same time as Director of the Poor, and the following names proposed:--Jacob Leedy, Wm. D. M'Kinstry, and Wm. B Gabby. The balloting resulted as follows:


Smith 25 Hambright 9 Logue 19 Shively 12 Hockersmith 3


Leedy 4 Gabby 28 M'Kinstry 35

On motion Jacob R. Smith was made the choice of the Convention for Director of the Poor and Wm. D. M'Kinstry was nominated for Auditor by acclamation.

A resolution was adopted authoriztng each delegation,--the North and South wards of Chambersburg excepted, which are entitled to two--to hand in one name to constitute a County Committee. John R. Orr, Esq., was chosen chairman of said committee.

On motion, Hugh Auld, of Chambersburg, was nominated for County Surveyor.

At 4 P.M. Convention adjourned.

Federal Hill Seminary
(Column 03)
Summary: Mr. Foster is hard at work preparing the house on Federal Hill for the opening of his Ladies' Seminary. A preparatory department will also be added for "young misses who are not sufficiently advanced in their studies to enter the junior department." Tuition in that department stands at $16 for the first session and $12 for the others. Courses of study are being prepared and applications for boarding are being received.
(Names in announcement: Foster)
Boys in Blue
(Column 03)
Summary: List of the names of those who recently joined the Boys in Blue organization.
Full Text of Article:

The following additional names have been added to the list of the Boys in Blue organization, formed in Chambersburg for the coming political campaign:

E D Reid, Captain and Commissary, U.S.A.
Geo L Miles, Captain, G, 126th Penna Vols.
Geo S Coover, L, 21st Penna Cav.
Frances Brown, Battery C, 2d Penna Art.
Hezekiah Shaffer, D, 6th Penna Reserves.
George M D Lippy, C, 2d Penna Art.
William H Huber, L, 21st Penna Cav.
David Huber, I, 158th Penna Vols
Henry H Waterhouse, A, 6th Penna Cav.
Frank Huber, (brick maker), I, 21st Penna Cav.
J Wesley Brown, 19th New York Vols.
John Porterfield, A, 29th Penna Vols.
John Kohler, Battery B, 2d Penna Art.

[No Title]
(Column 04)
Summary: The paper prints the proceeds from a recent festival for Franklin County Monumental Association.
Full Text of Article:

Report of Wm. C. Eyster, Treasurer of the Franklin County Monumental Association:

Received from contributions $139 40 Received cash first night of festival 162 73 Received from second night of festival 232 63 Received for eggs sold 70 Received for chickens sold 2 50 Received for butter and sugar sold 2 13 Received from Alexander Martin, Treas 15 00 Total receipts $555 09 Expenses, as per bills receipted and approved 139 15 Cash on hand $415 94
[No Title]
(Column 04)
Summary: The men of Chambersburg are organizing a volunteer militia company. George W. Skinner has been chosen captain, and George L. Miles and S. W. Hays, Lieutenants. The paper praises the "character" of the men who joined, and believes it will prove "a first class organization."
(Names in announcement: George W. Skinner, George L. Miles, S. W. Hays)
A Good and Safe Investment
(Column 04)
Summary: The Ryder Nursery Association is offering ten shares of stock for sale at $500 each. William G. Reed, treasurer, can provide more information.
(Names in announcement: William G. Reed)
Ice Cream Festival
(Column 04)
Summary: The Fayetteville Brass Band will hold an ice cream festival on August 8th to raise money for their organization. A. U. Holland will move his soda fountain to the Fayetteville Town Hall for the event.
(Names in announcement: A. U. Holland)
[No Title]
(Column 04)
Summary: The Rev. Dr. B. S. Schneck of Chambersburg will lecture in the Scotland Stone Church on August 8th on "His Travels Through Europe." The proceeds will go to benefit the Scotland Union Sabbath School.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Dr. B. S. Schneck)
(Column 04)
Summary: Edward H. Krontz and Miss Marenda M. Palmer, both of Chambersburg, were married on July 19th by the Rev. Irving Magee.
(Names in announcement: Edward H. Krontz, Marenda M. Palmer, Rev. Irving Magee)
(Column 04)
Summary: John F. Fuller and Miss Helen Frey, both of Chambersburg, were married on July 30th by the Rev. Irving Magee.
(Names in announcement: John F. Fuller, Helen Frey, Rev. Irving Magee)
(Column 04)
Summary: John F. Gipe of Orrstown and Miss Margaret A. Eckenrode of Amberson's Valley were married at the Montgomery House on August 2nd by the Rev. Irving Magee.
(Names in announcement: John F. Gipe, Margaret A. Eckenrode, Rev. Irving Magee)

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