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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Vindicator: August 26, 1870

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(Column 01)
Summary: Urges Staunton residents to buy stock in the Valley Railroad or else the road may not be built. Gives the usual reasons why the Valley Railroad would benefit the town enormously at minimal cost.
Full Text of Article:

The additional subscription to the stock of the Valley Railroad by the City of Staunton, is a subject which should attract the earnest attention of our people. Without county or town subscriptions to the amount of $100,000 this road can not be secured. We need this road and cannot afford to lose it. In the last election we voted to take our proportion of the proposed county subscription, about $30,000. We will soon be called upon to take $20,000 more, ($50,000) as the only feasible plan of securing this road at an early day--probably of ever securing this road through Staunton. It is a question that comes home to every man. It resolves itself into this. With this road secured, property will be increased in value, business will be greatly stimulated, a rapid increase of population will at once commence, which will aid us in paying the tax required, manufacturing establishments of various kinds will be put in operation, labor will have constant employment, and in fact the greatest good will result to all. Without the road, property must decrease in value, business decline and our present population diminish. Can we afford to hesitate at a question of increased taxation? We think not, and we only, in our limited space, call attention to this subject now, that our people may reflect on it and arrive at a proper conclusion, satisfied that they must secure this road through Staunton, no matter what the cost.

For the Vindicator
(Column 02)
Summary: Jacob Shreckhise chaired a meeting in Moscow, Augusta County, designed to build support for the Valley Railroad. Committees were appointed to travel along the proposed route and solicit subscriptions to the stock of the road. Supporters of the road are not discouraged by the failure of the county to subscribe $300,000, and are determined to make it up through private effort and investment.
(Names in announcement: Jacob Shreckhise, P. Herring, J. W. F. Allemong, T. Shumate, Hugh Baxter, William Howell, R. H. Dudley, Dayton, Hiram Coffman, W. H. Rhodes, Daniel Bowen, Col. E. J. Armstrong, Capt. J. G. Riley, Rev. Solomon Garber, Dr. J. G. Minor, P. Herring, Dr. J. B. Trevey, T. J. White, Sam Forrer, Dr. William H. Davis, Nath. Blakemore, Henry Phillips, D. N. Vanlear, R. P. Eubank, N. J. Buck, Maj. J. M. McCue, J. F. Davis, J. C. Rusmisel, A. A. Crawford, Hugh Baxter, R. H. Dudley, J. G. Fulton, J. H. Ervin, Hiram Coffman, William Howell, Jacob Shreckhise, William Gambill, J. H. Plecker, C. Kinney, Thomas Hogshead, J. A. Hamrick, A. Anderson, J. Shutterly, Col. William A. Bell)
Public Meeting
(Column 02)
Summary: Reports on a meeting of Conservatives held in Staunton. Lists the names of men elected as Ward and Township superintendents and resolutions passed, always stressing the unanimity of the people present.
(Names in announcement: Col. George Baylor, Dr. George S. Walker, Col. John B. Baldwin, Maj. J. Marshall Hanger, Col. Bolivar Christian, Col. M. G. Harman, Jacob Baylor, William F. Smith, George A. Bruce, Capt. Charles S. Grattan, J. G. Fulton, Maj. William M. Tate, William A. Burke, George S. Walker)
Full Text of Article:

In pursuance of the call of the County Superintendent published last week, a meeting for the purpose of electing County, Township and Ward Superintendents was held in the Court-house on Monday, the 22nd inst. On motion Col. Geo. Baylor was called to the Chair, and Dr. Geo. S. Walker was elected Secretary.

On motion of Col. Jno. B. Baldwin, the following resolutions were adopted unanimously:

1. Resolved, That the Conservatives of Augusta county accept the plan of party organization recommended by the Conservative members of the Virginia Legislature, and recognize the State Central Committee appointed by them as the authorized representatives of the Conservative party of Virginia.

2. That in conformity to the plan of organization, and in pursuance of the notice published in the county newspapers, this meeting will now proceed to select a Superintendent for the county, one for each Township, and one for each Ward of the town of Staunton to constitute together the county committee.

3. That the County Committee shall have the exclusive authority to call County Township or Ward Conventions, and to prescribe in advance the mode of selecting delegates, and the scale of voting in such Convention.

On motion of Maj. J. Marshall Hanger, Col. Jno. B. Baldwin was unanimously re-elected Superintendent of the County.

The following Ward and Township Superintendents were then elected.

Staunton Ward No. 1. Col. Bolivar Christian.

Staunton Ward No. 2, Col. M.G. Harman.

Beverly Manor Township, Jacob Baylor, Esq.

Riverheads Township, Wm. F. Smith, Esq.,

South River Township, Geo. A. Bruce, Esq.

Middle River Township, Capt. Chas. S. Grattan.

North River Township, J.G. Fulton, Esq.

Pasture Township, Maj. Wm M. Tate.

On motion of Wm. A. Burke, the meeting resolved to recommend that a District Convention be held in Harrisonburg on Wednesday, the 5th day of October, for the purpose of nominating a candidate for Congress.

On motion, the meeting adjourned.

GEO. BAYLOR, President.

GEO. S. WALKER, Secretary.

