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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: January 18, 1859

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-Page 01-

For The Spectator; The College Agenda
(Column 6)
Summary: Discusses the reestablishment of a college in Staunton. The proposed name is Jackson, Jefferson, Washington College.
(Names in announcement: Frank Perdue, Mr. Imboden, Breece Johnson, Col. Baylor)
Trailer: Frank Perdue; Jan. 11 1859

-Page 02-

Description of Page: top of page hard to read--ink smudges, faint

Richmonds in the Field
(Column 1)
Summary: Discusses Congressional election. Calls for more young Democrats, especially from Rockingham and Shenandoah to enter the race. Stresses importance of slavery question.
(Names in announcement: John Harris, Dr. Newman, Judge Kenney)
Mt. Vernon Association
(Column 2)
Summary: Call for subscriptions to Mt. Vernon Association; refers to article on page 1. List of local subscription gatherers, by town. Names follow town. Mr Tanus, Central Bank; Mr. Taylor, Valley Bank; Middlebrook: Dr. William S. McCheeney, Elijah Hogshead, Esq.; Greenville: Messrs. Bumgardner, McClure, John J. Larew, John Newton; Waynesborough: Nathaniel Massie, Clinton G. Miller; Fishersville: Franklin McCue and Phillip Schuucker; Barterbrook: Dr, Thomas W. Shelton; New Hope: Dr. William R. Roberts, James M. Stout; Mt. Meridian: Maj. James Walker, Joseph D. Craig, Mt. Sidney: Capt. K. Herper, William Crawford, Dr. E. W. Bruffy; Spring Hill: Dr. R. Gamble, C.D. Poe, James A. Clinedinst; Mt. Solon: J. Marshall McCue, D. Newton Vanlear; Parnassus: William D. Hogshead, Dr. William R. Blair; Churchville: George A. Hangar, Dr. R. Hamilton; Deerfield: William Guy, Kennerly Craig, Joseph Mann; Craigsville: David Kunkel, R. S. Craig; New Port: William S. Sprouil, Archibald Stewart, Harvey Fulton; Midway: Capt. James Henry, J. W. McCormick; West View: Dr. W. L. Walters, W. W. Taylor
(Names in announcement: Mr. Tanus, Mr. Taylor, Dr. William McCheeney, Elijah HogsheadEsq., Mr. Buugardner, McClure, John Larew, John Newton, Nathaniel Massie, Clinton Miller, Franklin McCue, Phillip Schuucker, Dr. Thomas Shelton, Dr. William Roberts, James Stout, Maj. James Walker, Joseph Craig, Capt. K. Herper, William Crawford, Dr. E.W. Bruffy, Dr. R. Gamble, C.D. Poe, James Clinedinst, J. Marshall McCue, D. Newton Vanlear, William Hogshead, Dr. William Blair, George Hangar, Dr. R. Hamilton, William Guy, Kennerly Craig, Joseph Mann, David Kunkel, R.S. Craig, William Sproul, Archibald Stewart, Harvey Fulton, Capt. James Henry, J.W. McCormick, W.L. Walters, W.W. Taylor)
Staunton, January 17th, 1859; To Col. John B. Baldwin-Sir
(Column 3)
Summary: Letter of support from Staunton for Baldwin to join Court of Appeals. Signed by list.
(Names in announcement: J.M. Baldwin, Col. John Baldwin, James BaumgardnerJr., George Baylor, D.S. Bell, J.J. Bell, Samuel Bell, Adam Bickle, N.C. Brooks, William Burnett, N.P. Callett, William Carroll, A.G. Christian, B. Christian, J. Cochran, George CochranSr., George CochranJr., John Courchman, R. Cowan, James Crawford, J.H. Crawford, John Crawford, W.W. Donaghe, B.B. Donaghe, Robert Doyle, William Eckridge, H.S. Eichelberger, Peter Engleman, T.P. Eskridge, John Evans, S.B. Finley, Thomas Fuqua, A.P. Gilekson, William GilkesonJr., William Guy, Robert Guy, J.M. Hangar, Joseph Hangar, Samuel Harper, Henry Harrison, Powell Harrison, John Hendren, P.B. Hoge, G.F. Hoover, F.M. Imboden, George Imboden, George Imboden, John Kinney, A.F. Kinney, N.C. Kinney, William Kinney, John Laboden, James Leselie, Thomas Marshall, J.A. McClung, Judson McCoy, John McCue, Franklin McCue, J.W. Meredith, Joseph Mitchell, D. Murphy, William Nelson, John Paris, William Patrick, W.H. Peyton, R.H. Phillips, M. Pilson, James Piper, B.F. Points, George Posge, George Price, Judge Green Samuels, Henry Seig, W.J. Shumate, W.G. Sterrett, D.E. Strasburg, B.B. Stuart, G.B. Stuart, Alexander Stuart, R. Summerson, William Tams, William Tate, E.M. Taylor, William Thompson, John Trimble, Archibald Trotter, Nicholas Trout, P.H. Trout, D. Newton Van Lear, James Waddell, Joseph Waddell, John Wayt, William Wilson, D.S. Young, F.M. Young, W.B. Young)
Marriages Last Year
(Column 2)
Summary: Compares number of marriages in Augusta in 1858 with 1857 and expresses alarm over the decline.
Full Text of Article:

