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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Vindicator: June 3, 1870

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[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: Responds to an anonymous contributor to another paper, who is already attacking the newly elected town council for heavy taxation. Editor uses figures and logic to point out the flaws in the writer's arguments and demands the new council be given a chance to show its merits.
Full Text of Article:

A writer in the last Spectator, signing himself "Independent Ticket," produces an article, calculated to bias the minds of many and prejudice them, before hand, against the new Council, just elected by a large majority of the people. As the editor of a journal which reflected the views of the majority, we can not permit it to pass, without a word or two of comment.

The appeal made by "Independent Ticket" is very adroitly made to the Tax-payers, with an array of figures, and argument thereon, intended to dismay the nervous, and intimidate the people generally. It is the same blustering game played to so little effect previous to the election, and will signally fail to relieve the gentlemen who were so earnest in their opposition to the will of the people.

His figures are made up of $27,650, (debt created by the Council 20 years since, for the payment of which no steps were taken, nor was it seriously considered by previous Councils, till the majority of it became due, Jan. 1st 1870,) $100,000 voted by the people, by an immense majority, as the amount to be subscribed to the stock of the Valley Railroad, and $43,000 which he assumes the new council will add to the debt. Asserting a wish not to "criminate or recriminate," yet he does so in almost every line, and in the assumption spoken of seeks to prejudge the action of the new council and to criminate them before they enter upon their duties.

Leaving out of his count the assumed $43,000, no matter what set of men were elected councilmen, the remainder ($27,650, old debt and $100,000 subscription to the Valley R. R.) was necessary to be met, and, as all such things are, by taxation. It will readily be seen, therefore, that robbed of its bold assumption, the scare-crow raised by "Independent Ticket," is only a barren pole.

The tremendous rate of taxation, which "Independent Ticket" flaunts so exultantly before the public, is another scare-crow in another part of the field. Property will be re-assessed and every man will pay just his equal proportion of what is necessary, and not, as for some years past, when one man paid tax upon nearly full value for his property and another upon about one-fifth or one-sixth of its value. Indeed, we have in our mind's eye a tax-payer, who has paid taxes for a number of years upon property assessed at $1,700, (not double the rent he received for it) and which he has lately sold, as we learn, for over $10,000. How would 2 1/2 per cent on $1,700 compare with four-tenths of one per cent on $10,000? Very favorably don't you think? But perhaps it is this very equalization of taxation which Independent Ticket don't like. Wonder if he is not paying taxes on some fine property at about one-fifth of its cash value?

In conclusion, we feel warranted in saying that the newly elected council will enter upon the discharge of their duties with a full sense of the responsibility upon them, and with the best interests of the whole town at heart, and we have no doubt they will manage its affairs as economically and with as little burden as possible to the tax payers. They will have sufficient work for a while in financiering the debt created twenty years ago, and which "Independent Ticket" and his predecessors in the council took no steps to meet at maturity, and we ask that the public will not allow such balderdash as that emitted by "Independent Ticket" to bias their judgment, but wait for the action of the new council, when it will be full early to either praise or condemn.

Of one thing we think the people can rest assured, that there will be no greater taxation than is absolutely necessary for the best interests of the town, and that all will bear it equally.

Election Returns. Official. City of Staunton
(Column 03)
Summary: Prints the full election returns for Augusta county, listing nominees for each position in each township and the votes received.
Full Text of Article: N.K. TROUT, Conservative, for Mayor JOHN B. EVANS, Independent so-called, for Mayor JAS. F. PATTERSON, Conservative, for Clerk S.T. PHILLIPS, Conservative, for Com's Att'y J.T. PARRENT, Conservative, for Sergeant JNO. M. CARROLL, Conservative, for Treasurer HEBER KERR, Independent so-called, for Treasurer GEO. H. HUDSON, Conservative, for Com'r of Rev WARD NO. 1 246 156 374 379 406 279 123 403 WARD NO. 2 200 216 354 345 417 237 164 419 TOTAL 446 372 728 724 823 516 287 822 372 287 MAJORITIES 74 229

