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Valley of the Shadow

Semi-Weekly Dispatch: January 21, 1862

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: Advertisements, columns 1 and 2; poem, column 3; proceedings of Congress, columns 3 and 4; stories concerning flooding in California and pearls discovered in New Jersey, column 4; summary of the results of a meeting between representatives of Bards of Trade, Chambers of Commerce, and banking institutions with the Secretary of the Treasury, column 5; article noting the origin of "Brother Jonathan," column 5

The Prospect Cheering
(Column 4)
Summary: Relates that good news on the war front may be reported shortly. Advises that it is "folly" to "clamor" for a forward movement, and emphasizes that Americans must trust in the wisdom of General McClellan.

-Page 02-

Description of Page: News from Fortress Monroe of trouble for the South in eastern Virginia, column 3; news from Kentucky, column 3; news from Washington, Missouri, and Maryland, column 4; advertisements, column 5

Startling Developments
(Column 1)
Summary: Relates numerous incidents of fraud perpetrated on the government that were uncovered in the recent report of the Secretary of the Navy.
Work Begun
(Column 1)
Summary: Expresses optimism about both the finances and the fighting of the federal government in the near future.
Army Pay
(Column 1)
Summary: Reports the amount that pay of soldiers of different ranks will be reduced if the Senate bill passes both houses.
Full Text of Article:

The reduction in pay per month which the commissioned officers of the Army will be subjected to if the Senate bill passes both houses will be as follows:--

Present Pay. Proposed Pay. Major-General $469 $300 Brigadier-General 343 240 Colonel 218 200 Lieutenant-Colonel 184 180 Major 165 150 Captain 128 120 First Lieutenant 108 100 Second Lieutenant 103 80 Surgeon-General 228 220 Surgeon, 10 yrs service. 223 180 Surgeon, less than 10 yrs. 187 150 Surgeon, 5 yrs service. .137 120 Surgeon, less than 5 yrs. 120 100 Paymaster General 228 200 Dep't. Paymaster Gen. 211 180 Paymaster. 187 150 Chaplain. ---- 80 All military storekp'r. ---- 120

When the great number of officers that are employed in our immense army is taken into consideration, the above reduction in their pay would save an immense sum to the treasury.

Investigation of Horse Contracts, Etc.
(Column 2)
Summary: Reports on numerous incidents of fraud and corruption discovered by the Government Contract Investigating Committee.
The New Secretary of War
(Column 2)
Summary: Notes that the appointment of Secretary Stanton in the War Department brings a favorable change.

-Page 03-

Description of Page: advertisements, columns 2-5

On Furlough
(Column 1)
Summary: Reports that Corporal Tom W. Merklein and Private John Peiffer, members of Harlan's Pennsylvania Cavalry were on a visit to Chambersburg a few days earlier, but have returned to their posts at Fortress Monroe. At present, Captain John S. Eyster, Sergeants John C. Sample and William Detrich, and privates Frank and Ed Kline of the same corps are on furlough and visiting friends in Chambersburg.
(Names in announcement: Corporal Tom W. Merklein, Private John Peiffer, Captain John S. Eyster, Sergeant John C. Sample, Sergeant William Detrich, Private Frank. Kline, Private Ed. Kline)
(Column 1)
Summary: Warns readers against a scheme whereby the company of "Gleason, Webster & Co." send a lottery ticket in the mail, followed later by an announcement that the ticket has won a certain sum in the lottery and that to claim the prize, the person must send five dollars to pay for the original ticket.
The Finance Measure
(Column 2)
Summary: Reports that the finance measure that Secretary Chase and the bankers agreed on, which included a tax on incomes over eight hundred dollars is being challenged as unconstitutional since it is a direct tax.
[No Title]
(Column 2)
Summary: Denounces slavery as the source of treason and the reason why the government must spend one to two million dollars per day at present.
Full Text of Article:

Slavery is now costing this country from one to two millions of dollars per day. Slavery means rebellion. Wherever slavery is strong, there is treason; where there is no slavery and no sympathy with it, there every man is loyal to his government.

(Column 2)
Summary: Mr. David Gype and Miss Louisa C. Fecke, both of the vicinity of Chambersburg, were married on January 16 at the Lutheran parsonage.
(Names in announcement: Mr. David Gype, Miss Louisa C. Fecke)
(Column 2)
Summary: Mr. John S. Lindsey and Miss Mollie M. Giner, both of Cumberland County, were married on January 16 at the White Swan Hotel.
Very Latest!
(Column 5)
Summary: Reports the occurrence of a battle at Bowling Green, at which the rebel force has been routed, and where losses have been heavy on both sides.

-Page 04-

Description of Page: Excerpt from a speech by John Bright, an Englishman speaking about the United States, column 1; prices current, column 1; advertisements, columns 2-5