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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: March 25, 1857

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: Print in middle of page is faint and blurry

-Page 02-

The Great Question of the Day
(Column 1)
Summary: Great Question facing Virginians is the disposition of public lands, and what to do with the accumulated funds. VA is interested because it ceded a lot of thease lands to the Federal government. Also, VA needs money. Feels like they aren't beeing fairly treated.
Town Affairs
(Column 2)
Summary: Report on the Town Council meeting. Petition from the new Augusta Fire Association; appointment of election commissioners; list of 1856 Council levy delinquents; plans for renovations to Council Hall; Resevoir now authorized to be 1,000,000 gallons
(Names in announcement: J. A. G. Finn, Mr. Bell, Mr. McClung, Mr. Taylor, Wm. B. Kayser, W. H. Slanker, A. H. Taylor, J. B. Evans, Judson McCoy, Geo. A. Armentrout, Wm. Craig)
The Canvass
(Column 2)
Summary: At March Court, a petition was presented to Stuart asking him to run fro State Sentate. No answer from Stuart yet.
(Names in announcement: A. H. H. Stuart)
Democratic Nomination
(Column 2)
Summary: Democrats met on 03/23 and nominated a slate for Legislature: Jas. H. Skinner for Senate; Absalom Koiner, John A. Harman, & Wm. D. Anderson for House of Delegates. Some question as to whether Anderson is even a Democrat!
(Names in announcement: Jas. H. Skinner, Absalom Koiner, John A. Harman, Wm. D. Anderson)
Baltimore Conference
(Column 3)
Summary: Division of the Baltimore Conference into the Baltimore Conference (incorporating Rockingham District) and the East Baltimore Conference. Staunton is part of Rockingham District.
(Names in announcement: John M. Green, James N. Davis, Adam Y. Grayham)

-Page 03-

Description of Page: Markets in 1; no local obituaries

(Column 1)
Summary: Rudbill to Vier, at National Hotel on 03/12
(Names in announcement: Rev. D. Rice, William D. Rudbill, Harriet Vier, Wm. Vier)

-Page 04-

Description of Page: No Page Information Available