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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Vindicator: May 28, 1859

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Description of Page: Article about President Buchanan's expenses in column 4; lots of international news

The State Election
(Column 1)
Summary: Even though it kept the presses open until Saturday evening, the Vindicator still has no reliable information about the election and denies reports that the Democrats have lost.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Goggin)
[No Title]
(Column 2)
Summary: Article encourages annexation of more land from Mexico in order to provide the South some protection from the North.
(Names in announcement: General William Walker)
Full Text of Article:

"Its conquest and inevitable annexation will again furnish us with a safe retreat and impregnable bulwark against the aggressions of the North....Mexico is ours by a manifest destiny."

The Congressional Election
(Column 1)
Summary: The returns appear to fix Mr. Harris's election beyond doubt; includes a list of the votes of different cities in Augusta for governor, lt. gov, attorney general, Congress, and House of Delegates. For Court House: governor: Goggin received 322 votes; Letcher 304. Lt. governor: Wiley 315 votes; Montague 296. Att. gen: Preston 318; Tucker 299. Congress: Skinner 447; Harris 122. House of Delegates: McCue 475; Christian 497; Massie 476. For Town Hall: Goggin 207; Letcher 118. Wiley 203; Montague 112. Preston 201; Tucker 112. Skinner 207; Harris 87. McCue 254; Christian 254; Massie 252.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Harris)
State Students at the University of Virginia
(Column 4)
Summary: Article announces vacancies for state students to the University, including vacancies for candidates from Augusta.
[No Title]
(Column 5)
Summary: Yankee Robinson's circus just left town; it was a huge success.
(Names in announcement: Yankee Robinson)

-Page 03-

Description of Page: International news about Austria

(Column 2)
Summary: McPhail married Imboden on May 12, 1859.
(Names in announcement: Rev. George W. McPhail, John D. Imboden, Mary W. McPhail, John D. McPhail)
(Column 1)
Summary: The Massachusetts Legislature has decided that a foreigner can vote after only two years of residence in the United States.

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