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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Vindicator: May 22, 1863

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Description of Page: This page contains a reprinted list of deserters from the 52nd Regiment of Virginia Volunteers, a copy of Governor's Letcher's proclamation calling for elections, a poem, war news, and advertisements.

A Christian Hero
(Column 4)
Summary: This tribute to General Stonewall Jackson notes his last words and commends his Christian spirit.
The Northern Press on the Death of Jackson
(Column 5)
Summary: The death of Stonewall Jackson is an irreplaceable loss to the Confederate forces, as all agree, on both sides, that he was "the most brilliant rebel general developed by this war." The Richmond Enquirer claims this loss is greater than if the Confederates had lost a whole division of their army. The Southern victory at Chancellorsville, therefore, was costly. This article assesses Jackson's military prowess, highlights his battle record, and describes his personal demeanor.
Origin of Article: New York Herald
Casualities [sic] in the 5th Virginia Regiment
(Column 6)
Summary: Casualties in the 5th Virginia Regiment include the following names: Company A, under Captain Brown, Killed, Henry Long. Wounded, J. H. Faulkner, two fingers off; J. L. Lyder, very slightly in finger; J. H. Lyder, in arm; George D. Parker, hip; C. C. Boggs, head. Company C, under Captain Trevey, Killed, Lieutenant James A. Bell, Sergeant Bailey D. Jones, Sergeant Rufus M. Brown, Private John H. Burket, Richard Cushingbury. Wounded, Marshall M. Burket, face; Jacob W. Fridley, hand; H. S. Hamrick, hand; James M. Houff, side; M. R. Hanger, hand and leg; M. S. Shifflet, thigh; L. Sprouse, hand; W. H Tutwiler, face; W. T. Wright, hand; Corporal R. A. Bryan, missing; Thomas M. Bell, severely in head; D. C. Adams, slightly in head; A. J. Miley, slightly in foot; Joshua Kidd, in leg; A. M. Lambert, in neck; Samuel H. Propes, slightly in thigh; James B. Aires, in leg. Company D, Lieutenant S. F. Carson Commanding, Wounded, Lieutenant Samuel Carson, flesh wound in wrist; Sergeant J. B. McCutcheon, wounded in head; Corporal C. C. Cochran, in ankle; Joseph T. Beard, in foot, M. Smith, slightly in hand; Robert Wiseman, shot through hand; S. P. Hite, slightly in side; Jacob Runkle, slightly in calf leg; Joseph M. Black, finger; James A. Lessley, face; George Lotts, leg; H. L. Wiseman, arm; Sergeant T. M. Smiley, hand and face; John M. Whitlock, head. Company E, under Captain Grills, Killed, Robert Blakely. Wounded, N. W. Harris, flesh wound through arm; J. W. B. Trotter, severely in abdomen; William G. Abney, flesh wound; J. Bradley, flesh wound in leg; James Cash, leg fractured; A. C. Rubush, flesh wound in neck; John H. Davis, in arm; T. J. Campbell, breast; R. J. Cambell, hand; John H. Howard, hand; P. M. D. Hatfield, leg; John Owens, side. Company F, under Captain Roberts, Killed, Fleming Carroll, John Spitler. Wounded, Lieutenant Charles H. Calhoun, leg amputated at knee, since dead; Corporal G. A. Bailey, gun shot wound in side; Sergeant William F. Baily, flesh wound in arm; D. M. Bailey, little finger off; John W. Stover, fore arm; A. J. Adkins, arm; Edward Johns, in thigh; Ausbert Vanlear, leg amputated above knee; William D. Baily, thigh and foot with shell; J. W. Hodges, slight wound in side and arm; Alex Roudabush, thigh; J. H. Rogers, leg; J. Spitler, mortally wounded in bowels; Sergeant William H. Wayland, thigh; Jacob Swink, knee. Company G, under Captain Hall, Killed, Lieutenant William H. Green. Wounded, Lieutenant Doyle, in leg; Sergeant W. L. Thompson, in arm; Sergeant William H. H. May, seriously in shoulder; William Beach, wrist; C. Donoho, foot; J. B. Gibson, head; William J. Hampton, leg amputated; Jacob Landes, mortally in arm; John McCauley, leg; James McComb, hand; John Weaver, neck. Company H, under Captain Gibson, Wounded, John