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Valley of the Shadow

Franklin Repository: October 21, 1868

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Who Are Democrats?
(Column 07)
Summary: The paper prints a list of what it asserts are characteristic Democratic positions. The choices stress their disloyalty to the Union and opposition to Reconstruction.
Full Text of Article:

Every person who recognized the rebellion as "legitimate, legal and just," was a Democrat

Every man who shouted "not another man nor dollar to carry on a civil war," was a Democrat.

Every man who insulted the loyal armies of the Union by declaring "the war a failure," was a Democrat.

Every man who asserted that "our only hope is the successful resistance of the South," was a Democrat.

The President, Vice President, and every member of the rebel government was a Democrat.

Every soldier who, after being educated at the expense of the Government, basely deserted the flag of his country and took up arms against it was a Democrat.

Every member of both branches of the rebel Congress was a Democrat.

Every cut throat and murderer who shot down and starved defenseless Union prisoners of war was a Democrat.

Every man in the North who sympathized with traitors and treason in the South during the late civil war, was a Democrat.

Every General, Colonel and officer in the Confederate army was a Democrat.

Every person who rejoiced at the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, was a Democrat.

Every draft rioter, sneak and bounty jumper was a Democrat.

Every person who wrote letters to the army encouraging soldiers to desert their comrades, was a Democrat.

Every person engaged in the Sons of Liberty conspiracy to murder the Executive and overthrow the government, was a Democrat.

Every person in the North who opposed conferring suffrage upon Union soldiers in the field was a Democrat.

Every person who was sad when the Union armies triumphed, was a Democrat.

Every person who assailed the "lawful money of the country" and the national credit, was a Democrat.

Every person engaged in the massacre of Union soldiers at Fort Pillow, was a Democrat.

Every person who was in favor of "two Republics and a United South" was a Democrat.

Every person who was anxious to know whether "the South had resources enough to keep the Union army at bay, was a Democrat.

Every person who denied the authority of the General Government to enforce its laws was a Democrat.

Every person who murdered an enrolling officer, was a Democrat.

Every person who encouraged and protected deserters, was a Democrat.

Every person who refused to contribute to the relief of sick and wounded soldiers, was a Democrat.

Every person who declared that he "would like to see all Democrats unite in a bold and open resistance to all attempts to keep ours a united people, was a Democrat.

Every man who, during the war, asserted that the Republic was Dying! Dying!! DYING!!! was a Democrat.

Every person who conspired to release rebel prisoners and burn northern cities, was a Democrat.

Every man who denounced greenbacks as "Lincoln skins" was a Democrat.

Every man who asserted that "Lincoln bayonets were shouldered for cold blooded murder," was a Democrat.

Every member of the Ku Klux Klan is a Democrat.

Every person who robbed the School Fund and used the money for gold gambling operations, was a Democrat.

Every person who engaged in shooting down negroes in the streets, or burning negro school houses, was a Democrat.

Every person who invented dangerous compounds to burn steamboats and Northern cities, was a Democrat.

Every person who contrived hellish schemes to introduce the wasting pestilence of yellow fever into Northern cities, was a Democrat.

Every person who burned up negro children in orphan asylums, was a Democrat.

Every officer in the army who was dismissed for cowardice and disloyalty, is a Democrat.

Every man who denounced Union Soldiers as "Lincoln hirelings" was a Democrat.

Booth, the assassin, was a Democrat.

Seymour, who addressed a murderous mob as "my friends," is a Democrat.

General Forrest, the Fort Pillow butcher, is a Democrat.

Wirz, the murderer of Union prisoners, was a Democrat.

Mr. Blackburn is a Democrat.

Dr. Mudd, Payne, Atzerott and Mrs. Surratt were Democrat.

Wade Hampton, Jeff Thompson and Beauregard are Democrats.

Fernando Wood, his brother Ben, the gambler, and John Morrissey are Democrats.

Senator Doolittle is a Democrat.

Bowles, Milligan, Horsey, Heffren and Humphries are Democrats.

John C. Walker and Dick Dodd are Democrats.

Old "Grandmother Wells" is a Democrat.

Clement L. Vallandigham is a Democrat.

Jeff. Davis, Brick Pomeroy and the Devil are Democrats.

In short the Democratic party may be described as a common sewer and loathsome receptacle, into which is emptied every element of treason North and South, and every element of inhumanity and barbarism which has dishonored the age.

-Page 02-

The Election
(Column 01)
Summary: This analysis of the recent elections blames the two local Democratic victories on voter fraud. Further, it names a perpetrator - George Weistling, himself a candidate for Congress. After losing his bid through showing bad character, the paper claims that he worked to cheat the Democrats into office.
Full Text of Article:

The election in Franklin county resulted in the triumph of the State ticket by a majority of 43, making a Republican gain over that of last year of 232. We give in another column the official vote for Congress, Additional Law Judge, State Senator, Assembly and county ticket.