During the year 1858 the clerk of the County Court of Augusta issued 131 marriage licenses, and the clerk of the Hustings Court of Staunton, 7; making 138 marriages which took place in this county that year. In 1857 the number of licenses issued by the clerk of the county Court alone was 149. A similar decrease in the number of marriages is noticed elsewhere. The number of marriages is noticed elsewhere. The number of certificates issued in Massachusetts, in 1858, is one thousand less than during the year 1854. One reason for the decline is said to be the alarming increase of female expenditures in matters of dress, &c. (!)

Staunton, Jan. 18, 1859
(Column 3)
Summary: Baldwin announces his candidacy for Court of appeals.
(Names in announcement: John Baldwin)
Trailer: Yours Truly,; John B. Baldwin
Central Bank
(Column 3)
Summary: List of directors elected at annual stockholders meeting of the Central Bank of Virginia.
(Names in announcement: William Kinney, A.H.H. Stuart, Jacob Baylor, W.A. Bell, H.W. Sheffey, B.F. Points, George Price, H.G. Guthrie, M. Pilson, W.W. Donaghe, J.A. Wadell, F.M. Young, Richard Summerson)
List of Delegates
(Column 4)
Summary: List of delegates to Convention of Whigs and Americans in Richmond on February 10, by district.
(Names in announcement: A.H.H. Stuart, George Cochran, David Young, Bolivar Christian, Wm. Tate, Jus. BumbgardnerJr., J.M. Bell, Powell Harrison, Robert Doyle, J.M. Hanger, Andrew Gilkeson, Wm. Sterrett, Wayt Bell, Chas. Gay, Dr. Thomas Kinney, Wm. Tams, Thomas Marshall, H.H. Peck, Thornton Berry, E.G. Moorman, R.R. Nelson, W.M. Guy, H.W. Sheffey, Col. Wm. Bell, J.D. Imboden, James Cochran, A.S. Kinney, Jos. Mitchell, Major Jas. Crawford, George Imboden, John Crawford, Samuel Clarke, Col. Wm. Sproul, M.W.D. Hogshead, James Grove, J. Callison, Capt. Jas. Hite, Wm. Steele, Sam'l Bell, James Lesslie, G.W. SwoopeJr., James Bachanan, Jos. Trimble, Robert Craig, David Kunkle, B. Walters, John Newton, Capt. James Henry, A.M. Hawpe, Dr. V.T. Churchman, John Humphries, John Merritt, Col. Archer Moore, J.D. McGuffin, Peter Steele, A.A. McPheeters, A. McChesney, Dr. T.W. Shelton, Thos. Donohe, James Hays, Hugh Guthrie, J. Sidney Moffett, N. Massie, John Bell, Wm. King, Wm. Patrick, Wm. Chapman, Gerard Stuart, Dr. C.H. Alexander, F. Marion Finley, John Smith, Benjamin Stuart, R.M. Guy, Benjamin Ellis, Harrison Coiner, James Irvine, J.E. King, Samuel Steele, Wm. Bush, John Hamilton, Col. F. McCue, J. Crawford McCue, Col. Geo. Robertson, Major Jas. Walker, Col. Nathaniel Kerr, Dr. D.W. Hanget, Thorton Stout, Dr. J.A. Waddell, J. Davis Craig, H.K. Eakle, Benjamin Craig, Wm. Patterson, Jas. Crawford, G.W. Mowry, John SeawrightJr., J. Cyrus McCue, Chas. Hyde, John