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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: July 29, 1857

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Description of Page: Bottom right corner is dark, illegible.

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The Democracy and Robt J. Walker
(Column 1)
Summary: Editorial condemning the Democratic press and alleging that Kansas Gov. Walker is actually being groomed to succeed Buchanan in 1860.
"The Friends of the South"
(Column 2)
Summary: Expresses frustration with Southern extremism.
Origin of Article: Richmond Enquirer
Editorial Comment: SS is pleased with the Enquirer for turning away from its championship of "Southern Rights."
Another Pic-nic
(Column 1)
Summary: ME Church Sunday School held a picnic at Walnut Grove.
(Names in announcement: Dr. J. M. Greene)
Travel to the Springs
(Column 2)
Summary: On 7/21/57, 218 people traveled to the Springs via Staunton, a one-day record.
Heirs Wanted
(Column 3)
Summary: Questions about an 25 year old bequest made to the town of Staunton. Judge invalidated it; searching for Margaret Sheyer's heirs, if any.
(Names in announcement: Mrs. Margaret Sheyer (Shires), Samuel Clarke, Jno. A. Hendren, Judge Thompson)
Wonderful Case of Resucitation
(Column 3)
Summary: One of Bruce's sons fell into a mill-race, but survived, even though he was underwater for 15 minutes.
(Names in announcement: Geo. A. Bruce)
The Sheriff's Tax
(Column 3)
Summary: Lawsuit regarding Sherriff's securities.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Sheffy, Mr. Baldwin, Mr. Harman, Mr. Michie)

-Page 03-

(Column 2)
Summary: Riley to Engleman, married in Washington on 7/21/57
(Names in announcement: Rev. Dr. Sunderland, John E. Riley, Frances E. Engleman)
(Column 2)
Summary: Mary, infant, died on 7/23/57. Poem is part of obituary.
(Names in announcement: Mary C. Garber, Martin Garber, Eliza Garber)
Trailer: D.

-Page 04-

Description of Page: No Page Information Available