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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Vindicator: February 20, 1863

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: Page includes an article on Mrs. John H. Morgan, a Pagan Legend of Christ, a poem, and a variety of items regarding the war.

[No Title]
(Column 1)
Summary: A soldier in the Army of the Potomac perceives that his government is more interested in helping African Americans than in doing what it takes to win the war. He resents government attention to African Americans while so many white men are dying in battle and so many of their families are suffering.
Origin of Article: Providence Post, via Richmond Enquirer
Editorial Comment: The Vindicator takes the following view to be the representative feeling in the "Abolition Army" but still believes army would back Lincoln completely were it not for valor of Southern soldiers.
Sacred Concert
(Column 1)
Summary: A benefit concert will be held on February 24 at Staunton Presbyterian Church to raise money for soldiers.
The Impressment Bill
(Column 2)
Summary: The Congress of the Confederate States of America passed an impressment bill the previous Friday. The text is reprinted in full. Impressment is the forced use of labor or products by the government, in this case for the purpose of supporting the war.
Personal Appearance of Major Gen. Van Dorn
(Column 3)
Summary: This article contains a flattering description of the general's physical characteristics and manner.
(Column 4)
Summary: Prof. E. Louis Ide calls for a vocal and instrumental concert to be held February 27 at the Virginia Female Institute to raise money for the people in Fredericksburg suffering from the war.
(Names in announcement: Prof. E. Louis> Ide)
Trailer: Prof. E. Louis Ide
Gog (of) the Land of Magog; or Lincoln of the United States
(Column 5)
Summary: This article compares Lincoln to Gog, as described in Ezekiel and Daniel, and describes the character of the northern army, the object of the war, the advantage of having God on the South's side, and the way God will destroy the North.
Origin of Article: Mississippian
Trailer: Subrosa
Signs of the Times
(Column 7)
Summary: A writer expresses views on the lack of support Lincoln enjoys in the North and on the worthiness of the Southern cause.
Origin of Article: West Chester (Pa.) Jeffersonian
Editorial Comment: "interesting comments"

-Page 02-

Description of Page: A report from the Confederate and state legislature, advertisements, and a calendar are on this page.

(Column 2)
Summary: Yost reports that he sold the Vindicator to Lynn, expresses warmth towards and appreciation of the people of Augusta and surrounding counties, and asks for support for the new editor.
(Names in announcement: Mr. W. H. H. Lynn, S. M. Yost)
Trailer: S. M. Yost
(Column 1)
Summary: The new editor greets his readers, pledges to discharge faithfully "the varied duties thus voluntarily assumed," promises to promote the causes of the Confederacy and particularly the "rights of the Sovereign State of Virginia," and offers praise for his predecessor's performance as editor. Lynn observes that the unity of the new nation should not be disturbed by reviving old party issues, issues that were settled temporarily by withdrawing from the old Union, and that "advocacy of past doctrines" would be harmful. In expressing opinions, the editor will be frank and bold, but not improper or acrimonious and not unmindful of the soldiers, their families, and their plight.
(Names in announcement: Maj. Yost, W. H. H. Lynn)
Trailer: W. H. H. Lynn
Brig. Genl. J. D. Imboden
(Column 2)
Summary: Col. Imboden has been promoted to Brigadier General. He was a secession candidate for the Virginia Convention from Augusta County and was in command of the Staunton Artillery, which has emerged as one of the best batteries in the service. He also raised a regiment in western Virginia and led it in becoming a brigade.
(Names in announcement: Brig. Genl. J. D. Imboden)
[No Title]
(Column 2)
Summary: Hudson, an aid to the Duke of Mecklenburg and a friend of many in Staunton, wrote a pro-Confederacy pamphlet and thus helped the cause long distance.
Origin of Article: Richmond Enquirer
Editorial Comment: Dr. Hudson is an "old and esteemed friend" who spent several summers in Staunton and who is helping the cause, even while in Germany, by way of his writings.
[No Title]
(Column 2)
Summary: This extract describes a fugitive slave from Mobile who traveled in the North and then voluntarily returned, "thoroughly disgusted with what he saw and felt of Yankee freedom."
Speech of Henry May
(Column 3)
Summary: Henry May made this speech before the United States Congress, drawing from conversations and writings of the late Stephen A. Douglas and calling for a peaceful resolution to the war. May argues that if reunification is not possible, then separation should be recognized as a peaceful settlement. Comments from the New York Tribune and the New York Times accompany the excerpt.
