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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: June 1, 1858

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The Anti-Dueling Law
(Column 2)
Summary: Describes state law prohibiting dueling. Faded and blotchy.
School Commissioners' Fund
(Column 7)
Summary: List of apportionment of 1858 fund. Signed by John D. Imboden.
(Names in announcement: John D. Imboden)

-Page 03-

County Elections
(Column 1)
Summary: Lists results of county elections, including voter return by precinct. Winners are: Nicholas C. Kinney for Circuit Court Clerk, John D. Imboden for County Court Clerk, T.M. Donoho and John Stover for commissioners of revenue, Archibald D. Trotter for County surveyor, and John L. Peyton for Justice of the Peace for the first district (special vacancy). Constables: Thomas Marshall, 1st District; E.M. Cushing, 2nd Disrtict; A.B. Lightner, Middleboro District; John J. Lare, Greenville disrtict; A.N. Daluouse, Waynesboro District; John H. Batais, New Hope District; Jos. F. Hottel, Mr. Solon District; William W. Newman, Churchville District; Charles K. Hyde, Mt. Sidney District.
(Names in announcement: Nicholas C. Kinney, John d. Imboden, T. M. Donoho, John Stover, Archibald D. Trotter, John L. Peyton, Thomas Marshall, E. M. Cushing, A. B. Lightner, John J. Lare, A. N. Daluouse, Jos. F. Hottel, William W. Newman, Charles K. Hyde, John H. Batais)
Election Day
(Column 1)
Summary: Election conducted without trouble that some people predicted as a result of several contentious races. People bet on the election.
Circuit Court
(Column 1)
Summary: Circuit court to begin on 6/1/1858. Most important case will be that of Rev. Daniel Downey, charged with murdering William Mullen in December 1857. Expects useful information from girl named Margaret Lee.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Daniel Downy, William Mullen, Margaret Lee)
Bank Directors
(Column 1)
Summary: Bank of the Valley Stockholders elect Directors for upcoming year: Kenton Harper, John N. Hendren, Nicholas L. Trout, and Jefferson Kinney. Stockholders elect other Directors: William H. Harman, Thos. J. Michie, and Absalom Koiner.
(Names in announcement: Kenton Harper, John N. Hendren, Nicholas L. Trout, Jefferson Kinney, William H. Harman, Thomas J. Michie, Absalom Koiner)
Election of Officers
(Column 1)
Summary: Fisherville Rifle Company will elect officers at meeting 6/4/1858.
(Column 1)
Summary: Strawberries from Mr. Trenary's garden appeared in the market on 5/31/1858.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Trenary)
(Column 3)
Summary: James B. Black married to Mary Sliney by Rev. J.B. Davis on 5/15/1858. All from Augusta County.
(Names in announcement: James B. Black, Mary Sliney, Rev. B. Davis)
(Column 3)
Summary: Robert W. Stuart married to Sarah Jane Donagre by Rev. George G. Brooke at the Virginia Hotel on 5/27/1858. All from Augusta County.
(Names in announcement: Robert W. Stuart, Sarah Jane Donagre, Rev. George G. Brooke)
(Column 3)
Summary: Richard T. McCue, of Nelson County, married to Cornelia Bell, of Augusta County, by Rev. Dr. McFarland, on 5/20/1858. Followed by poem.
(Names in announcement: Richard T. McCue, Cornelia Bell, Rev. Dr. McFarland)
(Column 3)
Summary: George Anderson, 19, died on 5/12/1858 following a short but severe illness. Son of Capt. Alexander Anderson of Augusta County. Followed by paragraph explaining that father is away on a tour of the western states.
(Names in announcement: George Anderson, Captain Alexander Anderson)

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