The whole county ticket is elected by an average majority greater than that of the State ticket, except Mr. Bowman and Mr. Hays. Judge Kimmell has a majority in the county of 221 over Cessna, putting him 254 votes ahead of the state ticket. Stenger beats Hays 190 making his gain over his ticket 230. These remarkable changes, as will be seen by the official vote of the county, are effected chiefly in Chambersburg and Quincy township, though Cessna and Hays loose slightly in Waynesboro and Greenvillage. If these two gentlemen ran behind their ticket generally throughout the county it would be needless to ask why, for the most natural cause would be that they were less popular than the rest of our candidates. Because they do not, though we are lothe to speak of it, the loyal Republicans have a right to know why they were slaughtered in favor of two men whose bitterness toward the principles of the Republican party and whose efforts in behalf of the success of the Copperhead ticket have been more marked than those of any other Copperheads in the county.

We believe, on very reliable authority received from Quincy township, that more than half, the Republican votes cast in that district, against Cessna and Hays, and in favor of Kimmell and Stenger, were fraudulently obtained by the treachery of George B. Weistling, a local politician residing at Mont Alto Iron Works, whither he emigrated a few years ago from Dauphin county, and who aspired to be the Republican candidate for Congress in this District. The nominating convention of Franklin county, however, instructed the Congressional conferees to support Mr. Cessna by a vote of 57 against 24 for Mr. Weistling, which instruction Mr. Weistling indorsed in a speech, wherein he pledged himself to support the whole ticket, and declared the principles of the Republican party to be the principles of the Christian religion, of civilization and of Free Schools, and called God to witness as to the honesty of his declarations. During the campaign Mr. W. made several political speeches and wrote several letters, one of which we had the satisfaction of hearing read, which breathed the same spirit as the speech above mentioned.

Though rumors were afloat ten days before the election that Mr. W. had made a combination with Kimmel and Stenger to defeat Cessna and Hays they were universally discredited for two reasons. First, because he was believed to be an honest man, and sincerely devoted to the principles of the Republican party as he declared himself to be; and Second, because he was credited with possessing a reasonable share of common sense and would not thus sacrifice himself as he necessarily would do in secretly combining with the Democratic party to secure the defeat of his own candidates. The result proves that in both these essential requisites he was lamentably deficient; and while he succeeded in defeating Mr. Hays he experienced the keen mortification of knowing that his treachery in the matter of Congress has effected nothing but his own political disgrace and death. Mr. Cessna is triumphantly elected and Mr. Weistling himself has vindicated the judgment of the people of Franklin county in refusing to make him their candidate for Congress. So much at least has been gained.

If it be true, as is represented, that Mr. Weistling, by means of the confidence the Republicans of Quincy township reposed in him, succeeded in fraudulently distributing tickets with the names of Kimmell and Stenger instead of Cessna and Hays, and depositing them in the ballot box, he will doubtless bring on himself the righteous indignation which such dishonest acts merit. For true men will not patiently permit their honest suffrages to be filched from them, and themselves made to support principles that are obnoxious and dangerous and have well nigh brought the country to ruin, and that too merely to gratify the unreasonable envy and malice of a man whom the people did not see fit to make their representative in the Counsels of the Nation.

As to the successful part of this plot, the defeat of Mr. Hays, and the reelection of Mr. Stenger by Republican votes, we are able to say that Mr. Hays was the real and unselfish friend of George B. Weistling throughout, and that Weistling and his subordinates, both here and in Quincy township, repeatedly assured him of their appreciation of the fact, and their desire to secure his election. That they secretly worked against him both here and there the returns conclusively show, and whether their immediate end was his defeat or some other equally unjustifiable act, it was none the less ungrateful and unmanly.

If Mr. Weistling is satisfied with his work we have no doubt that the men who voted the Republican ticket, as well as those who voted for Kimmell and Stenger unwittingly through the deception practiced upon them, can congratulate themselves on having learned to know him at so small a sacrifice. Hereafter he will be powerless to deceive, and can only oppose their wishes by putting himself in the ranks of their enemies.

Those who lent him their aid and influence in the matter have committed a blunder which, however prejudiced, they cannot fail to see. We feel assured that now, since the excitement is over and wisdom has resumed her sway, they will be ready to acknowledge by their earnest efforts in the Republican cause that they were wrong, and that though their principles and patriotism were obscured by their prejudices they now see their duty clearly and mean to perform it.

