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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Vindicator: April 30, 1859

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: Much of front page covered by story "Sam Varney's Venture" (Sam Varney was a Green Mountain Boy). The 7th column has political news about Rockbridge and Bath counties.

Potato Cheese
(Column 6)
Summary: Recipe for potato cheese.
Root Crops
(Column 6)
Summary: Offeres advice on different root crops.
Full Text of Article:

"The carrot is unquestionably the best root crop for feeding cows."

Farmers' Department
(Column 6)
Summary: Discusses the value of sheep to the farmer.

-Page 02-

Painful Accident
(Column 2)
Summary: A steamer carrying A.H.H. Stuart's son B. Baldwin exploded; he is reported to be okay.
(Names in announcement: A.H.H. Stuart, B. Baldwin Stuart)
Full Text of Article:

The Hon. Alexander H. H. Stuart, of this place, received a telegraphic despatch on Tuesday from a gentleman residing in the South, stating that the steamer St. Nicholas, on board of which was his son Mr. B. Baldwin Stuart, had exploded near Memphis, Tennessee, and that his son was very dangerously scalded about the head and hands. Mr. Stuart and his wife immediately started South, and we hope by this time are by the bed-side of their wounded son. Many others were killed and others badly scalded by the dreadful explosion.

We are pleased to learn by a dispatch dated Thursday evening at 10 o'clock, that young Stuart is improving and his chances much better.

[No Title]
(Column 2)
Summary: Terrill has been appointed to the staff of Gen. Harman.
(Names in announcement: James Barbour Terrill, Gen. Harman)
Public Speaking
(Column 1)
Summary: Gordon has consented to speak to people of Staunton on Saturday night.
(Names in announcement: William F. Gordon)
The Illness of Mr. Letcher--Mr. Goggin Refuses to Meet Mr. Montague
(Column 2)
Summary: Letcher is ill. He would have been replaced on the canvass by his lieutenant Montague, but Goggin refuses to talk to Montague.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Goggin, Mr. Montague, Mr. Letcher)
Mail Robbery
(Column 2)
Summary: The mail carrier Grove (route: Staunton depot to post office) was arrested last Saturday for stealing $20 and some gold from the mail.
(Names in announcement: John C. Grove, McGuire)
Full Text of Article:

John C. Grove, the carrier of the mail from the depot in Staunton to the Post- office, was arrested on last Saturday by special agent McGuire, on the charge of having extracted from the mail a $20 bank note and a small quantity of gold. The letter containing the money was a decoy letter, placed in the mail for the purpose of detecting the robber, as for some time back money and checks had been taken from the mail in this section of the State. It is rumored that he has confessed the crime.

The Congressional Canvass
(Column 1)
Summary: Lambastes Anti-Convention men for claiming that the Opposition was pledged not to run a candidate for Congress. Article gives plenty of evidence that the Opposition was going to run a candidate.
(Names in announcement: Harris, Letcher, Skinner)
Political Discussion
(Column 2)
Summary: There was a political discussion between Michie and Stuart on Monday.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Michie, Mr. Stuart)
Some Beef
(Column 2)
Summary: One of the largest and handsomest Beeves ever brought to market was raised by Crawford and will be on sale at stall No. 1 Saturday.
(Names in announcement: Maj. James Crawford, William F. Ast)
Full Text of Article:

We observed on Thursday last, pass our office, one of the largest and handsomest Beeves ever brought to this market, which was raised by Maj. James Crawford, and purchased by our energetic young friends, Wm. F. Ast & Bro., who will have it on sale at Stall No. 1, this Saturday morning. Walk up ye lovers of good beef and get a piece.

The Hon. Edward Everett
(Column 2)
Summary: Everett arrived in Staunton last Monday to give his Washington oration. He once again confirmed his reputation as a brilliant scholar.
(Names in announcement: Edward Everett)
Full Text of Article:

This distinguished gentleman arrived in Staunton by the cars on last Monday, and delivered his celebrated Washington oration, in the evening, to an appreciative and crowded house. The oration was eminently classical and learned, and fully came up to the distinguished author's reputation as the most elegant and accomplished scholar in America.

Judicial Election
(Column 2)
Summary: The vote between Baldwin and Robertson is so close that it won't be until the meeting of the Commissioners in Harrisonburg that the decision will be final.
(Names in announcement: Baldwin, Robertson)
Amusing Reminiscence
(Column 3)
Summary: Charges made by the Opposition about the Democracy's fraud are annoying because they mask the Opposition's own sins. The Vindicator criticizes the Whigs for using the name American to identify themselves. The article attaches a Whig notice that warns fellow Whigs to watch out for Democratic tricks.
(Names in announcement: Henry A. Wise)
Life Insurance
(Column 4)
Summary: Article discusses the significance of life insurance. Trotter and Harman have been appointed local representatives of the New York Life Insurance Company; and Donaghe and Anderson have been appointed medical examiners.
(Names in announcement: E.W. Trotter, Mr. Harman, Mr. Bell, Dr. Briscoe Donaghe, Henry Anderson)
Weather in Virginia
(Column 3)
Summary: Article describes weather throughout Virginia; on Friday there was snow in Lewisburg!
Messrs. Editors
(Column 5)
Summary: Letter from Many Voters of Upper Augusta asking Coiner, Cupp, and Buck to run for the Legislature.
(Names in announcement: Absalom Coiner, John J. Cupp, Napoleon J. Buck)
Fatal Runaway Match
(Column 5)
Summary: Robert Miller of Belleville, Illinois hired Bracewell to work at his coal pit. He fell in love with Miller's daughter Margaret, and they got married. Upon hearing the news, Bracewell killed his son-in-law.
Full Text of Article:

Robert Miller, of Belleville, Ill., recently hired a man named James Bracewell, to work in his coal pit. While holding this situation, Bracewell had an opportunity to make love to Margaret, Miller's daughter. It was soon understood that Miller was opposed to Margaret's marrying her suitor, but the two seemed to be no less determined on that account, and on Saturday week, consummated their purpose accordingly. Miller, shortly after meeting Bracewell on the street, asked him if it was true he had married his daughter.--Bracewell replied, yes; whereupon Miller produced a knife with which he inflicted a stab in the left side of his son-in-laws's back. Bracewell lingered until Monday last, when he expired.

Mr. Goggin at Carolina
(Column 5)
Summary: Goggin affected admiration of States' Righter John Taylor, although in no way was Goggin really a states' rights man.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Goggin)
Full Text of Article:

"Mr. Goggin had never, from his infancy, drawn the breath of States Rights--a Federalist, a Whig, an American, and Opportunist, he had "boxed the compass" without ever once holding the opinions of a States Rights politician."

-Page 03-

(Column 2)
Summary: Smith married Hoover on April 21, 1859.
(Names in announcement: Rev. G.W. Statton, George Frank Smith, Martha Jank Hoover, Capt. Jacob Hoover)
(Column 2)
Summary: Mrs. Moon died on April 26.
(Names in announcement: Francis Moon, Richard Moon)

-Page 04-

Description of Page: In column 1, times and places when candidates James Skinner (for Congress) and James Paxton (state) will be addressing Virginians throughout the state.