To the Preachers of the Baltimore Conference in Virginia
(Column 5)
Summary: War conditions prevent the holding of a regular Conference session, but those who are able to attend are invited to a meeting to be held in Churchville, Augusta County, on the third Thursday in March.
(Names in announcement: Rev. D. W. Arnold, E. R. Veitch)
Trailer: E. R. Veitch
(Column 5)
Summary: H. S. G. T. Albert of Woodstock, Virginia, married Harriet J. Black of Staunton, at the home of Richard Hawkins, on February 11, with Rev. J. R. Wheeler officiating.
(Names in announcement: Rev. J. R. Wheeler, Colonel H. S. G. T. Albert, Miss Harriet J. Black, Richard HawkinsEsq.)
(Column 5)
Summary: Joseph Kerczewsky of Poland married Mary Key of Staunton on Tuesday, February 10, with Rev. Joseph R. Wheeler officiating.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Joseph Kerczewsky, Miss Mary Key, Rev. Joseph R. Wheeler)
(Column 5)
Summary: David Sterrett, 70, of Augusta County died February 13.
(Names in announcement: David SterrettEsq.)
(Column 5)
Summary: Thomas C. Burwell, age about 60, died February 12 at his home near Staunton.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Thomas C. Burwell)
(Column 5)
Summary: James B. Trimble, 78, died on February 2 at the home of his son-in-law, James B. Gilkeson.
(Names in announcement: James GilkesonEsq., James B. TrimbleEsq.)
(Column 5)
Summary: Sallie Bell Houff, age six months, died February 13. She was daughter of E. L. and Eliza Houff, who live at Middle River.
(Names in announcement: Sallie Bell Houff, E. L. Houff, Eliza Houff)
$100 Reward
(Column 6)
Summary: Advertisement offering reward for return of fugitive slave, William Hamilton, age 18, who escaped in Charlottesville on February 15. Owner is M. G. Harman of Staunton.
(Names in announcement: William Hamilton, M. G. Harman)
List of Deserters from the 52nd Regiment, Va. Volunteers
(Column 7)
Summary: Listing, by company, of persons absent without leave, now considered deserters, with an offer of $30 reward for their capture and return. All names listed, unless otherwise indicated, are privates. The following men lead their companies and are not deserters: Robert C. Davis, Co. A; A. J. Thompson, Co. B; Joseph Coyner, Co. C; A. Airhart, Co. D; Thomas H. Watkins, Co. E: James Bumgardner, Co. F; E. Bateman, Co. G; James Dold, Co. H; John M. Humphreys, Co. I; and Gillet, Co. K. The listing of the men and their hometown are as follows (In the cases indicated, the men are listed as substitutes): Argenbright, J. R., Jennings Gap; Ayler, John L., Deerfield; Baylor, John S., Churchville; Bosserman, William, Ryan's; Beard, J. D., Mint Spring; Cox, C. F., Hermitage; Fellows, Gideon, New Hope; Cross, J., Churchville; Gwinn, W. C., Deerfield; Harrouff, G. W., Churchville; Heller, Jonas, Staunton; Hunter, David S., Mt. Sidney; Hunter, John T., none given; Johns, Samuel S., Churchville; Lamb, James M., Christian's Creek; Loving, D. H., Christian's Creek; Mesincup, John H., Churchville; Millstead, Gideon, New Hope; Mooney, John D., none given; Mooney, Richard, none given; Parr, Ananias, Burke's Mill; Parish, Juliss, Burke's Mill; Taylor, St. Clair, Burke's Mill; Switzer, S. W., Mt. Sidney; Carter, Charles B., Waynesboro; Carter, Thomas H., Waynesboro; Chandler, John D., Waynesboro; Childress, William, Waynesboro; Clark, Thomas J., Waynesboro; Evans, William H., Waynesboro; Fretwell, James F., Waynesboro; Gardner, Franklin, Waynesboro; Kraft, John F., Waynesboro; Herndon, William H., Waynesboro; Whitmore, James G., Waynesboro; Williams, And. J., Waynesboro; Ross, A. R., Waynesboro; Alexander, John W., Sherando; Bridge, Alex., Sherando; Dedrick, H. H., Sherando; Gay, D. H., Sherando; Offighter, William, Sherando; Sillings, Eph. W., Sherando; Moses, Samuel, Sherando; Clark, William H., New Hope; Myers, Asberry, New