Parkins, Christian Eakle, Dr. R. Gamble, Calvin Fuller, Herring, A. Link, R.A. Curry, Cyrus Brown, Dr. W. Crawford, Dr. W.C. Bruffy, Sam'l Harper, Capt. J.C. Webb, Robert Poage, Major J.M. McCue, Alex Bell, Major J.H. Irvine, J. Givens Fulton, D.N. Vanlear, Thos. Hogshead, George Irvine, Jno. Rusmisel, D. Forrer, Jas. Bell, R.H. Dudley, James Kanrieefe, Col. F.F. Sterrett, Harvey Bear, Jos. Wilson, Jas. Calhoun, Dr. Wm. Walters, Henry Eidson, George Hanger, William Guy, Wm. Montgomery, Joseph Mann, Edwin Montgomery, Wm. Clayton, Jas. Ramsey, Henry Seig)
January 13th, 1859
(Column 5)
Summary: Response to Harris's letter in January 11 issue on the subject of ballots at the Petersburg convention. Skinner claims that he and other delegates changed their votes in the name of harmony and strengthening the ticket. This letter is followed by an unsigned article restating what happened.
(Names in announcement: James Skinner, Dr. Harris, Mr. Montague, Mr. Old)
Trailer: Truly Yours, Jas. H. Skinner

-Page 03-

Description of Page: column one is very faint, hard to read

For Congress
(Column 2)
Summary: Announcements of candidates for Congress
(Names in announcement: Col. William Hamman, James Skinner, John HammanEsq.)
Judge of Court of Appeals
(Column 2)
Summary: Announces candidacy for Court of Appeals.
(Names in announcement: William Robertson)
(Column 2)
Summary: Married on December 11.
(Names in announcement: George Painter, John Miller, William Miller, Lizzie Glendy, John Glendy)
(Column 2)
Summary: Married on January 6. Cochran is from Augusta and Miss Cameron is from Rockbridge.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Dr. White, William Corham, Margaret Cameron, Col. Warwick Cameron)
(Column 2)
Summary: Married on Thursday evening last at the Presbyterian church in Staunton.
(Names in announcement: Rev. W.E. Baker, Thomas Bledsoe, Mattie Wayt, John Wayt)
(Column 2)
Summary: Married on December 8 at Oakland.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Mr. Parkinson, D.V. Ruckman, Anna Herring, Herschel HerringEsq.)
(Column 2)
Summary: Shultz, aged 66, died December 22, 1858, near Greenville. He was a member of the Augusta circuit of the Methodist church and the German Reformed church.
(Names in announcement: Alan Shultz)
Trailer: R.B.F.
(Column 2)
Summary: Died on December 22 at age 66 years. He was a member of the German Reformed Church when he was young, and later joined the Methodist E. Church.
(Names in announcement: Adam Shultz)
(Column 2)
Summary: Fransman, age 28, died December 28, 1858 in New Hope. She was a member of Larel Hill (Baptist) Church.
(Names in announcement: Miss Sally Fransman)
Trailer: D.

-Page 04-

Description of Page: Advertisements