We Have Won
(Column 02)
Summary: The Repository interprets Republican victories in state elections across the Union as an affirmation of the results of the war.
Full Text of Article:

Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Nebraska sat in judgment, yesterday a week ago, on the verdict rendered by our loyal armies and confirmed it. The appeal of traitors from bullets to ballots proves to have been badly taken, and the decree of the heart of the Union is, "Judgment affirmed." In the bitterness and strife engendered by the fierce political conflict, many loyal hearts trembled to see the momentous question of country or no country put upon the hazard of an exciting election. But the loyal people who met and defeated the enemy in arms, came gallantly at their country's call, and won a victory that promises to be beneficent and lasting. Truly it is no longer vain to hope that we are about to secure to our people the legitimate results of the war. Peace, prosperity, contentment and happiness are no longer mere fancies in the brains of optimists, but real, tangible blessings that come at the end of the long and wearisome road of trial, and tribulation, and bereavement, and blood, over which our country has passed. We believe confidently that the end has been reached, and that the real needs of the country are as well assured, as was the end of the war when Sherman's invincible army planted the national emblem over Atlanta. It but needs the disorderly retreat from Richmond and the surrender and capitulation at Appomattox to crown all, and that will come with the 3d of November. Yes it has determined the November struggle.

Gen. Grant, who received the sword of Gen. Lee and disbanded the confederate forces, will accept the surrender of a less brave but more dangerous enemy; one who under the thin guise of loyalty has repeatedly stabbed his country, and whom the unrepentant traitors of the South chose as the champion of the "lost cause."

Such is the verdict of October.

It points with the clearness of prophecy to the discomfiture of the Northern tools and Southern traitors who assembled in New York, and emphatically declares that neither the one nor the other shall be allowed to imperil the nation's life. It has fixed the policy of the people. It has declared that the flag shall protect, everywhere, the humblest as well as the most exalted, and has placed the seal of condemnation of lawlessness, disorder and riot in the Southern States, so heartily approved and endorsed by the servile Democracy of the North.

Its immediate fruits are loyal legislatures in all the States wherein the elections were held, by decided majorities, save in Ohio, where the Democratic legislature of last year remains in power another year, as many Republican Congressmen from Indiana as before, the defeat of Vallandigham in Ohio, and Vorhees in Indiana and the loss of but one member in Pennsylvania. It also guarantees a Republican Senator instead of Hendricks of Indiana, and one to take the place of Buckalew who has so long misrepresented our own State.

Loyal men of Pennsylvania, "You have acquitted yourselves nobly and won a glorious victory over a dangerous and unscrupulous foe. But one more combat is needed to consummate their political defeat and death. Come boldly to the work, let there be no stragglers and no laggards. Your country's cause demands a little more sacrifice, a little more earnest and devoted labor. The battle has been won but the enemy has not yet surrendered. They still carry the arms of treason in their hands. These must be taken from them. Let there be no future for treason, no rest for perfidy, no hope for unholy ambition.

"Let us have peace."

Coming Events
(Column 03)
Summary: With the recent nation-wide Republican electoral gains, the Repository reports that Democrats in some states are backing off of their stronger positions. For example, in Georgia the Democratic Party issued a proclamation supporting the 15th Amendment and pledging to "protect the colored race." The paper calls this a demonstration of the peace a Grant presidency will bring.
Full Text of Article:

The Democracy are beginning to appreciate the inevitable logic of events, and are putting their houses in order accordingly. The result of the elections of last Tuesday makes the election of Grant and Colfax as morally certain as anything still in the future can be, and like their nomination at Chicago it but requires the formal act of the people at the polls on the 3d November to consummate their choice. Already the verdict of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Nebraska has driven some rationality into the obstinate heads of the Democratic leaders in the South and a corresponding share of madness out. The Democrats of Georgia see the hand-writing on the wall and are preparing to arrest the blow that must fall upon the heads of those traitors who persist in encouraging the reign of anarchy and lawlessness which has ravaged the reconstructed States since the nomination of Seymour and Blair. Three days after the October elections the Democratic Executive Committee of that State met and issued the following resolutions:

Whereas, It has been represented by Republican speakers in the present canvass that the Southern people are in favor of the reestablishment of Slavery in their respective States, and will commence by depriving the blacks of the suffrage; for the purpose of meeting this allegation, and giving it positive denial, be it

Resolved, By the Central Committee of the Democratic party in Georgia, representing the people of the State, that the charge is unequivocally false; that for evidence that they do not desire to reestablish Slavery, and could not effect it, if they would, we refer to the fact that this State has assented to and ratified the Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, forever abolishing Slavery and involuntary servitude, except for crime, whereof the party shall be legally convicted: that we reiterate the positions taken by this Committee in a late address, and in the report of the Committee on the State of the Republic, adopted by the house of representatives in the Legislature of this State, on the 26th ult., that we also indorse the address of Gen. Robert E. Lee, and others in response to the letter from Gen. Rosecrans: that we acquiesce in the present status of the colored race among us, and will protect that race to the full extent of our power in the exercise of the right of suffrage secured to them by the Constitution of the United State and amendments thereto, and by the Constitution and laws of this State. E. G. CABANISS, Chairman.

The loyal people of the United States may be assured that this means peace, the peace contemplated by General Grant. It means a prompt obedience to the laws, and safety and security to all the citizens of the United States whether in the South or the North. It will not be many days before the brave "Boys in Blue" yet remaining will pursue their various avocations as safely and quietly as we can do with none to molest or murder them, for we predict similar signs of returning reason from all the Southern States. The end of "carpet-baggers" and "scalawags," thanks to General Grant, has come, and the day is dawning when universal liberty, freedom to do right, will be a fact.

