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Valley of the Shadow

Franklin Repository: September 28, 1870

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Voters Take Notice
(Column 01)
Summary: The paper reminds voters that they must be registered ten days before the election in order to be able to vote. They urge Republicans to check the lists and make sure that their name appears on them.
The Two Parties
(Column 01)
Summary: This editorial characterizes the Whigs and Democrats, the 2 dominant political parties in the antebellum era, as failures. The Republican party, on the other hand, has successfully rid the nation of slavery's threat and has also spread freedom and civil rights. The article attacks the post-war Democratic party asking, "what has the 'White Man's party' done?"
Full Text of Article:

In view of the weighty responsibility resting on every citizen to sustain the interests of the country, it were well to retrospect the past in order to determine what the true interests of the country are. We claim to be an enlightened nation. We have facilities for obtaining the true history of the past enjoyed by no former period in our national existence, and much that pertains to the data from which we must form our convictions of political duty is within the memory of a majority of our voters. We cannot, therefore, shut our eyes to the importance of acting well our part, not through the promptings of prejudice and passion, but from a thorough conviction of what will be most for the true interests of the country in the future. If we go back to the campaign of 1852, we find the two dominant parties, the Whig and Democratic, arrayed against each other simply on the question of who shall have the offices, each striving to embrace within its platform anything and everything that would engage the support of the greatest number of voters. They were, however, not alike successful in their efforts to present a consistent record in regard to the slavery question. The Democracy - i. e. the leaders - were able to adapt their platform to the masses in their party, while the Whig party made up to a great extend of the anti-slavery element, only exposed itself to contempt by its resolution endorsing the fugitive slave law, the consequence was a half-hearted support to its candidate, Gen. Scott, who though personally unexceptionable, was willing to take his chances of success on such a base concession to the great slave power. The experiment of that party, to do homage to the demi-god slavery as a means of success, was disastrous, and Gen. Pierce, running on a consistent, though equally crouching policy to the South, was elected. Now mark the consequence. "Whom the gods intend to destroy they first make mad." The Democracy, during that and the succeeding administration, served the South with a zeal that wrought the dissolution of the party. The results have demonstrated that any and all parties that cater to the base and wicked policies of their times must in this enlighted nation go down by their own weight.

Who now, would counsel either of the great parties to endorse, so wicked and heartless a business as catching the slave, fleeting from the cruel bondage of the Southern nabob? All parties, that is a majority of the members of all parties, stand aghast at the base "bowing of the knee to the dark spirit of slavery." The Whig party went down deservedly on account of this servile truckling to prejudice and passion; and the Democratic party, more consistent to the bitter end, met with a more terrible overthrow. The Republican party sprang into power as if by magic. It was the effort of the nation to disenthrall itself from sycophancy to the moloch of the South. It was not the Whig party reformed, but was made up largely from the ranks of the Democratic party. It girded itself to the task, and from force of a series of succeeding crises, in ten years has accomplished far beyond what its most zealous and sanguine members hoped for. Now what do we see. Instead of slavery threatening its encroachments on the then free teritory of the nation, we see the manacles struck from every slave on the nation's domain. We see the civil rights of all protected by uniform and equal laws, nay we see the former slave and the down trodden colored man, enfranchised as a means of the protection of their rights, and we see prejudice and bigotry on account of color receding from the country, so that the black man can walk our streets on his business or in a procession without molestation or hindrance. All this has been accomplished by means of the Republican party. Thanks to the honest Democrats and Whigs who disgusted at the low, mean, degraded policies of the heartless leaders of their respective parties, came out nobly and separated themselves to the glorious mission of disenthralling the nation from caste by establishing the Republican party. But, as every good work has its foe, so we see collected together a party under the guise of Democracy, and under the delusion that prejudice, bigotry and caste are still means of success basely adopting the cognomen of the White Men's party in order to get into places of power. Their small souls cannot comprehend the great principles of right and justice which should govern a nation, but, deluded with the idea that prejudice leads to success, they deem the masses, still its subjects, and parade their weak and silly appeals in their speeches and their press before the people. We know what the Republican party has done; what has the "White Men's party" done? It could not if it would, revive the putrid carcass of slavery, which it once embraced as the highest form of government and society; but it would if it could steal into power and attempt to administer a great government, the principles of which it neither respects or comprehends.

