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Valley of the Shadow

Franklin Repository: November 02, 1870

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Meyers Whistles
(Column 01)
Summary: The Repository denies that defeated Republican congressional representative, John Cessna, has plans to contest Democrat B. F. Meyers's victory. The paper suggests that Meyers's fears are a sign of weakness.
Full Text of Article:

THIS whistling to keep up one's courage is one of the oldest tricks in the world, and it is amusing to see how Meyers keeps whistling in the columns of his "two papers," one daily. No person has said that Hon. John Cessna means to contest Meyers' seat in the next Congress. Cessna has made no such announcement in the papers, he has given no person authority to say so for him, he has not given Meyers notice, either official or otherwise, that he intends to contest, and yet not an issue of the Patriot or the Bedford Gazette appears that is not full of it. Meyers' unexpected success seems to have upset his equanimity. He didn't expect to succeed, and now, that he seems to have a small majority, doubtless knowing how fraudulently it was obtained, sleeping or waking, he sees visions of a contest. In every issue of his papers he babbles about the contest, and make ridiculous threats, and tells stupendous stories, until even his friends are apprehensive that his Congressional campaign has produced a little crack somewhere in his organism.

We beg him, purely in charity, to preserve his soul in peace, and if possible suppress his anxiety for a few days. If Cessna means to contest he can't possibly do it without letting him know all about it, and giving him abundant time to get up all sorts of dreadful things. But if Meyers thinks to deter him from entering upon a contest by constantly publishing his silly stories, he is a bigger fool than we took him for, and is making a case to prove that he isn't fit for a seat in Congress, whether the people elected him to the position or not.

We can assure Mr. Meyers now, that if Mr. Cessna has reason to believe that the former secured his election by fraudulent votes he will be sure to contest the seat, and Mr. Meyers may as well save his strength and temper for the occasion.

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Proceedings of the Convention of I.O.G.T.
(Column 01)
Summary: The lodges of the I.O.G.T. in Franklin and Cumberland Counties met in the Temperance Hall in Chambersburg on October 25th for a grand convention. The group discussed the relationship between temperance reform and the christian church, the expediency of pushing for prohibition and outlawing drink, and the best means of promoting membership and the cause. Many non-members also attended the proceedings. A children's meeting and a public mass meeting accompanied the event.
(Names in announcement: Rev. E. W. Kirby, Rev. D. Townsend, Wolfe, Sheets, Sloan, Dr. Schlosser, S. B. Chase, Henninger, Rev. A. W. Crawford, Prof. W. S. Roney, Rev. John Donahue, Thomas Roberts, D. Townsend)
A Chapter of Horse Thefts
(Column 02)
Summary: A man named S. Smee registered at the Washington House and is thought to be one of a gang of horse thieves. He has not been seen since he has been identified. A horse was recently stolen from the stable of Jerry Ebbert near Greencastle.
(Names in announcement: Jerry Ebbert)
Court Proceedings
(Column 03)
Summary: The Repository notes recent court cases, naming the parties involved and noting the verdicts.
(Names in announcement: Leonard Nave, Sarah Ann Porter, George KeilSr., Francis Myers, Samuel Myers, John C. Gilbert, David Bergenstock, Henry Bergenstock, Joseph Keil, George Goettman, Lantz, Unger, Francis Leasure, Catharine E. Ganes, Daniel Rowe, Abram R. Saylor, Jane Gilbert , Mary Myers, John Thomas, William Thomas, Hunsecker, Palmer, John Pannell, James Martin, James Pannell, Jerome Furgeson, Frederick Myers, Andrew Meade, Henry Kershner, John W. Kuhn, Michael Gable, David Little, J. U. Hannan, Susan Scott, William Sly, Byers Wingert, Frank Shively, Alfred Nelson, George Long, Margaret Wolfe, Jacob R. Kreps, Samuel Brooks, David Henderson, Abraham Saylor)
Full Text of Article:

The criminal business was disposed of by Wednesday evening, and the grand jury discharged on Thursday morning. The following cases were disposed of, and those convicted of crimes sentenced on Thursday morning:

Com. vs. Leonard Nave. - Fornication and Bastardy, on oath of Sarah Ann Porter. Verdict guilty. The usual sentence imposed by the court.

Com. vs. George Keil, Sr. - Surety of the Peace, on oath of Francis Myers. Case heard and court sentenced Myers to pay the costs of suit.

Com. vs. Samuel Myers - Surety of the Peace, on oath of John C. Gilbert. Case heard and court sentenced defendant to pay costs of suit.

Com. vs. David Bergenstock. - Surety of the Peace, on oath of John C. Gilbert. Case heard, and defendant sentenced by the court to pay costs of suit.