Hon. John Cessna Elected
(Column 03)
Summary: The paper congratulates John Cessna on election to Congress from the 16th district, and praises the "loyal men of the State" who supported him. Cessna won Fulton, Bedford, and Somerset Counties but lost Franklin to Judge Kimmell. The paper attributes this to the defection of local Republicans who had favored Col. Weistling for the nomination.
[No Title]
(Column 03)
Summary: This article attacks the Franklin county Democrats for their behavior in the recent election, accusing them of bribery, fraud, and general poor behavior.
Full Text of Article:

The Democratic leaders in Franklin county entered into the October contest with all the vigor and enthusiasm born to unmixed confidence, and fought it to the close of the polls as they have rarely contested an election. They were never better organized and never more regardless of honor and honesty than in this campaign. They entered heartily into the guerilla system of warfare inaugurated by Wallace, the Democratic vendor of coffee-pots, defended none of their own acts, and falsified those of the Republican party. Money was lavishly expended among the doubtful, and those who could not be cajoled or coerced into a support of the Copperhead ticket, were gently tickled along the pocket nerve, in some instances, we regret to say, with marked success. Disaffected aspirants to office in the Republican party, whose devotion to principle and patriotism proved no match for disappointed ambition, were secured, we do not care to know how, to betray honest Republican voters into voting for Copperhead candidates by skilfully manipulating tickets with the names of Kimmell and Stenger instead of these of Cessna and Hays. But all was of no avail. Cessna was triumphantly elected and the whole county ticket, except Mr. Bowman, for Director of the Poor, and Mr. Hays, for District Attorney. The latter has the satisfaction of knowing that his defeat is the price the Repository pays for its fearless and independent course previous to the nomination of the county ticket. If that journal needed any vindication, it has been amply made by the record of those who strove to defeat Mr. Cessna and did defeat Mr. Hays. We wish them joy for their newly formed associates; but the defeated Democracy we would advise to gather up their tarnished rags and lanterns and all their damaged stage machinery and stow them out of sight. The play is over, the people are disgusted and the whole "out fit," recruits and all, and if anything be left of the rotten concern on the 3d of November, they mean to hold an inquest and bury it out of sight and smell forever.

[No Title]
(Column 04)
Summary: The paper jokes that John R. Orr, chairman of the Democratic County Committee, is selling the contents of his office because his party badly needs funds. The editors joke that he will sell "a coffee-pot with a broken spout, ten thousand proclamations to the suffering citizens of Chambersburg, ten thousand blank naturalization papers signed and sealed, ten thousand copies of Wallace's conundrums," and the "keys of the Democratic Headquarters, one half box tallow candles and a lot of damaged Chinese lanterns."
(Names in announcement: John R. Orr)
[No Title]
(Column 04)
Summary: The author praises Republicans, generally, for their beliefs, and encourages them to continue voting Republican in future elections.
Full Text of Article:

Republicans, your victory in the State was obtained by splendid organization and unceasing effort on your part, and not merely because your principles are those which underlie the very foundation of civil liberty. It is not flattering to human nature that this is so, but it is a truth which we cannot loose sight of in the coming election. A majority of ten thousand in a State which has as many votes as ours, may be swept away by the activity of the Democracy while we are rejoicing over our victory. A victorious army has been more than once defeated while reposing in the camps of the vanquished enemy, and we must not forget that the Democracy are secretly working while we lie idly looking on. In the county we have a majority of 43. It is with us to say whether this shall be made 200 for Grant and Colfax or whether even this shall be taken from us and put to the side of the enemy. Let every loyal voter take upon himself the task of adding one vote to the majority already obtained, if he does this, as nearly every man can do, Franklin county will be made impregnable against the assaults of the Democracy for years to come.

[No Title]
(Column 04)
Summary: The paper prints the results of the election for Additional Law Judge that Rowe won by a 293-vote majority. Franklin gave Rowe a 119-vote majority and Somerset an 893-vote majority, while Baer won Fulton and Bedford with 320 and 399-vote majorities, respectively. The paper holds that the "choice could not have fallen on a worthier man or and abler lawyer."
Election News. The Vote of Franklin County
(Column 05)
Summary: These tables contain the actual, numerical results from the recent election.
Full Text of Article:

The Vote of Franklin County

Governor, '66 --- Aud. Gen, '68 --- Sur Gen. --- Geary Clymer Hartranft Boyle Campbell Ent Antrim........ 545 521 570 517 570 517 Chamb'g N W... 379 216 400 253 400 253 Chamb'g S W... 297 275 285 281 285 281 Concord....... 29 105 30 108 30 108 Dry Run....... 121 99 117 118 117 118 Fayetteville.. 284 224 252 235 252 235 Greenvillage.. 215 112 213 113 213 113 Guilford...... 207 224 220 212 220 212 Hamilton...... 128 173 128 186 128 186 Letterkenny... 165 249 173 240 173 240 Lurgan........ 112 147 99 153 99 153 Loudon........ 93 113 95 131 95 131 Metal......... 166 98 146 120 146 120 Montgomery.... 249 181 243 194 243 194 Orrstown...... 80 149 88 150 88 150 Peters........ 175 52 159 73 159 73 Quincy........ 247 305 258 323 258 323 Southampton... 69 82 60 86 60 86 Sulphur Spring 34 41 32 42 32 42 St. Thomas.... 167 227 166 225 166 224 Washington.... 351 259 387 309 387 309 Warren........ 61 56 59 61 59 61 Welsh Run..... 135 178 141 148 141 148 ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ 4299 4106 4321 4278 4321 4277 Congress --- Law Judge --- Senator --- Cessna Kimmell Rowe Baer Dixon Duncan Antrim........ 569 520 598 492 570 519 Chamb'g N W... 372 274 410 243 387 263 Chamb'g S W... 278 286 288 277 286 279 Concord....... 28 110 31 106 30 108 Dry Run....... 119 117 119 117 118 118 Fayetteville.. 249 236 251 234 244 246 Greenvillage.. 208 123 213 119 212 120 Guilford...... 218 216 222 211 222 212 Hamilton...... 127 189 127 184 129 187 Letterkenny... 172 242 173 239 176 238 Lurgan........ 100 154 100 154 98 156 Loudon........ 94 130 94 132 101 124 Metal......... 144 121 145 116 146 119 Montgomery.... 239 196 243 189 260 177 Orrstown...... 88 148 88 148 88 149 Peters........ 158 74 159 73 164 68 Quincy........ 193 390 256 324 254 332 Southampton... 65 81 60 86 60 86 Sulphur Spring 32 42 32 42 32 42 St. Thomas.... 166 225 166 223 195 198 Washington.... 375 318 374 317 380 315 Warren........ 59 61 58 62 59 61 Welsh Run..... 139 150 143 146 141 148 ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ 4192 4403 4353 4234 4352 4265 Assembly. --- --- --- Sheriff. --- Walker Sheibly Winger Shively Fletcher Zollinger Antrim........ 566 561 527 520 566 522 Chamb'g N W... 399 398 255 254 419 228 Chamb'g S W... 286 286 280 280 289 276 Concord....... 31 30 108 106 31 107 Dry Run....... 122 118 118 114 120 116 Fayetteville.. 254 252 238 236 250 239 Greenvillage.. 215 214 118 117 214 118 Guilford...... 223 223 211 211 224 210 Hamilton...... 129 129 187 187 130 186 Letterkenny... 174 173 241 240 136 274 Lurgan........ 100 100 154 154 99 155 Loudon........ 95 95 131 131 93 132 Metal......... 156 145 119 110 146 119 Montgomery.... 242 240 197 195 268 174 Orrstown...... 88 88 150 150 84 154 Peters........ 160 159 73 72 163 69 Quincy........ 258 259 328 327 263 324 Southampton... 60 60 86 86 60 86 Sulphur Spring 32 32 42 42 31 42 St. Thomas.... 168 167 224 225 167 225 Washington.... 381 382 314 313 382 313 Warren........ 59 59 61 61 59 61 Welsh Run..... 137 138 152 148 142 147 ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ 4335 4308 4314 4279 4336 4277 Dis. Att'y --- Commissioner --- Direc. Poor --- Hays Stenger Lehman M'Allen Bowman Smith Antrim........ 568 521 569 520 529 560 Chamb'g N W... 369 276 394 258 399 254 Chamb'g S W... 280 286 288 278 282 280 Concord....... 30 108 30 106 30 108 Dry Run....... 118 118 116 120 119 117 Fayetteville.. 254 236 256 234 257 233 Greenvillage.. 215 117 215 117 213 119 Guilford...... 223 211 223 211 223 210 Hamilton...... 129 186 130 185 129 186 Letterkenny... 172 241 212 196 171 242 Lurgan........ 100 154 103 151 100 154 Loudon........ 91 135 95 131 95 131 Metal......... 145 120 122 143 145 119 Montgomery.... 238 200 248 195 250 188 Orrstown...... 90 148 89 148 83 154 Peters........ 158 74 161 71 160 72 Quincy........ 194 392 260 326 258 327 Southampton... 60 86 60 86 60 86 Sulphur Spring 32 42 32 42 32 42 St. Thomas.... 167 225 165 225 167 225 Washington.... 377 315 382 312 383 312 Warren........ 59 61 59 61 59 61 Welsh Run..... 131 148 143 146 143 146 ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ 4210 4400 4352 4262 4287 4326 Surveyor. --- Auditor. --- Road Law. --- Kuhn Auld Winger M'Kinstry For Against Antrim........ 568 521 572 516 79 457 Chamb'g N W... 383 265 399 254 47 28 Chamb'g S W... 284 282 286 279 6 9 Concord....... 30 108 30 108 30 33 Dry Run....... 119 117 119 117 7 212 Fayetteville.. 255 236 254 238 23 337 Greenvillage.. 213 119 214 118 71 183 Guilford...... 229 204 223 211 58 236 Hamilton...... 126 190 129 187 2 227 Letterkenny... 176 234 172 242 32 257 Lurgan........ 101 153 100 154 8 225 Loudon........ 95 130 95 131 9 167 Metal......... 146 119 146 119 21 197 Montgomery.... 245 192 238 197 82 161 Orrstown...... 89 149 88 150 31 176 Peters........ 163 69 159 72 47 120 Quincy........ 260 326 258 327 91 360 Southampton... 65 81 60 86 25 102 Sulphur Spring 32 42 32 42 38 34 St. Thomas.... 172 220 167 224 20 316 Washington.... 382 313 382 313 28 320 Warren........ 59 60 59 60 3 111 Welsh Run..... 140 147 149 137 18 250 ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ 4332 4277 4331 4282 776 4518