The Great Issue
(Column 02)
Summary: When the Democrats portray the granting of civil rights to blacks as a negative, the Repository announces its faith that "Americans are not afraid to do right." The paper is convinced that citizens will not vote for the Democrats' racist and unfair platform. The article also claims that the Democratic candidates support Free Trade and are "all secretly arrayed against the laboring classes." This, they argue is the reason why they are trying to hide behind the issue of black suffrage.
Full Text of Article:

With us, and in a few other Congressional districts in Pennsylvania, the Democratic leaders are working hard to deceive the people by representing that they oppose the Republican administration because it has given suffrage to all classes and conditions of men. They apparently array themselves against us on the issue of prejudice and bigotry, and pronounce themselves in favor of limiting the comprehensive terms of the grand old Declaration of Independence to apply only to white men and not to mankind. They call upon the white voters of Pennsylvania - five hundred thousand in number - to make haste and secure the citadel of their liberty from the attacks of the colored voters - fifteen thousand in number - else they will soon be powerless in their grasp and become the slaves of those whom a few years ago they so haughtily lorded over and degraded. We wish they were sincere in this. We would be glad to know that they proposed to make fight with the loyal party of the land on a question of prejudice and not of principle. We sincerely wish that their cry of "White Men's Party" inspired the Democracy wherever its members are found, and were not limited to a few Congressional districts in Pennsylvania. For we know that a groundless prejudice however bitter cannot last, and must give way before the grand principle of equal justice and equal rights to all classes and conditions of men. American history, if it proves anything proves that Americans are not afraid to do right, and that they make steady progress in the pathway of enlightened civilization, and have never taken a step backward yet. But the Democracy are not ignorant that the battle of liberty in the United States has already been fought and won, and that henceforth opposition based on bigotry and class pride must steadily fall back. Knowing this so well, the "White Men's Party" dodge finds no resting place except in a few Northern or Middle States where the Democracy are themselves divided on the real issue and the leaders dare not take a stand upon it.

Nothing is better settled than that the Democracy are in favor of Free Trade, and are to-day striving for the election of Representatives pledged to that heresy. Their united action in Congress to defeat the tariff bill proves it. Their nominations in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth districts prove their devotion to it. In these districts both the Democrats and Republicans are strongly in favor of protection and yet in each have the Democratic leaders nominated notorious Free Traders for Congress. Yet so unpopular is Free Trade in both these districts that the party leaders dare not avow and advocate it. Their platforms are silent upon the subject; their newspapers fear to advocate it, and their candidates when brought face to face with an earnest and indignant people weakly seek to escape the odium of their Free Trade principles. To throw dust in the eyes of the people, these candidates and the public speakers and writers of the party, all secretly arrayed against the laboring classes, raise a great cry against the Fifteenth Amendment, and call upon the voters to stand by the White Men's party. Was ever anything more contemptible? There is no White Men's party. The Democracy everywhere, except in Pennsylvania and a few other places, are openly working to secure the colored vote, as they have a perfect right to do. They would do the same thing here if there was the slightest chance of securing any reasonable part of it. But there is not. If they were strong enough to elect Free Traders to Congress by openly advocating Free Trade they would not waste their time upon a miserable prejudice against the colored voters. As it is they are driven to it in order to delude the people into the support of men whose principles are obnoxious to the best interests of this section of the State.

Let no man be deceived by this trick. Meyers is sought to be elected because he is a Free Trader. The election of a man with such principles from the Sixteenth district would be regarded by the free traders as a greater triumph than the election of half a dozen Free Traders from some other States. The enemies of a protective tariff would hail the defeat of Mr. Cessna by such a man as a vindication of their wicked doctrine by the people. And they would be justified in so doing if he were elected on a free trade issue. Mr. Cessna has given his best efforts in Congress to securing protection to the industries of his district, and of the whole State, and Mr. Meyers would be the first to claim that the voters of this district was in favor of British free trade if he were elected, although he now professes to stand upon the platform constructed by the White Men's party.

Meyers' War Record--Chapter 2
(Column 02)
Summary: The Repository publishes part two of its series aimed at discrediting the Democratic nominee for Congress, Benjamin F. Meyers. To prove that they were not slanderous in calling Meyers disloyal, the editors have republished Meyers's wartime writings. This, they argue is "to let people judge who is truthful in this matter, Mr. Meyers, or ourselves."
Full Text of Article:

When immediately after Mr. Meyers' nomination we charged him with disloyalty during the war, he retorted by saying that we had been guilty of a "malignant slander." We replied last week that if we failed to make our declaration good, from his own record, we were willing to be branded as a malignant slanderer, and acknowledged that he was a patriot during the war. In pursuance of our determination to let the people judge who is truthful in this matter, Mr. Meyers, or ourselves, we publish Chapter No. 2 of his War Record.