For Councilmen

J.M. HARDY, Conservative W.H.H. LYNN, Conservative W.H. GORMAN, Conservative WM. L. BALTHIS, Conservative J.H. WATERS, Conservative W.L. LUSHBAUGH, Conservative C.T. COCHRAN, Conservative W.J. NELSON, Conservative W.A. BURKE, Conservative J.B. SCHERER, Jr., Conservative R.H. CATLETT, Conservative W.B. KAYSER, Independent so-called R.G. BICKLE, Independent so-called B.T. BAGBY, Independent so-called H.A. GLEN, Independent so-called W. BLACKBURN, Independent so-called D.E. STRASBURG, Independent so-called JOS. EARMAN, Independent so-called J.F. BEARD, Independent so-called A.H. FULTZ, Independent so-called JAS. A. PIPER, Independent so-called G.F. ELICK, Independent so-called WARD NO. 1 313 285 288 270 259 253 251 254 246 247 247 178 167 156 148 152 149 145 147 143 84 36 WARD NO. 2 282 261 245 218 211 210 210 206 204 202 200 219 223 215 214 206 207 210 205 204 123 73 TOTAL 595 546 533 488 470 463 461 460 450 449 447 397 390 371 362 358 356 355 352 347 207 109

(In justice to the following gentlemen, we take this occasion to say, that Mr. J.F. Beard declined, on the announcement of the Independent Ticket, to run on it, and so expressed himself to us before we printed his handbills.

Mr. G.F. Elick, in our presence, asked several friends not to vote for him, as he was not a candidate.


Beverley Manor Township

Supervisor John Paris 363 Collector Jas N McFarland 213 Jas W Houseman 142 Clerk Jos R Merriken 224 Wm K Piper 85 Wm H Wayland 36 Assesor Jno M Kinney 336 Commissioner of Road Jas Henderson 262 J A Harman 31 H Mahaney 56 Overseer of Poor M McAlear 242 Wm Crosby 86 Jno Silor 21 Justices of the Peace L R Waddell(for 1 year) 310 A W Harman(" 2 years) 191 D Henkle(" 3 ") 181 D C McGuffin 112 J T Mitchel 38 Jno Schutterle 37 A Anderson 20 Constables Wm S Young(for 2 years) 205 Jno A Stuart(" 3 ") 234 J T Little(" 1 ") 164 A Sheets 119 J D Trimble 66 D Landes 27

Riverheads Township

Supervisor Wm T Rush 331 Jas H Callison 121 Jas J Martin 109 Clerk Jno S McCorkle 389 A H Henry 142 Assessor Geo P Lightner 282 Jas E Beard 263 Collector David A Ott 310 Thos Giles 251 Commissioner of Roads Jno D Lilley 365 Wm Gibson 155 Overseer of Poor Adam Rusmisel 213 Augustus Blauth 189 Jas B Smith 78 Jno Fauber 62 Justices of the Peace A A Sproul(for 3 years) 352 Jno H Rush(for 1 year) 299 I W Gilkeson(for 2 years) 271 J L Hailman 246 Jas N Mitchell 168 Wm Morgan 60 Constables Wm H Cale(for 2 years) 338 Jno B Smith (for 3 years) 286 D B Zimmerman(for 1 year) 255 Wm T Fauber 214 Geo L Airhart 91 Wm Black 19

South River Township

Supervisor Thos W Shelton 237 J D Brooks 229 Clerk Hugh N Fry 364 R F Way 64 Assessor Geo W Sutler 233 J S Raymond 171 R A McCrary 92 Collector R C Haines 213 M L Alexander 103 J A Patterson 69 A M Bowman 29 Commissioner of Roads Elijah Bateman 281 Jos Pelter 103 H C Kindig 95 D Guthrie 23 Overseer of Poor Chas Brooks 269 Jac Koiner Jr. 107 Jno N Cronse 46 B M Lines 38 Justices of the Peace D W Koiuer(for 2 years) 344 W W Clinedinst(for 1 year) 220 Jno Huff(for 3 years) 212 Jacob Wisler 17 Phillip Killian 111 F M Bell 346 J M Brown 58 R D Henseley 65 >Constables C R Haines(for 2 years) 172 R M Hix(for 1 year) 150 Wm H Groom(for 3 years) 149 Wm L Baber 75 Isaac Baker 46 M L Alexander 42 Wm Staunton 37 J W Harris 33