Cessna. Kimmell. Adams................... 2,832 3,176 Bedford................. 2,658 2,984 Franklin................ 4,192 4,403 Fulton.................. 789 1,109 Somerset................ 3,182 1,837 _______ _______ 13,653 13,509

Cessna's majority, 144.


State Senator.

Dixon. Duncan. Adams................ 2,829 3,176 Franklin............. 4,352 4,265 _______ _______ 7,181 7,440

Duncan's majority 259.



Walker. Sheibly. Winger. Shively. Franklin............. 4,335 4,308 4,314 4,279 Perry................ 2,563 2,514 2,525 2,580 _______ _______ _______ _______ 6,898 6,822 6,639 6,859

Walker over Winger 59, -over Shively 39; Shively over Winger 20, over Shiebly 37.




The Pennsylvania delegation in the XLIst Congress will be constituted as follows:

1. *Samuel J. Randall, Dem.
2. *Charles O'Neill, Rep.
3. John Moffat, Dem.
4. *William D Kelly,, Rep.
5. *Caleb N. Taylor, Rep.
6. John D. Stiles, Dem.
7. Washington Townsend, Rep.
8. *J. Lawrence Getz, Dem.
9. O. J. Dickey, Rep.
10. *Henry L. Cake, Rep.
11. *D. M. Van Auken, Dem.
12. *George W. Woodard, Dem.
13. *Ulyses Mercur, Rep.
14. John B Packer, Rep.
15. R. J. Halerman, Dem.
16. John Cessna, Rep.
17. *Daniel J. Morrell, Rep.
18. W. H. Armstrong, Rep.
19. *Glenni W. Scofield, Rep.
20. G. W. Gilfillan, Rep.
21. Henry D. Foster, Dem.
22. James S. Negley, Rep.
23. Darwin Phelphs, Rep.
24. James B. Donley, Rep.


* Members of XLth Congress.
Republicans, 16.
Democrats, 8.


Republicans - Henszey, Connell, Worthington, Stinson, Osterhout, Olmstead, Coleman, Billingfelt, Fisher, Stutzman, Robinson, White, Graham, Errett, Taylor, Kerr, Brown, Lowry - 18

Democrats - McCanless, Nagle, Linderman, Browne, Davis, Randall, Burnett, Turner, Beck, Jackson, Miller, McIntyre, Wallace, Searight, Duncan - 15



Districts. Districts. 1. David Foy | 10. E. W. Davis 2. John McGinnis | 11. Daniel Witham 3. Samuel Josephs. | 12. Alexander Adaire 4. George W. Myers | 13. Michael Mullin 5. John I. Rogers | 14. John Cloud 6. Chas. J. Kleckner | 15. J. Holgate 7. James Subers | 16. M. C. Hong 8. J. V. Stokes | 17. Colonel J. Clark 9. Samuel D. Daily | 18. R. Hervey

Adams - Dr. A. B. Dill

Allegheny - George Wilson, Geo. F. Morgan, James Taylor, M. S. Humphreys, Vincent Miller, Samuel Kerr.

Armstrong - Col. S. M. Jackson

Beayer and Washington - H. J. Vankirk, A. J. Buffington, Thomas Nicholson.

Bedford, Fomen, and Somerset - Lieut. J. H. Longnecker, John Welleg.

Berks - Henry S. Hoftenstein, Henry Brobst, Richmond L. Jones

Blair - Joseph Robinson

Bradford and Sullivan - John L. Chamberlain, James H. Webb

Bucks - Joshua Beans, Ed McKinstry

Butler, Lawrence and Mercer - Alexander Leslie, George S. Westlake, David Robinson, John Edwards

Cantbria - John Porter

Carbemami[unclear] Monroe - James Placer

[two words unclear] McKean - W. D. Davis.