Early in 1863 was a period of gloom and despondency which pervaded the whole loyal North. Our armies had met with repeated disasters and had lost heavily, the gallant soldiers at the front were entreating the government to send them reinforcements; but disasters had brought discouragement and men enlisted reluctantly. The finances of the country were likewise embarrassed, and gold was climbing up rapidly. It was apparent to the President and Congress, that unless the armies were filled up, and that speedily, the rebellion would prove triumphant, and that the only possible way to raise troops was by a general conscription act. However unpleasant it might be to raise troops in this way, it was the only alternative, and not a loyal man in the whole country failed to approve the wisdom and courage of Congress in passing the Conscription Act.

The Bedford Gazette of the 13th of March, 1863, tells in Mr. Meyers' own peculiar way how he approved it:

"The Conscription Bill recently passed by Congress, authorizes the appointment by the President of a Provost Marshal for every Congressional district, 'as fixed by law next preceding the enrollment.' This officer is to be a kind of general agent for the President, (or rather the Military Dictator) and is to arrest deserters from the army, to detect, seize and confine spies, and to obey all lawful orders of and regulations of the Provost Marshal General. In short he is to be the ruler, owner and keeper of the people within the limits of his district, a petty tyrant, uniting in his person the powers of a civil magistrate, the authority of a military commander and the functions of a police detective. When the President shall see fit to undertake an enforcement of the conscription, we shall look with some anxiety and more curiosity for the name of the wretch who will not scruple to disgrace himself and the community in which he lives by accepting this odious office. Let the man, whoever he may be, make up his mind that he cannot live a peaceful life, nor die an honorable death. Let him remember that he makes himself the hireling of usurped power, the minion of the enemy of popular liberty, the tool of a disgraced and doomed administration. Let him remember that he becomes a voluntary instrument for the destruction of the Constitution, and, therefore, that the very discharge of his official duties makes him a perjurer and a traitor. And let him be warned that the people will not suffer him nor his master to wrest from them the rights guaranteed them by the blood bought institutions of their fathers. The name of the man who accepts the office will be a stench in the nostrils of every true friend of human liberty forever and forever! The finger of scorn will be pointed at him as a second Arnold, who would barter the citadel of his country's freedom for the gratification of his own avarice and ambition. The people will brand him with shame, for to do so is their own defence against the usurpations of power. They will put a scorpion's sting into every power of his body. Men will turn from him in loathing and disgust, shunning the contaminating touch of his political leprosy. The lash of popular indignation will pursue him through the world, his effigy hanging in every town and his name a bye word among the people and eking out a miserable existence, his will go down to the grave, unwept by friends and unhonored even by partizans."

Were we mistaken when we pronounced Mr. Meyers a friend of the Confederacy, and one of that degraded class who fought the Union armies in the rear?

When the Democracy, North and South, were defeated by the re-election of Mr. Lincoln in the fall of 1864, Mr. Meyers in the Gazette of the 9th of December following wrote:

"THE DRAFT - Lincoln's elected, the war is 'over' but still Grant and Sherman must have more men. (Mem. We presume they want them only to look on at the rebels disbanding.) Bedford County has again been called on by Father Abraham, and this time the following persons have been invited to be present at his balls at Richmond and in Tennessee."

While Richmond fell and unusual rejoicing pervaded the loyal North, and the heroic deeds and courage our brave soldiers displayed in assaulting and capturing the rebel fortifications which surrounded the capitol of the rebellion were on every tongue, Mr. Meyers showed chagrin and regret at the rebel defeat by publishing in the Gazette of the 7th April, 1865, the astounding intelligence that -

"Richmond and Petersburg were evacuated by Gen. Lee; they were not taken by assault, though five days hard fighting preceded the evacuation. Lee has doubtless moved into North Carolina, for the purpose of uniting his army with Johnson's."

