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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Vindicator: January 15, 1859

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Description of Page: Congressional news

Senator Douglas and the Charleston Convention
(Column 1)
Summary: From the Chicago Times, the Vindicator discovers that Douglas will not run for president in 1860 unless his nomination is sought.
(Names in announcement: Senator Stephen Douglas)
Fred Douglas' Daughter for Sale
(Column 2)
Summary: Claims that Fred Douglas's daughter is for sale.
(Names in announcement: Fred Douglas)
Full Text of Article:

" Fred is amply able to make the outlay, he should either purchase his own flesh and blood from servitude, or cease his shrieks over an institution which possesses such untold horrors."

The Spectator Desires to Know
(Column 2)
Summary: "The Spectator" asked what keeps the Democratic Party together; the Vindicator responds that there is much greater unity of sentiment within the Democratic party than within the Opposition.
The Judgeship
(Column 2)
Summary: Samuels died, leaving a judgeship open to candidates from many Virginia counties, including Augusta.
(Names in announcement: Green B. Samuels)
(Column 2)
Summary: Fire broke out at the Institution of the Deaf, Dumb, and Blind; discovered to be the shed of Dr. S.C. Merrilatt. Shed was saved. On Monday the cry of fire was again raised, but proved to be the chimney.
(Names in announcement: Dr. S.C. Merrilatt)
Mount Vernon Association
(Column 2)
Summary: Article supports appeal made by the Mount Vernon Association to raise funds for purchase of the estate; project strenuously supported by the Ladies of the (Augusta) County.
(Names in announcement: William Toms, Edwin M. Taylor)
Full Text of Article:

We publish in another column, at the request of one of the State managers of the "Mount Vernon Association," for this County, the "appeal to the Ladies of Virginia for the purchase of Mount Vernon," from the gifted pen of Mrs. Anna Cora Ritchie, Vice-Regent for this State. We trust this appeal will not be in vain. Each subscriber of one dollar and upwards, becomes a member of the Association; the name and residence of each subscriber will be carefully recorded and preserved in the archives of the Association of Mt. Vernon. It is confidently expected that if proper efforts are made throughout the country, the entire balance due on the purchase will be paid by the 22d of February next. It is hoped that the Ladies of this County will co-operate with each other in their respective vicinities, in enlarging the list of subscribers, so that the State Manager's Record Book, which is to be returned to the Vice-Regent on or before the first of March next, may bear ample testimony to the fact, that nowhere are the name and memory of Washington more warmly loved and cherished than in old Augusta. The gentlemen named below are requested to transmit the subscription lists made up, and the money collected in their respective neighborhoods, either to Wm. H. Tams, Esq., Cashier of the Central Bank, or to Edwin M. Taylor Esq., Cashier of the Valley Bank, Staunton. Middlebrook,--Dr. Wm. S. McChesney and Elijah Hogshead, Esq. Greenville,--Messrs. Bumgardner and McClure, John J. Larew and John Newton. Waynesborough,--Nathaniel Massie and Clinton G. Miller. Fisherville,--Franklin McCue and Philip Schmucker. Barterbrook,--Dr. Thomas W. Shelton. New Hope,--Dr. Wm. R. Roberts and James M. Stout. Mt. Meridian,---Maj. James Walker and Joseph D. Craig. Mt. Sidney,--Capt. K. Harper, Wm. Crawford, and Dr. W. E. Bruffy. Spring Hill,--Dr. R. Gamble, N. D. Poe, and James A. Clinedinst. Mt. Solan,--S. Marshall McCue and D. Newton Vanlear. Parnassus,--William D. Hogshead and Dr. Wm. R. Blair. Churchville,--George A. Hanger, and Dr. R. Hamilton. Deerfield,--Wm. Guy, Kennerly Craig and Joseph Mason. Craigsville,--David Kunkel and R. S. Craig. New Port,--Wm. S. Sproul, Arch'd Stewart and Harvey Fulton. Midway,--Capt. James Henry and J. W. McCormick. West View,--Dr. W. L. Walters and W. W. Taylor.