[one line unclear]

Chester - Dr. S. M. Meredith, Archimedes Robb, James M. Phillips

Clarion and Jefferson - R. B. Brown.

Clearfield, Elk, and Forest - John W. Wallace

Columbia and Montour - George Scott.

Crawford - Wm. Beatty, S. W. Ames

Cumberland - Theodore Cornman

Dauphin - A. J. Herr, H. B. Hoffman

Delaware - Augustus B. Leedom.

Erie - George P. Rea, John D. Stranahan.

Fayette - Wm. H. Playford.

Franklin and Perry - John Shively, Capt John H. Walker.

Grene - Joseph Sedgwick

Huntingdon, Juniata, and Mifflin - Samuel F. Brown, Amos H. Martin

Indiana and Westmoreland - Dr. David M. Marshall, Jas. A. Hunter, A. C. Hamilton

Lancaster - Aaron H. Summy, W. W. Hopkins, Jacob G. Peters, J. C. Gatchell

Lebanon - J. G. Heilman

Lehigh - John H. Fogel, Daniel H. Creitz.

Luzerne - S. F .Bossard, D. L. O'Neill, N. G. Westler

Lycoming, Snyder, and Union - W. P. I. Painter, Capt. Thos. Church, Wm. G. Herrold.

Montgomery - James Eschbach, Henry McKiller

Northampton - Geo. H. Gaundie, Lewis H. Stout

Northumberland - W. H. Kase

Pike and Wayne - Wm. M. Nelson

Potter and Tioga - J. B. Niles, B. B. Strang

Schuylskill -

Susquehanna and Wyoming - Col. Loren Burrett, Almon P. Stephens

Venango and Warren - Col. A. P. Duncan, Junius R. Clark

York - Dr. J. Hersh, Dr. D. Porter.

SENATE. HOUSE. Republicans.........18 | Republicans..........61 Democrats...........15 | Democrats............39 ___ ___ Republican majority...3 | Republican majority..23 Republican majority on joint ballot...........26


Republicans in Roman, Democrats in Italie.




Returns thus far received indicate the election of the following Congressional delegation:

1. Philip W. Strader, Dem.
2. Jeb E Stevenson, Rep.
3. *Robert G. Schenck, Rep.
4. *William Lawrence, Rep.
5. *William Munden, Dem.
6. John A. Smith, Rep.
7. James A. Winans, Rep.
8. *John Beatty, Rep.
9. E. F. Dickerson, Dem.
10. Truman H. Hong, Dem.
11. *John T. Wilson, Rep.
12. Philad. Van Trump, Dem.
13. George W. Morgan, Dem.
14. *Martin Welker, Rep.
15. Edward H. Moore, Rep.
16. *John A. Bingham, Rep.
17. Jacob A. Ambler, Rep.
18. W. H. Upson, Rep.
19. *James A. Garfield, Rep.


*Members of XL Congress
Republicans, 13.
Democrats, 6.

COLUMBUS, O., Oct. 15 - Returns so far received show from 16,000 to 17,000 Republican majority in Ohio.




Indiana will be represented in the Forty-first Congress as follows:

1. *W. E. Niblack, Dem.
2. *M. C. Kerr, Dem.
3. *W. S. Holman, Dem.
4. *Geo. W. Julian, Rep.
5. *John Coburn, Rep.
6. D. W. Voorhees, Dem.
7. *Godlove S. Orth, Rep.
8. Daniel D. Pratt, Rep.
9. *John P. Shanks, Rep.
10. Wm. Williams, Rep.
11. *Jasper Packard, Rep.

*Members of Fortieth Congress.

Republicans 7. Democrats 4. A Republican loss of one member.



Nebraska elects the full Republican ticket as follows:
Governor - David Butler
Secretary of State - Thomas P. Kennard
Treasurer - James Sweet
Auditor - John Gillespie
Congress - John Taffe
Attorney, 1st - O. B. Hewett
Attorney, 2d - S. C. Corwin
Attorney, 3d - E. F. Gray

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Election Day
(Column 02)
Summary: This report focuses on the events of election day aside from the vote; for example, it reports successful arbitration for questioned votes and a high voter turnout. It also describes the general events in Republican headquarters.
Full Text of Article:

Election day passed off quietly and peaceably. Both parties endeavored to poll their full vote and were successful. The bitterness of the campaign for the time being ceased, and everything was done with a view to success. Votes were challenged, and the decisions of the elections boards were conclusive and quietly submitted to. Some amusing incidents occurred in the efforts of the workingmen to secure the floaters, and the parties who won could ill conceit their satisfaction. There was never a larger vote polled in this town.