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[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: The paper announces Lewis Bumgardner as candidate for County Treasurer of Augusta.
(Names in announcement: Lewis Bumgardner)
[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: William Milnes is announced as candidate for re-election to Congress from the district including Augusta.
(Names in announcement: William Milnes)
[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: Mr. Harvey Risk, census marshal for Augusta, estimates the population of Staunton at 5,120.
(Names in announcement: Harvey Risk)
[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: A. E. Price announces that the East Augusta Mutual Fire Insurance Company enjoyed great success in securing policies.
(Names in announcement: A. E. Price)
[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: Madam B. Ruhl, instructor of vocal music at the Wesleyan Female Institute, offers private instruction in music.
(Names in announcement: B. Ruhl)
Look Out for the Circus
(Column 01)
Summary: Dr. James L. Thayer's circus will perform in Staunton on September 8th.
City Council
(Column 01)
Summary: City Council met and elected William A. Burke president. F. Scheffer was allowed $308.38 to McAdamize the street from the Virginia Hotel to the Railroad bridge. A $50 appropriation was denied to W. R. Smith for cleaning the pump-stock and well.
(Names in announcement: William A. Burke, F. Scheffer, W. R. Smith)
Proceedings of County Court
(Column 01)
Summary: Briefly reviews Court business. Mainly lists people who were indicted, granted licenses, or elected to various offices. Never goes into much detail on anything.
(Names in announcement: John N. Hendren, John Churchman, Fenton Wells, Martha Stuart, George C. Crouse, Charles A. Neff, James Minor, Lee Squires, Abraham Mohler, James Cross, Owen C. Morris, W. B. Crawford, George C. Jackson, William Wholey, Joel S. Wallace, James BumgardnerJr., George M. Harrison, Isaac Baker, James N. McFarland, John B. Smith, A. W. Harman, Baxter Crawford, A. A. McPheeters, John G. Stover, Mathew R. Coalper)
Full Text of Article:

Hon. Judge John N. Hendren, presiding.

The Executors under the Will of John Churchman, dec'd, qualified, and gave the required bond. The State and Stamp Tax on the Will was $248.

The Grand Jury made the following indictments:

Against Fenton Wells, colored woman, for petit larceny.

Against Martha Stuart, colored, for burglary.

The following parties were granted Licenses:

Geo. C. Crouse, Waynesboro', Ordinary.

Chas. A. Neft, Mt. Sidney, "

Jas. Minor, Mountain Top. "

Lee Squires, Middlebrook. "

Abraham Mohler, Weyer's Cave, Private Entertainment.

Owen C. Morris, Staunton, Retail Dealer.

W.B. Crawford & Co., " " "

Geo. C. Jackson. " " "

Wm. Wholey. " " "

Joel S. Wallace renewed his bond as Notary Public.

Jas. Bumgardner Jr. and Geo. M. Harrison qualified as Notaries Public.

The following appointments of Township Officers were made:

Isaac Baker, Constable, "South River."

Jus. N. McFarland, Constable, "Beverly Manor."

Jno. B. Smith, Collector, "Riverheads."

A.W. Harman, Justice of Peace, "Beverly Manor.",

Baxter Crawford, Commissioner of Roads, "The Pastures."

The following assessors were appointed:

A.A. McPheeters for the District composed of Riverheads, South River and Beverly Manor Townships.

Jno. G. Stover, for the District composed of The Pastures, North River and Middle River Townships.

Mathew R. Coalter was appointed Assistant Commissioner of the Revenue for the 1st District.

Nothing else of general interest was transacted.

[No Title]
(Column 02)
Summary: Account of the grand tournament and ball held at Stribling Springs. "Knight Harry of Navarre," E. Parker of Augusta, took first prize. Miss Nannie J. Ewers was crowned "Queen of Love and Beauty." Judge H. W. Sheffey delivered the address.
(Names in announcement: S. Travers Phillips, E. Parker, Dr. S. Gold, J. A. McGuffin, Alexander Harman, H. F. Turk, H. W. Sheffey, Nannie J. Ewers, Emma Hamilton, Bettie Eskridge, Lizzie Kinney, Col. W. C. Carrington)
(Column 02)
Summary: Mrs. Elizabeth Lacy, widow of the late Allen R. Lacy, died at her residence near Warm Springs. She was 77 years old.
(Names in announcement: Elizabeth Lacy, Allen R. Lacy)
(Column 02)
Summary: James P. Shumate died near Warm Springs at the residence of his father, William J. Shumate, on July 31st. He was 23 years old.
(Names in announcement: James P. Shumate, William J. Shumate)
(Column 02)
Summary: Mrs. Catharine E. Hite, wife of Capt. J. F. Hite and daughter of Peter and M. M. Lucas, died in Newport on August 11th. She was 50 years old.
(Names in announcement: Catharine E. Hite, Capt. J. F. Hite, Peter Lucas, M. M. Lucas)
(Column 02)
Summary: Daniel Crousehorn of Augusta died in Rockingham at the residence of his father-in-law, Mr. Fleming. He was 28 years old. He leaves a young wife.
(Names in announcement: Daniel Crousehorn, Fleming)

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