The Case of the "Wanderer"
(Column 3)
Summary: A vessel named the "Wanderer" was captured landing a cargo of slaves in Georgia and South Carolina. Many planters have hailed the renewal of the slave trade because they feel that there is a need for more slave labor in the South and in the new Western territories.
Full Text of Article:

It has already been announced that a vessel, the "Wanderer," had been captured on suspicion of having landed a cargo of slaves in South Carolina and Georgia, and that it was hailed as a good omen by many of the planters. Indeed, it is and should be a cause of rejoicing to every right thinking Southern man. It is a question which has been but recently revived, but no question of national policy has been so generally discussed and approved since its second advent. The most potent argument in its favor is, that we need negro labor. Negroes at the present prices are too high to cultivate the soil by them to any advantage, and the Southern and Western section of our Republic being better adapted to such products as require slave labor, we will be compelled to increase our stock as we increase our territory. It may be argued that Congress has legislated against it, but Congress has passed laws prohibiting other things, yet when necessity demanded it she has promptly repealed them, and such we conceive to be her duty under the present circumstances; or at least to give such encouragement that the traffic may be protected. It may be argued again, that it is our duty to elevate this fallen race, instead of keeping them in a state of bondage, but has not experience taught us that this is the surest and most speedy way of civilizing and converting them to Christianity? Should the opposition of our neighbor across the water, who connives at and encourages the French system of apprenticing, be any object in our way? Then better give up every cherished principle for which we have fought, and submit ourselves to her dominion at once. But we think that several laws would be repealed by Congress rather than this should come to pass.

Increase of Patronage
(Column 3)
Summary: The Vindicator has increased its subscriber list; nevertheless, the paper will never forget that it is a Democratic herald.
[No Title]
(Column 3)
Summary: The Ladies of Staunton propose holding a fair on February 22 to benefit the West Augusta Guards.
(Column 4)
Summary: Letter partly illegible but appears to apologize to Skinner for any unintentional smearing of his character by Harris.
(Names in announcement: C.R. Harris, Mr. Skinner)
Trailer: "The same papers which were requested to publish my article, will please give this an insertion also."
[No Title]
(Column 4)
Summary: Skinner writes that apparently Harris did receive a substantial number of eastern votes in the Petersburg Convention for the office of Lt. Governor. The attached article recounts how Skinner initially supported Harris but then changed his vote to Montague in order to balance of the ticket between eastern and western parts of Virginia.
(Names in announcement: James H. Skinner, C.R. Harris, Old, Montague)
Trailer: "The papers of the District will please copy this and the appended remarks."
Messrs. Editors
(Column 4)
Summary: Letter from A Democrat ridicules the Opposition for disarray in choosing a congressional candidate. Writer also supports the idea of holding a Democratic convention in Staunton to ensure the unity of the party.
(Names in announcement: Wise, Imboden)
I have seen nothing lately...
(Column 4)
Summary: Letter supports Skinner for Congress.
(Names in announcement: James Skinner)
Congressional Convention
(Column 5)
Summary: Letter argues that most Democrats support the idea of holding a convention for nominating a candidate for Congress. A convention will both ensure unity within the party and will help the party throw its support behind one agreed upon candidate.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Letcher)
Full Text of Article:

"It is the only remaining national and conservative organization in which the whole people of the confederacy can unite, and which has the power to maintain the Union."

Trailer: Democratic papers of the District please copy.
To the Editor of the Tenth Legion
(Column 5)
Summary: Letter on behalf of Tenth Legion supports William Harman to replace Letcher for the magistracy.
(Names in announcement: John Letcher, William Harman)
By the Governor of Virginia
(Column 7)
Summary: The governor declares April 14, 1859 an election day to replace deceased Samuels as judge on the Supreme Court of Appeals.
(Names in announcement: Green B. Samuels, George Mumford)

-Page 03-

Description of Page: Advertisements

(Column 2)
Summary: Married on January 6.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Mr. Baker, Thomas A. Bladsow, Miss Mattie)
(Column 2)
Summary: Mr.Cochran married Miss Cameron on January 6.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Dr. White, William B. Cochran, Margaret Cameron, Col. Warwick Cameron)

-Page 04-

The Democratic Party--its Vitality--its Future
(Column 1)
Summary: Praises the Democratic party and assures voters that each defeat brings renewed vitality to the party.
Full Text of Article:

"Like the giant Anteus, it has struck the earth; and it will, as it ever has, gain new vigor and vitality with the rebound."