F. Porterfield, contusion of foot; Jacob H. Coffman, flesh wound in thigh; James S. Kennedy, leg amputated; Lieutenant G. H. Killian, head; William B. Taliaferro, hand; Reuben Bazel, hand; Michael Murry, head; Thomas Evans, shoulder; Gerard Wright, head; Jacob Sheetz, head. Company I, under Captain Curtis, Killed, Color Sergeant J. W. Stitzer. Wounded, Anthony Wilkinson, in wrist; Joseph Shumate, shoulder; Corporal James Shumate, in breast with ball; Thomas Adams, through leg; T. C. Stringer, through neck; John H. Wise, in foot, slight; Jacob Stitzer, slightly in hip; William Wycle, shoulder; Joseph A. Carson, breast and arm; Thomas J. Grayson, hand. Company K, under Captain Curtz, Wounded, Sergeant G. W. Gordon, in hand; Corporal J. M. Miner, shoulder; James W. Sprought, finger; Richard B. Lucas, lungs; Jacob Coffman, leg; Phillip Lotts, leg; John W. Swatzell, arm; James Carpenter, finger; Philip Limmerrick, leg; Peter Shierly, leg; Moses Batt, side; Thomas Layton, breast; William Swartz, finger. Company L, under Captain Burks, Killed, William T. Martin. Wounded, Lieutenant Joseph N. Ryan, commanding company L, right leg amputated above knee; John Thompson, big toe and ankle slightly; David Kennedy, arm; Charles W. Cooper, in leg; James William Barnes, in leg; Corporal A. C. Fry, slightly in face.
(Names in announcement: Captain Brown, Henry Long, J. H. Faulkner, J. L. Lyder, J. H. Lyder, George D. Parker, C. C. Boggs, Captain Trevey, Lieutenant James A. Bell, Sergeant Bailey D. Jones, Sergeant Rufus M. Brown, Private John H. Burket, Richard Cushingbury, Marshall M. Burket, Jacob W. Fridley, H. S. Hamrick, James M. Houff, M. R. Hanger, M. S. Shifflet, L. Sprouse, W. H. Tutwiler, W. T. Wright, Corporal R. A. Bryan, Thomas M. Bell, D. C. Adams, A. J. Miley, Joshua Kidd, A. M. Lambert, Samuel H. Propes, James B. Aires, Lieutenant S. F. Carson, Lieutenant Samuel Carson, Sergeant J. B. McCutcheon, Corporal C. C. Cochran, Joseph T. Beard, M. Smith, Robert Wiseman, S. P. Hite, Jacob Runkle, Joseph M. Black, James A. Lessley, George Lotts, H. L. Wiseman, Sergeant T. M. Smiley, John M. Whitlock, Captain Grills, Robert Blakely, N. W. Harris, J. W. B. Trotter, William G. Abney, J. Bradley, James Cash, A. C. Rubush, John H. Davis, T. J. Campbell, R. J. Cambell, John H. Howard, P. M. D. Hatfield, John Owens, Captain Roberts, Fleming Carroll, John Spitler, Lieutenant Charles H. Calhoun, Corporal G. A. Bailey, Sergeant William F. Baily, D. M. Bailey, John W. Stover, A. J. Adkins, Edward Johns, Ausbert Vanlear, William D. Baily, J. W. Hodges, Alex Roudabush, J. H. Rogers, J. Spitler, Sergeant William H. Wayland, Jacob Swink, Captain Hall, Lieutenant William H. Green, Lieutenant Doyle, Sergeant W. L. Thompson, Sergeant William H. H. May, William Beach, C. Donoho, J. B. Gibson, William J. Hampton, Jacob Landes, John McCauley, James McComb, John Weaver, Captain Gibson, John F. Porterfield, Jacob H. Coffman, James S. Kennedy, Lieutenant G. H. Killian, William B. Taliaferro, Reuben Bazel, Michael Murry, Thomas Evans, Gerard Wright, Jacob Sheetz, Captain Curtis, Color Sergeant J. W. Stitzer, Anthony Wilkinson, Joseph Shumate, Corporal James Shumate, Thomas Adams, T. C. Stringer, John H. Wise, Jacob Stitzer, William Wycle, Joseph A. Carson, Thomas J. Grayson, Captain Curtz, Sergeant G. W. Gordon, Corporal J. M. Miner, James W. Sprought, Richard B. Lucas, John W. Fuller, Jacob Riffe, Jacob Coffman, Phillip Lotts, John W. Swatzell, James Carpenter, Philip Limmerrick, Peter Shierly, Moses Batt, Thomas Layton, William Swartz, Captain Burks, Lieutenant Joseph N. Ryan, John Thompson, David Kennedy, Charles W. Cooper, James William Barnes, Corporal A. C. Fry, William T. Martin)
For the Vindicator
(Column 6)
Summary: Brig. Gen. J. D. Imboden writes Miss Augie S. Seig, Sec., C. R. A., April 10, 1863, thanking her for the forty pairs of shoes and two pairs of boot sent by her organization and assuring her they would be distributed among the most needy soldiers.
