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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Vindicator: August 31, 1860

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: Article from Memphis on "Why am I for Douglas?" in column 1. Article about an accused adulterer in Michigan in column 7.

Brutal Murder
(Column 5)
Summary: A drunk man in Pulaski county shot a slave belonging to a Mr. Buford.

-Page 02-

Description of Page: Article about Gov. Letcher in column 3. Top of page is illegible in parts.

Reception of Judge Douglas! 100 Guns to be fired!
(Column 1)
Summary: Judge Douglas will come to Staunton on Sept. 1. The committee formed to welcome him includes Crawford, Dell, Paige, M. G. Harman, W. H. Harman, Scherer, Fisher, Smith, Stevenson, Powell, Baylor, Bucher and John Harman. The committee formed to arrange his reception in Staunton includes Shomo, Bagby, Bickle, Tannehill, T. Harman, A. Harman, Harlan, Gregory, H. Grove, W. Grove, Sr., Slanker, Hagus, Keefe, Gilbert, Wholey, O'Hare, Hirsh, Risk, Trayer, Mc'Alear, Beck, McNamara, Davis, Schmitt and Mayes. 100 guns will be fired in Douglas's honor.
(Names in announcement: B.T. Bagby, Col. George Baylor, John Beck, John Bickle, David Bucher, W.A. Burks, G. CochranJr., Benjamin Crawford, S.J. Davis, W.J.D. Dell, R.H. Fisher, J.H. Gilbert, A.H. Gregory, W. GroveSr., Howard Grove, J.B. Hagus, George Harlan, M.G. Harman, W.H. Harman, A.W. Harman, John Harman, Lt. T.L. Harman, Gabriel Hirsh, Owen Keefe, James Mayes, M. Mc'Alear, P. McNamara, John O'Hare, George Paige, B.F. Points, P.N. Powell, H. Risk, J.B. Scherer, M. Schmitt, H.J. Shomo, W.H. Slanker, J.F. Smith, R.W. Stevenson, Joseph Tannehill, S.A. Trayer, W. Wholey, S.M. Yost)
Trailer: B. F. Points, Ch'n. S. M. Yost, W. A. Berks, G. M. Cochran, Jr., Sec'ries.
Speaking To-day
(Column 1)
Summary: Ex-governor Smith is speaking at the Court-House today.
Last Night
(Column 2)
Summary: Ex-governor Smith spoke at the Virginia Hotel last night. His speech was of a partisan nature.
(Names in announcement: Turner)
[No Title]
(Column 1)
Summary: Mrs. Ritchie sailed for Europe on August 29.
(Names in announcement: Mrs. Cora Mowatt Ritchie)
[No Title]
(Column 1)
Summary: Bickle bought the large frame dwelling on Augusta Street, formerly occupied by N. C. Kinney for $4,775.
(Names in announcement: Esq. R.G. Bickle)
Gen. W. H. Harman
(Column 2)
Summary: This article is a tribute to Gen. Harman of Augusta, praising him for his conduct as a Democrat and supporter of Douglas and Johnson.
(Names in announcement: Gen. W.H. Harman)
Origin of Article: Richmond Index
Editorial Comment: Vindicator commends the Index for its "just tribute."
Our District
(Column 4)
Summary: Discussion of the Democratic electors from the Augusta district, including Col. Baylor, Col. Darboraw and G. Cochran.
(Names in announcement: Col. George Baylor, Col. T.M. Darboraw, G.M. Cochran)
Botts Again on the Stand
(Column 4)
Summary: Mr. Botts spoke for Bell and Everett last Saturday night.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Botts, Turner)
County Court
(Column 6)
Summary: Robert Guy was elected new Justice. Landon was discharged on a count of stealing bacon. Henry, a slave of Gilbert Deemater, was convicted of stealing bacon and sentenced to 39 lashes and his master had to put up $2,000 against his good behavior. William Patterson was convicted of buying the bacon he knew was stolen and sentenced to 3 months in jail and 10 lashes.
(Names in announcement: Esq. Robert Guy, Landon , Mr. Isaac Kennedy, Henry , Gilbert Deemater, William Patterson)
Opposition Meeting at August Court
(Column 5)
Summary: Very sarcastic article that criticizes the Opposition's meeting held the previous Monday. The Vindicator particularly savages Mr. A.H.H. Stuart for his generalities.
Wesleyan Female Institute
(Column 6)
Summary: The new principal of the Wesleyan Female Institute, Rev. Baird, arrived in town.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Baird)
Douglas and Johnson Club
(Column 7)
Summary: The Douglas and Johnson Club organized with B. F. Points as President and Smith, Hagus, Gregory, McAlear, Crawford, Slanker, Scherer, Grove, Snapp, Parent, Yost, Cochran, Burks and T. L. Harman as officers.
(Names in announcement: B.T. Bagby, Col. George Baylor, John Beck, John Bickle, David Bucher, W.A. Burks, G.M. CochranJr., Benjamin Crawford, J.W. Crawford, Samuel Davis, W.J.D. Dell, Col. T.M. Durberow, John Gilbert, J.H. Gilbert, A.H. Gregory, W. GroveSr., J.B. Hagus, Lt. T.L. Harman, M.G. Harman, John Harman, A.W. Harman, W.H. Harman, J.W. Hilbert, Owen Keefe, M.A. Koiner, Patrick McAlear, John O'Hare, George Paige, Eli Parent, B.F. Points, P.N. Powell, J.B. Scherer, W.H. Slanker, J.F. Smith, G.K. Snapp, Maj. A.J. Wayland, S.M. Yost)
Trailer: E. F. Points, Pres. S. M. Yost, W. A. Burks, G. M. Cochran, Secretaries.

-Page 03-

Resolutions of the Virginia Democracy
(Column 1)
Summary: Resolutions from the Staunton Convention.
Democratic Meeting
(Column 1)
Summary: A "portion of the Democracy of Staunton" met to form The Democratic State Rights Club, with Col. Opie as Chairman.
(Names in announcement: W.V. Abney, Dr. Henry Anderson, W.S.H. Baylor, William Beirne, Dr. T.A. Berkeley, R.G. Bickle, Henry Bryan, A.B. Cochran, T.E. Coleman, J.C. Covell, D. Drake, John Engleman, R.H. Fisher, A.C. Foster, A.W. Garber, R.D. Hill, W.J. Hunter, William Johnson, William Jordan, C.N. Kinney, T.J. Michie, H.B. MichieJr., Dr. William R. Morriss, Col. H. Opie, W.H. Peyton, H.Y. Peyton, P.N. Powell, Dr. Reynolds, J. Schmitt, James H. Skinner, M.C. Smith, J.B. Watts, William H. Watts)
Trailer: H. L. Opie, Ch'n. H. B. Michie, Jr., Wm. J. Hunter, Sec'ys.
(Column 3)
Summary: Married in Staunton on August 23.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Taylor, Mr. A.M. Kaufman, Miss Martha Huff)
(Column 3)
Summary: C. Carrington of Halifax county married Judge Thompson of Staunton.
(Names in announcement: Miss Catharine Carrington, Judge L.P. Thompson)
(Column 3)
Summary: William David died on August 23 at age 35 after a long illness.
(Names in announcement: Mr. William Reeves Davis)
(Column 3)
Summary: Lucy Moon, daughter of Samuel Taylor, died on August 18 at age 25 after a long illness.
(Names in announcement: Mrs. Lucy Moon, Simpson Taylor)

-Page 04-

Description of Page: No Page Information Available