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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: May 6, 1857

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Description of Page: Two full columns of ads.

-Page 02-

Odd Fellow's Celebration
(Column 2)
Summary: New Odd Fellow's Hall dedicated on 5/1/57, complete with a large procession, speech by Imboden, Moutain Sax-horn Band, nighttime entertainment at the National Hotel.
(Names in announcement: Wm. H. Harman, Wm. A Sterrett, John D. Imboden, W. D. Gilkeson)
The Nominating Meeting
(Column 1)
Summary: Article praising the Whig/American local nominating conventin for its fairness and friendly tone.
Canvassing the County
(Column 2)
Summary: Complains about the electioneering in other counties, full of kissing babies and strong drink. Praises Augusta for maintaining dignified public discussion.
Discussion at Mt. Sidney
(Column 2)
Summary: Skinner has challenged Stuart to a debate at Mt. Sidney
(Names in announcement: Mr. Skinner, A. H. H. Stuart)
For Congress
(Column 2)
Summary: Spectator is asking Lexington Gazette and Hardy Whig to join it in endorsing Imboden.
(Names in announcement: John D. Imboden)
Hon A. H. H. Stuart
(Column 1)
Summary: Article praising Staurt and his qualifications for office. Also asks men to come out and vote for him.
(Names in announcement: A. H. H. Stuart)
Our Candidates for the House
(Column 1)
Summary: Article praising candidates for the House of Delegates.
(Names in announcement: Stuart, Massie, McCue, Christian)
Vigilance Committees
(Column 3)
Summary: Vigilance committees appointed by Whigs to get out the vote and monitor the polls.
(Names in announcement: A J. Gilkeson, Thornton Berry, ?? R Waddell, John Doom, Wm E. Woodward, James Woodward, James Waters, Wm. J. Nelson, J. Wayt Bell, Wm. Bell Crawford, James W. Hudson, Matthew Doom, A. Kinney, P. B. Hoge, R. J. Rankin, John Trimble, Henry Eidson, David Sterrett, Jos. T. Mitchell, Wm. H. Bell, Thos. Ballow, R. T. Poague, Judson McCoy, Geo. W. Imboden, Henry Cease, Joseph George, Addison H. Price, John Ball, John W. Brown, Sam'l F. Clarke, A. D. Trottier, Sam'l Basley, Col. A. M. Moore, James Baumgardner, Capt. James Henry, John Humphreys, Dr. V. T. Churchman, Thos. M. Donahu, Robt. Carson, A. W. McClure, John Merritt, Jamison D. McGuffin, A. M. Hawpe, Benj. McClung, A. G. Christian, Matthew Pillson, John S. Churchman, Reuben Lambert, D. G. Gilkeson, Peter G. Steele, Capt Jas. Wilson, John Newton, Maj. W. S. Sproul, James R. Grove, B. F. Hailman, Capt. Jas. McKanney, A. A. McPheters, A. B. Lightner, Wm. Kerr, Wm. Steele, McPheters McCutchan, Dr. John McChesney, M. W. D. Hogshead, Sam'l N. Kerr, P. McNutt, John Echard, Wm. Smiley, Addison McCutchan, Preston Hogshead, Sam'l H. Bell, Jos. B. Trimble, John Christian, Jas.W. Calhoun, W. Swoope, Maj. R. P. Brown, J. H. Burdett, Christian Shuey, B. Walters, Henry Rippetoe, Dr. William L. Walters, Daniel Wilson, Michael Coiner, jr., J. J. Bell, Wm. Champman, Peter Hanger, Benj. Stuart, Jas. Patrick, John Shirey, James Lewis, Geo. E. Bruce, E. T. Albertson, J. H. Evans, J. S. Ellis, Sam'l H. Steele, Jas. S. Bush, Gerard B. Stuart, Spottswood Padget, John Hamilton, John E. Morris, Thos. Galbreath, David