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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Vindicator: December 23, 1859

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-Page 01-

(Column 7)
Summary: Article about the benefits of bedding cattle.
The Mothers of the South
(Column 5)
Summary: Poem lauding Southern mothers.
Full Text of Article:

The mothers of the South!
In the lurid morn of battle,
When from the cannon's mouth
Came the thunder's deadly rattle;
Their fair and fragile forms
Shrank not, in terror, from us,
But--rainbows on the storms--
Still gave us freedom's promise!
Then pledge to-night their memories bright,
Our noble Southern mothers!
Who in the strife--maid, matron, wife--
Stood by their sons and brothers.
On Camden's fatal plain,
At Eutaw and Savannah,
The star of freedom's train
Was beauty's woven banner;
Throughout the night of woe.
The flag was still resplendent,
And many a son fell low
To keep its folds ascendant!
Then pledge to-night their memories bright,
Our noble Southern mothers!
Who in the strife--maid, matron, wife--
Stood by their sons and brothers!
Oh, yes! we'll keep their names
Embalmed in song and story,
Those lion-hearted dames,
Who cradled freedom's glory;
And should the strife of war
E'er tinge again our waters,
We'll find our hearts to cheer
Those matrons in their daughters!
Then pledge to-night their memories bright,
Our noble Southern mothers!
Who in the strife--maid, matron, wife--
Stood by their sons and brothers!
Meek's "Songs of the South."

-Page 02-

Great Conservative Meeting in New York
(Column 1)
Summary: This Union convention was held in New York where Gen. Scott was chosen as its nominee for president. The Vindicator mocks this selection. Includes a letter from Scott to Beekman, the chairman of the convention, that reiterates the importance of preserving the Union.
(Names in announcement: Gen. Scott)
Mountain Guard
(Column 2)
Summary: The Mountain Guard was welcomed from its trip back from Charlestown in Staunton.
Full Text of Article:

Quite a stir was created at the depot on Sunday last, upon the arrival of the Mountain Guard, under command of Capt. Bushong, from Charlestown. They were cordially welcomed back by their friends both from town and country. Respect for the day, was the cause of no formal demonstration upon their arrival. Though perhaps not as well drilled as some other companies, yet we learn that handsome compliments were paid them by Gov. Wise and others, for their soldier-like appearance. Having exchanged their military coats for red flannel shirts, they presented quite a dashing appearance, as they marched through town to their homes in the country.

[No Title]
(Column 2)
Summary: The Vindicator has received a children's book written by Taylor.
(Names in announcement: George B. Taylor)
Western Lunatic Asylum
(Column 2)
Summary: The asylum produced its annual report; it continues in prosperous condition under Stribling's leadership.
(Names in announcement: Dr. Stribling)
Full Text of Article:

The Annual Report of the President and Directors of the Western Lunatic Asylum, has been laid upon our table. Under the management of Dr. Stribling, the Institution continues in a prosperous condition.--There are now in the Asylum 372 patients--males 219, females 153.

[No Title]
(Column 2)
Summary: Because many of their employees have to travel long distances for Christmas, the Vindicator won't issue a paper next week.
(Column 2)
Summary: Due to the illness of Prof. Turner, the Musical Association's concert will be postponed until early January.
(Names in announcement: Prof. Turner)
[No Title]
(Column 2)
Summary: The Vindicator carrier wants to remind readers to have their pocketbooks open for his visit next week.
Sad Accident
(Column 3)
Summary: Coalter had his arm crushed in a threshing machine.
(Names in announcement: Thomas Coalter)
Origin of Article: The Spectator
(Column 3)
Summary: The Staunton Artillery received a cannon from Richmond.
Full Text of Article:

The Staunton Artillery received on Monday last, from Richmond, a mounted brass six-pounder, together with their side arms. Another piece is still to come.

Messrs. Editors
(Column 3)
Summary: Letter to Vindicator from Middlebrook nominating Waddell as Clerk of Circuit Court.
(Names in announcement: Joseph Addison Waddell)

-Page 03-

Description of Page: Congressional news, column 1

(Column 3)
Summary: Married on November 26.
(Names in announcement: Rev. C. Beard, James H. Heaton, Barbara H. Schreckhise)
(Column 3)
Summary: Mr. Price died on December 15 at age 24.
(Names in announcement: William H. Price, John B. Evans)

-Page 04-

Description of Page: Advertisements