In the evening after the closing of the polls, the Republicans and Democrats repaired to their various headquarters to await the result. As the returns from the North and South wards were received the Republicans gave cheer upon cheer. Next came Hamilton with her 58 Democratic majority, which disappointed her friends. Green with 100 for Hartranft and Campbell was gladly welcomed by the "Boys in Blue." The county seemed then to be going Republican. Zollinger's gain in Letterkenny, owing to the trading of our party put Fletcher in jeopardy, but Mercersburg with her 190 saved him. Quincy gave 55 majority for the State ticket, but made certain the defeat of Cessna and Hays. There were many bitter denunciations of the men who calling themselves Republicans, had only used their influence to serve Democracy and defeat men who had been more successful than themselves. But it was too late then to remedy the treachery and deceit of political tricksters. There was not much doubt of Cessna's election in the District, the state was safe, a majority of our county ticket had been elected, and the victory was virtually ours. When this was made known all Union loving citizens felt that our struggle against treason was not in vain, and that the party that preserved the nation in war would govern it in peace. The opposition blew out their lights, retired disappointed and discouraged, fully satisfied that the county was going to the D---l, and the Con-sti-tu-tion would be overridden by another Radical Congress.

[No Title]
(Column 02)
Summary: At a meeting of the Ministers of the Gospel of Chambersburg, resolutions of sympathy and respect were passed upon the death of Rev. H. Y. Humelbaugh. The following signed the notice: James F. Kennedy, J. A. Crawford, and A. S. Foster, of the Presbyterian Church; F. Dyson, S. Barnes, and J. G. M'Keehan of the Methodist Church; G. Roth and J. K. Miller of the Lutheran Church; W. G. Hawkins of the Protestant Episcopal Church; P. S. Davis of the German Reformed Church; and John Hunter of the Baptist Church.
(Names in announcement: Rev. James F. Kennedy, Rev. J. A. Crawford, Rev. A. S. Foster, Rev. F. Dyson, Rev. S. Barnes, Rev. J. G. M'Keehan, Rev. G. Roth, Rev. J. K. Miller, Rev. W. G. Hawkins, Rev. P. S. Davis, Rev. John Hunter, Rev. H. Y. Humelbaugh)
[No Title]
(Column 03)
Summary: The dentists of Cumberland and Franklin counties met in Carlisle to form a Dental Association of the Cumberland Valley. There are 25 dentists between the Susquehanna and the Potomac, 14 of whom attended. Officers were selected. Dr. Suesserott of Chambersburg was chosen president.
(Names in announcement: Dr. Suesserott, Dr. Bender, Dr. Miller, Dr. Forrest, Dr. French, Dr. Haycock, Dr. Miller)
[No Title]
(Column 03)
Summary: Berdan's Swiss Bell Ringers had been advertised for Friday and Saturday nights in Repository Hall. They failed to show up on Friday but performed on Saturday. "It is a matter of doubt whether their audience was more disappointed than the one of the previous evening or not."
[No Title]
(Column 03)
Summary: Meetings will be held throughout the county for the remainder of the presidential campaign. They will not be announced in the Repository, but will be advertised by handbills. Local Republicans should contact S. F. Greenawalt, county chairman, about scheduling events.
(Names in announcement: S. F. Greenawalt)
(Column 04)
Summary: David D. Wolf of Cumberland County and Miss Mary E. Brown of Franklin were married in Chambersburg at the residence of Jacob Wolf by the Rev. S. Barnes.
(Names in announcement: David D. Wolf, Mary E. Brown, Jacob Wolf, Rev. S. Barnes)
(Column 04)
Summary: Philip Byers and Miss Jane Ann Breneman, both of Strasburg, were married in Chambersburg on October 13th by the Rev. J. Keller Miller.
(Names in announcement: Philip Byers, Jane Anne Breneman, Rev. J. Keller Miller)
(Column 04)
Summary: Jacob Freet and Miss Catharine A. Douglass, both of Franklin, were married on October 15th by the Rev. S. Bigham.
(Names in announcement: Jacob Freet, Catharine A. Douglass, Rev. S. Bigham)
(Column 04)
Summary: A. W. Hoover of Letterkenny and Elizabeth A. Rohrer of Green were married on October 6th by the Rev. Dr. Schneck.
(Names in announcement: A. W. Hoover, Elizabeth A. Rohrer, Rev. Dr. Schneck)
(Column 04)
Summary: Milton Crawford of Green and Rebecca Harmony, daughter of John Harmony of New Franklin, were married on October 20th by the Rev. Dr. Schneck.
(Names in announcement: Milton Crawford, Rebecca Harmony, John Harmony, Rev. Dr. Schneck)
(Column 04)
Summary: Rev. H. Y. Humelbaugh, pastor of the church of the United Brethren in Christ, died in Chambersburg on October 13th. He was 34 years old. "The deceased was an earnest and successful laborer in the vineyard of the Lord, and his death is lamented by all with whom he was acquainted."
(Names in announcement: Rev. H. Y. Humelbaugh)
(Column 04)
Summary: Capt. John Sprecher died in Letterkenny on October 16th. He was 72 years old.
(Names in announcement: Capt. John Sprecher)

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