(Names in announcement: Miss Augie S. SeigSec., Brig. Gen. J. D. Imboden)
For the Vindicator
(Column 6)
Summary: The writer does not dispute the charge that tanners charge exorbitant prices but seeks to convey the information that the tannery owned by Mr. Jacob, William Kunkle, and A. E. [illegible] in Jenning's Gap gave General Imboden leather worth $200 and sold to the Relief Association at Churchville leather worth over $200 at half price.
(Names in announcement: Gen. Imboden, Mr. Jacob, William Kunkle)
Trailer: Justice
(Column 7)
Summary: This article criticizes the magnanimous response Yankee prisoners have received while in transit to Richmond. In the North, there is a penalty of death for anyone showing sympathy to Confederate prisoners held there. The Yankee prisoners should not be mistreated, but neither should they be honored.
Origin of Article: Lynchburg Republican

-Page 02-

Description of Page: This page also includes war news, a list of killed and wounded from Rockbridge and Carpenter's Batteries, political notices, advertisements, and legal notices.

Still Dodging
(Column 1)
Summary: The Vindicator's editor calls for the Spectator's editor to explain why he criticized Governor Letcher's candidacy Congress and belittled those who supported his candidacy. The Vindicator does not fault the Spectator's endorsement but rather calls for a fair comparison between the two candidates. Further, the Vindicator's editor points out his rival's capacity for dodging and for switching positions in response to public opinion. For example, the Vindicator contends, the Spectator lagged behind in supporting the Southern cause two years before but now acts as if it sounded the clarion call on its behalf.
Gas! Gas!
(Column 2)
Summary: A lack of gas in Staunton has caused the stockholders of the gas company to call a meeting next Saturday to determine what can be done about the situation. The fact that the Central Lunatic Asylum has been able to get gas indicates that the trouble may be with the gas company itself, rather than with the availability of the product.
Our Sick and Wounded
(Column 3)
Summary: The editor calls for the women of Augusta County to resume their important roles in the hospital in Staunton now that it is full again with wounded soldiers from recent battles and now that the small pox threat has passed. The editor refutes the rumor that the surgeon in charge does not want the women to visit and encourages them to continue the work for which they have such a good reputation. Those women in the country who may not be able to visit as frequently may send things to the patients that women in town cannot supply. The editor notes the "peculiar duties" the "ladies" perform and the "sweet consoling presence" they provide.
The "Wilderness" and Chancellorsville
(Column 3)
Summary: Reports the latest information concerning the recent battles and describes the change of command after the injuries of General Jackson and General Hill.
For the Vindicator, The Governor's Election
(Column 4)
Summary: The writer proposes a ticket of General William Smith for Governor and General J. D. Imboden for Lieutenant Governor. This ticket would reverse the current administration, which has a governor from the western part of the state and a lieutenant governor from the eastern part. In addition, it would be a ticket able to "meet the emergency of the crisis" and would unite the political parties, since one candidate had been a Democrat and the other a Whig.
(Names in announcement: General J. D. Imboden)
Trailer: Rappahannock
For the Vindicator
(Column 4)
Summary: Hugh W. Sheffey refutes the charge that he has profited from services rendered soldiers through the Confederate Departments in Richmond. He does not consider it part of his duty as delegate in the General Assembly "to render gratuitous professional service to any one," but neither has he sought to wrong a soldier. The Justices of Augusta County know how much time he has devoted to administering and distributing the county fund supporting soldiers' families. Indeed, he has refused fees when offered in these cases. In substitute and exemption from military service cases, he has performed as a lawyer and has charged fees.
(Names in announcement: Hugh W. Sheffey)
(Column 5)
Summary: Walter Ornduff, member of the Muhlenburg Riflemen, 10th Virginia Volunteers, died last Thursday at the General Hospital in Staunton.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Walter Ornduff)
(Column 5)
Summary: Johnnie Carroll Taylor, 7, son of John R. and Sidney V. Taylor of Richmond, died in Staunton, April 29, of whooping cough, at the home of Captain J. H. Waters. His sister Fannie Lee died in Richmond, May 15, of consumption.