S. Bell, Dr. A. Dodd, Harvey Coiner, Geo W. Guthrie, John Brown, Thos. A. Turk, Geo. T. Antrim, W. C. McCue, Wm. McComb, Franklin Coiner, Jas. W. Hamilton, Wm. S. Hanger, Adam McChesny, Hugh G. Guthrie, John P. Wilson, Clinton Hall, Joseph Pelter, Dr. J. M. Watson, Wm. Van Lear, Wm. Hunter, J. Sidney Moffett, Joseph R. McComb, Robt. Young, Jas. A. Craig, J. McCutchan, R. S. Craig, John Lockridge, Luke Woodward, Dr. Bashaw, Yonel McCutchan, Alexander Crawford, David Kunkle, A. Armstrong, Wm. Guy, Joseph Mann, Wm. Montgomery, John Rush, James Ramsay, John Diddell, Thos. Rogers, Wm. Ramsay, John W. Alexander, John Irvine, Capt. Jacob Beck, W. L. D. Rodgers, Ralph W. Clayton, Ephraim Geeding, H. B. Seig, Wash. M. Dudley, Dr. Jos. Wilson, Chas. S. Thompson, Jas. A. Frazier, Geo. A. Shuey, J. S. Lambert, Geo. A. Hanger, Francis Gilkeson, Col. F. F. Sterrett, Jas. Cochran, Christian Bear, G. J. Hite, David Moyers, Jas. Hizer, Dr. R. H. Robertson, J. G. ??ton, J. L. McGuffin, Daniel Forrer, J. H. Blakemore, Andrew Crist, J. H. Todd, J. H. Karacofe, J. N. Van Lear, J. Hotchkiss, J. H. Ervine, Smith Darnell, John Craun, R. H. Dudley, Sam'l Bell, Geo H. Ervin, John C. Rusmisel, Adam Rusmisel, Absalom Michael, Wm. H. Woodell, Dr. John F. Lockridge, Capt John H. Hogshead, Albert G. Whitmore, Jas. Byers, Jr., Elijah Lee, U.D. Poe, A. Bell, John A. Patterson, Joseph Wenger, George Dunlap, Jos. Houff, David Hening, Theophilus Gamble, Calvin J. Fuller, J. Crist, Dr. Robt. Gamble, John A. Mills, Wm. A . Houff, John Michael, John C. McCue, Thos. Walker, R. A. Curry, Dr. Wm. M. Crawford, Adam Link, J. T. Stover, Sam'l C. Boyers, Dr. W. C. Bruffy, Wm Crawford, Benj. Weller, Wm. W. Whitmore, J. Davis Craig, May B. Craig, Thos. P. Crawford, R. M. Guy, Wm. Patterson, W. Crawford, Peachy H. Wheeler, Maj. James Walker, Sam'l B. Finley, Jacob Coffman, Sr, Wm. Beard, Benj. Patterson, Daniel Garber, Saml B. Kerr, Col. Geo. C. Robertson, Robt. Guy, T. G. Stout, Sam'l Kennerly, Geo. W. Mowrey, John Garber, Col. A. Kerr)
(Column 3)
Summary: Articles in two papers praising the SS and True American, expressing support for the merger.
Origin of Article: Richmond Whig, Petersburg Express
Editorial Comment: Thanks other papers for complimenting the SS/True American merger
Town Affairs
(Column 3)
Summary: Report of Town Council meeting. Establishment of a markethouse; decision to curb the sidewalks at Augusta Female Seminary, two new assistant police officers
(Names in announcement: Wm Kinney, Wm E. Woodward, J. H. Waters)
Nominating Meeting
(Column 4)
Summary: Minutes of Whig/American nominating meeting.
(Names in announcement: Elijah Hogshead, A. T. Gilkeson, A. H. H. Stuart, Jos. A. Waddell, Imboden, Pilson, Bolivar Christian, Nathaniel Massie, James Walker, J. M. McCue, Wm. M. Tate, Wm. S. Sproul, A. M. Moore, F. F. Sterrett, W. B. Kayser)

-Page 03-

(Column 1)
Summary: Shipman to Phillips, 4/30/57
(Names in announcement: Rev. John Pinkerton, Jonathan M. Shipman, Martha A. Phillips)
(Column 1)
Summary: Age 67, died 4/25/57.
(Names in announcement: David Via)
(Column 1)
Summary: Mary, died 4/21/57
(Names in announcement: Mrs. Mary Brooks, Absalom Brooks)

-Page 04-

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