Middle River Township

Supervisor J D Craig 227 Wm Crawford 203 Chas Batis 34 Saml Kennerley 34 Clerk Stuart M Crawford 128 W J Yount 123 Wm H Myers 77 J A Waddell 76 Jno T. Cribbens 58 E G M Greiner 28 Assessor J Alex Kerr 195 W T Yarbrough 104 W H Bull 98 E L Houff 82 Collector Wm L Mowry 281 Thos W McClung 125 Wm E Sheets 68 H G McCausland 39 Commissioner of Roads D B Hinton 161 Geo Towberman 149 W B Crawford 75 Tobias Weller 70 Overseer of Poor David Myers 274 D W Link 82 Justices of the Peace Chas S Roller(for 1 year) 377 Kasper B Koiner(" 3 years) 177 Jno W Gillespie(" 2 ") 168 Jas G Patterson 157 B F Walker 141 Wm Link 68 S H McCue 55 Constables A T Grooms(for 2 years) 384 S N Pattersen(" 3 ") 307 J C McClung(" 1 year) 271 Jac A Sheets 148 Wm A Hanger 111

North River Township

Supervisor Jno G Fulton Sr 395 Chesley Kinney 75 D L Snyder 24 Clerk Jno G Fulton Jr 229 A J Deakins 142 A N Taylor 77 Assessor P H Wheeler 269 Wm A Vigar 155 Jno H Stovar 83 Jno W Redman 15 Collector Robt G Byers 239 J H Craun 213 E J Bell 44 Commissioner of Roads Phillip Airhart 368 J H Ervin 68 D J Link 48 Overseer of Poor Jno C Rusmisel 201 Jno F Litten 154 Jas Karricofe 57 J F Davis 37 Justices of the Peace Jas T Clarke(for 1 year) 273 Wm S Hiser(" 2 years) 253 Thos S Bogshead(" 3 ") 180 John W Crist 134 B Vint 114 Jno A Mills 95 R A Curry 71 Geo Huffman 53 J A Hamrick 32 J A Kerlin 29 Constables Nelson Andrew(for 1 year) 323 Jonas Lowman(" 2 years) 257 J F Davis(" 3 ") 154 D M Bell 128 J M Lofland 70 W H Wooddell 60 Jas Yates 48 E Lee 35 J M Shipman 35

The Pastures Township

Supervisor H B Seig 427 Clerk Jno Waldrop 299 Littleton Waddell 113 Assessor L R Boswell 275 H S Harris 116 J A Craig 22 Collector Jos A Wilson 232 A B Lightner 209 Commissioner of Roads Baxter Crawford 347 Jacob Beck 57 Overseer of Poor J M Lickliter 360 W H Lange 32 Justices of the Peace Benj O Ferguson(for 3 years) 395 Jno S Guy(for 2 years) 376 Geo A Shuey(for 1 year) 339 M S Cease 25 Constables Jas F Hizer(for 3 years) 347 Geo Lackey(for 1 year) 277 Thos H Cross(for 2 years) 274 Geo W Miller 96 Jno M Hanger 90

-Page 03-

[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: The Board of Directors of the Valley Railroad has been meeting in Staunton for the past few days.
[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: The paper reports National Memorial Day, set aside by Congress, was observed in Staunton "by the colored people, a few whites participating." "A large procession, bearing U. S. Flags, moved to the U. S. Cemetery and decorated with flowers the graves of the Union dead buried there."
(Column 01)
Summary: Beverly Thomas, a deaf pupil of the Deaf, Dumb, and Blind Institute, was killed when he fell from the Institution's fourth story window to the gravel walk below.
(Names in announcement: Beverly Thomas)
[No Title]
(Column 02)
Summary: The property of the Rev. J. A. Latane has been purchased by a group planning to open a Lutheran Female Seminary in Staunton. The Rev. J. I. Miller will act as principal and Prof. E. Louis Ide will serve as Superintendent of the Musical Department.
(Names in announcement: Rev. J. A. Latane, Rev. J. I. Miller, Prof. E. Louis Ide)
Memorial Day
(Column 02)
Summary: Staunton will pay tribute on June 9th "to our loved and lost, who sacrificed their all for us and ours and now quietly rest beneath the green sod of our Confederate Cemetery." All are invited to bring flowers to the Town Hall where ladies will arrange them into wreaths and bouquets. Young men are asked to come between 9:00 and 10:00am to help the ladies. "Come one! Come all! and let there be the usual large turn-out to decorate the graves of the dead heroes of the 'Lost Cause.'"

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