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Valley of the Shadow

Semi-Weekly Dispatch: April 01, 1862

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: Advertisements, columns 1-3; letter sent by telegraph to Colonel Buford at Kentucky from the telegraphic operator at Hickman, Kentucky, column 4; story of a fight between a Southern regiment from Kentucky who were preparing to go home and an Alabama and Tennessee regiment that attempted to prevent them from doing so, column 4; account of the battle at Winchester, Virginia, including a number of official circulars, column 5

-Page 02-

Description of Page: Article tracing the use of reserves in history, column 1; reports of the appointment of General Caldwell as a Major-General of Volunteers, of the death of "noted rebel chief" Ben M'Culloch, and of a railroad accident involving a Wisconsin regiment, column 1; report of the explosion in Philadelphia of the building that housed Professor Samuel Jackson's fire works and cartridge factory, columns 2 and 3; further reports of the fight at Island No. 10, columns 3 and 4; news from Fortress Monroe, column 4; report that Union troops are advancing on Knoxville, columns 4 and 5; news from Arkansas, column 5

-Page 03-

Description of Page: News from the Potomac, columns 3 and 4; article about the theft of two rings from the body of a woman who had been buried near Alexandria, Virginia, information about how mortars are discharged, news of an attempted assassination of Billy Wilson, column 4; advertisements, columns 4 and 5

Thunder and Lightning
(Column 1)
Summary: Notes that the previous Sunday, in the middle of the day, a storm came upon Chambersburg that brought thunder, lightning, and a shower of hail.
The Growing Grain Crop
(Column 1)
Summary: Reports that the present crop of grain in the county is perhaps the best that has ever grown there.
(Column 1)
Summary: Announces the promotion of Sergeant Treher, of the 5th Ohio Regiment, to First Sergeant. He comes from Franklin County and once worked in the Dispatch office.
(Names in announcement: Sergeant Treher)
Rev. Alexandr [sic] Owen
(Column 1)
Summary: Reports the death of the Reverend Alexander Owen, who served as an itinerant minister in the Pennsylvania Conference. He was born in Franklin County and learned the mason's trade in Chambersburg before being converted and answering the call to preach.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Alexander Owen)
Origin of Article: New York Christian Advocate
Female Volunteers
(Column 2)
Summary: Relates the story of a young woman who, disguised as a boy, joined Captain A. J. Brand's regiment in Chambersburg.
A List of Jurors
(Column 3)
Summary: Lists the jurors drawn for the court session to be held in Chambersburg beginning on Monday, April 14. William Heyser, Sr., of Chambersburg will serve as a grand juror. John B. McLanahan, B. Latrobe Maurer, David Piper, Saml Perry, J. G. Shively, Jacob Spangler, and J. Boyd Wright, all of Chambersburg, will serve as traverse jurors during the first week. In the second week, Daniel Strock and Thomas Metcalf of Chambersburg will serve as traverse jurors.
(Names in announcement: Wm. HeyserSr., John B. McLanahan, J. LaTrobe Maurer, David Piper, Saml Perry, J. G. Shively, Jacob Spangler, J. Boyd Wright, Daniel Strock, Thomas Metcalf)
Exports in War Time
(Column 4)
Summary: Reports that the exports of the city of New York are greater than they were at this time last year or the one before. Points out that the warnings of the South that the trade of the United States would fall to "ruin" at the cessation of the Southern trade proved mistaken.
Origin of Article: New York World

-Page 04-

Description of Page: Incidents of the battle at Pea Ridge, Arkansas, column 1; anecdotes, column 2; prices current, column 2; advertisements, columns 2-5;

A Terrible Weapon
(Column 1)
Summary: Describes Henry's Patent Repeating Rile, which is being tested for the first time.