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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: January 14, 1858

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The Kansas Bill
(Column 1)
Summary: House of Representatives approves Crittenden amendment to Kansas bill.
To the Editors of the Staunton Spectator
(Column 5)
Summary: Letter from E. Fontaine charging that the Spectator has mischaracterized the railroad by accusing it of serving on the interests of wealthy investors. Claims that many stockholders are widows and orphans who benefit from development.
(Names in announcement: E. Fontaine)
[No Title]
(Column 6)
Summary: More about Kansas.

-Page 03-

To the People of Augusta
(Column 1)
Summary: Thomas P. Wilson claims that his enemies have propogated a rumor in order to ruin his campaign. Rumor says that Imboden friends made Wilson a candidate for county court clerk in order to see that Imboden beat Kinney.
(Names in announcement: Thomas P. Wilson, Mr. Imboden, Mr. Kinney)
Municipal Elections
(Column 1)
Summary: Election results. Mayor: N.K. Trout, Esq.; Sergeant; H.H. Peck; incumbent council members re-elected with the exception of George Baylor and Simpson F. Taylor, who defeated Geo. E. Price and John B. Scherer, respectively. At meeting on 4/10/1858, other officers were elected. Aldermen: Geo M. Cochran, W.G. Sterrett, M.G. Harman, Amos Luchbaugh, John D. Imboden, Jas. A. McClung; Councilmen: H.M. Bell, E. M. Taylor, B.G. Pointe, Simpson F. Taylor; Chief of Police: H.H. Peck; Recorder: Geo. Baylor; Camberlain; Wm. H. Harman.
(Names in announcement: N. K. Trout, H. H. Peck, George Baylor, Simpson F. Taylor, George E. Price, John B. Scherer, George M. Cochran, W. G. Sterrett, M. G. Harman, Amos Lushbaugh, John D. Imboden, James A. McClung, H. M. Bell, E. M. Taylor, B. G. Pointe, H. H. Peck, William H. Harman)
A Curiousity
(Column 1)
Summary: W.M. Matheny of Staunton presented petrified bird's nest with two eggs.
(Names in announcement: W. M. Matheny)
Money Found
(Column 1)
Summary: Money found between Spectator office and Railroad Depot. Information available from John O'Hare.
(Names in announcement: John O'Hare)
Fine Potatoes
(Column 1)
Summary: Jos. T. Mitchell has given a lot of fine Irish potatoes.
(Names in announcement: Jos. T. Mitchell)
Brigade Inspector
(Column 1)
Summary: Gen. Layne appointed James W. Massie, Esq., of Lexington as inspector of his brigade, which includes the regiments of Augusta County.
(Column 1)
Summary: Francis C. Roberts, of Albemarle County, married to B. Virginia Palmer, of Augusta County, by Rev. G.W. Statton in West View on 4/8/1858. Bride youngest daughter of Capt. Philip O. Palmer.
(Names in announcement: Francis C. Roberts, B. Virginia Palmer, Rev. G. W. Statton, Capt. Philip O. Palmer)
(Column 1)
Summary: Wm. S. McClung, late of Downieville, CA, married to Sue. G. Crawford by Rev. J.S. Blain. Wedding took place at Gomer's Plain, home of bride's father, James E. Crawford, Esq.
(Names in announcement: William S. McClung, Sue G. Crawford, James E. Crawford, Rev. J. S. Blain)
(Column 1)
Summary: Ida Florence Kise, eight months, died on 3/24/1858. Parents John A. and Margaret Kise of Staunton.
(Names in announcement: Ida Florence Kise, John A. Kise, Margaret Kise)
(Column 1)
Summary: Jane Beard, 69, of Middlebrook, died on 3/20/1858. Wife of Wm. Beard. Lengthy elegy.
(Names in announcement: Jane Beard, William Beard)

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