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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Vindicator: November 5, 1869

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(Column 01)
Summary: The paper reports that low staple prices have been having a negative effect on the economy. The paper urges the importance of paying off small debts to help alleviate the "hard times."
Full Text of Article:

The present low price of the great staples of this section, wheat and flour, has a depressing effect upon all classes. Farmers, who can, hold back for better prices, and consequently but little money is returned here for our productions, and hard times and scarcity of money is the cry. The Wheat crop of the country the past season was a large one, and the demand seemingly not so great as that of the past year, and hence the decline. In this case, it is a problem for our farmers to solve, "whether to sell at present prices or continue to hold for a rise." Farmers differ much on this question. Some contend that altho' the prices are low, the use of ready money is far preferable to holding for a rise, and vice versa. It depends very much, after all, on a man's circumstances as to which opinion he entertains.

It is not to solve this question that we write, but for another purpose--to urge upon all not to forget, in fulfilling the large demands upon them, their small demands, which also claim their attention. The mechanic and laboring man and others to whom small debts are due, need their dues to meet their obligations. We, ourselves, saw an account of $15 paid a few days since to a mechanic, which satisfied, in the same day, four editors, and heard of a note of $100 being paid, which, in the space of an hour, paid three claims of $100 each and made the debtors easy. This much to exemplify that the payment of even small dues enables many others to pay small debts, and makes them easy, and, in the aggregate, puts in circulation a large sum, and thus, even in hard times, liquidates a large amount of indebtedness and makes money comparatively easy.

Many debts were paid immediately after the war, with the small amount of money then in circulation, and it is universally acknowledged that money was easier then than since.

This much can call the attention of those having money in hand--and who are indebted in even small amounts to the easy mode of dispelling "hard times." Pay the small debts, at least, and money enough will be put in circulation to pay the large debts--continue this system and
"Hard times will come again no more."

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(Column 02)
Summary: The Circuit Court is in session. The most important case to be tried is that of John M. Stanley for the murder of Jacob Scherer. James Bumgardner, Jr., opened arguments on behalf of the commonwealth. George M. Cochran, Jr., and Col. J. B. Baldwin will speak on behalf of the prisoner. Judge H. W. Sheffey will conclude the commonwealth's case.
(Names in announcement: John M. Stanley, Jacob Scherer, James BumgardnerJr., George M. CochranJr., Col. J. B. Baldwin, Judge H. W. Sheffey)
(Column 02)
Summary: William D. Runnels and Virginia A. Terrell, daughter of Robert Terrell of Waynesboro, were married on October 2nd at the home of the bride's father by the Rev. C. Beard.
(Names in announcement: William D. Runnels, Virginia A. Terrell, Robert Terrell, Rev. C. Beard)
(Column 02)
Summary: Col. Samuel McCune and Miss Mary E. Ramsey, both of Augusta, were married on October 28th at the Lutheran Parsonage near Waynesboro by the Rev. C. Beard.
(Names in announcement: Col. Samuel McCune, Mary E. Ramsey, Rev. C. Beard)
(Column 02)
Summary: Mr. S. Brown Allen and Miss Mary S. Hamilton, daughter of John Hamilton of Augusta, were married on September 26th at the residence of the bride's father by the Rev. P. Fletcher.
(Names in announcement: S. Brown Allen, Mary S. Hamilton, John Hamilton, Rev. P. Fletcher)
(Column 02)
Summary: Dr. George E. Eyster and Miss Inez Josephine English, daughter of the Rev. John English, were married in Staunton on November 2nd at the residence of the bride's father by the Rev. Dr. Haynes.
(Names in announcement: Dr. George E. Eyster, Inez Josephine English, Rev. John English, Rev. Dr. Haynes)

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