Com. vs. Henry Bergenstock. - Surety of the Peace, on oath of John C. Gilbert. Case heard by the court and defendant sentenced to pay costs of suit.

Com. vs. George Keil and Joseph Keil. - Assault and Battery, on oath of Francis Myers, George Keil plead guilty, and was sentenced by the court to pay a fine of $5 and costs.

Com. vs. George Goettman. - Larceny of Scotch Ale, Wine and "Checks," from the restaurant of Lautz & Unger. Verdict guilty and defendant sentenced to pay a fine of one cent, costs of prosecution, and undergo an imprisonment in the County Jail for a period of two months.

Com. vs. Francis Leasure. - Assault and Battery, on oath of Catharine E. Ganes. Verdict not guilty, but that the defendant pay two thirds and the prosecutrix one-third of the costs.

Com. vs. Francis Leasure. - Case heard by the Court and defendant sentenced to pay the costs of suit.

Com. vs. Daniel Rowe. - Assault and Battery on oath of Abram R. Saylor. Verdict guilty and defendant sentenced to pay a fine of five dollars and costs of suit.

Com. vs. Jane Gilbert - Surety of the Peace, on oath of Mary Myers. Case heard and prosecutrix sentenced to pay the costs.

Com. vs. John Thomas and Wm. Thomas - Larceny. The defendants were the parties who stole Mr. Hunsecker's horse. They were found guilty and were each sentenced to six years in the Penitentiary. For stealing the buggy from the residence of Mr. Palmer, they were each sentenced to undergo an imprisonment of two years in the Eastern Penitentiary.

By leave of the Court the District Attorney entered a nolle prosequi in each of the following cases: Com vs. John Pannell and James Martin; Com vs. James Pannell; Com vs. Frederick Myers; Com. vs. Henry Kershner; Com. vs. John w. Kuhn; Com. vs. Michael Gable; Com. vs. David Little, et al.

The following bills were ignored: Com vs J. U. Hannan; Com vs Susan Scott; Com vs Wm. Sly; Com vs Byers Wingert and Frank Shively; Com vs Alfred Nelson; Com vs George Long (two bills); Com vs Margaret Wolfe; Com vs Jacob R Kreps; Com vs Samuel Brooks; Com vs Andrew Meads, et al; Com vs David Henderson, et al; Com vs Abraham Saylor.

Odd Fellows Visit
(Column 03)
Summary: The members of Columbus Lodge No. 75, I.O.O.F., of Chambersburg took the trains on the Cumberland Valley Railroad to visit a brother-lodge in Harrisburg.
New Hardware Establishment
(Column 04)
Summary: George A. Miller has opened a new hardware store in Chambersburg.
(Names in announcement: George A. Miller)
Reunion of the 126th Penna. Vols.
(Column 04)
Summary: The soldiers of the 126th Pa will hold a reunion in Chambersburg's Repository Hall on December 13th. "The regiment was made up chiefly from Franklin, Fulton, and Juniata counties, much the largest being from Franklin. Chambersburg has therefore been selected as the place for holding the next meeting." The committee of arrangements is attempting to send an invitation to every survivor of the regiment but lacks reliable information for those who have moved. Any soldier that does not receive an invitation, but hears of the event should consider themselves invited.
[No Title]
(Column 04)
Summary: The Methodists of St. Thomas made $127 at their recent festival.
(Column 05)
Summary: Dr. T. J. McLanahan and Miss Beckie A. Austin, both of Chambersburg, were married on October 27th at the residence of the bride's father by the Rev. I. N. Hays, assisted by the Rev. James F. Kennedy.
(Names in announcement: Dr. T. J. McLanahan, Beckie A. Austin, Rev. I. N. Hays, Rev. James F. Kennedy)
(Column 05)
Summary: Henry Peiffer and Miss Sophia Hassler, both of Franklin, were married on October 27th by the Rev. G. Rothe.
(Names in announcement: Henry Peiffer, Sophia Hassler, Rev. G. Rothe)
(Column 05)
Summary: Peter Vink, formerly of Chambersburg, died in Adams County on September 21st. He was 54 years old.
(Names in announcement: Peter Vink)
(Column 05)
Summary: Miss Jennie A. Cormany died in Ohio on October 19th at the residence of her brother-in-law, A. J. Boyer, after suffering a long and severe case of pulmonary consumption. She was 35 years old.
(Names in announcement: Jennie A. Cormany, A. J. Boyer)
(Column 05)
Summary: Daniel Washington Vanderaw, son of Jacob and Rebecca Vanderaw, died in Mississippi on July 22nd. He was 33 years old.
(Names in announcement: Daniel Washington Vanderaw, Jacob Vanderaw, Rebecca Vanderaw)

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