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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Vindicator: March 02, 1866

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The Freedmen's Bureau Bill--Veto Message of the President
(Column 03)
Summary: A transcript of President Johnson's veto message of the Freedmen's Bureau Bill. For the full text of the message, see the Valley Spirit, February 28, 1866.

-Page 02-

Great Speech of President Johnson
(Column 01)
Summary: A transcript of a speech given by President Johnson at Grover's Theater in Washington. Johnson distinguishes himself from the Radicals by arguing that the Southern states should be readmitted to the Union "when they have given sufficient evidence of their loyalty and that they can be trusted, when they yield obedience to the law." Johnson told the audience that "though vituperation may come in its most violent character, I will be found standing by the Constitution as the chief rock of our safety."

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Local Items
(Column 02)
Summary: Lists appointments to local offices and includes a copy of an order from the county court, pledging to cooperate with the Freedmen's Bureau "in the preservation of order, the enforcement of the laws, and the protection of freedmen and refugees in all their rights."
(Names in announcement: Samuel Paul, John Towberman, A. B. Lightner, Wm. Mowry, Wm. H. Gamble, Geo. Harlan, Wm. A. Burnett)
Full Text of Article:

ON Monday last, Court Day, Samuel Paul Esq., qualified as sheriff, and Messrs John Towherman, A. B. Lightner, Wm. Mowry, Wm. H. Gamble and Geo. Harlan qualified as deputies.

THE County Court caused to be entered on its records the flowing important order:

VIRGINIA:--In Augusta County Court February 26th 1866.

It having been suggested to the Court, that the officers of the Freedmen's Bureau have found some difficulty, in having their process executed, within the limits of this County, and this Court, feeling a strong desire to co-operate with the officers of the Bureau in the preservation of order, the enforcement of the laws, and the protection of freedmen and refugees in all their rights.

It is thereby ordered, to be entered on the records of this Court, that the Court the Magistrates in their respective districts, and the Sheriff and other officers of the Court, are ready and willing, at all times, to render every necessary assistance in the officers of the Bureau in the discharge of their duties, and that the Sheriff and Constables be and they are hereby instructed to serve promptly, all process which may be placed in their hands by the officers of the Bureau and to enjoin on the people the necessity of a ready obedient thereto, and in other respects to render all the aid in their power, in the executive of the laws of the United States.

Copy Teste.

WM. A. BURNETT, Clerk.

Local Items
(Column 02)
Summary: Last week a boy was seen attempting to fire the carpenter shop of Smith & Booth. The article reports that "it is not known whether he was white or colored."
(Names in announcement: Booth, Smith)
Local Items
(Column 02)
Summary: Jas. Levell, jailed for passing a counterfeit bill to John O'Hare, was tried and acquitted on February 22.
(Names in announcement: Jas. Levell, John O'Hare)
Local Items
(Column 02)
Summary: Jno. Brown, "a highly esteemed and worthy citizen of Augusta," died last Sunday at his home near Staunton.
(Names in announcement: Jno. D. Brown)

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