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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Vindicator: April 8, 1864

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: Also on this page are a reprinted list of deserters from the 52nd Regiment of Virginia Volunteers, a reprint of President Davis's proclamation calling for a day of prayer and fasting, the text of "An Act to provide for the Purchase and Distribution among the People of the State, of Cotton, Cotton Yarns, Cotton Cloths and Hand Cards," an excerpt from Southern Punch on the arrival of prisoners of war in Columbus, Ohio, war and miscellaneous news, advertisements, and a poem.

A Discontented Contraband
(Column 6)
Summary: This article contains a letter to an African-American preacher in Nashville from a former slave from Alabama who accompanied Yankee troops to the North but who now feels more enslaved than he did in the South. He is unable to write but found a free woman to write for him. He says he was foolish to leave a good home and kind friends to join the "cruel, lying, swindling Yankees," who promise him everything but deliver nothing.
Spurgeon on Negroes
(Column 7)
Summary: This excerpt from an interview with Rev. Mr. Spurgeon reflects his belief that people in England have tired of helping America's African Americans. At first the British were glad to help African Americans gain freedom. However, too many of them have immigrated to Britain, and they often want too much. The writer of the article comments that thousands of other people are beginning to agree with Spurgeon.
Origin of Article: Illinois State Journal

-Page 02-

Description of Page: Also on this page are war news from Illinois, Kentucky, and northern Virginia; an article on the exchange of prisoners; letters and announcements regarding an upcoming election; and advertisements and notices.

Purchase of Cotton &c.
(Column 1)
Summary: The editor alerts the readers to the bill passed by the Virginia Assembly on the purchase of cotton supplies for distribution and sale to citizens of Virginia and refugees. The editor calls on the county court to appoint an agent for Augusta County at its next meeting to serve as purchaser in order to meet the needs of the area.
Municipal Elections
(Column 1)
Summary: Wednesday's municipal election in Staunton produced the following results: N. K. Trout, Mayor; W. L. Balthis, Sergeant; and the following Council members--W. G. Sterrett, B. F. Points, J. W. Crawford, A. M. Bruce, J. B. Scharer, W. B. Kayser, W. H. Wilson, J. B. Evans, F. M. Young, J. M. Hardy, and D. C. McGuffin or Colonel George Baylor. The latter two received an equal number of votes, but because F. M. Young has not been a resident long enough to be eligible for office, both McGuffin and Baylor will be on the Council.
(Names in announcement: N. K. Trout, W. L. BalthisSergeant, W. G. Sterrett, B. F. Points, J. W. Crawford, A. M. Bruce, J. B. Scharer, W. B. Kayser, W. H. Wilson, J. B. Evans, F. M. Young, J. M. Hardy, D. C. McGuffin, Colonel George Baylor)
For the Vindicator
(Column 4)
Summary: John B. Watts, deputy clerk of the Circuit Court of Augusta County, graciously refuses to be a candidate for the office of Clerk. He adds that in his time as deputy clerk he has not conducted other business in that office and calls on other candidates to make such a pledge. Because the building was built for a specific reason and is a public facility, it should not be used for other business, as has been the case in the past.
(Names in announcement: John B. Watts)
Trailer: John B. Watts
(Column 4)
Summary: Miss C. F. Rubush and David H. Reubush, both of Augusta County, married March 27, 1864, with Reverend C. B. Hammack officiating.
(Names in announcement: Reverend C. B. Hammack, Mr. David H. Reubush, Miss C. F. Rubush)
[No Title]
(Column 4)
Summary: Eveline Bell, wife of William H. Bell, died of paralysis on March 26, 1864, at her residence in Augusta County.
(Names in announcement: Mrs. Eveline Bell, Mr. William H. Bell)