At last when the crowning triump came, when under the steady pounding of Grant, and his brave troops the confederacy broke into fragments, when the shattered and broken columns of Lee's retreating troops were cut off by Sheridan's fleet riders, and Lee and Johnson threw down their arms and surrendered unconditionally and when Jeff Davis was fleeing, a disguised fugitive, from avenging justice, even then Meyers would not surrender, and in his Bedford Gazette announced:

"A COMPROMISE AT LAST - The Democratic party has always contended for compromise as the basis of the settlement of our national troubles. The cry of our political apponents, on the other hand, has always been, 'No compromise with traitors!' Now, it has at last come to this that Gen. Lee, the mightiest of all 'traitors,' and Gen. Grant, the representative of the Federal Government, have made a compromise. Grant proposing the terms and Lee accepting them. Had there been no such compromise there would have been another bloody battle, or perhaps several battles, thousands of lives would have been lost, many families clad in mourning and the war no nearer at an end than it is now, through this compromise. What has become of the old motto of the jacobins, 'No compromise with Traitors?' Ah! its authors have had to swallow it at last."

This ends the second chapter of the war record of Benjamin F. Meyers, the Democratic patriot of Bedford county, and now Democratic candidate for Congress in the 16th district.

The Truth Appearing
(Column 03)
Summary: When the Spirit attacks Republican congressman, John Cessna, on the issue of border claims, the Repository rises to defend him.
Full Text of Article:

It was bold and reckless on the part of the Spirit to charge that Hon. John Cessna had failed in his duty toward the border raid sufferers, and showed the desperate condition of the Democracy. Time after time were we challenged to show what part Mr. Cessna took towards securing compensation for our losses, until we were forced to break through our reluctance to submit to political agitation the question which has no political character at all, and show the dishonesty of the Spirit by informing the people just what Mr. Cessna had done: or at least what we knew he had done. Unlike the Democracy, Mr. Cessna is not given to heralding his own acts and deeds and we did not know all. While the Spirit was charging that Cessna took no interest in securing payment for our losses, all for the purpose of aiding Meyers and Skinner in the campaign, the latter knew that the charges were false; because it is to Mr. Cessna that he was indebted for his appointment on the Committee of Ways and Means last winter, the Committee before which any measure for our relief must originate. Yet Mr. Skinner, though aware of what Mr. Cessna did, and witnessing the Spirit's attacks upon him, preserved a strange and unaccountable silence though pretending to deprecate the agitation of the border damage losses. Since the fact has been made known and Mr. Skinner can no longer deny it he weakly admits the truth of it.

It seems that Mr. Cessna, whom the Editor of the Spirit was bound "to drive to the wall" on the Border Damage question, has a better record upon it than Mr. Meyers. He secured the appointment of Capt. Skinner on the Committee of Ways and Means, something which all the Democrats in the State could not have done, and thus put him in the only position wherein it was possible for him to be of use to the Border people, and in addition left his seat while Congress was in session and came to Harrisburg and labored personally with the members and with the Governor to secure the passage of a bill. Now if the Spirit can show that Mr. Cessna was offered any promise of reward or compensation for his services, as Mr. Meyers was, then we will candidly admit that he ought to be "driven to the wall" just as Mr. Meyers has been.

As for Mr. Skinner, who received the benefit of Mr. Cessna's influence with the Speaker of the House, and was thus appointed on the committee, and afterward quietly stood by and saw his party organ misrepresent and falsify him, it is for him to explain his sinister and equivocal conduct as best he can.

A legitimate conclusion from this exposure is this: If Mr. Skinner, being a Democrat, was powerless to aid the Border people in a Republican Legislature without the intercession and influence of Republicans, would it not be wise to learn the lesson which it teaches, and in the coming election send Republican members to that body.

Meyers and Skinner
(Column 04)
Summary: The Repository points out that the two Democratic candidates, Meyers for Congress and Skinner for Assembly, were on opposite sides of the war. While Meyers was a "Copperhead," Skinner was actually a soldier. Arguing that there remains bad blood between the two, the editorial hopes that the veterans will, on voting day, "use their ballots as effectively . . . as they did their bullets against the armed rebels in the South."
Full Text of Article:

Meyers glories in his Copperhead record during the war. Not one line of it will he have blotted out, not one word that he uttered against the Union will he take back. Capt. Skinner, the Democratic candidate for Assembly, was a soldier when Meyers was a Copperhead. Skinner belonged to the class that Meyers called "Lincoln hirelings." His record as a soldier so far as we know was good. He knows as well as any one else that during the fearful peril of this nation he and Meyers occupied opposite positions on the great question of saving the Union. Skinner now apologizes for ever wearing 'the blue' by taking a subordinate place on the same ticket with the most outspoken advocate of Jefferson Davis in this Congressional District. He thinks that the grand victories of the Western Army, to which he belonged, were compromises, and that the Rebels never retreated nor were put to rout, but that they evacuated the strongholds they could no longer keep. For instance, Pemberton evacuated Vicksburg and Lee Gettysburg in those memorable days in July, 1863. Meyers says so, and is not Skinner running on the same ticket with Meyers, and were they not both nominated by the Democratic party? It is true that Skinner did not want Meyers nominated for Congress, and circulated a remonstrance to defeat him, but his efforts were unavailing. The only course for Skinner then to have pursued would have been to withdraw from the ticket. This would have been to his credit and would have made him hosts of friends. He thought differently, and forgetting the memories of his soldier days, he is now devoting himself earnestly to secure Meyers' election. The truth of the matter is Skinner endorses Meyers, but Meyers still regards Skinner as having played the part of a vandal, although he has hopes that he will wash out that disgrace by supporting a rebel for Congress. The soldiers of this county than whom none know better what the course of such men as Meyers cost the Government in treasure and in blood, will use their ballots as effectively on the second Tuesday of October against Meyers, the traitor, and Skinner his friend, as they did their bullets against the armed rebels in the South.

[No Title]
(Column 04)
Summary: The paper charges that Meyers' tariff record and war record are "indefensible." The editors defend Cessna from criticism that he voted against the iron interests of the state when he moved to reduce duties.
[No Title]
(Column 05)
Summary: The paper asserts that Republicans should not feel that they owe anything to Capt. Skinner. The editors dismiss his work on the Border Raid Bill as the least that could be expected from someone paid to represent the county.

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Republican Meetings
(Column 01)
Summary: Chairman James G. Elder and Secretary John M. M'Dowell publish a schedule of Republican meetings for the campaign season. They also append a list of expected speakers.
(Names in announcement: James G. Elder, John M. M'Dowell, John Cessna, John Allison, William D. Kelley, Maj. A. R. Calhoun, John Stewart, Lyman S. Clarke, Col. George B. Wiestling, Col. F. S. Stumbaugh, E. J. Bonebrake, Jere Cook, Col. Theodore M'Gowan, J. S. Eby, S. W. Hays, H. Gehr, T. Frank Garver, W. U. Brewer, T. M. Mahon, J. M. M'Dowell, Lew W. Detrich, A. M'Elwaine, C. W. M'Keehan, Jacob Henninger, J. R. Gaff, John Miller)
[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: The Repository publishes census information from the North Ward, Chambersburg, and Hamilton townships.
(Names in announcement: Capt. E. D. Reid)
Full Text of Article:

CAPT. E. D. REID, the very obliging Assistant Marshal for taking the census of the North Ward, Chambersburg, and Hamilton township has furnished us the following results of his labor for publication:


White males 1,273 White females 1,548 Colored males 72 Colored females 84 Total males 1,345 Total females 1,632 Number inhabitants 2,977 Deaths 35 Houses of productive industry 47 Value real estate $2,257,909 Value Personal property 1,757,445 Total value $4,015,354

We understand that the population of South Ward is 3,333, which would make the total population of Chambersburg 6,310.


No. of acres of improved land 14,982 No. of acres of woodland 4,259 Total acres of land 18,241 Present cash value of farm land $958,605 Present cash value of farming implements, &c 8,605 Total amount of wages paid during the year, including value of board 26,689 No. of horses, June 1, 1870 650 No. of mules and asses 6 No. of milch cows 626 No. of other cattle 598 No. of sheep 352 No. of swine 1,123 Value of all live stock $108,114