Hope; Diddle, William, Deerfield; Carpenter, W., unknown; Jones, William, none given, substitute; Thompson, Robert, none given, substitute; Cale, Corp. D. T., Staunton; Brooks, R. T., Long Glade; Cline, S. F., Union Church; Curry, G. H. A., Union Church; Fawber, A. S., Union Church; Gains, Henry, Waynesboro; Humphreys, Jesse, Summerdean; Jones, William H., Deerfield; Kershner, James A., Deerfield; Miller, W. R., Waynesboro; Mooney, W., Waynesboro; Smeltz, F., Waynesboro; Riddle, Zeb, Mossy Creek; Rogers, G. N., Deerfield; Sprouse, John C., Deerfield; Vint, James M., Deerfield; Smith, T., Staunton; Slusser, Samuel H., Cross Keys; Betinella, Giovanni, none given, substitute; McNutt, Serg. W., Sangersville; Brown, John, Sangersville; Bosserman, Samuel, Sangersville; Flick, Benjamin, Sangersville; Flick, William M., Sangersville; Jones, R. S., Sangersville; Kerricoffe, N. R., Sangersville; Rea, Jesse, Sangersville; Michael, A., North Mountain; Michael, H., North Mountain; Shipp, James, North Mountain; Moore, H. W., Mossy Creek; Daggy, J., Mossy Creek; Reems, T. H., Mossy Creek; Reeves, R., Mossy Creek; Stumback, D. B., none given; Sullivan, J. O., none given; Pemple, William, none given; Shull, Jacob, none given; Shull, David, none given; Shull, William, none given; Michael, John, none given; Randall, B. J., none given; Armstrong, John, Collierstown; Clarke, Robert., Collierstown; Ford, William A., Collierstown; Hams, Alex., Collierstown; Long, William P., Collierstown; Camden, Layne, Buena Vista Furnace; Camden, John., Buena Vista Furnace; Cash, Joseph, Rapp's Mill; Fisher, James S., Rapp's Mill; Smith, J. A., Rapp's Mill; Dale, Samuel, Kerr's Creek; Hall, Joseph, Fancy Hill; Reed, William N., Fancy Hill; Shafer, Jesse H., Fancy Hill; Smith, J. W., Clarkson's Distillery; Harris, Alex., Thompson's Landing; Allen, Charles, Mt. Sidney; Craun, James H., Mt. Sidney; Crousehorn, D. B., Mt. Sidney; Chandler, J. H., Mt. Sidney; Cross, J. H., none given; Frazier, L. F., none given; Grant, J., none given; Huffman, J., none given; Shiflet, Frank, Parnassus; Barger, D. N., New Hope; Coly, J. W., New Hope; Clater, George, New Hope; Clater, William, New Hope; Casey, John, none given; Coyner, J. B., Waynesboro; Grooms, A. T., Long Meadows; Hume, J. G., Long Meadows; Miller, James D., Staunton; Mullen, James, Staunton; Marshall, James M., Staunton; Pullens, John, Staunton; Showalter, Leonard, Staunton; Shaner, James, Staunton; Taylor, H. C., Staunton; Tredmarsh, James, none given; White, Lieut. James A., Waynesboro; Airey, Isaac W., Long Glade; Byrd, James E., Craigsville; Cason, Jacob, Middlebrook; Condon, Patrick, Staunton; Campbell, Lawson P., Craigsville; Craun, T. H., Staunton; Donevant, Cornelius, unknown; Elinger, Henry, Middlebrook; Ingram, H., Craigsville; Ingram, Joseph, Goshen Bridge; Jackson, Jacob, Pond Gap; Kenney, David, unknown; Montgomery, James H., Summerdean; Livick, James W., Staunton; Sprouse, D., Staunton; Sprouse, Peter, Summerdean; Tyler, Daniel, Pond Gap; Troxell, Amos, New Port; Taylor, G. W., Greenville; Wiseman, Henry, Moffett's Creek; Webber, John, unknown; Barracks, Henry W., Mt. Clinton; Swink, James W., Staunton; Davis, John H., New Port; Grim, E. P., Churchville; Hasher, Jonathan, Middlebrook; Kesterson, L. B., Middlebrook; Miller, J. F., North Mountain; Mays, C. B., Summerdean; Strickler, J. H., Middlebrook; Strickler, William N., Staunton; Stanton, A. C., Staunton; Curry, Alex., Back Creek; Curry, P. S., Back Creek; Garrison, J. W., Green Valley; Gillespie, W. W., Green Valley; Harrouff, J. A., Back Creek; Hupman, J. A., Back Creek; Jones, Thomas, Back Creek; Kesterson, Jacob A., Back Creek; Miller, J. A., Back Creek; Rider, Jacob M., Back Creek; Sneed, Samuel, Healing Springs; Thomas, J. J., Healing Springs; Williams, Thomas, Healing Springs.