(Names in announcement: Captain J. H. Waters, Johnnie Carroll Taylor)
(Column 5)
Summary: Sidney Harper, 31, wife of George K. Harper, died in Staunton on April 11 of a "pulmonary affection" at the home of William B. Crawford. She was the daughter of William Kyle of Covington, Virginia.
(Names in announcement: Mr. William B. Crawford, Mrs. Sidney Harper, Mr. George K. Harper)
$2,000 Reward
(Column 5)
Summary: Three slaves ran away Saturday night, May 16, from their owner's home on the South River near Stuart's Draft. Gilbert, 26, 5 feet 6 inches, very black, fine set of teeth, very polite when spoken to, wearing Osnaburg pants and shirt and carrying a fine black suit. Sam, about 18, 5 feet 5 inches, dark brown, big nose, good teeth. Preston, about 18, 5 feet 4 inches, very black, sharp features, good teeth. The owner believes they will head down the Valley and offers a $2000 reward for return of the three or $1000 for the return of Gilbert.
(Names in announcement: Joseph Pelter)
Copartnership Notice
(Column 5)
Summary: P. B. Hoge and J. B. Hoge have entered a copartnership in the mercantile business in Staunton and solicit the patronage of their friends and the public.
(Names in announcement: P. B. Hoge, J. B. Hoge)
The Physicians of the County
(Column 5)
Summary: The physicians of the county will meet on Monday, May 25, Court Day, in the Circuit Court Clerk's office at noon for the purposes of adopting uniform rates adapted to the times and of attending to other professional matters.
Trailer: M. D.
To the Physicians of Augusta
(Column 5)
Summary: The physicians of Augusta County will meet at the Virginia Hotel in Staunton on Monday, May 25, at 2 o'clock for important business.
Trailer: Many Physicians
(Column 6)
Summary: A series of listings identifies the following candidates in the upcoming elections: W. L. Goggin, Colonel George Wythe Munford, and General William Smith for Governor; General John D. Imboden of Augusta for Lieutenant Governor; Governor John Letcher and the Honorable John B. Baldwin for congressional representative from the 11th district; James H. Carson for reelection to state senate from district composed of Frederick, Clarke, and Warren counties; Major William McLaughlin for state senator from district composed of Rockbridge, Bath, and Highland counties; William W. Fleming for reelection to House of Delegates from Highland County; Major J. S. Kerr McCutcheon to House of Delegates from Gilmer, Calhoun, and Wirt counties; J. Marshall McCue, Esq., to House of Delegates; Hugh W. Sheffey, Esq., for reelection to House of Delegates; James Walker for reelection to House of Delegates; Howe Y. Peyton, Esq., to represent Augusta County in General Assembly of Virginia; Colonel William H. Harman to House of Delegates; Major Absalom Koiner to House of Delegates; H. K. Gregg to House of Delegates from Clarke County.
(Names in announcement: General John D. Imboden, J. Marshall McCueEsq., Hugh W. SheffeyEsq., James Walker, Howe Y. PeytonEsq., William H. HarmanEsq., Major Absalom Koiner)
American Hotel, at Staunton, Va, For Sale
(Column 6)
Summary: A. S. Lara and S. B. Brown, Jr., announce that they have bought property in the South and wish to sell Brown's American Hotel in Staunton at public auction on Monday, May 25 (Court Day). The hotel is currently used by the government as a hospital at a rent of nearly $3000 annually. The terms of the sale are cash (Confederate notes or bonds), with $10,000 in payment plus interest over ten years.
(Names in announcement: A. S. Lara, S. B. BrownJr., Esq.)
Notice to Conscripts
(Column 6)
Summary: J. S. Byers, captain and enrolling officer for the 11th Congressional District, announces that all conscripts of the district who have received temporary exemptions are now ordered to gather in Staunton for reexamination. Those from Augusta County should be reexamined on May 20 and 21; from Rockingham County, on May 22 and 23; from Rockbridge County, on May 25 and 26; from Alleghany and Bath Counties, on May 27 and 28; from Highland and Pendleton Counties, on May 29 and 30; from Pocahontas County, on June 1. Conscripts are ordered to bring at least three days of rations and to be prepared to go to the Camp of Instruction, as no furloughs will be given.
(Names in announcement: Captain J. S. Byers)