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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Vindicator: August 12, 1870

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(Column 02)
Summary: Laments the defeat of the Valley Railroad subscription by Augusta voters. Blames the prospect of higher taxes and refusal of assistance by Baltimore and Ohio R.R. officials. Quotes a letter from B. & O. R.R. president J.W. Garrett, who refuses to offer any extra incentive for Augusta residents to vote in favor of the measure.
Full Text of Article:

From the official returns of the election on the question of subscribing $300,000 to the stock of the Valley Railroad, published in an other column, it will be seen that the subscription was defeated.

This road is a very great desideratum to all our people, both of town and county, and is so felt by all, but the idea of increased taxes seemed to be the great bug-bear.

Feeling that is was a matter of the most vital importance to the interests of Staunton and Augusta County, that the road should be secured at the earliest day, the City Council of Staunton passed an ordinance to take the sense of our people on the question of a further subscription to the Valley Railroad, having the best reasons to believe that the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company would guarantee that the dividend on the stock subscribed would pay the interest on the bonds. On Wednesday night last, the following communication from Jno. W. Garrett, Esq., President of the B and O. R.R. Co., was received, which dispelled all hope from this source:



BALTIMORE, Aug. 9, 1870.

M.G. HARMAN, President, Staunton Va.

Dear Sir:--I much regret that the people of Augusta have so signally failed to appreciate their own interest. I do not think any such guarantee as you propose for Staunton can be obtained in Maryland.--The City of Baltimore and the Baltimore and Ohio Company feel that they have acted with the greatest liberality, and if the citizens of the Valley will not aid to the limited extent heretofore understood, the calamity must rest with them. Their expectations about another route will prove a mere ignis fatuus.

Yours very Respectfully,

J.W. GARRETT, President.

From this it will be seen, that outside help is almost hopeless. If the Balt. and O. R.R., which is directly interested in the opening of this route, can not aid us further, we can not reasonably expect less interested parties or corporations to assist. It remains, therefore, with the people, counties or towns of the Valley to secure this road. Without our earnest efforts in this direction we shall lose the opportunity. Shall we bend our energies to secure the Valley R.R., now, or, in the vain hope "that it will come anyhow," lie supinely on our backs, and lose the golden opportunity to the people of our Valley and especially of this county. Fellow citizens the question is thrust upon you in all its hopelessness. How will you meet it?

Election on the Question of County Subscription to Valley Road. Official Returns
(Column 03)
Summary: Prints the election results of the Valley Railroad subscription in Augusta County. Though the measure received a majority of the votes, it failed to secure the 3/5 majority needed to pass.
Full Text of Article: STAUNTON FOR SUB. AG'ST SUB. First Ward, 304 16 Second Ward, 305 48


Sandy Hollow, 129 27 Peaco's Mill 19 25 Bolivar 83 14 Folly Mills 25 32 Hebron 109 8


Middlebrook 101 89 New Port 46 11 Midway, 44 5 Greenville 159 63


Churchville 54 64 Buffalo Gap 79 6 Craigsville 29 32 Deerfield 24 8 Leb. W. Sul. Springs 1 12


Barterbrook 9 41 Sheraudo 54 32 Waynesboro 89 231 Fishersville 23 76


Mt. Sidney 91 138 Mt. Meridian 3 96 New Hope 25 203 Red Mills 00 47 Verona 39 13


Parnassus 11 89 Spring Hill 53 81 Mt. Solon 42 140 Centreville 16 56 Sangersville 6 57 TOTAL 1972 1760

From the above it will be seen that the whole vote cast was 3732, three-fifths of which is 2240. The vote for the subscription was 1972, which lacks 268 of a three-fifth vote, and, therefore, the subscription falls through.

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(Column 01)
Summary: The proprietors of the White Sulphur Springs have reduced their rates. They now charge $3 per day, $20 per week, and $60 per month.
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(Column 01)
Summary: Maj. Jed Hotchkiss has been appointed superintendent of schools for Augusta County. He has experience teaching at Mossy Creek classical school.
(Names in announcement: Maj. Jed Hotchkiss)
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(Column 01)
Summary: A Grand Tournament and Fancy Ball will be held at Stribling Springs on Wednesday the 17th. The Knights of Augusta challenged the Knights of Rockingham to the contest. A saddle and bridle will be awarded as prizes. The entry fee is $2.
(Column 02)
Summary: Mrs. Mary Harner, wife of Henry Harner, died near Waynesboro at the residence of her husband on August 8th. She was 61 years old.
(Names in announcement: Mrs. Mary Harner, Henry Harner)

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