(Names in announcement: J. R. Argenbright, John L. Ayler, John S. Baylor, William Bosserman, J. D. Beard, C. F. Cox, Gideon Fellows, J. Cross, W. C. Gwinn, G. W. Harrouff, Jonas Heller, David S. Hunter, John T. Hunter, Samuel S. Johns, James M. Lamb, D. H. Loving, John H. Mesincup, Gideon Millstead, John D. Mooney, Richard Mooney, Ananias Parr, Juliss Parish, St. Clair Taylor, S. W. Switzer, Capt. Robert C. Davis, Charles B. Carter, Thomas H. Carter, John D. Chandler, William Childress, Thomas J. Clark, William H. Evans, James F. Fretwell, Franklin Gardner, John F. Kraft, William H. Herndon, James G. Whitmore, And. J. Williams, A. R. Ross, John W. Alexander, Alex Bridge, H. H. Dedrick, D. H. Gay, William Offighter, Eph. W. Sillings, Samuel Moses, William H. Clark, Asberry Myers, William Diddle, W. Carpenter, William Jones, Robert Thompson, Capt. A. J. Thompson, Corp. D. T. Cale, R. T. Brooks, S. F. Cline, G. H. A. Curry, A. S. Fawber, Henry Gains, Jesse Humphreys, William H. Jones, James A. Kershner, W. R. Miller, W. Mooney, F. Smeltz, Zeb Riddle, G. N. Rogers, John C. Sprouse, James M. Vint, T. Smith, Samuel H. Slusser, Giovanni Betinella, Lt. Comd'g Jos. Coyner, Serg. W. McNutt, John Brown, Samuel Bosserman, Benjamin Flick, William M. Flick, R. S. Jones, N. R. Kerricoffe, Jesse Rea, A. Michael, H. Michael, James Shipp, H. W. Moore, J. Daggy, T. H. Reems, R. Reeves, D. B. Stumback, J. O. Sullivan, William Pemple, Jacob Shull, David Shull, William Shull, John Michael, B. J. Randall, Capt. A. Airhart, John Armstrong, Robert Clarke, William A. Ford, Alex Hams, William P. Long, Layne Camden, John Camden, Joseph Cash, James S. Fisher, J. A. Smith, Samuel Dale, Joseph Hall, William N. Reed, Jesse H. Shafer, J. W. Smith, Alex Harris, Capt. Thomas H. Watkins, Charles Allen, James H. Craun, D. B. Crousehorn, J. H. Chandler, J. H. Cross, L. F. Frazier, J. Grant, J. Huffman, Frank Shiflet, Capt. James Bumgardner, D. N. Barger, J. W. Coly, George Clater, William Clater, John Casey, J. B. Coyner, A. T. Grooms, J. G. Hume, James D. Miller, James Mullen, James M. Marshall, John Pullens, Leonard Showalter, James Shaner, H. C. Taylor, James Tredmarsh, Capt. E. Bateman, Lieut James A. White, Isaac W. Airey, James E. Byrd, Jacob Cason, Patrick Condon, Lawson P. Campbell, T. H. Craun, Cornelius Donevant, Henry Elinger, H. Ingram, Joseph Ingram, Jacob Jackson, David Kenney, James H. Montgomery, James W. Livick, D. Sprouse, Peter Sprouse, Daniel Tyler, Amos Troxell, G. W. Taylor, Henry Wiseman, John Webber, Henry W. Barracks, James W. Swink, Lieut. James Dold, John H. Davis, E. P. Grim, Jonathan Hasher, L. B. Kesterson, J. F. Miller, C. B. Mays, J. H. Strickler, William N. Strickler, A. C. Stanton, Capt. John M. Humphreys, Alex Curry, P. S. Curry, J. W. Garrison, W. W. Gillespie, J. A. Harrouff, J. A. Hupman, Thomas Jones, Jacob A. Kesterson, J. A. Miller, Jacob M. Rider, Samuel Sneed, J. J. Thomas, Thomas Williams, Lieut Gillet)
Head Quarters, Camp Staunton
(Column 7)
Summary: Letter, dated December 1862, from Col. M. G. Harman of the 52nd Regiment, Virginia Volunteers, requesting that families and friends send men in this regiment overcoats and blankets from home. He also appeals to citizens of Bath, Augusta, and Rockbridge counties to furnish 200 pairs of socks for men in the regiment and to offer information on any deserters.
(Names in announcement: M. G. Harman)