No. bushels of wheat 35,466 No. bushels of rye 3,216 No. bushels of corn 46,577 No. bushels of oats 38,759 No. bushels of barley 1,769 No. bushels of buckwheat 115 No. pounds of wool 417 No. bushels of Irish potatoes 9,372 No. bushels of sweet potatoes 313 Orchard products $2,789 No. gallons of wine 220 Produce of market gardens $2,662 No. pounds of butter 55,995 No. tons of hay 3,261 No. bushels of clover seed 936 No. gallons of molasses 1,578 No. pounds of honey 215 Forest products $180 Value of animals slaughtered or sold for slaughter $22,227 Estimated value of all farm productions, including betterments and additions to stock $222,640 Population 1,633 Deaths 15 Dwelling houses 306 Families 306 Houses of productive industry 5 Farms 173
Republican Meetings
(Column 01)
Summary: Well-attended Republican meetings were held at Shady Grove and Upton. A number of prominent Republicans spoke. "Interest in the result of the approaching election is rapidly growing, and at both these places the Republicans seem determined to do their part towards rescuing the county from the hands of the Democracy. They are in earnest and will not be reluctant in coming to the polls. They are exceedingly well posted on the history and past record of the man whom the Democratic party have placed on their ticket for Congress, and are resolved that he shall have no part in administering the affairs of the Government which he strove to destroy."
(Names in announcement: W. U. Brewer, Lew Deatrich, Col. Theodore M'Gowan, C. W. McKeehan, John Stewart, Jere Cook)
The County Fair
(Column 01)
Summary: The Franklin County Agricultural Society will hold its third annual exhibition near Chambersburg beginning on October 5th. Entries can be made through the secretary, Calvin Gilbert. The paper asserts that the group has been highly successful at securing livestock and produce for display. Tickets are 25 cents or 5 for a dollar. Season tickets are $1.00 and children under 12 are free.
Can Keep a Hotel
(Column 01)
Summary: The paper prints a letter praising Daniel Trostle, proprietor of Chambersburg's National Hotel.
(Names in announcement: Daniel Trostle)
Olive Logan
(Column 02)
Summary: Olive Logan, a "favorite and fascinating lecturer," will deliver her "admirable" talk on "Girls" in Chamberbsurg on October 15th. She is a highly sought after speaker, placing her "at the head of our female lecturers." Tickets are 75 cents.
(Column 02)
Summary: The Repository publishes the names of the Democratic candidates for local office in Washington, Waynesboro, Quincy, and Green townships.
Full Text of Article:

On Saturday, the 17th inst., the Democracy of Washington township and Waynesboro nominated the following tickets:

Township - Judge, David Hoeflich; Inspector, J. H. Miller; Assessor, John Harbaugh; Assistant Assessor, Simon Lecrone, Wm Johnson; Supervisor, John Hovis, Samuel Omwake, Geo. Barnhart, Wm. Crilly; School Directors, David R. Miller, Samuel Nickodemus, John N. Stephey.

Borough - Burgess, John Bell; Council, T. J. Fillbert, Hiran Snyder, Wm. L. Hamilton, F. Fourthman, W. I. Bickle; Justice of the Peace, H. M. Sibbett; Constable, Wm. F. Horner, School Directors, J. W. Coon, J. H. Crebs, W. L. Hamilton, J. B. Hamilton; Assessor, L. C. Prackbill; Assistant Assessors, Jacob Beaver, Geo. Harbaugh; High Constable, John H. Herr.

The same day the Republicans of Quincy township made the following nominations:

Judge, Melchor Elden; Assessor, J. C. Martin; Assistant Assessor's, Geo. Knepper, Fred'k Speck; Constable, daniel Stoops; Auditor, Jacob Burkholder; Inspector, Joseph Rock, Jr.; School Directors, L. C. Kepner, Jacob Middour, Charles J. Smith; Supervisors, Jacob Miller, Peter Dull.

The Republicans of Green township met at Scotland on Saturday and nominated the following ticket:

Justice of the Peace, Robert Mahon; Judges, Christian Landis, Geo. Fetterhoff; Inspectors, James Chambers, John Spidle, Assessor, Joseph S. Bittinger; Assistant Assessors, Levi Hurst, John R. Thompson; Supervisors, John S. Myers, Joseph Wallace, Henry Lutz; School Directors, Philip Fishburn, Kinzer Mahon; Auditor, A. H. Etter; Township Clerk, Franklin Besore; Constable, Samuel Grove.

[No Title]
(Column 02)
Summary: Dr. C. H. Merklein, who had gone to Europe to study medicine, has returned to Chambersburg. The war drove him out of Paris.
(Names in announcement: Dr. C. H. Merklein)
[No Title]
(Column 02)
Summary: J. Everist Cathell, who was appointed assistant to Mr. Hawkins by the bishop, will conduct services in the Episcopal Church on Wednesday.
(Names in announcement: J. Everist Cathell, Hawkins)
[No Title]
(Column 02)
Summary: A large number of citizens recently attended the Horticultural Exhibition in Repository Hall. The paper asserts that "the display of fruits, vegetable and flowers were very fine."
(Column 03)
Summary: Charles A. Heefner, infant son of M. A. and Kate Heefner, died in Chambersburg on September 24th.
(Names in announcement: Charles A. Heefner, M. A. Heefner, Kate Heefner)

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